The Sweater


When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer, our social life came to a standstill. Many hours were spent in hospitals and spending as much time as possible with her. When my wife’s cousin called to invite us over for supper or drinks or both we eagerly accepted. Not knowing them well it was still a welcome break from sickness — or so we thought.

Julie was the daughter of the family bitch. She was an uncompromising bitter woman who brought guilt and dysfunction to her children. As a result Julie seemed to have lost the spark to enjoy life. Her husband had developed a routine of regularly suggesting that sex was something that he had to beg or barter for with his wife. She ran and worked out at a local spa while he was a golfing addict. He hated his job though it was never really clear exactly what he did. Julie was a teacher in a private boys’ school.

As my wife kissed Paul at the door to their home, he commented that “this is the most action I’ve had since you were here last.” Everyone but Julie had a chuckle.

As I stepped toward her, she visibly tensed seemingly at the thought of contact. I decided to simply hand her the wine we had brought and lightly touched her arm in greeting.

The subject of conversation turned quickly to Mom. It was so typical that any comments describing the struggles in the family to come to grips with the seeming death sentence imposed by the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was left hanging in the air by Julie. Paul made attempts to be encouraging and sympathetic while his wife went from aloof to nearly hostile. She started to parallel our family problems with petty illnesses and complaints that her parents were going through- rides they had had to provide when her parent’s vehicle was in the shop. What an inconvenience!

Paul had a new widescreen television that he showed off as we moved into the living room. He left it on and participated less and less in conversation. Julie got up and took the remote out of his hand and turned the volume down to a less intrusive level. As she returned to her chair, he set it back to the previous annoying level.

Her drinks disappeared faster which was fine by us as we matched her glass for glass. Wine turned into rum and coke, then coffee and liqueur and back to rum. Talk turned to reminiscences that I did not share. Julie and the wife’s time on the farm growing up and the good times they had had. Not being engaged in this topic I had the chance to look at Julie and Paul as a couple. He was occupied apart from us, eyes glued to the television. She was looking glassy-eyed but talking animatedly with almost no facial expression. She was not unattractive in a sharp-featured way. Undoubtedly her best attributes were her tight body and disproportionately large breasts. She wore a sweater shirt that zipped to her neck and fit snuggly over those luscious globes. There was just the suggestion of nipple through the fabric of the sweater.

Bringing me into the conversation they made a stab at engaging Paul with his favorite two subjects: golf and sex. “Did you golf today, Paul?”

“Yeah, I got in eighteen early so I could get back for Julie’s Saturday afternoon nap! The golf was okay,” he said accompanying it with a sigh and an accusing look at his wife.

“I was tired okay!”

“I bet you guys have better naps than that, right?”

Before I could reply my wife said, “Only if we don’t make it out of the kitchen or off the floor.”

“Do tell” Paul encouraged.

“Well sometimes he sort of sneaks up on me when we’re cooking together and ….”

“Morning, noon, supper, snacks?” he was clearly into this direction of conversation.

“Yes” answered the wife giving me an appreciative smile.

“What’s this about the floor?” Julie inquired.

“Well when he is massaging my neck sometimes his hands wander a little too far forward. And of course, sometime when he turns around to thank me and he’s sitting between my legs….”

Now I knew she was getting loaded. This was not the typical kind of disclosure that I had ever heard from her.

Paul and Julie were staring at both of us. “See Paul less golf more cooking and massage!”

“I’ll throw away the clubs tomorrow!” We laughed.

Julie and my wife went into the kitchen to fix the next rounds of drinks. Paul had returned to the boob tube. I was getting turned on by the conversation and memory of the kitchen and massage that afternoon. Between noticing Julie’s nipples grow and seeing the oversize pull of the zipper rise and fall I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. I got up to go to the bathroom off the kitchen hoping Paul wouldn’t look over and see the tent in my pants. I heard snippets of a conversation as I entered the bathroom.

“…..the oil for sure. I’m not sure it would get in without it.”

“It’s that big?”

