The Size Formula 4.3


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The Size Formula 4.3

It was the weekend and I was sitting around watching the game when I got a call from my college buddy Rick. He told me that his dad’s company had an opening and the pay was twice as much as I was making. Moving from the chilling cold of Vermont to the sunny beaches of Florida at twice the pay had great appeal. I told Rick that I would take the job and be there in two weeks.

First thing Monday morning, I stopped by my boss’s office and told her I was leaving the company. She seemed disappointed that I was going to leave the company. She walked over and gave me a hug with one arm and reached down with her left hand and grasped my cock. She started to run her hand up and down the length of my now expanding cock. Laura told me “Justin, sorry but I had to touch before you left.” I jokingly told her. “Look what you did.” pointing to my hard cock now making a tent down my pant leg.

Laura moved over to the door and locked it. Then she told me. “I can fix that” as she proceeded to undo my belt and remove my pants and underwear. “Justin you’re hung like a horse” She started to work over my huge erection with both hands; using the large amount of pre cum as lubricant. With great skill Laura continued to work her magic fingers on my cock. I whispered to her that I was about to cum and she skillfully shot my cum into a nearby wastebasket. She told me, “Wow Justin I never saw a guy cum so much.” I put my pants back on and gave her a hug and a kiss and told her thanks.

Next thing I did was to call Jen (my intern) into my office. “Jen I have a new job in Florida.” Jen, with a sad look on her face, tells me “Congratulations I will miss you and I will also miss work on our little project.” With a sly smile “Well I guess little would be a bad description.”

“Jen, I recommended you for my job and Laura told me to tell you to meet her in her office after lunch to talk about it.” Jen was very excited and started to jump up and down. I said to her “Stop jumping up and down, your bouncing boobs is giving me a hard on.” We both started to laugh and she gave me a big hug and told me, “Remember it’s time for your weekly check. I will meet you back here at your office, 5:00pm sharp with my measuring tape and clip board in hand.”

I asked Jen “How is the other test subject doing?” Jen tells me, with a huge smile, “He now measures 10 ¾ inches long and 7 inches around.” Jokingly I tell her “Sorry Jen I guess I gave him a bit too much formula.” She chuckles “It’s ok” and with a proud look on her face she states “I can still take all of him.” I tell Jen “Maybe you set your standard to low.” She gave me a little smile and a wave and exited my office.

The day passed quickly as I was tying up loose ends and catching up on paper work. I heard a knock on the door and Jen popped into the office. I could feel her excitement. I heard her say “It’s 5:00.” Jen locks my office door and tells me in a very professional tone “Stand up and drop your pants and shorts.”

I stand up and move to the front of my desk. Impatiently, Jen reaches to undo my belt and she removes my pants and shorts. She takes hold of my limp cock and pulls out her tape measure. She measures along the top of my cock. She carefully measures the length and then wraps the tape measure around the thickest part just below the head. Seeing Jens’ small hand on my huge but still soft cock is a huge turn on. It takes all the self control that I have to not get a raging hard on.

She looks up at me with a look of awe on her face and tells me. “10 ½ inches long and 7 1/4 around.” Jen quickly removes her top and tells me. “Now for the fun part making this monster hard.” Seeing Jens’ firm 34 C breasts and her erect nipples really got my blood pumping to my quickly growing cock. Jen dropped to her knees and started pumping my cock with both hands. Then she took the head of my cock into Alanya Escort her mouth. Slowly taking it, inch by inch, until she had about half my cock down her throat. At the same time she moved her left hand from my cock to my balls. Jen then released her oral grip on my cock and said “Wow you’re so thick! Your cock is giving me lock jaw. You look to be good and hard.

Time for the tale of the tape.” Jen takes hold of the tape measure and holds the tape along the base of my rock hard cock. She reads off the number with the sound of disbelieve in voice. “Oh my 15 inches on the button.” She then wraps the tape around my cock and tells me the measurement “It’s 8 3/8 inches around.

Wow you’re a big boy. I’m going to finish you off with my hand because I want to get a sperm sample.” Jen starts to work my huge cock with her skillful hand, using my precum leaking out of my cock as lubricant. Jen then reaches between my balls and starts to rub her finger over my butt hole and that is all it took. I said “Jen I’m about to cum!” Jen skillfully pointed my pulsating cock at the beaker and I shot multiple loads of cum into the well placed beaker.

Jen tells me “Justin the formula must also affect the amount of cum. According to my calculation the amount of ejaculate you produced is 5 times normal” I did not tell Jen that Laura had all ready got a sample.

I ask Jen “How did your meeting go with Laura?” “It went great. I start tomorrow.” And with a huge smile she tells me. “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE. Laura told me you don’t have to come back into the office, but I do need to set up one last measurement session before you go.” I tell her, “Ok that sounds great. I will give you a call before I leave town.” Jen and I get dressed and head out of the office.

Upon returning to my apartment I find that I had a voice mail on my home phone and it was from Wendy, the busty blond that lives in my building. She invited me to dinner at her apartment. I gave it a quick thought “Busty hot blond, free food and beer I can’t find a problem with that” I quickly gave her a call and she told be to come over at around 7:00.

