There’s a First Time for Everything


It’s been another one of those dates with us. Still kind of testing each other out, but being flirtatious and making overly sexual comments. We end up back at your apartment again, me following you.

We sit around idling chatting for a while, talking about everything and nothing, usually work, like we always end up doing. This time it’s reversed … I’m on the couch and you’re lying on the floor picking out CDs. You put in five and come back over near me, but remain on the floor. You fold your arms up on the couch and lean on them, stretching up to talk to me. I lean toward you and give you a quick shoulder squeeze.

You sigh. “That feels good.”

“I can give you a better one, if you’d like.” You nod and turn around to present your back and shoulders to me. I rub your neck for a few a minutes and then stop. “Come up here.” I pull you up next to me on the couch and slowly unbutton your shirt. After the last buttons, and the cuffs, are undone, you pull it off. I untuck your T-shirt and peel that off over your head. “There. This is easier to do on bare skin.”

I make you lay on your stomach and straddle you, sitting on your lower back. I start again at your neck, working my up slightly to run my fingers through your hair. Then I start on your shoulders, kneading deep, first at the base of your neck and then working out to your arms. I stretch your arms out in front of you and massage my way up one arm to your hand, my hair brushing your back, the side of your face. Each finger gets its own massage, lasting several minutes, before working my way to your palm and your wrist. Your breathing is getting deeper and I’m starting to think that I’m wearing too many clothes. But I’m not going to do anything about that … yet. My fingers continue their way up your arm to your back. This time I run my fingertips, and then my nails, lightly over your back before working my way down to your other hand.

I slide myself down so I’m now sitting on the tops of your thighs and massage your lower back. Every so often, I run my fingertips up your sides to see you shiver. Using my fingertips and my knuckles, I knead all the tension out of your body. The total massage has lasted about 30 minutes and my fingers are starting to hurt. I plant a kiss on your back. “How was that?”

You turn over, as best you can with me on your legs. Which means you almost knock me on the floor. Almost, but you grab my arm so you don’t. Your eyes lock with mine. “Trust me…”

“I do.”

“That was great.” You grin. “But I think I like this position better.”

I realize I’m straddling you now, but merely raise my eyebrows as I pull my hair up into a scrunchy. “Really? Why is that?”

“Because I can do this.” You lean toward me to kiss me, but I lean back so you can’t.

Eyes twinkling, I tease you. “Because you can … sit up? Yeah, I think I could do that when I was a year old. Which means you were, what, nine?” I giggle at the look on your face. “Sorry I couldn’t resist. Now what was it you could do in this position that you couldn’t do in the other one?”

You flop back down and pout. “I’m not going to tell you now.”

Now it’s my turn. I lean in close to you, kissing your ear. “But darling,” I breathe into your ear, “I don’t want you to tell me.” I kiss your nose, your cheeks, back up to your ear. “I want you to show me” and I kiss a path from your ear to the very edge of your lips. You turn your head slightly and your lips capture mine in one of those wonderful, long, soft, amazing kisses that could go on for days and would make me happy. Your tongue gently probing, your arms on mine stretching them out to hold you, deepening the kiss. I run my fingers through your hair as you free my hair from the scrunchy. It is tossed to the floor as you work your hands through my unbound hair, pulling me in even closer for the kiss.

Eventually you break the kiss and trace a path up to my ear with your tongue. “That’s what I can do,” you murmur into my ear, before flicking your tongue around the edge of my ear.

“Mmmmm,” I shiver and smile. “I think I like this position too.”

You bend your knees and lean me back against them as you struggle to more of a sitting position. “I can also do this,” you say. You grasp my hands and pull my arms straight above my head. You run your hands down the length of my arms, down my sides. In one mostly smooth motion, you grasp my shirt and pull it over head. “I can see you better this way,” you say as you drop my shirt on the floor.

I’m spilling out of the black lace push-up bra I’m wearing, you notice with delight, my nipples just barely covered by the thin lace edging. You run your fingertips up my stomach and grin. A shiver runs through my body and I now look like I could cut glass. With a gleam in your eye, you slowly slide the shoulder straps off the bra slightly off my shoulders, just enough to expose my nipples. “Oh yeah. I definitely like this position better, don’t you?”

