The Secret Sessions Ch. 05


: Ria’s Reven

On Sunday Ria came into my house via the open patio doors, she was carrying a small hold all and dressed casually in a pair of shorts and a vest top wearing dark glasses she looked radiant and I immediately began to wonder what it was she had in store. I locked up the house and grabbed the keys to the lotus and we set off. On the drive to the house we talked about all sorts including the experience we had given each other over the passed few weeks. One thing that struck me was Ria’s determination never to return to the sexless ways of her married life, if Lee would not change of his own accord, Ria was going to force him to, I couldn’t help thinking that Lee would be in for a major surprise. When we arrived at the house Ria asked me to let her have 30 minutes to sort her self out and disappeared up the stairs.

While I was waiting I collected the mail and mixed a couple of long G&T’s, as I wandered from room to room checking the house I heard Ria call me from upstairs, I walked up and automatically went to the room where we had had our photo & bondage session, as I entered Ria was standing wearing the short pink dress and heels she had worn the night she had met friends, she stood in the same 5 inch heels and wore the same perfume. I handed her a drink and as I did so she said firmly

“Strip, to your underwear!”

I did as I was told leaving only my briefs, but they could hardly hide my growing erection. I had failed to notice the chair that Ria had placed a chair at the bottom of the bed, leading me to the chair she pushed me into it and using the straps which had once been attached to the bed she fastened my hands behind the back of the chair. She bent forward and kissed me giving a full view of her cleavage. Kneeling down she pulled off the briefs and fastened my ankles to the front legs. I was helpless.

Ria explained to me that she was going to show me what she had been thinking about and doing in between the time we first had sex and the night she came to my house after she had been out.

“Oh and one last thing, if you come before I’m ready you won’t have me ever again.” she said,

just before she slid her hands up either side of my manhood.

Ria walked to the far side of the bed and turned on a portable stereo she had brought with her, as the music started she began to dance slowly, her movements making those delicious curves talk as she swayed, she came closer and began to tease me as a lap dancer would, her dress had ridden up and I could see what looked like pearls at the junction of her thighs. She stopped for a moment and gently toyed with my rod, which by now was standing like a flag pole, the as she stood up she pulled the front of her dress down revealing her wonderful breasts, as she gently stroked at her nipples they hardened, still facing me she sat on the edge of the bed, wiggling her hips she allowed the tight dress to ride up exposing a pink pair of lace knickers who’s gusset was not lace but pearls. As she opened her legs slightly I could see the pearls running down into her cleft and in between her dark lips.

As she lay backwards she began to gently rub her pussy with her right hand as her left continued to play with her breasts. Ria was masturbating only a foot away and from my chair prison and I could do nothing but watch. Ria’s hands knew what they were doing, she alternated brushing her nipples as the right hand gently rubbed at her clit in a clockwise motion, as she pleasured herself her breathing became more audible and I began to smell the scent of her juices rising from her stimulated love cup, from my vantage point I could see moisture beginning to appear on her fingers and around the pearls, the pace of her rubbing began to increase and with a gasp she brought herself off, panting slightly she stood up, giving me full view of her grotto close up, sliding off the pearl knickers she shoved the beads into my mouth and whispered,

“I’m only just getting started.”

Ria moved over to the side of the bed and retrieved an object from the side of the bed, she returned holding the rabbit I had used on her some weeks before, she sat opposite me with her legs slightly open and said,

“Now this is how it’s done!”

Watching me closely she turned the vibrator on and began to gently run it along her slot and each time it touched her clit drawing a small sharp breath for her, I began to notice that her inner lips and clit were beginning to puff up as she gently toyed, catching my eye, she gave me that wicked smile and with her eyes motioned downwards, as my Ağrı Escort eyes tracked back to her pussy she gently pushed just the head of the rabbit into her slot, I could clearly see her dark lips spreading slowly open to accept the head before then closing around it’s head.

Ria the began to slowly pull the head out until the widest point reached her opening, holding it in place for a second with her lips spread gently open to their widest point she then slipped it slowly back in. I was transfixed as Ria ever so slowly and ever so gently fucked her pussy’s gateway over and over, each time she did so a barely perceptible moan of pleasure escaping her.

My erection felt like it was about to hit my chin as I watched on helplessly, I was desperate to escape the straps and begin frolicking with Ria but I was held fast, only watching a beautiful woman pleasure herself for my benefit.

Very slowly Ria began to feed the rabbit further into herself but the speed in which she worked hardly changed, but long slow deliberate strokes saw the head reach the same wide point for her folds before being eased back in until the ears began to press onto her clit, now she held the rabbit in position as the ears stimulated her. I began to notice the first white drops of her cum foam appearing around the girth of the rabbit, slowly the droplets began to join together until the cum ring was complete.

