The Younger Model Ch. 06


“I really didn’t think you were that much of a holiday person,” Katie said in surprise.

She watched her roommate practically bound around the room, packing her bags.

“Well it’s been a while since I’ve been home,” she answered honestly.

“Yeah, but no one is that eager to see their parents,” Katie scoffed.

Her roommate blushed.

“You got a guy back home?” Katie fished.

“Something like that,” Elena, her roommate answered, as she zipped her suitcase closed.

She made sure to check her wardrobe one last time.

There was no way she wasn’t going to bring her favourite outfit home.

“Alright, see you in the New Year!” Elena said.

“Maybe you can bring your boyfriend back with you,” Katie teased.

‘Yeah, maybe,’ Elena thought to herself longingly and left her dorm room behind.


“Hey? You there?” Angela asked.

Nick snapped from his distraction.

“Yeah?” he replied.

“You know what this is?” Angela asked, holding a small brown parcel.

“Let me see?” Nick asked bewildered.

He hadn’t been expecting anything, and the parcel was so nondescript it could be anything.

He looked at the writing, looking for a stamp.

‘Mr Nick Davis

34 Elm Way’

He paused before he read lower.

He looked at his name again.

Something struck him as familiar.

He felt his heart flutter and a tingle run up his spine.

The ‘D’ of Davis had a curl he had seen before.

“Oh yeah, I remember now. It’s my cable splitter. Forgot I ordered this,” Nick lied.

“Ok. Head up and pack it away. We’ve to go meet my parents, remember?” Angela reminded him pointedly.

“Yeah. Just give me a second,” Nick answered, already heading upstairs.

He opened the door to the bedroom and closed it quietly.

He quickly opened the parcel and gingerly spread it open.

Inside was a simple piece of paper and something wrapped in bubble wrap.

He picked the paper up and turned it over.

‘I told you I would, E xx’

He picked up the bundle and unwrapped it, to reveal a set of keys.

“Nick? Are you ready?” Angela called.

“Yeah sure,” Nick replied, as he rewrapped the keys in the bubble wrap.

He opened his closet and hid the evidence.

He paused for a second and retrieved a matching set of purple bra and panties that Angela could never know about. He held them for an instant, before putting them and the note with them into the parcel.

“Coming honey,” Nick called, leaving the box filled with things of his neighbour’s daughter, that could destroy his marriage, and went to meet his wife’s parents.


“Hello Nick,” Daniel, Angela’s father said.

“Hello Daniel,” Nick answered in kind.

“Hi Nick,” Marie, Angela’s mother said warmly.

“Hi Marie,” Nick replied similarly.

“Hi Mom, Dad,” Angela greeted them.

“Honey, are you alright?” Marie asked.

“Yeah?” Angela replied, confused.

“Your skin isn’t as nice as I remembered,” Marie remarked casually.

“Thanks Mom,” Angela retorted, rolling her eyes.

“Haven’t thought of swapping for a younger model?” Daniel joked to Nick.

Nick’s mind flickered to his neighbour’s daughter for an instant, the sight of her after their shower together burned into his mind’s eye.

“Ah, I’m biding my time,” Nick lied jokingly, which prompted a chuckle from Daniel and a mock, withering glance from Angela.

“Well, let’s head back,” Angela announced and they went back to the car.


They arrived back at the house, and Nick noticed the Matthews’ car was back in front of the house.

They got out and began heading inside, when Nick noticed light from next door.

He glanced over and the door closed.

He felt a tingle down his spine.

He dropped the bags inside the door.

“Nick, I’m going to get my parents a drink, you want anything?” Angela asked.

“A beer would be great. I’m going to double check the car. I’ll be back in a second,” Nick said casually.

“Ok,” Angela answered.

Nick promptly went outside and closed the front door.

He looked across, the curtains of the street facing window were drawn.

He darted across the grass to the neighbouring house, as quickly as he dared.

He stood at the Alanya Escort door and before he decided what to do, the door opened.

Nick felt his breath catch in his throat.

There she was.

She still had her hair in the same long ringlets of cascading brown, that suited her tanned skin and sky blue eyes.

Her sweet, girl next door expression was coloured with an easy, coy smile and her blue eyes danced with a mischief that made Nick ache softly.

She was wearing a burgundy cardigan, which she buttoned up just enough to cover her bra, but not for her cleavage. With this, she wore a high waisted, black denim skirt which ended on her mid-thigh.

What Nick lingered on with his eyes, were her tantalisingly long legs, wrapped in a pair of fine, black stockings.

Nick had no doubt that underneath, Elena was wearing an Agent Provocateur matching garter belt, black panties and bra that Nick had originally given to Angela on their anniversary, but Elena had claimed as a trophy from their night together and never gave back.

Nick’s eyes devoured every inch of her 34C-24-34 body hungrily.

Elena’s smile widened as she observed Nick’s reaction.

“Hi Mr Davis,” Elena said warmly.

“Hi Elena,” Nick replied softly.

“I got your parcel,” Nick added dumbly.