I nod. You wrap your arms around me and pull yourself up to kiss my neck, my shoulders, Alanya Escort my cleavage and to gently blow on my nipples. You pull me close to you and kiss me again. This kiss is deeper from the start, more urgent. You again kiss down my neck, down my cleavage, and this time, you run a finger along the edge of one of the cups, fully exposing my right breast. You kiss around the sides of it, licking, suckling. My hands in your hair are urging your lips to the more sensitive area, but you make me wait, breathing deeper and deeper in anticipation. After what seems like forever of sweet torture, your tongue finally curls around the nipple. I suck in my breath sharply as wonderful sensations course through my body. “Ohhh, JR.” You lick around it, flicking your tongue back and forth over it, gently nibbling before you take as much as you can into your mouth and suck deeply. I pull you even closer to me if that’s possible. “Oh, JR. That feels sooooooo good.”

As you work your way over to the left breast, you unhook the bra and that joins the shirt on the floor. You wrap my legs around your waist and carry me to your bed, kissing me the whole way. You lay me on the bed, but don’t join me. “Where are your keys?” you ask between kisses.

“On the counter in the kitchen,” I reply, puzzled. “Why?”

You don’t answer, just keep kissing me. About five minutes later, when I’ve wrapped my arms around your neck again, you loosen them and break away. “Be right back.”

I stay where I am, hearing you search for my keys and shut the door. A few minutes later, I hear you come back in and drop my keys on the counter again, but now you’re making noises in the kitchen.

Finally you return to the bedroom with a glass of ice water in each hand. “Thought you might be thirsty.”

I take a big sip and say “Thanks. I was. But what did you – ” I trail off because, as you turn to put our glasses on the night table, I see the handcuffs dangling out of the back of your jeans. “Ahhh. Now I get it.”

“Just thought I’d bring them up in case we needed them.”

I giggle. “Oh. Can I handcuff you to the shower faucet?”

“No. I was planning on using them on you. I might even be able to dig up a can of Redi-Whip…”

My eyes twinkle at the thought, but that’s something that can wait until another time. I pull you down on top of me on the bed. Between kisses, I manage to say, “Actually, I’d rather use them on you and do something for you.” Your eyebrows go up but you don’t break the kiss.

“I’m not going to argue.”

“OK.” I don’t stop kissing you as my hands run down your back to grab the cuffs, my mind trying to figure out how to do this. I wrap my legs around you and roll us over so that I’m again straddling you. I look around at the bed, a thoughtful look in my eye. “You don’t have a headboard because it’s a futon….”

You reach out to the side of the bed and move the comforter. “It’s got these.” Side rails. Perfect.

I snap the cuff on your left wrist and adjust it to give you a little slack. I stretch your arm up over your head to the rail and lean forward to thread the cuffs through the railing. Your tongue on my nipple reminds me of where this positions my breasts now. Once again, you work your mouth around my breast, licking, sucking and nibbling. Your right hand comes up massage the other breast, pulling at my hard nipple. My breath starts coming faster and deeper. “One might think you didn’t want me to do this, since you’re distracting me,” I manage to say.

“Heaven forbid that should happen,” you say into my skin. A few minutes later you stop. I pause to catch my breath and then continue my task. I pull your right arm up over your head and snap the cuff on it. “How’s that? It’s not going to hurt you, is it?”

“I trust that pain will not be the sensation I’m feeling…”

I raise my eyebrows and give you my innocent look. “Hmmm. We’ll see…”

I stand over you and finish removing my clothes … at least, most of them. The jeans come off and are tossed on the floor, leaving me in my black lace panties. I smile at the appreciative look you give me, once your eyes have finished their perusal.

I hop off the bed and go kneel at your feet. You rearrange yourself to see what I am doing. You lost your shoes when you returned from the car, so your socks are next to go. One at a time, I peel each one off and then massage your feet. Not too much, because you seem to be ticklish, but enough to have an effect on you. Like your fingers, each toe gets its own several-minute massage. I work my hands up to your ankles and then try to reach your calves.

“This won’t do. Your jeans are too tight.” I shrug. “Oh well. I guess they have to come off.”

“Oh darn.”

I pull your belt out of the loops and snap it. “Hmmm. This might come in handy later…” I giggle at the look on your face.