I knew from experience that this ring was only the prelude to Ria’s thundering gushing climaxes and now Ria was working her way towards that goal, she started caressing her breasts and pulling at her nipples with her left hand and she worked the latex lover with her right, with the press of a button the speed of the rabbit increased and Ria began to rotate her hips and grind her soaking cuuny onto the rabbit with such force that the knuckles of her right hand were almost white holding the rabbit in place, her gyrations getting wider, her head began to twist from side to side in the same way it had done when she had been so mercilessly fucked by Sean.

Her moans grew louder and louder as the rabbit worked it’s magic, then she began to enter a spasm as she approached climax, lifting her head slightly to face me her eyes rolled back into her head as her back arched and a massive climax tore through her, instantaneously a river of juices flowed from her pussy covering her thighs and right hand in nectar.

Ria gathered her senses, only for an instant, to remove the toy from her grotto, it’s head spreading her lips wider and allowing more love juice to escape, casting it aside on the bed Ria, sat up and in one movement was standing straddled over my chair, her love tunnel only inches from my throbbing tool, she placed her left hand around my neck leant forward and whispered,

“Now for the real thing!”

As she did so I felt her right hand take gentle hold of my tool, as she looked me in the eye she slid my foreskin down and clear of my helmet. Still holding my cock she lowered herself down by bending her knees as she did so she guided the head of my cock right to her entrance. With my cock in the right position she put her right hand around my neck she then lowered herself to the point where the thickest part of my end spread her pussy lips widest, As she had done with the rabbit she began to slowly fuck me using just her gateway and my cocks tip.

Ria was only moving less than a centimetre in reality but it felt like miles as her soft folds gripped and released my purple helmet, her small movements opening her love cup enough to allow her juices to run down my staff, holding my neck firmly she pushed her tits into my face, I was lost in the cleft of her soft fleshed olive skinned breasts until she moved forcing me to take one of her dark bullet hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked hard a first but then gently holding her nipple between my teeth I began to flick her erect nipple with my tongue as she continued to gently ride me.

Ria was immensely horny by now and her juices were beginning to seep in a constant trickle from her love cup, almost with every gentle stroke a gasp of air preceded her mini orgasms, moving her head and pulling my nipple out of her mouth Ria looked straight at me, as for the first time she lowered herself all the way onto my shaft after completing one slow cycle Ria slipped gently off the top of my member, she stood up and walked to the side of the chair, she bent forward and guided the tip of my cock into her mouth, once in place she put one arm over my lap and pulled herself into a vertical position.

In Ağrı Escort Bayan a handstand – like pose she a draped her legs over my shoulders either side of my head leaving her wonderful pussy right in front of my face, now upturned her clit was parallel with my mouth, her dark lips running upwards, glistening with juice, having no way of moving I had little option but to lick and suck on her grotto. As I began to enjoy her, Ria lowered her head further drawing my pulsating cock into her mouth and into her throat. My tongue quickly touched her clit and I ran it upwards over the first of her inner lips, the second and finally the tip of my tongue probed at her love tunnel, as I did so her response was to increase the suction in her mouth, I could feel my seed being pulled from my balls and up my cock, Ria was using her mouth to milk me of come like drinking coke through a straw.

Wanting to make Ria experience the same pleasure, I remembered what Sean had done, pinching her clitoral hood gently between my lips, I sucked to draw it a little deeper into my mouth, satisfied with my grip on Ria’s most sensitive organ I shook my head slowly from side to side repeating the twist the Sean had applied to make her squirt, instantaneously Ria let out a muffled gasp and a jet of hot, sweet lady cum erupted from her love cup, covering my nose and eyes. It was delicious.

Ria’s response to her being made to orgasm so violently was to increase the speed and intensity on which she was deep throating me, tightening her grip around the base of my tool she went to work, sucking, licking and wanking at my cock like never before, within seconds I was ready to explode into her mouth, just at the point of my release, Ria unclamped her legs, taking her weight on her arms she moved into a handstand, she began to slowly lower herself backwards onto the bed, as she did so her mouth slid up my rod until just it’s head remained in her mouth. Now laying flat on her back with her head over the end of the bed, she flicked her tongue around my helmet and a wad of come shot into her mouth and down her throat.

Ria turned over on the bed and looked at me smiling, I was still slightly breathless she asked if I had enjoyed, I nodded appreciatively,

“Good.” she said,

as she stood and shook off her dress which had gathered in a sexy band just above her waist,

“I’m going to untie you for a moment, but I’m not finished with you yet, you will do as you’re told or you won’t find out what else I have in store,”

as she undid the ankle straps.

I stood stretching the aches out of my legs before she told me to get on the bed and sit with my back against the metal bed frame. I did as I was told and Ria gathered pillows behind me to make me more comfortable, she untied my hand before the fastening each of them outstretched to the frame. Having secured me to the bed Ria begun to tease my member back to hardness by gently stroking it while she toyed with her cunny, within a few minutes I was rock hard once again, satisfied with her work, from the holdall she produced the pot of pussy rub, taking a generous dollop Ria spread it all over my staff, taking extra care to pull back my foreskin and apply a thick coating to my helmet. When she had finished Ria gently rolled up my foreskin and got off the bed. With my rod beginning to heat up, Ria whispered to me,

“I’ll be back soon.”