Elena smiled slyly at that.

“That’s handy. My parents will be in and out a lot over the next few days, so at least with those keys you can check on me. Like a good neighbour,” Elena said suggestively.

Nick forgot how deviously intelligent the girl in front of him was.

He felt blood begin to flow down to his member.

“You better get back to Angela and her parents, and my parents will probably start looking for me,” Elena murmured as she stepped towards Nick.

Nick knew it was very risky, but he and Elena had been messaging for the months she had been away and he had craved her since she left.

He took the remaining step between them and she smirked as he kissed her.

It was full and passionate. They kissed each other urgently, the months of absence bubbling up and the thrill of potentially being seen igniting their passion.

Elena reluctantly broke it.

“Wow, still as good,” she sighed.

“But, you didn’t continue what I showed you,” Elena chided softly and she pulled his ring off his left hand and placed it on his right finger.

“Elena? Where are you?” Elena’s mother called.

Nick reluctantly stepped back and Elena did the same.

She watched him until the door closed.

“On my way mom!” Elena called, as she buttoned her cardigan up to the top and pulled her skirt down.

Nick darted back across to his own house and paused at the door.

He readjusted his pants to hide his erection.

He ran his right index finger across his lips to clear away any lipstick.

He almost forgot to return his ring to its more acceptable place, before he returned to his wife and her parents, with the taste of Elena in his mouth.


Nick woke early the next morning.

Angela was still asleep and the house was still quiet.

He padded through the house and looked out into the street.

He immediately looked for and noticed, the Matthews’ car was absent.

Nick quietly hurried through the house and gathered up his gym gear.

He was about to leave the house, when he remembered.

“Shit,” Nick cursed.

He put the bag down and carefully crept up the stairs.

He edged around the door to his bedroom.

Angela was facing the door, fast asleep.

Nick felt a twinge of guilt at what he was doing, before he tiptoed to his closet and opened the first drawer.

He opened the brown parcel and rooted under the lingerie to dig out the rewrapped keys.

He hurriedly put them in his pocket and retreated to the door, when Angela rolled over to face him.

Nick froze, his heart in his mouth.

Angela’s eyes were still closed though.

Nick thought for a moment on what he was actually doing.

He was sneaking away from his wife.

The memory of Elena and some of the conversations they had had in the last few months overrode his moral indignation and he left his wife to sleep.

He fled his house as quietly as he could, closing the Alanya Escort Bayan front door silently.

He took a deep breath and then hurried across to the Matthews’.

He fished out the bubble wrapped keys and frantically unwrapped them.

He selected the correct key on the first attempt and opened the door.

He stepped inside and closed the door.

His heart was thundering in his chest.

He slowly walked down the hall and entered the kitchen.

His ears strained for any sound, but there was silence.

He noticed a short note on the counter.

‘Hope you slept well honey, we’ll see you later today.’

Nick felt himself relax slightly.

He returned to the hall and began climbing the stairs.

He reached the next landing and turned to the left.

The door was ajar, so Nick stepped around it and into Elena’s room.

He gingerly put his gym bag down and looked over at the bed.

Elena was facing away from him, covered with blankets.

Nick took off his shoes and began stripping down to his underwear.

He felt his member grow as he readied himself to climb into her bed.

Nick swapped his ring from his left to his right hand and lifted the blankets.

She was wearing the black set of lingerie she had taken from his wife.

Nick slipped under the blankets and lay behind her.

As soon as the blankets dropped around him, he heard a contented sigh.

“I’m happy you took me up on my invitation Mr Davis,” Elena sighed and turned to face him.

Nick drank in her curvaceous body.

“Well, you were very kind to,” Nick said appreciatively.

“Mr Davis, you listened,” Elena said approvingly, holding his right hand up.

“But. You remember how this works,” Elena teased and pulled the ring from his finger.

She slipped it onto her own left ring finger and dragged her hand slowly down Nick’s exposed chest.

“So, Mr Davis. Did you miss me?” Elena asked innocently as her hand slipped into his underwear and wrapped around his cock.

“Oh I did Elena,” Nick whispered in her ear as he placed his right palm on Elena’s midriff and slid it over the garter belt and under her panties.

“Did you miss me?” Nick asked, as his right middle finger immediately found her clit.

“Mmfh, I did Mr Davis,” Elena moaned softly as she started stroking him.

“Do Angela and her parents know you’re over here?” Elena asked innocently as she rolled his cockhead under her thumb.

“No,” Nick replied shortly, his breath was ragged with repressed anticipation.

“So, you’re going to walk in the door and chit chat with Angela’s parents, after you’ve just cheated on their daughter?” Elena asked wickedly.

“Well, her dad asked me if I had swapped for a younger model,” Nick answered smugly and extended his fingers deep inside her.

“Oh my God, what did you say?” Elena moaned as she felt Nick’s fingers stretch out inside her.

“I told him I was biding my time,” Nick admitted as he edged towards Elena, his cock swollen and rigid in her grip.

“Of course you did, you wouldn’t lie to your wife’s father,” Elena breathed as she drew her hand back and pulled her panties down.

