The Pizza Man


My ex-partner and I had a very open and active sex life. Even in our first year as a couple we began having three-way experiences, although they were rare. But by our 12th year together we were a pretty seasoned couple. We had learned each other’s kinks and experimented with most things that interested us. My partner was a bearish type of man. At the time of this story, he was 37-38 years old, 6’1″, and 225 pounds. He was evenly furry across his chest and belly, relatively muscular, but with a bit of extra weight. He had a full goatee and a full head of brown hair.

On the other hand, I was more slightly built, 34-35 years old, 5’11”, 155 pounds. I was less hairy with only a light amount on my 42″ chest which tapered to a 32″ waist. I had a tight body, a salt & pepper goatee and brown hair. I also had a love of bondage and a strong fetish for tickling. Usually, I liked to top bondage scenes, but sometimes I craved being out of control. My partner didn’t share my love of tickling but was game for nearly anything and very skillful in bed. In fact, we were both a lot of fun in bed and sex was a very big part of our relationship even after all the time we had been together.

It had been a long while since I had been tied up and worked over and I was long overdue for some attention. We had talked around it for a while but had been too busy to set aside some quality time for a scene. Oh, we had regular sex, but what we both knew we needed was a longer session lasting several hours. Then, one day I got a phone call at work from Steven. He said he wanted to make a date with me to have an extended bondage play session. I was very happy to get a call like that and we immediately set a date about a week away. I would leave work a bit early, we would go have a little workout at the gym, then come home and tie me up.

I was excited Diyarbakır Escort and spent the week thinking about what he was going to do to me. He obviously had been planning something special and would not share it with me. He had tied me up many times by then. It took a while for him to really understand what excited me about bondage and how to get a good reaction from me. In fact, our early sessions were a little disappointing to me. But Steven was always good in bed and eager to learn new things, especially about sex. After about the 3rd or 4th session, he had figured out a lot and by now he knew how to push my buttons.

When the day came, we met on time and Steven decided that our exercise for the evening would be a walk around the lake. He wanted the walk to be fast paced, which was interesting. The lake was about three miles around, so a brisk walk took about 25 to 30 minutes. When we got back to our condo, I showered and cleaned myself out to be prepared for anything. Then, we slowed the pace down and he carefully tied me spread eagle to our four-poster bed. He blindfolded me with a black spandex hood and a leather blindfold so that I couldn’t see anything. Then set some music playing at a medium volume, high enough to drown out any street noise.

As I lay there, I gradually became more disoriented from the sensory deprivation. I couldn’t see anything. The music kept me from hearing any movement around me and because I could not move, all I could do was relax. A little while passed and I lost track of time. Then Steven began playing with me lightly. He stroked and teased me a little bit and began getting me more excited. I grew hard anticipating the next touches and knew that soon everything would become more intense.

Then the telephone rang.

Shit, I thought to myself. I was hoping he Diyarbakır Escort Bayan would not answer it. But he excused himself and answered the phone. I lay there a while longer, floating and not knowing how long it had been. It seemed it took a bit longer than necessary.

Steven returned and apologized. He said he had earlier ordered a pizza for latter and that it had arrived. He told me he put it away for after we were done. Then, he went back to what he had been doing. He lightly stroked my neck and arm pits. Then he stopped. Next, I felt a touch on my left foot and moving up my leg. Again, he stopped. He stroked another part of my body, then passed and moved on again. He was keeping completely off guard. I could never tell where he would touch or tickle me next. It didn’t take long for me to begin laughing at the tickling touch. Soon I was squirming around, in ticklish heaven.

This went on for a long time. He was being very careful to move around and work my entire body. Between being bound tightly, blindfolded, and unable to hear much, I became quite disoriented. And then something happened that made me snap to attention. I felt his hand on my right foot and left side at the same time. That was not possible. I immediately knew someone else was in the room. But who?

“Someone else is here!” I said. There was a brief pause in the action.

Then Steven said, “Yes, there is. The pizza man decided to stay and join us.”

Then they both began tickling me intensely. As I thrashed around laughing, I tried to focus on who was where. It was very difficult to tell one set of hands from the other. They both had a fiendishly light touch and they moved together quite well. As I struggled against my bonds, I tried to think about who we had played with who Steven would invite for a surprise Escort Diyarbakır like this. We had a few fuck buddy friends, but I would have recognized their touch by now. This was someone I didn’t know well. But it was someone who knew me.

All the while they avoided speaking to each other. Only Steven ever spoke to me. Between tickles they were also sucking my cock, tweaking my nipples, and doing everything they could to keep me hard. Not that there was any problem with that. I was hard as a rock and excited as ever. This was an incredible session already and I knew there was much more in store for me.

Finally, I got a clue. One of them climbed on top of me to get a better angle on my arm pits and I felt his chest brush against me. His chest was completely covered in heavy fur. He didn’t stay on top of me very long, but long enough for me to begin thinking.

About 6 months earlier we had brought home one of the most handsome men we had ever met. In addition to being handsome, with a thick carpet of chest hair, he was an incredibly nice guy. He was also just a little drunk. I talked him into letting me tie him up and I gave him a playful tickling session before we untied him and moved on to more conventional sex. As he said after the session, I didn’t have to tie him up for anything I did to him. He liked it. This had to be him!

Just about that time, Steven asked if I could guess who it was. I said yes. They stopped for a moment, and I described how we met. I didn’t remember his name, but I got it right. It was Joe.

At that point, they removed the blindfold and decided to untie my ankles. Then they took turns feeding me their cocks and then fucking me while I was tied up. We played for more than an hour more as they both took their time working me over. Finally, Steven pumped a load out of my cock while he was fucking my ass.

They untied me and we snuggled for a while and then really ordered a pizza. It was one of the most memorable three ways I ever had and one that the three of us always loved to talk about. And Joe got a nick name from the evening. After that, we always called him the pizza man.

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