I was practically coming in my pants as I walked into the bathroom. I was stroking my cock with the image of that damned sweater in my mind’s Alanya Escort eye when I footsteps passed the door into the living room area. My hand increased its pace and pressure. The door suddenly opened. All I saw was the sweater zipped down to reveal swelling cleavage and a hand with toilet paper. As I stood there with my cock in hand, she set the paper down on the sink saying, “God, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know anyone was in here!” she said to my cock as her eyes were riveted. As the door closed behind her, I came. I wiped, flushed and left shutting off the fan and light.

“Are you more comfortable?” she asked, slightly flushed with a trace of a slur as I returned to my drink and seat. “I feel like we’re really getting to know each other so much better tonight,” she added suggestively. She started to rise with her empty glass in hand. I quickly moved to stand in front of her, took her glass and commanded her to sit. “Oh you’re so forceful!” she giggled. Her eyes moved to my crotch.

The conversation had turned to work and her job by the time I had returned. She made an exasperated comment about their inattention saying, “Some days I think I’d have to stand nude at the front covered in post-its before they would pay any attention!” I chuckled but had an instant image of her sitting on the edge of her desk covered with strategically place post-its. I wonder what they would have written on them…..

“I said how are you enjoying your time alone at the lake?” I realized Julie had addressed this to me while I had been composing mental post-its.

“Oh keeping busy physically with some renovation jobs. Next week I’m oiling some boards. I gotta take advantage of being on my lonesome.”

“Lucky broads..oops…I mean boards.”

“How about you now that school will be ending?”

“It’s already over except for awards in a week and of course marking the exams this week. The school is being used for some tournament and we’re getting our siding redone this week. I’ll end up at the library again I guess.”

“You can always come out to keep me company. I’m outside most of the day and Paul can drive out for supper…”

“No he can’t!”

“Well thanks, honey,” he said sarcastically. “I’m on the road Monday and Tuesday is what she meant to say.”

Though nothing was decided it fed my fantasy of seducing Julie. There was a warm hug at the door in marked contrast to our arrival along with a generous view of Julie’s tits as she retrieved our shoes for us in a slow deep bend. The swell straining against white lace cups, gave me all the incentive I needed when I jacked off again when we got home.

I stayed home packing for the trip to the lake later that evening while my wife went up to the hospital. I couldn’t shake the image of Julie and sensuality of the previous evening. It had been a long time being that turned on. It seemed like I was ready to jerk off every other hour. On impulse I reached for the phone. She answered. There was no small talk. I said simply, “You will be at the lake tomorrow at noon. Wear your sweater, no bra, no panties. I’ll supply the oil and apron. Oh yeah, and bring some post-its, teach!” I hung up trembling. I freed my cock from my pants and a minute later I was spraying the toilet bowl with another load. For the rest of the day I jumped every time the phone rang. How fucking stupid am I? If she tells Paul or her sisters or her mother or my wife, my life will be over. Shit!

There were no calls and when she got back from the hospital conversation was as it usually was and our embrace at the car was warm and loving. When she said, “I wonder if Julie is coming out tomorrow. Maybe I should give her a call.”

“God no, don’t do that. What the hell will I do if she shows up? Don’t encourage it.”

“Okay, okay, I just wanted to let her know that it would be okay and that we were serious about helping her out. You know she’ll hates being alone in that house especially with noisy strangers working. I thought you two hit it off last night.”

“Just drop it though please. Let her go to Mommy’s!” We chuckled.

The next morning I woke up anxious — okay excited. Packing for the lake I hedged my bets by tossing in my blue pills. I unpacked, popped a pill and put out some supplies — just in case. Shaking my head, I couldn’t help being amazed at how delusional I was!

I was at the lake end preparing the wood for the stain sweating in the noonday sun. I hear a car door bang closed. My cock sprang to life. It can’t be! I sprinted up the front steps figuring her to come in the back way. My arrival in the kitchen was timed perfectly with a knock on the door before it opened with her calling out, “Anybody home.”

“You’re late”, I said glancing at the clock that said 12:30.

“I didn’t know if I was coming.”

“Oh you’ll be coming soon enough!”

She was wearing the sweater from the weekend and a loose fitting pair of sweatpants. She carried a small overnight Alanya Escort Bayan bag and a huge sheaf of papers.

“I thought I said no bra”.

