The Rhythm of the Waterfall

Big Tits

The end of the summer was Darla’s favorite time of year. The weather was just cooling down so that the temperature outside wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just perfect. Tonight the weather was especially nice. The sky was partially cloudy, just barely blocking the light of the sun which was about to set. Darla decided that it was the perfect evening for a dinner picnic.

She packed a simple supper. A serving of her favorite pasta salad that she had made the night before. It was a family recipe that Darla liked to call Chameleon Salad because it used three different colors of spiral pasta noodles, green, orange, and plain. She also packed a tomato and cheddar sandwich on French bread, a fruit salad for dessert and a small bottle of white sparkling wine. When everything was packed, she got in her car and drove to a fairly secluded park where she knew she would be alone.

Once Darla reached the park, she made her way to her favorite spot, a small hidden waterfall that poured into a short stream that ultimately emptied into the St. Croix River. Not many people ventured to this waterfall since there were no clear walking paths that lead to it, and it was a fairly short yet challenging hike over large rocks and small cliffs to get to it. She knew she would be fairly alone. She chose a little cubby hole under the sandstone cliff that made sort of a little cave and laid out her picnic blanket and set out the food to her liking.

The sun had been long set, all the food had been eaten, and the bottle of wine had been shaken of its last drop of liquid. Darla was feeling slightly intoxicated as she laid on her back and turned her head to watch the crystal waters of the waterfall. Before to long, the rhythmic sound of the rushing waters had lulled her into a meditative haze. She began to daydream about the shy guy at work she had an infatuation with.

Everyone else at work thought that Tim Ağrı Escort was a goofy computer nerd but Darla knew he had a sexy side to him. She often wore low cut tops that showed her ample cleavage and Tim was always making excuses to go to her desk so he could look down her shirt. Some people would consider this sexual harassment but Darla loved the attention. She would often go to the ladies room and pleasure herself thinking about him, wishing he would follow her into the ladies room and make her his whore. Darla was now having that same fantasy as she laid upon the shore of the stream in her hypnotic trance.

In her dream he was looking up at her as he played with her dripping wet pussy, first caressing her swollen clit and then inserting just one finger inside her begging hole. He explored the inside of her cave, feeling all the walls of her little cunt, searching for the one spot that would drive her over the edge.

The feeling in the dream felt so unbelievably real. Little did Darla know that during her daydream she had undone her shorts and really was fingering herself in reality the way Tim was feeling her up in her daydream. The sound of her own moaning had detoxified her just enough to make her aware that she was pleasuring herself, yet she was too enraptured in her own pleasure to stop

Suddenly she heard a man’s voice speak to her.

“Need some help with that?”

Darla’s hand stopped moving and he became startled. Not just startled because she had been caught, but because she knew that voice. Her eyes flew open and sure enough, there stood Tim, the object of her desire.

Darla sat up and tried to cover her nether region by crossing her arms over her legs, she felt so dirty.

“What are you doing here Tim?”

“Oh, I hike up here every once in awhile, I love this waterfall.”

“Me too,” Darla replied, “Funny I’ve never ran into you here.”

“Imagine Ağrı Escort Bayan my luck then that I run into you here today.” Tim stated as his eyes caressed Darla’s partially exposed body.

Darla was speechless and could only blush in embarrassment.

“May I sit a moment with you?” Tim asked


Tim made his way over to the blanket where Darla was sitting and sat right next to her so that there arms were touching.

“Don’t feel embarrassed Darla,” Tim began “I’ve done the same thing here a few times.”

Darla giggled “Really?”

“Yep, and want to know something?” He asked


“I think about you when I do it.” He said sheepishly

Darla’s eyes grew wide and bright as she lifted her eyes to meet his.

“Really?” She asked, in a quite excited tone.

“Yes, I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for quite some time.” He said.

Darla smiled. “Me too.”

Tim smiled back at Darla and instead of saying another word; he lowered his face down to hers and touched his lips against hers. Darla parted her lips and allowed him to slip his searching tongue into her mouth. They savored each others kiss for all it was worth, and soon Darla felt fingers once again dancing in her clit, only this time, it really was Tim’s hand touching her.

He explored her pussy for a while, rubbing her clit and pressing a finger inside her for a short time until Darla couldn’t take it anymore. She took off her shorts the rest of the way and eagerly ripped off the track shorts that Tim was wearing. She took just a moment to admire his thick seven inch uncut cock and ran her finger lovingly over the head causing Tim to let out a short gasp.

As Tim was sitting up, Darla positioned herself on his lap and began to impale herself upon his hard cock. She lowered herself upon him slowly, savoring the feel of each inch entering Escort Ağrı her pussy for the first time. Once his cock was completely inside of her, Tim dug his fingers into Darla’s ass and began to assist her as she fucked him.

They allowed the sound of the waterfall to determine their rhythm as they made love out in the open on the shore of the stream. Each of them had their lips in the others ear, moaning in pleasure for each other as their bodies and hearts were intertwined, releasing all the lust and sexual frustration that that they had held for each other for so long.

“Tell me when you’re going to come,” Darla whispered into Tim’s ear “I want to come the same time that you do.”

That alone was enough to send Tim into oblivion and he called out “I’m going to come right now!”

Darla then released the orgasm she was holding back and felt her body convulse, her pussy clamped down on Tim’s cock holding it tightly inside her as he began to shoot his cum uncontrollably inside her pussy. She threw her head back and let out an animalistic cry as they both released as Tim deposited every last drop inside her. For that moment, nature was quiet and still.

They stayed in that position, holding each other close as they came down from their orgasms.

“That was fantastic!” Darla whispered

“You’re telling me.” Tim said as he looked into Darla’s eyes. “I hope we can do that again sometime.” He added.

“We will,” Darla replied. “Anytime you want.”

Once they composed themselves and put their pants back on, Tim helped Darla pack up their things and they hiked back to the walking path. Once they reached the main walking path, they walked together hand in hand back to the parking lot.

At Darla’s car they quickly exchanged numbers and one last passionate kiss.

“See you tomorrow at work.” Tim said.

“Yeah, hopefully you can fulfill my fantasy.” Darla said.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“You following me into the ladies room after everyone has left work.”

“Mmmmm, I’m sure I can help you with that.” He said with a small laugh.

Darla drove away, anticipating the next day with Tim at work.

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