The Resort Ch. 04


Gina was still getting her makeup on when the phone rang. She strutted over to the bed and picked up her cell. She did a little dance when she saw the caller. “Hello?”

“Babe, it’s Skylar,” came the familiar voice. “You’re still coming to watch our set, right?”

Gina sat on the bed, holding the phone with one hand and starting to stroke herself with the other. She loved the sound of his voice.

“Yeah, honey,” she purred. “I’m just getting myself ready.” She crossed her legs over and let her thick thighs rub against each other. “This will be our third date, babe. You know what that means, right?”

Gina had let Skylar get to second base on their last date, and she only held back out of tradition. She laid back and started rubbing her thigh.

“I want you, hot stuff,” Gina moaned. She realized that her sexy talk was minor leagues, but she also knew that guys were just dopey enough to like just about any attempt.

“I’ll catch you then,” he said, and hung up. Gina sat up and dropped her phone on the bed, giggling.

Skylar played in a band twice a week at the college pub. Gina had been dying to hear him play, but Skylar tried to brace her for the quality. He said there was a reason they never went pro, and so far they had only a few original songs. It did not matter to Gina, as she had never had anyone serenade her before. Skylar sang a few bars for her on their last date, but he insisted it sounded better when he had instrumental backup.

Gina bounced back into her bathroom and finished the touches on her makeup, then went back to the bedroom to select out her underwear. She figured she had better wear something extra nice, since she would be showing it off. She settled on a lace bra and panties set, then slipped them on. She looked in her mirror and gave the bra straps a few good tugs, seeing if she would stay in it.

She then did a quick turn to check her ass. The panties covered up just about enough. She went to her closet and selected a spaghetti-strapped red number she kept for such occasions.

She held it up to her body and looked in the mirror, then froze. “Shit,” she said. “There’s going to be a bunch of drunk college boys there.” She stared, then shrugged. “Perfect.”

After getting into her dress, Gina got out her red pumps and her sneakers. She was not about to risk driving her new car in high heels, and would change them once she got to the college campus. She managed to find a parking spot a few hundred feet away from the bar, and almost lost her mind at the rate she had to pay to park. “College should be free for these prices!” she said to a passer-by as she paid at the meter.

Gina walked all the way over to the bar, then paid the cover to get in. There was already a live act on, and Gina did not recognize the song despite them being a cover van. She started to feel old already.

She made her way over to a spare table. “Hi girls,” Gina said, trying to sound as lively as possible, despite her already aching feet. “Mind if I sit down?”

The three girls looked like they turned twenty-one yesterday. They were dressed in enough collegiate apparel to let you know how smart they were.

“Hi!” the blonde one said. “Have a seat!”

“Thanks,” said Gina, getting comfortable. “It’s really crowded in here tonight.”

The black one spoke. “Is your son going to school here?”

Gina sat there with her mouth hung open.

The brunette smacked the black one in the arm. “Chanelle! Don’t talk to her like that. She might be going to school here. It’s never too late to go back to college.”

Gina tapped her fingernails on the table. “How about this—I buy a pitcher, you tell me I look twenty-nine.”

The girls became more agreeable to talk to once they started to get a bit lubricated. “So you’re dating a musician? Awesome!” said Kieran, the blonde.

The brunette, Abby, finished off her glass. “We really needed to get out. Finals are next Wednesday, and I am stressed. Second year is killing me.”

“You girls will get over it once you get out in the real world,” Gina assured them. “That’s when you find out how worthless your degrees are.”

All three girls looked at each other with worry. “Is it bad out there?” asked Chanelle.

Gina took a sip. “Ah, I’m just fucking with you. You’re all pretty, so you’ll be fine.”

“Why do guitar guys always look so hot?” asked Abby as she rested her chin on her hands.

“Because they look like they have huge dicks when they’re holding guitars,” replied Gina, taking another big drink.

Abby’s eyes went wide. “No way!”

Gina pointed to the stage. “Look for yourself.”

The three younger girls watched as the singer and lead guitar wailed away. He was definitely using his hips to thrust the guitar back and forth.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Chanelle. “How’d I never notice that before?”

“You notice a lot of stuff when you become an old lady like myself,” Gina assured them.

The band that was playing had stopped and left to moderate applause, and Skylar’s band took the Ağrı Escort stage. Gina tapped Abby on the arm. “This is him!”

Skylar slung his guitar over his arm and gave a few tweaks to get it in tune. He looked far out and saw Gina sitting at the table, then pointed and smiled. Gina clapped her hands rapidly.