I ask Wendy if I need to bring anything and she told me “Just that huge cock of yours” and she quickly hung up. After waiting a minute or two for my cock to soften after Wendy’s last remark, I headed to the shower and prepared myself for my date with Wendy.

I arrived at Wendy’s apartment right at 7:00 and she greeted me at the door with a big smile and a hug. Feeling Wendy’s huge breasts pressing on my chest was definitely stimulating blood flow to my member. As always Wendy looked great. She has on a very short skirt and a tight top that showed off her perfect breasts.

I tell her “Wendy you’re so hot, it’s not fair to the rest of the female population” Wendy chuckles at that comment. “I have some news Wendy. I got a new job in Florida.” Wendy started to pout. Then she said “I will miss you.” I tell her “You can visit me remember I did say Florida; warm, sunny, sandy beaches working on your Florida tan.” Wendy seems to cheer up “Your right Justin; that does sound like fun. Let’s eat”

We had a great dinner and we talked about my new job and Wendy told me about her girl gone wild trip that she took during spring break during her college days. I asked her if she has heard from Amanda (the girl that we had a threesome with) she told me that Amanda was done shooting her show and was heading back home.

I told Wendy “I hope I see Amanda before I leave town.” Wendy responded “I bet you do. I saw the look on your face when she swallowed your cock to the root.” Then Wendy stood up and took my hand and said “It’s time for dessert” Then I stood up and in one motion picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Wendy slid out of her tight shorts and peeled off the skin tight top. I was standing there in awe of Wendy breasts. They are so full and perfectly symmetrically her doctor should have won a Nobel Prize for boob jobs.

I started to take off my shirt and Wendy started to undo my belt and then she pushed me back onto the bed and then pulled off my pants and underwear. I quickly rolled off the bed and picked up Wendy and laid her down on the edge of bed. I told her “I’m the guest and I should be served dessert first.” I then proceeded to lick and nibble her pretty pussy. I also started to work my finger in and out of her pussy getting her ready for my huge cock. I heard Wendy moaning Alanya Escort Bayan in pleasure. I keep moving her to the edge of orgasm and then backing off.

Wendy was not able to take it anymore “I need to suck your monster cock now!!” Wendy got up and pushed me back onto the bed and grabbed my rock hard cock with both of her small soft hands and then I watched the head of my cock slowly enter Wendy’s warm, wet mouth. Inch by inch, Wendy took my cock deeper and deeper, until she had a good 10 inches and then slowly pulled my cock out of her throat, keeping me on the edge of orgasm.

Wendy the told me to lay down on the bed “I need that huge cock in my pussy.” Wendy moved to her night stand and brought back a Magnum Xl condom and struggled to stretch the condom over my thick cock. The condom only covered half of my cock, fully rolled out. “Justin, your cock is extra huge tonight.” She then coated my member with extra lube, got on top of me and proceeded to insert the head of my cock into her dripping, wet pussy.

I heard her moan in pain as my super thick cock started to stretch her tight pussy. Slow her pussy took my cock deeper until I felt my cock hit the bottom of her pussy with only 3 inches left. She started to move up and down with long, slow strokes. “Justin your cock feels so good. Oh Justin I’m going to CUM!”

Just as I hear that, I see a nude figure enter the bedroom. It’s Amanda, but she looks different. Amanda walks in to the light and said “High Justin” At that moment I released a huge load of cum and I heard Wendy orgasm for the 2nd time.

I just look at Amanda with my mouth open. The Amanda that I last saw had maybe a full A cup breasts but now she had a full D cup. He breasts were every bit as large as Wendy’s. Wendy tells Amanda “Girl you’re late I started with out you and by the way nice rack.”

Wendy dismounts my now spent cock. Amanda removed my condom from my deflated cock and fired it into a near by trash can. She took a long look at my cock and whispered something to Wendy and Wendy quickly bounded off to the bath room. As I watch Wendy heading for the bathroom, I was thinking “I wonder what the girls are up to? Wendy does have a great ass.” Wendy returns to the bedroom with a sly smile, shaving cream and disposable razor.

Amanda tells me “Wendy and I like our men clean shaven” Wendy and Amanda lathered the base and shaft of my cock. Wendy handed the razor to Amanda and she proceeded to shave my guy as smooth as a babies butt. I just lay there, motionless as she did her work. Wendy handed Amanda a wash cloth to wipe me off and then she stated “We all now match.” We all had a short laugh and Amanda then started sucking on my rapidly growing cock. With out using her hands she starts to suck my cock. I watch my cock snake down Amanda’s throat. Wendy comes over to me and starts to suck on my erect nipple as I work my fingers into her recently stretched pussy.

I look with amazement at Amanda as she has almost taken my monster cock to the root. I feel my cock expanding even more as I’m getting closer to Cumming. Amanda, with a concerned look on her face, quickly moves to remove my cock from her throat. “Justin your cock is extra huge today. I thought you were going to break my jaw with that huge cock of yours.” I tell her “Sorry about that. You ladies just got me all worked up.” She tells me “That’s ok that massive cock of yours will stretch my pussy like never before.”

