The Tourist


My name is Jacques, but most people call me Jack, and being a tour guide in Old Quebec never had any advantages, until now. Quebec is a city everybody should visit once in their lives, not just for the following reason.

My latest group of tourists had the usual blend of older folks, families and college students. As I scanned the group before introducing myself I noticed a striking brunette standing in the back of the group. She locked eyes with me, and I froze like a deer in bright light. I was aroused from my gaze by one of the older women in the group who asked when we were going to start the tour. I began our walking tour; talking about the local area being founded by the French in the 1600’s and I kept finding myself gazing to the back at the brunette I’d seen earlier. Most often I caught her gazing around, drinking in the sights and sounds of the city. Sometimes she seemed intent on my tour. After so many I tended to run on, as if on tape.

We started through the small side streets in the upper city, with the artists worked on their paintings and sketches. The small outdoor cafes offered up their fare, and I decided to call a break for lunch at one alley full of cafes, shops and artist booths. As the people broke up I looked back to find the lady I had spied earlier was missing in the crowd. I poked my head into one of the cafes to get a cup of coffee from Lou, the owner. He likes the fact that I break up the tour in front of his shop at lunch time. I haven’t bought a cup of coffee in a year.

I walked out to see if I could find my lovely traveler among the people. I wandered around only to find my group had dispersed, one lady was asking an artist how much a sketch he’d done would cost ever so slowly as if he didn’t understand English. I find that humorous because Canadians have to learn English in school. It only feels like you’ve traveled to Europe when you’re here. As I walked down the alley I noticed my dark eyed beauty sitting for a sketch artist. I walked up behind the artist, and saw her hand sweeping back and forth across the paper making marks and sweeping her fingers through the marks as she filled in the face. I smiled as the subject looked up at me carefully so as not to move for the artist. The artist picked up a different color and filled in the dark violet of her lips and eye shadow. A highlight up her cheeks and a few rubs to smooth it out. In a matter of minutes a terrific portrait of the eye-catching beauty was finished.

“Tout fini”, the artist said.

“Combien coûte-t-il?” To my surprise the lady asked the artist in French.

They settled on a price and the artist covered the print with tissue paper and bagged it for her. As she got up I asked her if she was from Quebec. She said, “No, I’m from New York actually.” I asked her if she was interested in some lunch, and she smiled and asked if I always hit on women in the group. Nonplussed I replied, “Only the truly stunning ones.” She had the grace to blush. I introduced myself, and she told me her name was Alyssa.

I walked her down the alley into a small square where there was a small stone cottage right from out of history. She looked around and asked where I was taking her, and I showed her the cottage.

She lifted an eyebrow to me, “Your place?”

I laughed and said, “No, Les Vieux Canadiens is an 18th century replica restaurant. It’s very authentic.”

We walked in, and the hostess was dressed in period costume, and led us to a small table in front of a fireplace which wasn’t lit, as it was a warm spring day. She looked at the menu and asked about some of the dishes. I recommended a few, and ordered the same. After a little light conversation I found she was a book editor from New York on vacation and wanted a foreign feel, without the foreign price tag. I laughed because she came to the right place.

After lunch, I paid the check and we left and I took a different alley as she looped her free arm inside mine as we walked. We came back to the area where I left the group and, in an odd behavior common among tourists, they had recollected into a group by themselves. Alyssa rejoined the group and I got their attention as we moved on with the tour. A few hours later we were back at the start on the boardwalk. People were starting do disperse and others were thanking me for a nice day, as I tried to find my way to Alyssa. I began to look around in earnest only to turn and find her standing behind me.

She had a little smirk on her face, “Looking for someone?” It was my turn to blush. “How does one find the nightlife in Quebec?” she asked.

I told her if she would like I could give her the insiders tour, and asked her where she was staying. She turned and pointed at a little bed and breakfast across the park.

“Pick me up at 8?” She said as she smiled.

I headed back to my apartment and changed into something a little more appropriate for a night out. I found myself remembering Alanya Escort her remark, actually I don’t usually mix business with pleasure, but then she isn’t the average tourist.

