The Student Teacher


I was busy introducing a new math concept when a young woman stepped through the doorway. She smiled at me and wandered to the nearest chair and sat down. My students barely noticed her, but I did.

A few minutes later the bell rang and the students thronged outside, leaving me with a beautiful student teacher named Celena. We chatted animatedly for several minutes about her practicum. She was quite nervous as we talked and she kept shifting in her chair. Twice she re-crossed her legs causing her skirt to inch higher. I could tell she was uncomfortable-she kept tugging the skirt back, hoping it wouldn’t travel any further up, but she was not having any luck. I stole glances at her legs and curves, never lingering long.

Her practicum started. Most days she wore conservative clothes. Occasionally, she wore the same short skirt and tight top. It was really difficult to stay professional and not stare at her beautiful figure-full breasts, a tantalizing walk and legs that stirred my imagination. I was married; she was married but half my age. I could dream about a night with her or even an hour but a dream would be as close as I ever got.

We usually met in the mornings and discussed the previous lessons and new ones. Approximately, two weeks into the practicum we met in my room. As she walked into the room I could see she was visibly upset. At first we discussed a science lesson and the need for a hands-on approach. Her work had centered more on lecturing or showing students. Then I remarked how much the children in the class were enjoying her fresh style and positive approach. Suddenly, tears appeared and she was rubbing them away with her hand.

“I love these kids,” she cried.

“Well, they love you too,” I replied slowly.

“I…I have to quit.”

“What? Everything is going great.”

“I’ve got insurmountable problems. Financial and marital. I can’t say much more.”

“I think I deserve to know, Celena. I’ve spent a lot of time helping you.”

“I guess you’re right. My husband, Jacob, left me. He’s tired of our debt, my debt. But I think he’s met a younger woman.”

“A younger woman. You’re only 26 aren’t you?”

“She’s twenty-two and looks sixteen. He says I’m twenty-six and look like thirty-five.”

“You’re gorgeous. Let me get this straight. He doesn’t find you attractive?”

“I think so, but Jacob’s always been immature. He wants to spend his evenings Alanya Escort in the bar, drink and just be happy-go-lucky. We’ve been saddled down with an expensive apartment, car and a huge student debt. It’s too much for him. I think the cute little brunette is an excuse.”

I placed my hand on her knee unconsciously. Her hand fell over mine, gripping it like an anxious child.

“There’s more.”

“What do you mean?”

“My debt is so large the bank wouldn’t give me any more funds.”


“I can’t pay my tuition this term. I have until the end of the week to pay or I’m dropped from my final practicum.”

“Wow!” I explained. “This is a nightmare for you.”

“Does your husband know about this?”

“Yeah. He opened the letter. I think it scared him. Now, I’m up shit creek.”

I looked at the pretty blonde. She was so sexy with her short straight hair, pouty lips and tear-stained cheeks. My thoughts were certainly not pure.

“Is there anyone in your family who can help?”

“No, my dad is on a injury pension and my mom is an alcoholic. Any money she has goes to destroying her liver. She a useless bitch.”

Celena’s swearing took me by surprise. I had always imagined her as a prudent up-and-coming teacher not a resentful child.

“No friends, old boyfriends, no one?” I asked quietly.

“I’m on my own.” A few moments passed and she spoke again. “Do you know anyone who can help me? I’m desperate. I need the money. I’ll do anything.”

“I’ll do anything,” I thought. “That’s an invitation.”

“You’re a wonderful teacher. You’re finished in two months and you’ll be certified.”

“If I quit now I won’t come back. I know it.”

“You are between a rock and a hard place.”

Celena lifted her hand, rolling the hem of her skirt. She squeezed her knees and breathed deeply. She was trying to speak.

“I’ll fuck,” she mumbled.

“What?” I said, reacting like a kid on his first date.

“I’ll do anything.”

I examined her face. Was she serious? This was a huge leap on both our parts. And dangerous.

“You’ll do anything,” I asked, not really believing what she said. Celena twisted in her chair, squeezing her knees together, looking downwards.


“I can fuck you if I pay for your tuition.”

“Yes, you can do anything if you help me out.”

“Follow me,” I ordered. “We’re going to the old Alanya Escort Bayan storeroom. It’s not used anymore. We’ve got over an hour.”

I exited the room. We were still early. Most of the staff arrived in the half hour before the bell. We followed the hallway and then went down another set of stairs to a sub floor.

