The Teacher

Big Tits

Story written for an internet friend inspired by her picture.

He walks into the classroom without any expectations. This is the last class he needs before he can graduate. Somehow in the 4 years of school he has missed this one simple class. He was wishing that he had this time to do other things, but realizes this is for the best and figures he will breeze through this. He started school when he was 25 and now at the age of 29 is the oldest person in this class.

He looks around and the different people in it and thinks to himself the things he could teach a few of these people. He wonders about the professor for this class not wanting a hardcore on that will put the screw to everyone, but hopefully one that is a little more laid back and in touch with the times. He is waiting patiently when he sees her walk in. She must be a little older than the other people in the class; he would guess about 24 to 25. She is wearing a dark blue sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans. Her short hair grabs his attention to her and the glasses she is wearing give her the look that says, “You can’t handle me”.

He is wondering where she will sit as he looks around at the empty desks. A few are by him and maybe she will grace him by taking a desk by him. To his amazement she moves to the front of the class and puts the armful of books on the desk in front. He watches her move as she moves to the board and writes her name on it. He will never forget that name again. Paula McDonald. She moved like an angel and looked like a goddess. She must know what the short hair and fuck me glasses do to men. He smiles and knows this is one class he will not miss, but knows his thoughts will not be on his work. They will be drifting off to a place where he and Paula get to know each other better.

A week or so passes and every class his mind wanders off to that place with Paula. It’s amazing that she hasn’t noticed this by now. Sitting there with a blank look on his face as she is going over what is required of them. His thoughts cause him to get aroused and everyday he has to leave class with his books in front of him to hide his arousal.

After another week of this, she has noticed and wants to see him after class. She starts to discuss what she has seen him doing, his blank stares and lack of participation. She is concerned about his grades not being up to his potential. With this statement she slides her glasses to the end of her nose, tipping her head down, stares him straight in the eyes, looking above the frames of the glasses.

This does it to him.

He can feel himself melting into the chair as she looks at him. Her beautiful brown eyes staring into the depths of him seeing all his thoughts and fantasies. He breaks eye contact with her but his eyes fall to her chest. He notices the way she is sitting, her shirt is falling open in the front revealing her colorful sexy bra underneath. His mind races off in a fantasy where he reaches out and slowly unbuttons the rest of her shirt letting it fall to the ground. She moves around the desk to stand in front of him, he wonderful full breasts being held back by that sexy bra.

He wants so much to reach up and feel them but as restraint comes across his mind, her hands take his and lead them to her breasts. She reaches behind her and unclasp the bra, holding it in place by putting a hand over each breast smiling at him, somewhat teasing. He loses his thoughts as she says something to him, making mention that he has done it again. He seems to be drifting off for no reason and his attention span seems very short.

He looks up and sees that she is still on the other side of the desk and her shirt is still on. He cannot believe this woman is having this effect on him. Whatever he does, his thoughts go back to her and how wonderfully sexy she is.

Day and night Paula is on his mind.

He sleeps Paula, drinks Paula, walks Paula, and always dreams Paula.

This woman has taken control of his life and everything he does. Somehow he must find a way to get her out of his mind, or find another way to deal with his infatuation. The next day at class he is determined to pay attention and keep his mind off of Paula and on his studies. His plan goes out the window when she walks into the classroom. In she walks, short hair done up sexy, fuck me glasses on, and a wonderful sexy dress. As she walks in the room people start to get in their seats and he can swear she winked at him with a little smile. Immediately he knows he is in trouble.

He can feel the familiar stirring within him, and he just has to give in. His mind wanders once again until he hears someone saying his name. When he snaps back into it, he sees that the rest of the class is gone and he is left there with just Alanya Escort her. The door is shut and she is sitting behind her desk looking at him. As he gets up to leave she tells him to come up front and have a seat. She starts to talk to him once again about his inattention. He decides to come clean once she probes him enough to let her in on the secret.

Nervously he starts from the beginning telling her about the impact she has on him. She moves and sits in the desk next to him listening to what he has to say. She tells him that talking about it might help him, by getting it in the open and not keeping it bottled up inside. He starts to go into details about his thoughts. As she is listening to him, she can start to imagine some of the same things he is. The thoughts he is sharing with her start to become her thoughts as well, drifting off into the world of fantasy. She brings herself back to reality and can feel the affect her slight wandering has given her.

As he is talking Paula moves over to the door making sure it is locked. She looks through the window seeing if anyone is in the immediate area then pulls the shade down. She turns around and looks at him with those sexy eyes.

He locks eyes with her then tells her he is going to drift off into another place if she continues to look at him like that.

She tells him to go ahead and drift, but to tell her what is going on. She slowly starts to walk towards him, untying the strings holding the front of her dress closed. His eyes get wide as she approaches him and he catches himself staring at the chest. Her try to look elsewhere but at that instant the top of Paula’s dress opens wide for him. He is now staring at her cleavage and can see her sexy bra underneath, a wonderful black sexy bra, with different color stitching making their way across the front. She stops walking and is standing only a couple of feet in front of him.