I entered the lobby of the B I didn’t expect to be expected. A few minutes later Alyssa appeared at the top of the stairs she was wearing a burgundy dress that hugged her every curve. Her hair had been brushed out and pinned back, and she had a jacket over her arm. I’m not sure if my mouth was hanging open, but it should have been. She descended slowly, or maybe it was I who was caught in a time warp. She was beautiful beyond expectation. I found myself looking at her, she was in front of me now, and I realized much to my chagrin that I was caught staring.

She blushed, and took my arm as I offered, and we walked out into the cool evening. We hadn’t made it a few steps and she offered her coat to me, and I held it for her to don.

“So where is it you’re taking me?” she asked.

I told her that I thought dinner at the Chateau Frontenac might be a nice start and then there’s a club that I know of called Le Club Aviatic, the Aviator’s Club. As we walk you could see the horse-drawn calèches plying the cobbled streets of the old city. After an incredible dinner, wine, and conversation I felt that I had become lost in Alyssa’s charm. I realized that I didn’t mind either.

We walked out of the Chateau and I walked over to a calèche driver and asked him for a ride over to the club, he agreed with a nod. I helped her up into the carriage and joined her. As soon as I sat, the driver flicked the reins and we were moving through the streets of old Quebec. I looked at Alyssa and she moved closer, and I found myself falling into her, leaning towards her as she moved to me, and our lips met softly but urgently.

As she pulled back she looked into my eyes and said, “Thank you for dinner, and a wonderful evening.” As if timed perfectly the carriage came to a stop outside the club. I helped her down from the carriage and paid the driver.

We approached the club two doormen dressed in WWII air corps uniforms opened the doors for us. We entered the club and we felt as if we we’re walking back in time, the entire place was decked out like a fortified WWII airfield bunker. Sandbags stacked up the walls, and there were photographs of pilots sitting on their planes and airfields. Posters of the era adorn the walls, as well as propeller or two. Wafting from up from the dance hall can be heard some of the best music ever created, Big Band swing. I looked over to see a grin on Alyssa’s face. Bingo, I hit it right on!

The host, dressed in uniform, found us a table and before she knew it I had Alyssa by the hand and out on the dance floor. We cut a rug, and by the smiles and laughing I could tell Alyssa was having a great time. We danced for hours, as the night began to wind down they began playing slower music. We danced without saying a word, at times staring into each others eyes, others with her head pressed against my chest, and my cheek resting in her soft hair.

As the band played their last number, she looked up at me, and tilted her head towards the door with a knowing look. I got her coat, and we left. Luckily it’s a popular place so there was a fleet of taxis waiting outside. I grabbed a cab and told the driver the address, and asked him to take the scenic route through the Citadel. Alyssa snuggled up to me.

“I don’t remember ever having that much fun in my life…” she amended “with my clothes on anyway.”

I had to laugh. She smiled at me, and kissed me deeply. She shivered slightly, so I wrapped my arm around her, and she melted into my side like she’d always been there. The lights of Lévis, and Bas-Ville came into view from the top of the battlements as we slowly wound down the curving road to her hotel. When we stopped, she gave a short sideways nod to the driver, silently telling me to “pay the man, you won’t need him any more tonight.”

We got out, and rather than walk to the door, she began walking down to the boardwalk just a few doors down the street. I let her lead the way, as I wrapped my arm around her waist, as she did the same to me. She walked us to the rail looking over Bas-Ville, the lights twinkling, the ferries plying their way across the seaway. A cool breeze played up the hill and blew strands of her hair around her face.

“This vacation is turning out to be more than I expected.” She said.

I began stroking her back and she arched like a cat pushing into my rubbing hand. She leaned over and kissed me, and flipped her hips forward so my hand slid further down in a single motion. I now was massaging her taught ass through the silky film of her dress. She turned to me placing a hand on my chest as we continued to kiss, her other hand sliding down my torso, hidden from view between us. She reached down and began massaging my cock through my pants as I massaged her Alanya Escort Bayan ass, and slipped my other hand up inside her jacket to cup her breast. The sound of footsteps and a small matronly cough roused us from our passion, I smiled down at her and she blushed and pursed her lips with a little grin. I slid my hand to more neutral territory and she turned and began to walk back the way we came.