“The old storeroom is on the other side of the furnace room,” I remarked. We sidled past the furnace, ducked under several insulated pipes and reached the storeroom door. It was covered in spider webs along the top jamb. I opened it with my master key and flicked on the switch. Celena stepped into the room right behind me. I turned and looked at her. She was wearing a red schoolgirl skirt and a slightly sheer blouse-I easily could see the shape of her breasts and the outline of her nipples. And she wore a lot of lipstick. Throughout the practicum she had worn little to no make-up, mostly longer skirts and certainly less-revealing tops. Then it hit me. This girl, no woman, knew exactly what she was doing.

“This is only one time, isn’t it?” she said, smiling weakly.

“One time. No, it’s every day at 6 a.m. for an hour.”

“Sorry, I can’t do that,” she answered somewhat defiantly.

“I agree. Let’s return to the classroom and forget this ever happened. There must be another way to get three thousand dollars.”

She gulped. “All right.”

“I’ll put the gym mats on the floor and lock the door. We’ll never get disturbed here. We just have to remember the time.”

While I dusted off a few mats Celena slipped off her panties and unbuttoned her blouse. My pants bulged and my heart rate jumped to a cardio rate as I watched. A moment later I was all over her.

I unfastened her bra and tasted her nipples, while my other hand explored her pussy and ass. She was clean-shaven. This was like candy to me. I knew I was over-excited. This situation was beyond my dreams.

I pulled her to the mat, gently guiding her onto her hands and knees.

“I want to fuck you from behind,” I commanded. She was breathing heavy pushing against me. I lifted her skirt to her hips. “You shaved your pussy.”


“Did you do this for me?” She didn’t answer. “Did you do this for me?” I asked louder. She grunted yes.

“You knew all this was going to happen.” She nodded.

“And I can do anything to you I want. Is this correct?” The Escort Alanya furnace turned on, masking her answer.

“So, we’re going to fuck every morning. Blow jobs, everything.” I pushed my enlarged cock onto the lips of her pussy. My massive member slowly pressed home, each stroke widening her cunt.

“Oh my god,” she cried. “What are you putting in me?”

“Don’t like it,” I teased, thrusting a little further. “Would you like me to stop?”

“Oh, no. I love it. Do me harder, PLEASE.”

“Wait a little while. I like to take my time, babe.”

I took my time with each thrust, changing the motion, the pressure, and the depth. She purred like a kitten. Finally, I could feel her body tense. Gripping her breasts hard, I slammed my 200-lb muscular frame into her so hard I lifted her off knees. Again and again, I fucked her with full force. The purr suddenly changed to a deep moan. Then, she screamed. This put me over the edge and I shot half a cup of cum into her steaming cunt. We both collapsed on the old blue mats.

I looked at my watch. Fifteen minutes left. “You’re one hot fuck,” I said. She rolled over and stared at me.

“You’re a madman. I wasn’t sure if we were having a hot erotic encounter or a wrestling match. One moment I couldn’t get enough and the next too much.”

“I better go,” she stated. Celena pushed herself up, but I grabbed her arm.

“Spread your legs, honey. I’m not finished.” My cock had stiffened and reached full size.

“Oh, I think we better go,” she said, once again trying to move, measuring the size of my cock with her eyes. “I’m sore. You’re big. I can’t take anymore.” I saw a light look of fear in her eyes.

“I’ll be gentle,” I lied. “Lay on your back, spread your legs.”

Celena reluctantly lay on her back. I could see her melon-sized breasts still heaving from the last fuck and her pussy puckered from erotic simulation. Reluctantly, expectantly, she slowly opened her long legs.

“Oh, this is going to be a treat,” I said, gleefully. “I’m going to pound you soooo hard.”

“But, you said…oh my god,” she cried, arching high in the air. “Oh my god.” Her voice resonated around the small wooden walled room. My second orgasm came quickly. I was over-stimulated by this enticing fox, her long legs, pouty lips and beautiful face and breasts. She was perfect. I rammed into her three, maybe four more times before I exploded.

Finally, I pulled my limp cock out. “Tomorrow at 6 a.m. I want the blowjob of my life. Afterwards we’ll talk about paying your tuition.”

“Yes, Mr. T. Anything you like.” She quickly put on her panties, bra and blouse, while I slipped on my pants. A moment later we headed upstairs.

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