Gina and her new friends listened while Skylar belted out three songs. Two of them Skylar had written personally, although Gina recognized the bridge from one of the songs from a pretty well-known group. After they finished, Skylar was about to leave the mic stand when he gestured for Gina to come backstage.

Gina scribbled down her number on a napkin and handed it to Abby. “Keep in touch,” she said. The girls all said thanks for the pitcher, and Gina dashed off to get backstage.

Skylar was putting his guitar back in its case as the other two band members were leaving. He noticed Gina. “Hey, all right!” he said. He stood up as she approached, and they laced their fingers together as they kissed.

“You were wonderful up there,” Gina said softly. “Ooh, you’re a bit sweaty.”

Skylar was in his late twenties, and Gina was thrilled to get with another younger guy. She lifted her leg up and wrapped it around Skylar’s leg. He held on with one hand and started to play with her ass with the other.

“Oh, baby, we should slow down,” panted Gina, putting her forehead on his chest.

“I have an idea,” said Skylar. He let go of Gina, then went over to a door. “I can lock this thing up.”

He led Gina into a storage room with several stacks of chairs and a sofa. He flicked on the light and put his hand on Gina’s shoulder.

Gina was less than thrilled with the setting, but she was hoping to spice it up a bit. “This might be all right,” she said.

Skylar locked the deadbolt, then kissed Gina. She had her hands all over Skylar’s chest, occasionally stroking his curly dirty blond hair. There must have been another act starting, because there was cheering heard through the walls.

Gina kicked off her high heels. She ran her hands along the front of Skylar’s jeans, feeling his erection. Gina turned around, letting Skylar kiss her neck as she had her arms up. She reached down and pulled her panties down to her knees, then bent over the sofa and steadied herself with her hands.

Skylar whipped out his cock and lifted up Gina’s dress. He gave a few good rubs along her lips before pushing himself in. Gina let out a gasp as she felt his cock starting to slide in and out. The roar of the crowd started to pick up, which got Gina more excited.

Skylar picked up the pace with his pounding as he reached down to grab a feel of Gina’s tit. Gina held onto his hand while he felt her up as she braced herself for the thrusts. “Oh, Skylar,” she moaned. “So fuckin’ hot! Ohhh!”

Skylar pulled out and let Gina lie down on the old sofa. She got her panties off enough to let them dangle off of one foot, then raised her legs up. Skylar re-inserted and began fucking her again. Gina pulled down the front of her dress and undid her strapless bra, letting her large tits out. Skylar felt them one after the other as he used his other hand on the back of the couch to keep his balance. Sweat was dripping off of his forehead onto Gina’s chest.

The music became louder from the stage, and there were screams now coming from the audience. Gina got lost in the moment as she heard the surge of noise. She grabbed onto Skylar’s tight ass as they kissed. Just the thought that they might get caught, or that they were fucking so close to all of those people, was blowing her mind.

“Let me titty-fuck you,” Skylar begged. Gina obliged, getting comfortable on her back as Skylar stuck his dick in between her lovely breasts. Gina propped her boobs up to squeeze his dick while he tugged at her nipples. Gina was able to get her head tilted up and get the tip of his dick to her lips, giving them a quick slurp as he went and moved his cock back and forth.

She made him insert his dick in her mouth. Gina sucked on his dick while she played with her pussy, gently stroking his balls. Skylar was kind enough to have shaved his undercarriage.

“Oh, baby,” Skylar moaned. “I love it when you rub my taint. Fuck, you’re wild.”

Gina continued her slurping and sucking while she frigged herself. The crowd was building to a frenzy now. Gina pictured her and Skylar up on the stage, fucking each other while the crowd cheered them on. Sucking a dick and fingering herself was getting her worked up.

Skylar started to make the universal signal with his face. “Oh, shit!” he panted. “It’s fucking coming! What do we do?”

Gina grabbed onto Skylar’s ass with both hands and held him tight as she kept the cock in her mouth. Skylar felt the clenching as his load spilled out, and he was stunned as he watched Gina. Making a gulping noise, she swallowed his batch.

Skylar stared down at her in wonder. “Oh, holy fuck!” he exclaimed. Gina wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and gave Ağrı Escort Bayan a few more swallows, then she smiled wickedly.

Skylar laid on top of Gina and kissed her. The crowd was still cheering as the music played on. While Gina did not get the final blowout she was hoping for, she felt pleasantly fucked. They kissed and groped each other until after the set was over, and the noise from the crowd was dying down.

