The Sex Check Up


Zoe Carter was a young bright twenty year old girl. She was smart when it came to books, but not her own body. Any time she had sex which wasn’t often she could never get her full fulfilment. She wasn’t sure if it was the guys or maybe it was her vagina. Unsure she went to the clinic for a sexual check up.

She was already in the office waiting for the doctor. She wore a white blue polka dot gown, underneath she was completely bare. Zoe could describe herself a cute, but never pretty. The fact was that she was very attractive, small pink lips, button nose, hazel eyes and deep brown hair. Her bust size was a double d and her waist was very small.

Sitting on the white paper seat she waved her legs around in boredom when the doctor finally came in. He couldn’t have been much older than her maybe twenty five or twenty six, clean shaven with a muscular built. His smooth brown hair reminded her of George Clooney. His eyes were a piercing blue. On his face was a relaxed smile as he held a clipboard in his hand.

He wore a blue shirt tucked into beige pants with a stethoscope over his neck and a white coat over his shoulders. No gloves, gloves weren’t needed for this type of exam.

“Hello Miss Carter I’m Dr. Jones, can you tell me what seems to be the problem today?”

“Well…” Zoe fumbled unsure what to say “I don’t get satisfaction from sex, I thought maybe it was the guys I slept with, but maybe it’s my vagina.”

“What about it?” Dr. Jones waited for an answer.

“Maybe that it’s too small.”

Dr. Jones smiled nodding “It’s okay, today you’ll have the full check up and we’ll see if that’s the problem.” Zoe nodded unsure what to say.

Dr. Jones left the room and brought in a bag that he placed on a small metal table nearby. He placed Zoe’s legs in the stirrups where she couldn’t squirm. Zoe felt her pussy stretching.

“Now it’s a full check up, so the gown has to be removed. Are you okay with that?” He asked her.

“Okay.” Zoe nodded, she just wanted to know what was wrong with her.

Dr. Jones stripped her down “I’ll start at your breasts first.” Dr. Jones pulled his chair near her shiny round breasts, so full and bright, the nipples still soft. Dr. Jones rubbed his hands around her breasts grasping them causing Zoe to gasp.

“Mhmm, your breasts are in great shape. Tell me Miss Carter have you ever had your nipples checked?”

“No.” Zoe shook her head.

“Well, Alanya Escort bare with me, I must check everything.” Dr. Jones smiled rubbing the center of her areolas with his thumbs. Zoe blushed feeling her vagina drip onto the paper.

“They’re very soft.” Dr. Jones went on and pressed his thumbs into her nipples. Zoe squirmed. “It’s okay, I’m giving you a full exam, so just relax.” Zoe’s nipples sucked Dr. Jones’ thumbs in. It was an odd feeling.

He thumbs pressed deeper into her areolas, feeling the wet flesh inside, he keep moving his fingers inside almost as if he were fucking her nipples with his fingers. Zoe bit her thumb as he felt moving inside her nipples.

“Very moist.” Dr. Jones pulled one thumb out and her nipple erect in pleasure sprayed out milk “Here goes the other.” He pulled out his other thumb and as the nipple before she sprayed out milk, it was embarrassing, but it felt so good.

“Your nipples are in great shape.” He rubbed her nipples causing her to moan a little “Now for your vagina.”

Dr. Jones rolled his chair down in between her legs, her pussy was indeed small and tight, he couldn’t get a good look, so he spread her legs farther apart, the farthest they could go. Zoe’s knees were bent in half and laid on opposite sides off the table from her.

Dr. Jones went to his drawer to pull out a speculum. “Now if I’m eyeballing this I’d say your vagina needs a bit of a stretching.”

“How much stretching?” Zoe asked, her pussy was exposed to him and was quivering with sweat.

“I’m not sure, but I need a better look to know for sure.” Dr. Jones slowly pushed the speculum into her tight cunt, he could barely push them in with such force clamping down from her pussy.

He then moved the tool to open her farther.

“Ahh…” Zoe bit her thumb again, it was stretching her even further, her juices were running out of her, the entire seat was damp. Dr. Jones pulled his penis out of his pants. He was hard and long.

“My cock is about ten inches in height, but at least three in width.” Zoe’s pussy pulsed as she looked at his girth. “I usually am able to slide in when my patients have this problem, but your vagina is too tight. I have to loosen it first.”

“Do whatever you have to do doctor.” Zoe nodded. Dr. Jones rummaged in his bag and pulled out a reflex hammer. Dr. Jones tapped it against Zoe’s hard clit, she squirted her juices out as a reflex.