Her breasts are at eye level to him as he remains seated. Paula asks if this is what he envisions as she slowly undoes the rest of the ties on the dress. He is watching with bewilderment as this beautiful sexy woman is making his dreams come true. He reaches out to her and places his hands on her breasts, still covered by her sexy bra. They feel better than he imagined as he caresses them firmly but gently. Paula’s eyes close as her hands join his in their caressing.

This is just what she has imagined as well.

The way his hands feel on her, the way his breathing is, and the way her wetness feels against her. Her dreams are becoming a reality as well. He moves his hand up to her shoulders and slowly but deliberately pushes the dress off them. She lets it slide off her shoulder then down her body until it is lying at her feet on the floor. He stands from the desk letting his eyes soak in her sexiness. She is standing in front of him in her sexy black bra, with a pair of thongs that match the color stitching on the bra. A nice orange trimmed in pink.

He approaches her, slowly puts his hands on her hips, lets them run up her side, to her back then pulls her close and gives her a deep kiss, holding her body close to his. Paula’s arms wrap around him, feeling his excitement pressed against her. It’s a wonderful sexy deep kiss, as she feels herself getting swept away in the moment. She can feel her excitement under her thongs, and hopes soon that he will discover her excitement.

His hands move to unclasp her bra, slowly removing it from her body, as she allows him to view her wonderful breasts. She smiles as she watches his eyes move over her body, happy that his eyes show his want for her. His hands move across her breasts caressing them, feeling her nipples harden underneath them. His mouth goes to her neck gently nibbling around it then slowly she can feel his tongue making its way down her chest. His warm mouth finds her hardening nipples and a moan escapes from within her mouth as she feels the warmth surround her nipple.

Her hands move to his head running them across his short hair, pulling him to her. His hands slide down her stomach, across her waist, and start to caress her wonderful backside. His hands feel so good caressing her like they are, she doesn’t want him to stop, but she wants all of him. If only time would stand still for this moment and everything that ran across her mind would happen in the now, she would be so very happy.

She wants all he has to give her, and knows he wants all she has to give him. She has decided at this very moment she will give herself to him, and all that she has. His mouth moves back to her as once again they lock in a long seductive kiss. Her hands moving up and down his back as his continue to caress her. She can feel her wetness Alanya Escort Bayan and begins to smell her scent. Her wonderful scent that defines her excitement. She is ready to be taken to that next level, and he senses it but refuses to rush things. He wants his dreams and desire to be fulfilled and knows that there is no time like the present and wants the present to last.

Her hands move under his shirt and she gets her first feel of him. She can feel his muscles and lets out another moan under their kiss. She tries to lift his shirt up and over his head but as their kiss continues all she can do is stay where they are. When the kiss breaks she slides his shirt up once again and looks at his body. He is in wonderful shape and it shows. His muscles are well defined by not big and bulky.

Just right she thinks to please a woman.

Her hands run down his chest, over his stomach, feeling his muscles as she goes. Her fingers find the button on his jeans and with a tug, it its undone. Her fingers fumble for the zipper but only find more buttons. Finding this she just gives a tug, releasing the rest of the buttons allowing her to slide his jeans off his body. As he steps out of them she catches a glimpse of him beneath his silk boxers. She puts her arms around his waist pulling herself into him, once again kissing his lips as she feels his excitement so close to hers.

Their heated embrace last for minutes as their hands run across each other’s skin. He can feel the warmth of her breasts as they are pressed into his chest, her excitement as her nipples poke into him. He slides his hands down her back and under the thong, lowering it slightly over her backside.

With gentle hands he caresses her, and ever so slowly she can feel the thongs lowering on her body. He slides them over her hips then down her thighs, letting them join their jeans and dress in the pile. He stand back and looks at her admiring her body with his eyes, noticing that this wonderful angel is smooth everywhere, and he will want to feel the smoothness in due time. His mouth moves once again down her chest gently nibbling on her breast, his hands moving down her back as she feels himself bending down. She moves closer to the desk knowing what is in store for her and he follows her movements to keep in touch with her.

His tongue moves over her stomach as her hands move to his head, helping guide him to where she needs him to be. He begins to smell her excitement, that wonderful smell that drives him crazy and causes him to enjoy the pleasuring that much more. Slowly she can feel his tongue move from her stomach down, stopping and rubbing circles just above her heat. She closes her eyes wanting what is coming next, not knowing if she will last to long. She decides not to worry about it and just live in the moment as she feels his tongue make its trip to her final destination.

It runs the length of her wetness than back up again, stopping to gently kiss her growing excitement. Her body starts to move with the touch of his lips upon her. Her moans become more audible with each kiss he gives her. Once again slowly his tongue moves along her heat, stopping to run between her pouting lips, tasting her sweetness and feeling her warmth. She pushes his head into her, wanting him to take more of her for himself. He gets the message and with his hands on her backside pulls her into his mouth, then begins to feel her lips quivering on his as her first climax overwhelms her. He can feel her weight being transferred off her feet onto him as he repositions his hand in order to hold her up.