Amanda motions me to sit up on the edge of the bed and then she mounts my cock facing me. I take hold of her tiny waist to help her balance herself as my smooth cock sinks deeper and deeper into her warm pussy. At the same time she is rubbing her huge tits in my face and down my chest.

Wendy moves behind me and reaches around me to caress Amanda’s new boobs” I was in heaven. I was the middle of a breast sandwich. I’m pumping my cock rapidly in and out of Amanda’s wet pussy using long thrusts. She starts to cum in waves; it’s all I can do to keep up with her wildly bucking hips.

I remembered just in time that I forgot to put on a condom. I stand up and lift Amanda off my pulsating cock sit her on the bed and then I spray both of the girls with a massive gush of my cum. I lay down in the middle of the bed with the girls lying on each side of me and like a typical man I fall asleep. The next morning I thank the girls for a great time and I go home to finish packing.

The Escort Alanya next few days I spend packing and cleaning up loose ends getting ready for the big move to Florida. I call Jen my former intern to tell her goodbye she reminds me that she needs to take one last measurement and she tells me that she will be there after work. I tell her. “I am looking forward to it.” And then I hear her hang up the phone.

About 20 minutes later the door buzzer goes off and I hear the sound of Jen’s voice over the intercom. I buzz her in and meet her at the door. Jen gives me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Justin I’m glad to see you. It’s not the same back at the office with out you there. Let’s check out that super sized cock of yours. Get undressed and I will get my tape measure.”

I’m only wearing shorts and a t-shirt so it only takes me a moment to get undressed. Jen turns around and see my newly shaved cock. She smiles “Justin you look like a little boy or I should say a little boy with a cock the size of horse.” I tell her about my visit to Wendy’s apartment.

She carefully measures the size of my member. She tells me the tale of the tape. “Your cock is still the same size as last time 10 ½ inches long and 7 1/4 inches around. Ok let’s make it hard.” Jen removes her shirt and bra and the rest of her clothes which is a surprise. She has me sit on the edge of the bed and then she drops to her knees and takes the head of my expanding member in her warm mouth. At the same time she is doing some wild action with her tongue on the head of my cock and kneading my thick cock using both of her small soft hands. In no time my cock is standing up like a utility pole.

“Justin it looks like you’re hard as a rock.” Jen picks up the tape measure and starts to measure my towering cock. “Justin your cock looks to be about the same as last time a hair over 15 inches long and 8 3/8 around.

Justin I was thinking about what you said about setting my cock size standard and I would like to uses your tool to see how much cock I can take.” Fireworks were going off in my head but I acted cool. “Jen what about your boyfriend would me fucking you be cheating?” Jen tells me “It would not be like that I would just be using your cock like a tape measure. I would just push your big tool in and out of my pussy a few times just to see how much I can fit.” I told Jen “Ok I can never seem to say no to you Jen.”

Jen reaches in her bag and gives me a lip stick and tells me to use it to mark my cock when she gets it in the deepest point. I lucky had a condom in my shaving bag and gave it to Jen to put on my still very hard cock. She struggles to stretch the condom over my thick cock. Jen has me lay back on the bed and she gets top of me. I reach a hand out and insert two fingers in to Jen’s pussy and find it very wet and ready for a good stretching. Jen takes hold of my cock and inserts the head in to her tight pussy.

I hear Jen moan in pain and pleasure she fairly easily take my first 10 inches. I feel the head of my cock hit bottom at around the 11 inch mark but Jen keep moving her hips up and then pushing with all she has to take my massive cock deeper into her pussy. Now she slams her pussy down on my rock hard pole one last time. She yells out “I’m Cumming make the mark!

I quickly make the mark and Jen pull my long cock out of her pussy and then she measured to the mark from the head of my cock. “Wow I took 13 inches and buy the way Justin your super cock just gave me the best orgasm I every had” I tell her “I’m glad I could help.”

Then I point to my still rock hard cock. Jen then says “Sorry let me help you with that” and then she drops to her knees removes my condom and starts pumping my cock with both hands. Then she took the head of my cock into her mouth. Slowly taking it, inch by inch, until she has about 10 inches my cock down her throat at the same time she moved her left hand from my cock to my balls.

I tap Jen on her shoulder to let her know that I was about to cum. She releases my pulsating cock from her throat and I fire a huge load of cum all over Jen’s face and chest. We both lay down on the bed and Jen tells me “Justin I need a 13 inch cock to make my pussy happy.” I told her that I cut off two inches for no one. She smiled and tells me “No Justin I want you to give me a dose of formula for Mike to add two inches to his cock. PLEASE!” I tell her ok I give her a vial of formula and tell her to give him about 2/3 of the vial and that should add about 2 inches. “Let me know how it works out Jen.” Jen cleans herself up and get dress and goes home. She gives me a nice kiss on the on lips on the way out.

Next morning I head to Sunny Florida.

End of part 4

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