Gina scrambled to get her underwear on and get her dress straightened out. Skylar watched for anyone beyond the door. “I think we got away with it,” he said.

Gina got into her shoes, then gave her man a kiss on the cheek. “That felt awesome, doll,” she said. They went out past the backstage hallway and out of the campus bar. Gina threw her arms around Skylar’s neck and gave him a deep kiss. “When can I see you again?”

Skylar looked up to the sky and sighed. “Well, we’re touring around a little, but we’re playing here again next week. Can you come out same time?”

Gina put her hand on Skylar’s chest and pouted her lips. “I guess so,” she said. “You’ll call, right?”

Skylar smiled, and kissed her again. Gina walked the long walk back to her car.

Gina could hardly wait until the next week came along. She even went out and splurged on a new dress, a curve-hugging black and white striped number. She also picked up some new black lace panties just to show off.

Gina returned to the college that Friday night, parking a similar distance away from the bar. The temperature in Casper dropped down below freezing since she was last here, so she had to wear boots and a heavy coat. After a brisk walk, she got into the bar, which was standing room only at this point.

The first act had just ended, and Skylar’s band had taken the stage. Gina went wild as she saw her man get up and get his instrument over his shoulder.

Skylar walked up to the mic stand. “Just want to make a dedication!” Gina’s heart jumped as she put her hand to her chest. “This one is going out to my new lady!”

A blonde girl sitting close to the stage jumped up and bounced around. She was a skinny girl with nice breasts and showing off her tight ass with yoga pants. She ran on stage, and Skylar stepped away from the mic to give her an open-mouth kiss.

Gina’s stomach started to curdle. Her face crumpled into horror as she ran out of the bar. She ran up the concrete walkway and out onto the sidewalk, where she sat down on an outdoor bench. She curled up on it, still cold from the weather, trying to hide her face.

“What the fuck?” she wailed. “Why does this keep happening to me?”

Gina sat and wept for some time. People were walking by and continuing to mind their own business. She did her best to hide her eyes. Her legs were starting to go numb from the metal bench.

“Oh my God, lady!” came a voice from close by. “Were you the victim of an assault? Should I call campus security?”

Gina pushed her curly black hair out of her eyes and looked up. A young man was standing with his bag slung over his shoulder. He looked like he was in his early twenties. He was thin but had a kind face. His haircut was a swept-up style, with fine brown hair and big puppy dog eyes. His apparel was typical of a starving college student, with ripped jeans and a ratty t-shirt.

Gina sniffed and tried to wipe away her tears. “No, no. No one attacked me. I just had my heart broken…again.”

The man stooped down and looked at Gina. “What happened? Someone seriously wanted to break up with you? He must be out of his mind.”

Gina sniffed and smiled. “That’s really sweet of you to say. We weren’t dating very long, but it still hurts.”

The man offered Gina a tissue from his pocket. “Sorry. It’s a little dusty. I’m Gray. It’s short for Grayson.”

“I’m Gina,” she said, dabbing at her eye. “Come sit down, please.”

Gray obliged, sitting as far away on the bench as possible. “Were you dating a professor or something?”

“No,” said Gina, blowing her nose. “He played at the Steelhead on the weekends. I think he’s still playing right now. He kissed another girl right in front of everyone. I bet they had sex together already.” Gina’s face started to tighten up again.

“Oh, no no, wait! Don’t do that!” pleaded Gray. “I’m sorry. We don’t have to talk about it anymore.”

Gina took a deep breath and steadied herself. “Thank you, Gray. You’re being really nice.” She took a look at him. “Do you want to get a coffee? My treat.”

“Well, I mean…I guess I can go,” Gray replied. “Sure. Okay.”

Gray got up and was nice enough to offer to help Gina off the bench. The two of them went over to the Baked Bean and got their beverages. Gina was able to get them seats right next to the fireplace.

“What are you studying, Gray?” asked Gina.

“Computer science,” replied Gray.

Gina perked up and leaned in. “No kidding! I’m an IT worker. How are you liking it?”

“Um, it’s okay,” Gray said. “We’re doing machine learning this year, and it’s pretty Escort Ağrı awesome.”

“I took it ages ago,” said Gina. “Oh God, I took a class in Flash for nothing! They’re pulling the plug. Not that it matters, because I work in HTML5 all the time anyway.”

Gina and Gray chatted and laughed for some time. She started to take notice of the time. “Oh, Gray! Were you going somewhere when you stopped for me?”