We walked towards the hotel, and as we passed a narrow alley between two buildings I felt her pause and look down the gap. I don’t know what she was looking for, but she stepped into the darkness startling me I followed her quickly.

Alyssa had only gone in a few steps and stopped and turned. She reached out and took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, and once locked in embrace, she moved her hands to my fly, unzipping it, and letting my cock out into the cool night air. She stroked it ever so softly as it hardened in her hands. She put her hand on my chest, and I began to hear rustling of her dress, as I felt her leg brush against mine. She broke our embrace and squatted down and began kissing the tip of my cock, licking it with short strokes, the warmth of her mouth and the cool of the air heightened the sensation. She licked up and down my shaft getting me harder, as if that were possible. She began swallowing the head of my cock, and slowly taking more of me in. I began to meet her thrust for thrust, and I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, when she began pinching the underside of my cock and slowing down. It took the edge off, so that I didn’t cum but I surely wanted to.

She stood up and in the darkness I could see her outline turn to the wall, and lean forward.

“Please fuck me,” she whispered.

Being the gentleman that I am, I couldn’t refuse the lady. I reached down and lifted the hem of her dress to find that she wasn’t wearing panties, just a garter belt and stockings. The smooth pale skin of her ass shown in the low light like a beacon, quivering with anticipation as I moved forward, parted her soaking lips and slid into her tight pussy. She let out a soft sigh and leaned forward slightly pushing back against me and I found her rhythm. We started off slowly but there was no denying our hunger as we began to move franticly, I couldn’t hold out any longer as I pushed into her harder she began to let out little yelps into the sleeve of her jacket. She began to orgasm, and I couldn’t hold back, and began to cum deep inside her. We seemed frozen in place for an eternity as our bodies melted slowly, relaxing from our climax. As I caught my breath I leaned back to the other wall, and my cock sprang free from Alyssa’s pussy. She turned holding the wall as if she couldn’t stand without its help. I stood with my knees locked, and legs shaking because of the intensity of it all. The cool air against my soft, wet cock reminded me where we were, and I reached down and tucked myself back in.

Alyssa was pushing away from the wall, and shaking her hair out, and straightening her dress and flattening out the wrinkles with her hands. She looked up at me, and I could make out the glint in her eye even in the low light. We weren’t close to being done yet. She took my hand, and led me from the alley, peeking out in both directions before we emerged. She pulled me along to her hotel, almost urgently. As we entered the small lobby the lady at the desk looked up at us over her small reading glasses, and recognizing Alyssa, looked back down to her desk. Rather than go towards the stairs she led me down a small hallway and opened a door. Inside wasn’t a room, but a small elevator. She pulled the gate and pulled me inside. After closing the door and pulling the gate she pressed a well worn button on the panel, and turned to me, drawing me willingly to her lips. She pulled me into her embrace as she bit on my lower lip as if sucking the life out of me. When the little elevator reached our destination she broke our embrace, pulled back the gate and let us out into a small wood paneled hallway. She led me to a door, and produced a key and entered pulling me in behind her.

It was a small yet lavishly decorated room in 18th century style with a carved wood four-poster bed and over stuffed chairs. Alyssa tossed her coat over a chair, and kicked off her shoes, I found her hands behind my head drawing me down as if to drink from her like a fountain. I was lost as my hands explored her body, and hers mine. I felt her pushing my jacket off my shoulders and onto the floor. She tugged at my tie to remove it, yanking it off and dropping it on the floor. With surprising strength she tugged open my shirt; and I heard a few buttons go flying. She began kissing her way down my chest, licking my nipples which brought my cock to life instantly. She began undoing my belt, and slacks in an effort to get inside. I more than willingly obliged. I stepped free as naked as the day I was born staring Escort Alanya at Alyssa as she tilted her head down slightly looking at what she had caused, a slight smirk came across those full violet lips as she reached an arm behind her, and slowly lowered it with the sound of a zipper slowly following.