The button is undone and the zipper pulled down. Slowly, I pull the jeans down the length of your legs, till they join the other clothes on the floor. Back down Alanya Escort Bayan by your feet, I continue the massage, now freely able to work my way up your legs. Nothing as intense as the backrub, mind you, but very thorough nonetheless, going from your ankles to about mid-thigh.

“Why are you stopping there?”

“Because I’m trying to decide what to do next.”

“And that will be…?”

I shrug. “That’s what I’m trying to decide.”

“You are driving me CRAZY. You do know that, don’t you?’

In one quick motion, I straddle you and lean toward you, so we are nose to nose. “I hope so,” I say with a grin before I kiss you.

This kiss is different than any other we’ve shared. You lack a great deal of freedom than usual and there is something very erotic about that, although I miss your arms around me, and your hands in my hair or pulling my arms around you. Now I’m the one with the free hands, which are running up and down your sides, making you jump. I can feel your body reacting to my actions, pressing into me.

I kiss a path back and forth from your lips to your ears, lightly running my tongue around your earlobes and blowing gently. I kiss and nibble along your jawline and neck, going lower with each turn. I run my fingers through the curly hair on your chest and then run my hands up and down your tight stomach. God, you have a great body.

I slide further down your body, hearing you suck in your breath as this movement causes greater contact with your hardness. You haven’t yet started straining at the cuffs – which is good, for now – but your eyes are closed and you are breathing heavily.

I kiss down to the waistband of your boxers, my fingertips going slightly beneath them. I take the edge of them in my teeth and try to pull them down some, but I’m not too successful. “Hmmm. That’s not going to work.”

Your eyes fly open to look at me. I’m now sitting on your thighs, just above your knees, looking confused. “What’s wrong?” You look slightly alarmed.

“Nothing. Just trying to figure something out.” May as well do this the easy way. I move to the side of your legs and simply pull the boxers down with my hands. They join the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

As always, I’m surprised by how big you are. Right now, you are rock-hard, your tip glistening with precum. I sit between your legs and spread them slightly, my fingers once again massaging your thighs. This time they go up to the base of your shaft, gently kneading around it, gently playing with the curls that surround it. I look up at you. Your mouth is half-open, breathing a little heavy and your eyes lock with mine, waiting.

I blow you a kiss and lower my head. As I flick my tongue over your navel, one hand firmly grasps your cock at the base and begins slowly pumping up and down. “Oh God.” I shower your stomach with kisses, licking lower and lower until I reach the top of your hair. My other hand joins the first. Alternating them as I slide them from the tip to the base, varying the pressure. I do this several times, but my hands are kind of dry. One hand continues its gliding, while the other goes down between my legs, up the side of my panties. I run three of my fingers across my lips, gathering some of the juice that has started soaking through my panties. Slowly, I rub those three fingers up and down the length of your shaft, lubricating you with every stroke.

Slowly I lower my head and blow gently on the tip. You try to buck your hips closer, but I hold them down so you can’t. I lick around the head in a swirling motion, my hair falling to hide my actions from you, tickling your stomach. The cuffs make a clinking noise against the railing as you try to move your hands down to my head. Your frustrated groan makes me smile – I haven’t even gotten started yet.

Changing tactics, I lick up and down your shaft, alternating speeds: down slow, up fast and then switching. My hands are still on your hips, making you lie flat, not letting you force yourself into my mouth. After a few minutes of this torture, I stop. My hair is still hiding me from you, so you can’t see what I’m doing, but I can see you: your eyes open, your hands struggling desperately against the cuffs.

I shift my legs into a more comfortable position so that I am laying down now. With one quick motion, I take as much of you as I can into my mouth, which isn’t much. Your breath in sharply. “Oh God that feels so good.” My lips are stretched as far as they can around you. I try to take even more of you in, sliding slowly up and down your shaft. I know that not being able to use your hands is driving you crazy. Gradually I increase my speed and then decrease it again, so slow it seems I’m not even moving at all. “Please,” you beg. “Oh God, please don’t stop.” I have no intention of stopping; I just want you to enjoy this fully. Once again I increase my movements and then slow down again. I do this several more times. One hand massages your balls, rolling them gently in my hand, one at a time. Escort Alanya The sounds of the cuffs against the railing are becoming more frantic. I move my mouth faster and faster up and down your shaft, almost breaking contact when I come to the tip, trying to take a little more in each time. Your breath is coming faster and faster.

