The Pool Table


This night was there 5th anniversary, and they decided to take the kids out for dinner and make it a family affair. After the kids had gone to bed would be their time to celebrate. They got home from their dinner and got the kids ready for bed, told them a story and tucked them in.

Now it was their time.

She went and got them both a drink and met him in the games room where they set up a game of pool. This had been a favourite of theirs since they met. They had known each other 5 yrs before they married and had children. And still had the same desires and lust for each other as they did ten years before.

They started playing the game as normal but they both knew it would turn into something else. And with little brushes as they passed each other to take their shots, it wasn’t long before the real game began. As usual she won the first game and it was customary that the looser strip. So off came his jacket, and the games continued but the more he took off the harder it was for her to keep her mind on the game. She started loosing by the time he had his shirt and trousers off, because the only thing she could think about was what was going to happen later in the evening. Now when she passed Afyon Escort him for her shot she couldn’t help but run her fingers over his back or with her fingernails, run them over his chest just touching his nipples. He was getting just as affected as she, but he would giver he a taunting smile as he sunk the last ball every time, the only word coming from him “strip”.

He watched every move she made as she took an article of clothing off. That only added to her excitement, and it wasn’t long before she was down to her panties only. He watched her walk and when she lent to take a shot he was standing behind her, just close enough for her to feel the heat from his body, not quite touching her. In her mind she was screaming for him to just reach out and grab her, but he was such a tease and always waited till there was nothing left. Her mind wasn’t on the game at all and the next game left her totally naked. He still had his boxers on but she knew they wouldn’t be on for long.

He said “now you have to kiss me every time you lose, all over starting at my lips”. Then you can work your way down. She was totally lost in the heat running through her body and the images in her head. Afyon Escort Bayan She lost the next game and kissed him but he wouldn’t allow anymore than a short but passionate kiss. He won the next game and she kissed his neck and shoulders and chest but he pushed her away, he liked to make her almost beg for his embrace or touch. The next loss brought her to his stomach and hips. And the next to his hot erect cock, she slowly took his boxers to the floor and he stepped out of them. She ran her hands over his ass and over his legs while placing gentle kisses all round his balls and shaft but did not touch that part of him; she thought to herself, I could do a little teasing of my own. She got up off her knees and pointed toward the table for him to reset and shoot.

Now he was vulnerable and not thinking about what he was doing, he lost. So it was his turn to show her some attention. He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the pool table and kissed her. His kisses were strong and passionate and quickly moved from her lips to her neck and downwards. But she had other things on her mind; she wanted to finish what she’d started on him. She pushed him away and got off the pool Escort Afyon table, gently turning him around and making him lean against the table. With slow teasing kisses and nibbles, licks and flicks she worked her way back down to where she had left off.

He was still as hard and hot as ever, she kissed the head of his penis and ran down the sides with her tongue and back up again, with her hands massaging his balls she took him in her mouth, very slowly taking him all the way in. she heard him let out a sigh of pleasure that made her shiver with goose pimples all over her body. She loved to please her man and hearing him enjoy what she was doing to him was as much a turn on as the act itself. She moved with faster and surer motions while he ran his fingers through her hair pushing her mouth on to him harder and fuller. Flicking her tongue over his shaft while taking him in and out and applying suction here and there it wasn’t long before he was ready to give her his load. Her assault on him grew more frenzied and faster she wanted to taste all of him and drink every last drop he had to give her. His sighs turned Into moans and she applied more pressure and speed, his moans turned into groans and she knew he was going to cum, and he did, spurting his hot cream into her mouth, finally the taste of heaven she had waited for, after sucking and licking him clean of every last drop, she stood and smiled at him, sat on the pool table again and said ” your turn”

The end

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