The Storm


Dinner is wonderful. You are a truly talented cook. Steaks done to perfection on the grill, tossed salad, baked sweet potatoes with butter and cinnamon, warm buttery french bread and fresh peach cobbler for desert, complimented by a wonderful wine. A storm brewing in the distance, so the air is thick and we’re sitting beside a beautiful lake. Watching the lightening with only the fire in the fireplace to light our bodies, I am wrapped in your arms and we are caressing each other, our passions building along with the storm outside.

Slow dancing to the soft music playing, we start to undress each other. Massaging, nibbling, licking, and kissing each inch of flesh that becomes exposed. My hands slide over your beautifully scuplted body, massaging strong muscles, teasing your nipples to a hardness to match my own.

Following your clothes, I drop to my knees to make love to your solid shaft with my mouth. My tongue glides down your tummy to dip into your belly button and then down lower. Not touching your shaft, I find your soft apples beneath your large tree. Sliding my talented tongue up and around each of them sucking them into the moist heat of my mouth, I feel them them starting to swell with your juices. Laving at that sensitive spot just below your balls, your moan of pleasure urges me on to give you more pleasure. I can’t stop myself from stroking your shaft with my small soft hands, while my mouth pleasures your balls.

I need to feel you inside my mouth. Starting at the base, I start to leave a trail of kisses up to the tip, careful not to touch the head and back down again. I switch methods after every inch is covered in kisses. Starting again at the base, I use my tongue to taste your shaft, savoring you as i would make you my favored candy. My lips make sucking noises as I start my next round of pleasure for you. Hearing your ragged breathing at my ministrations is making me wet and hungering to pleasure you more. I can feel your sweet juices starting to smear against my lips. It is time for me to concentrate completely on the tip. My tongue flicks Alanya Escort out to capture your juice. Using my lips, I nibble your head, making sure to touch each sensitive area. Then slowly slurping your head into my mouth. Sucking and laving each inch you thrust into my mouth. You don’t stop when your head reaches the back of my throat. Thrusting harder, you keep going in deeper with every thrust, until you feel your balls slapping against my chin.

My hands are no longer needed to stroke you. You continue to pull almost all the way out of my warm sucking lips and slam all the way back into my mouth. I am grasping your firm buttocks, massaging them and stroking your thighs. Your shaft is swelling with your need for release, my hands hold you to my mouth. No longer can you fuck my mouth, but my lips have latched onto the base of your hardened member. Letting the suction from my mouth and my talented tongue sliding up and down around you bring you closer and closer to orgasm. As i hear your growl start to grow and the first of your explosion starting to race down my throat, I slide a solitary finger between your tight ass cheeks into you anally, staying there until the last of your pleasure has been captured by my thirsting tongue.


Helping me to my feet, you crush me in your embrace. Our lips meet and our tongues dance with eachy other. My hard nipples bore into your furred chest. I groan with a mixture of pleasure and torture caused by the friction. You understand my plight, knowing how pleasuring you orally excites me.

You lead me naked out onto the rain drenched patio. The rain is pouring cooling water onto our heated bodies. Again you crush me in your embrace as we lower ourselves to the cushioned wooden lounger. There is a leather strap that you use to restrain my hands already secured to the lounger.

Our gazes break only when the heat of your tongue, touches my cooled skin, running around my erect nipple causes me to shudder in anticipation. Your tongue traverses between my aching breasts, Alanya Escort Bayan suckling and laving the tender flesh. Your teeth clasp the hardened peaks while your hands push them together. The lightening illuminates my bare body and draws your gaze to my spread thighs. One finger trails up and down the slit of my pussy lips, then slips in easily. Moist heat envelopes your questing finger, that is quickly joined by another and then another. Five times in hard, fast succession your fingers fuck me violently. My body writhes and you know I am on the brink of climaxing.

This is my first lesson in submission, you want it to last. So that I will learn who is master and who is the pet. Spreading my pussy lips wide, you let the rain cool me, let it wash away the traces of the beginning of my pleasure. Refusing to allow me to close my legs, you brace my thighs open wider with the breadth of your shoulders. At first just your whiskered chin traces my outer lips, then your warm lips and finally your firery tongue whispers along my cleft.

Moaning, I arch my hips closer to the pleasure your delving tongue is creating. Just teasingly circling my clit amuse you. Loving the feel of control over me, you draw my throbbing clit between your teeth to be held as your tongue rapidly flicks across it. Quickly, before the rain can wash it away, you lap up the juices that begin to slide from my writhing body.

Knowing I am ready to receive you, you move me to my knees. Helping me roll over, allowing your hands to caress my breast and move to my hips. Waiting, you chose the next thunder clap that makes me jump to pump all of you directly into me. My climax is instantaneously gained.

I cry out at the wet slap on my ass, as you withdraw completely from me. Again and again and again the sting from your hard hand connecting with my soft wet bottom echos though your ears, accompanied by my pleads for your mercy. My tears mix with the rain as you stand before me, in your hard naked splendor, as you explain my punishment was because I dared to come Escort Alanya without your permission. Grabbing my hair and forcing my head back, you step closer. After telling me to keep my mouth shut you start to swing your hips, fiercely smacking my face with your hard cock.

Deciding that I’ve learned my lesson, you concentrate on your own pleasure again. You can tell that I am still crying, making the hard shell around your heart to break. You would have me give you head again, but that wouldn’t give me enough pleasure to climax again. Or to make up for the severity of the punishment I had been dealt. Liking the way my soft, hand-warmed ass looks in the air, you decide to make me cum again, without permission. It will give you the excuse you need to take my secondary virginity.

Bending down you use your wicked tongue to start teasing my exposed clit again, while inserting one finger inside my wetness once and withdrawing. Moving the moist finger to my virgin porthole, you start just massaging the outer region. Only when you feel my pulse pounding in my clit again do you slide three fingers inside of my cunt, simutaneously pushing your finger completely into my ass. Sniffles of dejection have turned to moans of pleasure as you push me closer to the edge. The storm joins us as you fiercely ride me to the heights of passion. Keeping your finger still inside of my anal canal you manuever your body so that you can enter me easily. The raging storm keeps you from hearing my climax but you feel the walls of my pussy tightening around your hard shaft, sucking you deeper into me as you thrust your hips harder and faster.

My climax almost causes you to lose control and climax with me. My body is still shuddering when you withdraw both finger and cock from my body. It stiffens automatically and you smile at the only word I yell, “NOOOOOOO….!”, as you grab my hips and with one fluid move, you make me yours completely. Soon my body adjusts to your brutal intrusion. Reaching around you grab my breasts and thrust deeper, harder and faster inside of me, gaining ecstacy inside of me.

Untying me and helping me to stand on wobbly legs, you guide me into the warmth of the house and away from the wanning storm. Words of praise and ownership spill from your lips to ease my abused soul, ensuring my complete compliance as your pet and slave.

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