“That’s Alanya Escort Bayan good.” Dr. Jones murmured, the speculum was still inside her as he used the hammer and prodder her entrance “I’m sorry, but we can’t be gentle, the only way is hard fast.” Dr. Jones pumped the hammer inside her tight pussy, it gripped the tool pulling against it. Zoe moaned in pleasure.

“Not enough.” Dr. Jones pulled out the hammer and speculum he rubbed her finger around her opening and pushed it inside. The way her cunt sucked his finger, it was so tight and warm.

Dr. Jones added a finger causing Zoe to squirt more juice out onto the paper, he dug his fingers roughly inside her. Zoe arched her back at the incredible power of his fingers, he kept pumping before he added his third finger.

“It’s too many.” Zoe moaned as his third finger stretched her inside.

“Not yet.” Dr. Jones rubbed his cock as he entered his fourth finger into her tight alcove, so moist and soft, feeling her stretch against his fingers strengthened his rod.

“Dr. Jones…” Zoe wanted to tell him to stop, because she felt as if were to break in two, but he added his thumb into her and started fisting her hard and fast.

“Oh my god!” Zoe groaned as he hit against her core, over and over, so wet and hard, her cunt stretched and stretched.

“Perfect.” Dr. Jones removed his fingers and spread open her pussy lips as far as they could go, she was less tight now. He rubbed the tip of his cock into her entrance.

“Too big…” Zoe rubbed her breasts, the feeling of his hard cock trying to go inside caused her to moan, it couldn’t possibly go inside. But Dr. Jones was relentless, he kept pushing his head at her entrance forcing his way through to inside her.

Zoe blushed she could feel herself on the brink, if he pushed inside her anymore and she would burst. But Dr. Jones didn’t care, he was on a mission, with one more sharp thrust his cock hit the door of her cervix. Zoe’s body quivered, almost like she was convulsing.

It was so large and yet it sank all the way inside her cunt. Zoe couldn’t hold it any longer and let herself cum while he was deep inside her.

“I can feel you loosening already.” Dr. Jones murmured as he started to move inside her, the warmth of her cum on his cock repetitively hitting her walls made her so horny. He wanted to plunge deeper into her warmth, her core Escort Alanya was on fire with want. So he kept hitting his cock at her cervix, each time her pussy closed in on his more and more.

He couldn’t move his cock anymore, her pussy had him trapped, the tightness swelled around him.

Zoe thought he would have tried to pull out, but he kept his dick planted inside her.

“I need you to stretch, while we wait I need to check your ass.” Dr. Jones stretched his arm towards his bag and pulled out a slender glass tube. He pressed it against her ass, she felt his dick twitch inside her.

“Just relax.” He whispered again, he pressed the tube into her ass as if he wanted her to squirm more, he moved the tube in and out of her rectum and started to fuck her pussy once more.

Zoe felt so full, the tube and his cock were hitting her walls together at the same time, she didn’t want it to stop. Dr. Jones moved his cock in harder and fast against her wet cunt as well as the tube in her ass.

For a minute Zoe saw white, a world of white and when she came to, she was full of the doctor’s hot cum. He pulled himself and the tube out of her. He also released her legs from the stirrups. The cum came from her pussy like melting ice cream.

“Now on your hands and knees bend on the table.” Zoe bent herself on the table letting the doctor inspect her once more. He then lowed her upper body onto the table and raised her ass up to his still throbbing cock.

“I have to be thorough.” He smiled and pushed his cock into her ass, he wanted to loosen it the way he loosened her pussy, he was onto a third way in when she came again.

Zoe’s ass had never been pleasured so much before, but it was so hard, so big, she wanted him to be rough and take her ass like he took her pussy. It was so tight, but his cock moved further into her anal cavity, her ass was sucking him in with each thrust.

“Your ass is even tighter.” He groaned pummeling her ass, in and out, in and out, harder and faster. He kept hitting her anal wall, it was as far as he could go, but he kept hitting at it causing Zoe to spasm, her pussy kept cuming as he fucked her ass.

Soon enough he had reached his peak and he released his warm seed deep in her ass. She slid to the floor in pleasure feeling his coming leak out of her holes. Dr. Jones wiped himself off and placed his member away.

He smiled “I’ll leave you here for a few minutes to get dressed. I’ll see you at your next checkup.” He closed the door behind him. Zoe had no strength to walk, her legs were jelly. But what gave her strength eventually was the thought of her next appointment, maybe she’d be stretched out again, and that thought made Zoe smile.

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