The Wedding

Big Ass

As Robert exited the Embankment tube station into the brisk September London day, he glanced skyward to the slightly overcast graying sky. He began the short walk towards Whitehall Place and his hotel. He felt invigorated from the quick walk, knowing in a few weeks he would need a lot more than his Armani suit jacket to keep him warm and dry for his business jaunts around the city come October. As Robert saw the familiar Union Jack and facade of the Corinthia Hotel he noticed quite a few more cars than usual and the valets scurrying about. As he approached the front door he was greeted by the doorman, “Good afternoon Mr. Johansson. How was your meeting?” Looking up with a smile “Good afternoon Billy, as well as to be expected with you uptight English types, but nothing a stiff drink can’t fix. What’s all the hubbub about?” Smirking and opening the door, Billy replied, “Wedding reception in the ballroom, Sir” Nodding, Robert walked through the opened door into the lobby, and he starts to make his way to the Garden Lounge for a drink.

At 6’2 and nearly 225 lbs. Robert was having a small bit of trouble navigating through the crowd. As he looked for his next route, what he saw stopped him dead in his tracks, the bride. From this distance, he couldn’t get a perfect view of her, but she was a petite almost diminutive Oriental girl. Robert guessed she couldn’t be more that 5 feet tall. It was at that moment Robert decided to do something he had never done before, crash a wedding reception. Robert just fell into a crowd of people headed towards the ballroom. With his suit, he fit in with the well-dressed wedding crowd. He listened to the conversations, picking up names of random people, he figured if asked he would just say that he was a guest or relative of a random name. It looked to be around 250 people attending so he should be able to pull it off. Passing the announcement board on the way to the ballroom he read “Wedding reception: Mr. and Mrs. James and Samantha Marshall, 4pm – 2am.”

As the reception wore on Samantha’s mind and eyes began to wander over the crowd. Her eyes landed on a sexy stranger. Standing over 6 feet tall, with black styled hair and equally dark eyes, he was impossible not to notice. He was leaning casually against the bar, his black dress shoe clad feet crossed. Unlike the rest of the reception attendees, he was in more professional attire than formal. As Samantha greedily took in his complete form, she caught his intense stare. Realizing, she’d been caught, Samantha blushed and quickly looked away. But throughout the party, he kept appearing in random places, and every time her eyes were immediately drawn to him and caused a flutter in the pit of her stomach. Robert made a point to stand where he could always see Samantha. He had a few good views of her by now.

He could see that she was indeed petite. She stood approximately 5′ tall, her white beaded wedding dress left her arms and shoulders exposed showing off her porcelain skin. With her dark hair swept up and back held by flowers and lavender ribbons, it also left her delicate neck exposed. Robert felt a stirring in his pants and a growing desire that he had never experienced. He would catch Samantha stealing glances at him from time to time as he moved about the party. After a while, Robert casually made his way towards Samantha. Samantha’s breath caught in her throat when she saw the stranger walking her direction. As he neared the flutter in Alanya Escort her stomach became an ember, with every step it grew in intensity.

Suddenly, he was in front of her. Samantha quickly looked down to hide her blushing. Suddenly she gasped when she noticed the bulge in the crotch of his pants. When Robert bellowed, “Congratulations,” it startled Samantha out of her trance, causing her to spill champagne down the front of her gown. “You should really go clean that up before it ruins your gown,” Robert said. “Yes, of course,” blurted Samantha, looking up with wanton lust in her eyes. “I believe there’s a private bathroom in the dressing room.” Samantha stood at the sink counter in her wedding gown. Her back was to him when he entered. He closed and locked the door behind him. Then he walked slowly over to her, bent over, picked up the edge of her dress, and crawled under it. He held the edge up enough to let light in so he could see this magnificent sight. Samantha was obviously planning on having some fun later that night, she wore a silky white thong under her wedding gown. Robert reached up and ran his finger under the thong wedged between her lovely ass cheeks, and felt her tremble in response. Then he slowly pulled them down and out of his way. Robert needed both of his hands, so he dropped her gown and was plunged into semi-darkness. He could still see, as light seeped through the material of the gown.

Leaning forward, he inhaled her scent, savoring the delicious smell of her arousal. Then Robert nestled his face between her legs and licked her pussy once, long and deep. The sound of her sharp intake of breath made him tremble with desire. The angle was awkward, with her standing upright, he reached out with one hand from inside the gown and pressed down on her back, encouraging her to bend over. She did so without hesitation. With better access now, he began licking her pussy for all he was worth. She quivered and moaned above him, obviously enjoying this as much as he was. Robert slid a finger into her dripping pussy and thrust in and out, he felt her leg muscles tighten and her body shake. She struggled to remain silent, but her deep, throaty exclamation indicated the strength of her orgasm. When she stopped shaking and she caught her breath, he gave her pussy one last lick and nibble, and then moved back a little and stood up. Her train came with him, and he draped it over her back, getting the bulky fabric out of his way.

Now Robert could see that she was leaning on a counter next to the wall, her naked ass and well-licked pussy exposed. The sound of his zipper was loud in the quiet room, and his dick sprang out his pants. Robert stepped forward, and slowly slid his cock into her dripping wet pussy. Her moan, drawn out and low, matched his pace as he slid fully into her. Once Robert bottomed out, he held still for a moment to savor the sensation. Hands gripping her small hips, he fucked her at a moderate and even pace, sliding deep into her and pulling out all the way before plunging back in. Over and over he fucked the pussy that he’d been fantasizing about for the past few hours. She began to shake again, and then he felt the first tingle in his cock that signaled an impending orgasm. Roberts pace increased and despite himself, he grunted with the effort to hold off coming for just a few moments longer. His building orgasm grew until it almost overwhelmed him, as Robert came, he plunged Alanya Escort Bayan as deeply into her as he could, sending his seed deep into her willing pussy. As he continued to come, he felt Samantha’s pussy clamp down on his cock as another orgasm washed over her. He kept using small, quick thrusts, keeping the sensation going and prolonging the pleasure.