Picking up the holdall she left the bedroom.

Ria was exacting sweet revenge on me for the pussy rub ordeal she had enjoyed at my hands, my tool, tender from it’s recent milking was a blaze, all the movements I tried to gain relief failed much the same as Ria had previously, I was desperate for relief from the fire. I heard footsteps approaching, looking up I saw Ria appear in the doorway dressed in a white pvc nurses uniform which was so short I thought I could see her pussy lips as she walked, it had a zip up the front which stopped just below her breasts and the material clung to he curves in such a way that it looked as if she has been partially dipped in white paint, her legs clad in matching white fishnet hold ups which stopped way short of the dresses hemline, and scarlet 5″ heels. In seconds my hard on took on a whole new dimension.

Ria approached the bed and placing the tip of her index finger on the tip of my cock she moved it away from my body as she looked at it she whispered,

“Looks hot, you want nursey to cool that down for you? I have just the ointment!”

I nodded barely able to speak and Ria stepped up onto the bed Escort Ağrı and stood over me giving me a view up her stocking clad thighs to her bare crotch. It was then that I noticed that the zip on her outfit was in fact two, one went up from the waist to where it finished just below her breasts and the other started at the waist and went down to the hem of the pvc dress. Ria unzipped the top zip to the waist, allowing the clingy pvc to spring open, but it just created a deep V which still partially covered her nipples, but could not hide the two points that the chocolate coloured erections made in the tight material.

Leaning forward Ria placed her hand either side of my head on the bed frame and began to lower herself down at the knees, as her love cup passed level with my face I could smell the sweet musk of her arousal, as she got lower the zip began to open and expose her pussy to my view, it was smooth and hairless as it had been over the passed weeks, much to my delight. Now squatting just above my staff Ria took hold of me and once again guided me to her opening. Squatting the way she was I had the clear view of her wonderful flower that she wanted me to have, and I watched as ever so slowly her dark inner lips parted in acceptance of my man hood for what I knew was the last time.

As she had done earlier began slowly and gently, but this time she wasn’t fucking me, she was making love to me. Burying her face into my neck she kissed me all the way up until she reached my mouth where upon she passionately kissed me over and over, stopping only to leave out a cry of pleasure and throw her head back as a subtle but intense climax ran through her causing another trickle of juice to flow down wards over me.

Even this almost constant flow of nectar failed to quell the fire in my groin, but immediately Ria slipped onto me some of the cream had rubbed off onto her vulva and now Ria too was experiencing the heightened pleasure brought on by the tingling. Her pace was increasing as she effortlessly slipped up and down on my cock, at the bottom of each stroke her inner muscles clenched around my staff, urging me to come as she rose. I wanted so much to be able to reach forward and squeeze her breasts, but my restraints prevented me the gently bouncing motion had me transfixed as her wonderful 36B’s moved with the her body, her nipples still just visible against the tight pvc.

Suddenly Ria increased the pace, her head back she really began to ride me, her quim oozing fresh honey at each stroke. I could feel her orgasm building, her gentle moans now replaced by breathless Ahhh’s. Once again my eyes were drawn to her pussy and the wonderful sight of it engulfing my manhood, then suddenly I felt the tell tale tingling of my climax, Ria sensed it or felt it too and immediately said

“Not yet, don’t come yet!”

Her motion changed from up and down to a grinding circular motion with me buried to her hilt, her clit rubbing heavily against the base of my cock. Once around, twice around then on the third time I could hold back no longer, my helmet twitched high up inside Ria just as the biggest climax I had ever seen tore through Ria, screaming on the top of her voice her release was savage, her pussy sucking my cum into her as we exploded together. Wave after wave of lady cum gushed from Ria releasing more of the sweet musky smell, which I enjoyed so much, at that moment I would have loved to have been able to lick at her love cup.

After re-gathering our senses Ria untied me, before standing and releasing my cock from inside her, as she stood droplets fell onto me and I witnessed the closing of her tunnel for the last time. Kneeling beside me she whispered,

“Thank you.”

And headed off to the shower. We spent a few hours cleaning up afterwards and eventually I drove her home. We talked on the way about our last few weeks escapades and what would happen to her when Lee got home. All I got was a wistful,

“Aw I don’t know.”

A week or so passed and Lee returned and within a few days the removal van arrived & departed, followed shortly afterward by Ria & Lee. Several weeks after, I returned to the house one afternoon to find a small package in the post, upon opening it I found a blank DVD with the words

“Play me,” written in black ink.

I loaded it up and switched on the TV, to my surprise I was watching an extreme close up of a familiar dark pussy with a star shaped haircut sliding up and down on a cock, the as the camera panned backwards Ria emerged into view naked apart from a diamante belly chain which ran up her front to a matching collar, she was in the same position in which Sean had first fucked her, and was clearly enjoying herself, Then as I watched she gasped

“Ahhhhh Lee,” before looking directly into the camera and blowing a kiss, with that it ended.

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