Her dress fell slack but remained on, and she rolled her shoulders forward, releasing it and letting it slide down her exquisite curves into a puddle on the floor. I stood appreciating her long neck and smooth white skin sloping gently to the swell of her beautiful breasts topped with pink nipples. They looked like strawberries on a mound of whipped cream, and I knew that I had to have them. My eyes scanned down to see her taught stomach give way to a small patch of neatly trimmed hair.

She took my hand and led me to the bed, and pushed slightly on my chest to have me lay down first but she stayed standing. She bent down and unbuttoned the front of the garter from one stocking, then the other, and reached around behind her, and undid the belt, letting it fall from her fingers. She lifted one stockinged foot to the edge of the mattress, which was high and I watched as she slowly pushed the stocking off, stroking her thigh as it slid down ever so slowly to her calf, pushing it to her ankle as she lifted her heel to remove it. I unwittingly had begun stroking my cock at the site, and she reached over and pulled my hand away yet offering my cock no relief in the process. Looking me in the eye, she shook her head as if to say, “no you don’t, that’s mine.”

She took my hand and began wrapping her stocking around my wrist and tying it in a knot. My surprise must have shown on my face, and she put her finger across my lips to silence me as I began to protest. She reached back taking my arm with her as she began tying my arm to the bed post. She walked around to the other side of the bed, and repeated the slow removal of her stocking, tying my wrist, and tying it to the bedpost. I was now completely helpless in the hands of this incredibly gorgeous woman.

She reached up and pulled out the pin holding her hair up, and let it fall around her shoulders, and down her back, shaking it free like a lions mane. She walked to the end of the bed, and climbed on, pushing my legs apart as she crawled on all fours up to my hard cock. She flipped her hair back over her shoulder, grinned at me, and began licking the inside of my thigh slowly working her way up to my balls. I gasped as my cock throbbed, looking for relief. She worked her tongue all around my balls, licking them, and sometimes taking them into her mouth and nibbling on them with her lips. She was driving me crazy, and she knew it. She put her tongue to the base of my cock and licked it slowly to the head. She had such an evil grin I thought she was the devil incarnate. She let my cock slide up her cheek as she slid down again, and licked up the side from the base. I began to tell her that I wasn’t going to last.

She puckered her lips and crossed them with a finger and said, “Ssssshhhh.”

I laid my head back on the pillow and I nearly begged for release as this she-devil licked my cock excruciatingly slow. I thought it was never going to end until I felt her lips envelop the head of my cock kissing it and letting her tongue lick up the pre-cum that had leaked out. As if she were starving she began licking faster, bobbing her head down, taking more of me into her mouth, licking all the way. I began to pump my hips up to meet her, and she seemed to open her throat to take me all the way with long deep strokes. I could only hold out for a few minutes of this incredible blow job, and I grunted a warning that I was about to cum. She never slowed her pace, but pushed my cock down her throat as far as she could as I exploded in a torrent of cum. She swallowed, and swallowed, taking in every drop. After swallowing a load that I thought would drown her, she began licking off my cock like an ice cream cone.

After an orgasm that I thought would surely be the end of me, I realized I was still hard as a rock. Alyssa straightened up on her knees, and licked her finger, and proceeded to stroke her swollen clit, and slipped her finger inside her pussy. She moved up and straddled my waist, and leaned down setting one of those swollen red nipples in front of my waiting lips. With her fingers still working in and out of her pussy I began sucking her nipple, taking it between my teeth as I licked the tip of it. Thrashing that nipple performing a little mini torture of my own, she began to moan slightly sitting up popping the nipple from my mouth. She leaned back slightly, as my cock nestled into the crack of her ass. She stroked it up and down slightly and scooted back a little more. She sat bolt upright, and reached down with her free hand to grasp my cock and place it at her lips as she pulled them open with her other hand, and pushed my cock into her. I still only had the tip in as I began to arch, she pushed my hips back down. She paused there, massaging her lips with my cock. She looked deep into my eyes, seeing the animal passion; she slipped her knees outward sliding down my cock until it was buried in her to the hilt.

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