The Shower


I walk slowly to the bathroom. you have already started the shower and the bathroom is a little steamy. the heat feels good…

I quietly open the shower door and seeing you standing under the water. I watch for a moment as the water runs down your body. I am not surprised at the response that my body is giving me. you are standing with your face turned up, the water hitting your face, you don’t know I’m watching… *smile* when you turn around and open your eyes, you give me a sweet smile and open your arms for me. I step into the shower and into your arms. it always feels so good when I’m in your arms. you slowly pivot us so that my back is to the water. I tilt my head back and wet my hair, letting the water run down my face. I open my eyes and see you watching me, smiling with sweet satisfaction at the vision before you. subconscious, I giggle and ask you to hand me the soap.

we change places, so you are directly under the water. I squirt a generous amount of soap into my hands and hand it back to you so you can do the same. we rub our hands together to work up a nice lather. I like to rub your chest with the soap, working up an even greater Alanya Escort lather. I fun my hands along your neck and your shoulders, making my way back to your chest to lather up more. I wash each arm and pause to hold your hands for just a moment. I step up onto my tiptoes and softly kiss your lips. you release my hands and wrap your arms around me, lathering my back. you work your way around, lathering my shoulders and neck, then you move down to my breasts.

I sigh as you massage my breasts, a purely involuntary response to your soft touch… you ~play~ a little, lightly pinching my nipples as you wash my chest. I reach up and lather my hands again on your chest and move to your waist… I linger a while near your belly button, not sure I can restrain myself if I continue washing lower. I look up to you and smile as my hands move to your cock. you are soft and slippery from the soap. I wash your manhood thoroughly and reach a little lower to clean your sack. I linger, holding your balls in my hand. you are enjoying my attentions and I can feel you becoming aroused, knowing how I enjoy these showers. *smile*

you cup my Alanya Escort Bayan face in your hands and kiss me firmly… turning us around again, so that I can be in the stream of water. I slowly go down to my knees, you sigh, knowing what is next….

I make sure the water hits your cock, to rinse it clean, then put my head directly under the stream of water. you step forward so that you can place your now erect cock directly in front of my mouth. I purse my lips and place a light kiss on the end… I swirl my tongue along the bulb of your cock and enjoy your moan… I playfully rub my teeth on the head, teasing you, making you wait…

I glance up at you and seeing you looking down at me, smiling, you love to watch me. I smile up at you and open my mouth wide to accommodate you completely. in a split second you are in my mouth and down my throat. the surprise of the ~attack~ causes you to jump a little and you hear my muffled laugh. I love surprises, don’t you?

you pump a few times into the warmth of my mouth and reach for the shampoo. as you wash my hair, I begin to work feverishly on your cock. unable to control Escort Alanya my desire any longer. you are washing my hair and pulling at it and pushing my face against you… I reach up and lather my hands from the shampoo in my hair and quickly reach behind you, massaging your ass… I place the tip of my finger against your tight ass, you are undecided which way to move your hips, you want my finger in your tight ass and you want your cock in my warm mouth…

I intentionally make you wait a moment, while I tease you… I am pumping your cock with my mouth as I slowly work my finger into your rosebud. as I get the finger in as far as it will go, you are crazy with desire for more. quickly and a little roughly I work my finger in and out of your ass and I eagerly suck on your cock. running my teeth lightly along the shaft. your moan fills the room as I feel your body tense. you grab my hair, pulling it hard and slam my face into your body as you shoot your hot load into my throat. you stay deep in my mouth and I hold myself still until you have shot all you have. I swallow and tilt my head back, the water running over my face and rinsing my hair and your cock at the same time. I remove my finger from your ass and rub my hair.

I raise my eyes to you and you are smiling back at me. I reach up and you take my hands in yours and help me to my feet. you kiss my firmly and part my lips with your tongue…

*shy smile*

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