“I mean, I was thinking about going to the computer lab,” Gray admitted. “I have a bug to chase down.”

Gina sighed. “I’ll have to make this up to you. Tell you what—can I meet you tomorrow? Maybe I can help you out.”

“Seriously?” asked Gray. “Oh, I mean…I was just surprised you wanted to hang with me.”

Gina shrugged. “I might as well. Looks like my calendar is freed up.” She got up, and Gray shot up out of his chair as well. “Will you walk me to my car?”

Gray took Gina to the parking lot. “Oh, if you want, there’s visitor’s parking is over by the computer lab on Delmar.” Gray looked at his shoes. “Just sayin’.”

Gina gave him a long look, then grabbed the collar of his coat. “You’re too sweet.” She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. She climbed into her car and drove off.

Gina showed up the next night as promised, dressed down in yoga pants and a t-shirt. She parked where Gray had suggested, then went up to his apartment. Gray greeted her, unsure of what to do with himself. Gina let her self in and got her coat off.

“Okay, let’s get started,” said Gina. “Get your project out.” Gray had his laptop set up on the kitchen table already. He opened the code file and let Gina sit down to have a look.

“My roommate won’t be home for a while,” Gray said. “He went to a party.”

“Why didn’t you go with him?” asked Gina as she clicked on the mouse.

“Oh, I don’t do well at those things,” said Gray sheepishly. “It’s hard to talk and people will be smoking weed and stuff.”

Gina clicked her tongue as she stared at the screen. “Gotta get the college experience, kiddo.” She rolled her eyes. “Gray! Why on earth do you feel the need to do this many comments?”

“I just want anyone else to be able to follow what I’m doing in the code,” Gray reasoned.

“Come here,” Gina said, gesturing. Gray came over and squatted down. “Look, if your variables spell out what you’re trying to do, you won’t have to waste so much time commenting everything.” She put her hand to her forehead. “I swear these professors must like watching you do this.” She typed out a line, which also had the added bonus of reducing the number of steps in the function. “See?”

Gray looked at the line like Gina had split the atom. “This is so much better!” Gray suddenly stood up. “Oh, man! I forgot to ask you if you want anything to drink!” He looked panicked. “You’re not gonna leave, are you?”

Gina laughed. “Gray! Settle down. I’m fine for now.”

Gina showed him a few more tricks to speed up his process. “This is great!” exclaimed Gray. “You helped me out a lot here.”

Gina looked into his eyes. He was cute enough, and Gina loved his shy routine. She reached out and touched his hand.

“Come here,” she muttered. Gray leaned in, and Gina kissed him. She held onto his cheeks while she rubbed her tongue against his.

After a full minute, Gray let his head drift away from hers. “Whoa. What was that for?”

“You looked like you needed it,” Gina purred. She went in for a quicker kiss, and the tingle was still there. Gina leaned back and rolled her eyes again, groaning. “I probably should not be doing this!” she muttered. “I mean, you’re nice, and you’re young, and you’re a great kisser…”

“I’m not a virgin,” said Gray. “I just thought you should know that.”

Gina looked at him and smiled. “Yeah, me neither.” She got up and took Gray by the hand, leading him over to the couch. They both sat down, and Gina threw her leg over Gray’s. They started to rub hands together. “You don’t have to be nervous around me, Gray. We both want the same thing.”

Gray nodded, letting his eyes dart down to her body for a second at a time. Gina rubbed Gray’s stomach, letting her fingers wander down near his dick. She could see him tenting up, and she was anxious to see what she was working with.

“You have any condoms?” asked Gina.

Gray rolled his eyes and grimaced. “Oh, man! I’m sorry.”

Gina smiled. “We’ll just keep it simple for tonight, okay?” Gina took off her t-shirt, then started to tug at her bra strap. “Well? You gonna whip that thing out, or do you like a girl to beg?”

Gray’s eyes got wide. He unzipped and pulled his cock out.

Now it was Gina’s eyes that got wide. “Whoa,” she finally managed. “Whoa.”

“Yeah, I’m, like, two inches wide,” Gray admitted, sounding embarrassed. “My last girlfriend said she really had to brace herself.” He then grimaced. “Sorry! You probably don’t want to hear it.”

Gina put her hand over Gray’s mouth. “Let me handle things from here, babe.” She leaned down and took the cock in her hand while Gray removed his shirt. She had never had anything this thick before. His length was a little over average, but she was absolutely thrilled about how thick it was. She was also thankful so many of these younger men knew to trim up downstairs.

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