Eventually, Robert slid his dick out of her pussy and watched with satisfaction as his come began running down her leg. Samantha soon found herself sitting on the floor, legs too weak to hold her. Robert was standing over her with his now soft cock at eye level. “Put it in your mouth,” he ordered. “Use that tongue to clean it and make it hard again.” he wiped it across her face, still wet from the fucking. Robert couldn’t believe that this was happening, as her mouth opened to accept his cock. Tasting herself for the first time, she used her tongue to tease him to full hardness again and started to lay down on the bathroom floor, opening her legs wide so he could fuck her again. Robert stopped her. Holding her cheeks in his hands, he began to fuck her mouth. In frustration, she used her fingers on herself and came a few seconds after he did. Then he zipped up and slipped out the door, pausing to take one last look at her glorious ass and well-fucked pussy before pulling it shut and striding off.

After making his way to the main ballroom Robert headed to the gift table. Once there he took a gift envelope and neatly folded five crisp one hundred dollar bills and placed them in the envelope. He was about to seal it up and leave it, but then a thought crossed his mind. He quickly pulled out a business card and scribbled a note on the back. When he finished he placed the card in along with the cash and sealed up the envelope leaving it on the table. Looking back in the direction of the dressing room, a wide smile spread across his face as he headed for the exit.

Samantha laid there on the floor of the bathroom, the music and the noise from the reception sounding distant to her foggy mind. Replaying what just happened over and over again. The small aftershocks of pleasure radiating from her abused pussy quickly quelled any feelings of guilt she had. After a few moments, Samantha pulled herself up to still shaky legs. She could feel the stranger’s come beginning to dry on her leg.

She looked at herself in the mirror to see how bad the damage was. A few minutes later after smoothing out her dress, repinning parts of her hair, and finding her underwear. She deemed herself presentable and made her way back to the party. Just as she entered the ballroom she saw the stranger making his way out the door from the gift table. With a content smile, Samantha went about the rest of the party wondering who he was, and if she would ever see him again.

The reception started winding down about midnight, at which point after many congratulations and thank you’s Samantha and James made their way to the Whitehall suite of the hotel. James who had to be helped a bit to the room by his new wife since he overindulged in champagne. Once in the room, James began to drunkenly fumble with the clasps on Samantha’s wedding dress trying to undress her. After a few minutes, Samantha took over undressing and told James to get his clothes off. Once he was naked he flopped back on the bed waiting for his new wife. Samantha carefully extracted herself from her dress and took Escort Alanya off her undergarments. James drunkenly stared at her with lust in his eyes. Her small but pert B cup breasts were topped with light brown areolas and nipples which stood out from the cool air in the room.

Samantha looked down at her husband who stood a little over a half a foot taller than her with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Her eyes traced down his body to see him fully aroused, his cock stood at about 6 inches and average width with a glistening drop of precum at the tip. Samantha lowered herself onto the bed and took his cock into her mouth using her tongue to swirl around while slowly bobbing her head up and down. Samantha felt James’ hands grab handfuls of her hair trying to force his cock further into her mouth. James lifted his hips, trying to push himself deeper into Samantha’s hot mouth.

Samantha’s mind began to drift to the stranger from the reception and the way she sucked his cock while on her knees in a bathroom. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of him. After a few minutes, James pulled Samantha off of his cock moved her up so she was hovering with her pussy above his cock. He took hold of her hips and lowered her down onto him. Samantha felt James’ easily slide into her soaking wet pussy. Her mind swirled at the thought of the stranger being the one she was fucking. She began to grind her hips back and forth trying to reach her climax since she could tell that James wouldn’t last much longer. She leaned forward bracing herself with one hand on his chest as she began to furiously rub her clit with her other hand. James’ breath became labored and his motions began to get jerky, suddenly with a loud grunt she felt James shoot his load into her. After a few moments, she felt the streams of James’ orgasm lessen and his cock begin to soften and slip out of her. She was about to say something then realized that he had passed out and was lightly snoring.

Samantha lifted herself off of James and headed for the bathroom. Once inside she closed the door and turned on the light. She peed then wet a washcloth with warm water and began to clean herself. While cleaning off the remnants of James’ orgasm, the washcloth brushed over her clit sending small waves of pleasure through her, she realized how frustrated she was and began rubbing small circles over her clit with her free hand. With her eyes closed, Samantha began imagining the stranger again. She alternated between rubbing her clit and sliding at first one finger into her sopping wet pussy. When that wasn’t enough she eventually worked her way up to three fingers. She felt herself closing in rapidly to an orgasm as she pushed her fingers in and out of herself while she increased the speed and pressure of the circles on her clit. Thoughts of the stranger at the forefront of her mind, she pictured him and his cock slamming into her, this thought pushed her over the edge and her orgasm crashed over her like a wave. Samantha forced herself to keep her mouth shut to avoid screaming in pleasure.

As the wave of pleasure slowly retreated Samantha gently pulled her fingers from her now tender and sore pussy. She looked at her fingers glistening with her juices in the bright light of the bathroom. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she heard his voice “clean yourself”, for only the second time in her life she tasted herself. Licking and sucking her fingers imagining it was his cock again. After thoroughly cleaning her fingers she stood up and reentered the bedroom James’ snoring had grown louder and deeper signaling that Samantha’s escapade hadn’t woke him up. She quietly walked to and climbed into bed falling asleep with a smile on her face.

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