“And….” I reached out to feel her tit through the sweater. Sweet Jesus she was braless and beyond perky. At the touch her nipple practically poked through the fabric. I took her papers from her as she dropped her bag on the floor. I gestured toward the kitchen where and apron hung from the stove door and then toward the couch where a bottle of massage oil and bath towel waited.

Without hesitation she walked toward the sofa. Sitting down she flushed deeply. I took her hand and motioned toward the floor, spreading the towel before her. She answered by slithering off the couch to the carpet and towel. I stood facing her with my crotch inches from her face. Her breathing sped up and her face flushed. Straddling her for effect I pivoted over her and sat behind her reaching for the oil. My hand found the ring that had caused more than one fantasy since Saturday. I slowly pulled it down to the rise of her breasts. Rubbing the oil into my palms I lifted her hair and started to work on her neck. She jumped at the first contact and then visibly relaxed except for a shifting of her legs.


“I’m kind of tense. I hope you can help. I didn’t get much sleep the last two nights.”

“That damned Paul!”

“You’ve got to be kidding. He talks a good game but he was asleep by the time I modeled my night gown for him. Then he was the big man last night but I was — sort of — too nervous to enjoy anything so I had one of my famous headaches!”

“Sounds like you were just as horny as I was”, I thought. My hands were putting more pressure on her neck while my eyes enjoyed the view from above and behind her. I pulled the ring down another couple of inches exposing half of one breast as I pulled the sweater off her shoulders to rub more oil on and began to massage. She was moaning and I noticed that her legs were crossing and uncrossing at her ankles. My hands began to move from her shoulders to her back and then to her upper chest. Pulling and pushing the effect on her breasts and sweater was amazing. My cock was poking her in the back.

“Your zipper is scratching.”

I stood and pulled off my shorts along with the underwear. I sat back down. “I don’t want to get oil on this,” I said tapping the zipper of her sweater. “You do it — my hands are oily”. She complied quickly removing the sweater tossing it aside. My hands had found my cock as I inspected her luscious globes swing slightly with the exertion. Dribbling oil onto my cock as she sat back I said, “Three hands are better than two.”

“What the…” she started to speak when my enflamed cock made contact skin on skin. As I massaged lower down her front I slowly moved in such a way that my penis trailed across her shoulder blades. Jammed between us as it was the motion was subtle at best but elicited a “oh my god” from her in a breathless raspy voice. She shifted forward slightly and I lifted my cock and balls up so that the balls rested in her mid back and penis extend up toward her shoulders. She began a slow purposeful side to side motion of her upper body that made me swell to maximum length. The heat between us was nearly unbearable. The slickness of the oil and my own precum leaking onto her back increased the sensual massage. Meanwhile my hands had roughly seized her breasts and hefted each squeezing them upwards and out from her body and my thumbs pressed her nipples with force. She suddenly stiffened and trembled for several seconds. Her head lolled forward and then back.

Grasping her under her arms I helped her to her feet cupping her ass through her sweats.

I tugged them down bending to give her breasts a tentative lick. She pressed on my shoulders but said nothing nor did pull away.

She stood nude before me with arms crossed to hide her breasts and a blush on her cheeks.. Her shaved pussy glistened with her recent coming. “Nice” I said lowering her to the sofa. As she was about to recline, I sat down in front of her. She was reaching for the oil so I extended my hands as I faced her from a kneeling position. She squirted oil on them looking puzzled having thought that I was looking for my turn.

I slathered the oil over her already slick tits watching it seep down into her triangle of matted hair. Taking the bottle I spilled more down her cleavage as she drew a sharp intake of breath at the sensation. I let it dribble between her legs. I leaned forward taking one breast in my mouth trying to consume as much of it as humanly possible. One hand groped the other breast pressing my palm into and around its roundness. As I pressed it up and forced it down my fingers opened trapping her diamond nipple between them squeezing till she gasped and then relaxed the pressure. My other hand was drawing circles on her stomach sopping up the oil. Still kneeling, I sat back Escort Alanya taking in the sight of this incredible body before me. She was panting and her body had a rosy sheen from her neck to her pubic hair. I poured more oil directly onto her upper thighs. Working on both at once my hands moved from her calves back up the front of her legs to her waist across and down again. “Please” she murmured.