As her climax subsides his tongue traces up her stomach, over her breasts, until hips lips meet once again with hers. A deep embrace follows, as he moves his has under her and picks her up. He moves her to the edge of the desk and slowly begins to lay her down, with one sweep of the arm clearing the desk of papers and other items. This gives her a slight start but excitement at the same time. She slides herself up more on the desk as she watches him climb up to join her. She can feel his hardness as he lowers himself onto her.

Just like she imagined it would be like.

She can feel her excitement building once again as he begins to rub his hardness against her. Only separated by a thin layer of silk they start to move together. Her hips moving with his as she pulls him into her wanting to join him so they can become one. She reaches down and trying to remove his boxers from him, feeling the desire for him about to boil over. She can feel his weight shift as he climbs off her and stands on the floor. Her eyes watch him as he slowly removes his boxers. Her hands are feeling her body involuntarily as she watches him Escort Alanya unveil himself for her. Her nipples are hardening with each reveal. She is wetter than she can remember being in quite a long time and knows once he enters her it will not take long for her to reach another climax.

As he looks into her eyes he walk towards her and climbs back onto the desk.

He lowers himself onto her as he watches her face. Her eyes close as she feels his hardness approaching her spot she wants it. He tells her to open her eyes. He wants to look into them as he enters her and joins with her as one. This excites her that much more and she moves her hips to him until she can feel him about to enter her. Slowly he moves, wanting this feeling to last. He moves into her a bit more as they look into each other’s eyes. He can feel her wetness and warmth each time he provides her with more of himself. Her eyes start to close as her finally enters her fully. He holds himself there wanting to take in this moment forever. Her hands move to his back pulling him closer to her.

Their movements are together, two bodies flowing together into one entity. He can feel her body starting to tense up as another climax begins to build. Her once soft moans steadily growing louder with every movement of their bodies. He can feel her tighten around her as she begins to grow silent and her breathing starts to slow down. He looks at her face and can see the pleasure she has received from their joint unity. He slowly moves from on top of her, kissing her body as he moves. Her eyes open as he moves and she asks him what is wrong.

He tells her that he needs her help elsewhere and would she mind him accompanying him there. She agrees as her body starts to recover from her climax. Within a few minutes they are in his car driving to his house. It is a modest house that needs some work done to it and that’s obvious when she goes inside. The walls are in need of some paint and he escorts her to the back of the house. He leads her into the bedroom, which is spacious but very lightly furnished. There are paint cans along the wall with rollers ready to be used. She looks at him with this look of surprise.

She thinks to herself that he better not be expecting her to paint. He approaches her and leads her to the bed laying her down. He slowly starts to remove her clothing from her as she feels her excitement once again building. As he removes her panties from her body his hands start to massage her feet, causing her eyes to close. He gently begins to suck on her big toe which until now she was unaware of the affect it had on her.

Shivers are sent up and down her body as she feels his tongue moving around her toe. Her hand moves to her breasts once again feeling her hard nipples. As he is sucking on her toe her is removing his clothes to once again preparing to join her. This time there is a twist. Once his clothes are removed, he has her stand up next to the bed.

He reaches under it and removes a bottle of something and proceeds to open it. He pours some of the liquid into his hand the proceeds to gently caress her body with this lotion. She realizes at this moment what it is.

Body paint.

He applies more to her body, both front and back then leads her to the wall. Grabbing her he lifts he up, her legs wrapping around his body. As her hands move around his neck she can feel his hardness begin to enter her. Her eyes close as she feel the wall behind her. He starts to move with her, holding her up as her body starts to put paint on the wall. She can feel him working his way down the wall as her excitement builds. He tosses more paint on the wall allowing her body to be the paintbrush, as he feels her tighten around him once again.

Her body starts to relax as they move back to the bed. He sits on it with her straddling him as they look at their creation on the wall. Erotic art at its best she says, as she begins to kiss him. She leans down on him forcing his back to the bed. Her breast pushed hard into him as she continues to kiss him and move her hips with a purpose. She breaks the kiss and tells him that she will not move until they are both finished this time.

She has had enough of his teasing and wants to have everything he has to offer her. Her eyes keep moving back to the wall, admiring the work their bodies have created. They both feel her wetness as she slides up and down on his hardness. He is sucking and gently nibbling on each of her breasts as their heat is building up inside them. She can feel him start to throb inside her as another climax begins its wave over her body. His hardness feels her warmth surrounding him tightly and with a few final movements, he releases into her all his built up fantasies, flooding her and her desire.

She feels him and move down on him as far as she can, just enjoying their climax together. She looks into her eyes and tell him that he gets an A. She looks at the wall and says to him, imagine how much faster it would get done if we invited some friends over…………..

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