“Oh God. That feels so good. I’m … I don’t think … I can’t hold it anymore.”

With one last strain against the cuffs, your whole body tenses. Your warm, sweet cum fills my mouth as I try to swallow as fast as I can, sucking every last drop, keeping my mouth on you for longer than necessary. When every last drop is finished, I look up you. Your eyes are closed and you are trying to get your breath back to normal. I plant one last kiss on the tip of your penis and then kiss my way back up your body. I lay flat on you and kiss your nose. Your open your eyes. “How was that?” I ask.

You smile. “I think I really enjoyed that.”

“You think?!?!”

You laugh. “Of course I enjoyed it.”

Your smile turns to a slight frown as you try to put your arms around me and can’t. “Hmm. Don’t think I like these anymore.”

“Well too bad because they’re not coming off.”


“Well, you’re always saying that I owe you big time, right?” An impish smile crosses my face. “And I am no where near finished repaying you.”

You groan in mock agony. “I don’t think I can handle this.”

“Do you want some water?”

“Yes, please.”

I shift into a sitting position, which has me once again straddling you. I grab my glass and take a huge gulp. “Hey.”

I stop drinking. “Yes, dear?

“You’ve still got some clothes on.”

“I won’t for long. You still want some water?”

“Yes, please. But you’re going to have to help me.”

My eyes twinkle. “Oh don’t worry.” I take another sip of the water and catch an ice cube in my teeth. I put the glass back and lean over you. You look slightly confused, but then I see the comprehension dawn in your eyes. I lean down so that there is maybe an inch or two between our mouths. You open your mouth and wait for me to join our lips together. But I don’t. “You have to come get it,” I say as best as I can with an ice cube in my teeth.

You lean as far forward as you can but you still can’t reach. I lower my head slightly, but not enough to help you. Realizing your only course of action, you flick your tongue out, licking the ice cube and my lips. Ice cold water drips off the cube onto your tongue and your lips. You run your tongue over your lips to get every drop and then lean forward to lick the ice cube again. When the cube has melted down to a reasonable size, I lean down and kiss you. Your probing tongue captures the cube. The kiss continues until the cube is completely melted. I grab a smaller one and this time run it over your lips with my fingers. I hold it just above your mouth letting it drip onto your tongue. Then I rub it along your neck, up to your ear and then down to your chest. The gasps of shock from the cold intermingle with the intakes of breath from the excitement.

Meanwhile, I have been rotating my hips slightly onto your cock again, after giving you some rest. Slowly your body had been responding to the kiss, but the ice seemed to increase that. I lean up to kiss you and my nipples are pressed against your chest where the ice just was. I shriek from the shock and you laugh. “You think that was cold?” You ask as you dip your head and manage to capture a nipple with your mouth.

I moan, half from shock, half from pleasure. “That feels good.”

“Mmmm,” you mumble against my chest, moving to the other breast. “But you know what?” you ask, raking your teeth gently across my nipple.


“You still have some clothes on and they need to come off.”

“They will. As soon as you’re done torturing me with that ice cold mouth of yours.”

“Oh OK.” But you don’t stop immediately. I continue rotating my hips slowly. The black lace panties are soaked by now and my body is aching for your touch. When you move your mouth off my breast and announce, “OK. I’m done now,” I stand over you. I shimmy out of the panties, kicking them off the bed with my toes.

I kneel over you again, lean in close to kiss you and slowly slide my legs down the bed so I am lying on top of you. This makes my clit rub against your stomach, leaving a trail of juice. “Mmmm.” I kiss you again, once again the urgency coming through. I want you so bad, but I want us both to really enjoy what leads up to it as well. Again, I kiss up to your ear, nibbling around it. You kiss my neck and once again struggle against the cuffs. “Ugh!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do anything. I want to touch you and I can’t. I want to taste you and I can’t.”

“Taste me?” I pull myself into more off a kneeling position. “You mean like this?” Never breaking eye contact with you, I slowly slide two fingers deep inside me. You break contact first, watching me work my fingers back and forth. I pull them out, dripping with my juice, and hold them over your mouth. Your tongue darts out to lick them, then pulls them both into your mouth, sucking, licking, trying to get every bit that you can. After a minute or two, I extract from fingers from your lips. “Is that what you meant?”

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