For an answer I moved my hands back up the inner part of her lower leg and slowing trailed up her inner thighs. Her legs parted with a mind of their own. My hands met at the vee of her thighs with my thumbs framing her cunt lips which leaked fluid as they pouted provocatively. Crossing my hands they rasped over the nub of her clitoris spreading her lips as they passed. Pulling them back I repeated the action several times. “I need to feel it!”

Reaching again for the oil I saw the confused look on her face as she was already bathed completely in its slickness. Tipping it up to my lips I held it in my mouth as she went over the edge knowing what was coming. I lowered my head and spread her lips with my thumbs. Her vaginal muscles were contracting creating a quivering motion of the lips. My mouth pressed against her opening and spewed hot oil up into her cavity. She erupted in spasm forcing back a mixture of oil and her own fluids through my pursed lips. Ignoring her attempt to pull back from the stimulation, I grasped her buttocks forcing her against my face. It slithered over the gash of her vagina — tongue, cheeks, chin and nose. Her gasping continued with her shaking. It was like she was having one long orgasm that kept driving her crazy. My hands moved to her inner thighs forcing them open and exposing even more of her vagina. Her hips moved up and down of their own volition. Her head was thrashing from side to side and her eyes were closed. Turning slightly sideways one leg was pried apart with my shoulder while one hand placed the opposite one over the arm of the sofa. My hands returned to her cunt lips. Both thumbs massaged the outer lips that oozed copious amounts of fluid. Extending one palm completely over her mound, I maneuvered it till the heel was pressing against her opening while one finger tickled her clitoris. She made choking incoherent sounds as her body tensed once again. In one motion I dropped oil onto the shaft lined it with her opening and plowed forward. Her tensed body seemed to be milking my shaft. The head pressed into something hard at the back of her womb. Rocking back and then forward I watched as there were still two inches of cock outside her body at full penetration She was like a rag doll as I hoisted her with my hands under her ass. Instinctively she encircled my neck with her hands. With my legs under me and still buried deep inside her I took all of her weight on my cock hands and legs. She was crying out now as the last two inches seemed to pop through the blockage. I was slamming her like a jackhammer up and down on my prick completely controlling her thrusts with my hands on her ass. Like a freight train I felt my own release rushing over me. At the precise moment that I came, my finger entered her butt hole only to the end of the tip. She shrieked and seemed to pass out. We both collapsed onto the sodden towel, too exhausted to speak.

After recovering enough strength to stand I ventured into the kitchen and returned with two glasses of wine. She downed it immediately and asked for some water, which I brought to her. She had remained nude atop the towel. She managed a half kneeling, half sitting position making no effort to cover her nudity.

“I can’t stand” she croaked in a half whimper. “I need the bathroom.” I helped her to a standing position. She gingerly tried a step stopped and then weakly and slowly headed off in the direction that I had pointed.

I knew that the neighbors on either side were in town working and would not be back until the weekend so the beach was ours. Our bay was sheltered from the strong off lake breezes and nosy neighbors.

“How about going for a swim?” She looked at me doubtfully. “Do you want a suit or do we go bare balls?” She stopped short of the couch and picked up her discarded bag, extracting a one piece suit from it. She quickly stepped into it adjusting her boobs into the tight fitting cups and uncurling the high cut seam on her hips. After stepping into mine, we walked down to the shore. Almost three hours had passed since her arrival.

When she hesitated at the water’s edge, I scooped her up and walked into the water. She laughed a nervous laugh and then relaxed. When I was waist high in the water and her back and lower body was bathed in the coolness of the water, she shuddered and dropped her legs to stand. When I produced a bar of soap from one pocket and a small bottle of shampoo from the other, she smiled and nodded. Supporting her back I bent her back until her hair was submerged. I squirted liquid and worked the lather into her scalp. She took the bottle and proceeded to return the favor. I extended each arm in turn soaping her from fingers to pits. She took the bar and mimicked my actions. She glanced nervously around as I lathered a hand and inserted it into the top of her suit. “No one is here and no one can see us.” She relaxed.

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