“Well I think the truth becomes more dangerous when you get one of those,” Nick observed, referring to his wedding ring as he reached his fingers further inside her.

“Well, dangerous to everyone but me,” Elena purred and guided Nick’s cock closer.

“You’re right,” Nick agreed and withdrew his fingers.

“Let’s try something else that’s dangerous,” Elena murmured, as she threw her stockinged leg over Nick’s waist.

Nick trailed both his hands up the curves of her toned legs, his fingernails tracing the fine material of the stockings.

His hands reached her firm ass and squeezed.

Elena shivered in anticipation and at the hungry expression Nick had.

“Yes Elena. Let’s,” Nick replied and pushed her down onto his firm member.

Elena moaned as Nick’s cock forced its way inside her.

‘God, how am I meant to keep this up?’ Elena sighed inwardly.

Nick looked up at his lithe mistress.

‘Fuck, how am I meant to keep this up?’ Nick groaned longingly.

Elena started riding his cock, her pussy relaxing as she took him in and contracting Escort Alanya as she rose up.

Nick gasped at the incredible sensations she was producing in him.

Elena felt her pleasure build as she tightened around his firm member.

Nick threw back the cover and pushed Elena onto her back.

He gripped her hips and she followed his urging.

Nick began thrusting deeper inside her.

The bed creaked with Nick’s fervour, masking a sound further down the house.

The spectre of their months apart ignited their passion and Nick could feel he was already close.

He paused and Elena realised what he was doing.

“After this long and you decide to edge?” Elena groaned breathlessly, her face flush from their frenzied fucking.

Nick was about to retort, when he heard a low voice from outside.

“She’s sleeping, you’re not going to disturb her. She only just got home,” a low voice said.

Nick froze, he knew that voice.

“I know, but she can’t spend the whole day lying in bed,” another voice chided.

Nick felt his blood turn to ice.

Elena’s parents were right outside the door.

And the way he and Elena had been having sex, the first thing they’d see is Nick, balls deep, on top of their ‘virgin’ eighteen year old only daughter.

Nick was petrified.

He knew he should be withdrawing and frantically trying to hide, but his body wasn’t listening.

This was it.

He was done.

“Honey, she just got back from college. Can you not keep on her good side?” Mr Matthews implored.

Nick looked down and a smirk crept across Elena’s face.

She folded her legs around Nick’s waist and urged him forward.

Nick pushed back fully inside Elena.

“Maybe you’re right,” Mrs Matthews acquiesced.

Nick, despite his internal misgivings, withdrew and thrust forward again.

Elena gave him an approving grin and became more involved.

Nick couldn’t believe it, Elena’s parents were right outside the door and she was the one urging him to fuck her.

“Look, let’s give her another hour and then we can give her a call?” Mr Matthews said.

“An hour?” Mrs Matthews replied.

Nick had to admit, her parents outside had intensified this more than he had imagined possible.

Elena looked up at him and was repressing her passion as much as she could.

Nick could sense she was close and kissed her firmly as she climaxed.

Elena tried to restrain the throaty moan that escaped her and into Nick’s mouth.

“She must be dreaming,” Mr Matthews said.

“You really do dote on our little girl,” Mrs Matthews teased.

Nick broke the kiss and Elena could see he was close.

Her legs wrapped more firmly around his waist and the look in her eye was one of wanton lust.

“Well she’s just so good,” Mr Matthews replied.

Nick thrust inside Elena fully and kissed her neck as he exploded inside her.

Elena barely heard her parents go back downstairs, she was more focused on the feeling of Nick’s seed pumping inside her.

Nick rolled onto his back and Elena instinctively nuzzled up against his bare chest.

“You’ve never done that with Angela, have you?” Elena asked.

“Had sex with her, with her parents unknowing on the other side of a door?” Nick asked.

“No, much less completing inside her,” Nick added.

“Mmm, yeah. That was risky,” Elena purred.

“You better get back to your wife, and her parents,” Elena said sweetly, before kissing him deeply.

I don’t want to, but you’re right. I better,” Nick grumbled.

“Well there’s no Angela or my parents upstate,” Elena commented.

“That’s true,” Nick said, slowing removing his ring from Elena’s finger and returning it to its ‘rightful’ place.

‘Let me ask work and see what I can do,’ Nick thought as he got dressed.

Elena got up and looked herself over in the mirror.

“I think pearls could go well with this,” Elena said, eyeing Angela’s former lingerie and proud that every drop of Nick’s seed was inside her.

“They really would,” Nick agreed, as he walked over to her.

Elena gave him a wicked grin before kissing him.

They broke the kiss reluctantly.

“Mmm, it’s great to be home for Christmas,” Elena remarked.

“Yes, yes it is,” Nick agreed, picking up his gym bag.

“I’ll see you again before Christmas,” Nick promised, as he slipped out the bedroom door and sneaked out of her house, back to his wife and her parents.

‘Good, because I’ll have a present waiting for you,’ Elena smirked to herself.

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