Thinking Back, Wanting More Ch. 04

Female Ejaculation

Rachel stirred beneath me, opening her eyes. My heart thrilled at the ready smile that touched her lips as she looked up at me. “Morning, lover,” she murmured.

I placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Did you sleep OK?”

She nodded. “Never better.”

I shifted so that my body was only half-covering hers. “Me too.” My stomach rumbled, and I gave her a resigned smile. “I’d love it if we could just stay here, but we probably both need some breakfast.”

Rachel nodded. “Plenty of time for loving later, though.”

I swung my legs off the bed. “Want me to make something and bring it up?”

Rachel shook her head. “Would you mind terribly if I had a quick shower, then came down to eat?”

She threw me a knowing smile. “I loved what we did, but I do still feel a little… sticky.”

“Sure, no problem.” I watched as she went through into the en-suite, then as the water started running I pulled on my dressing gown and made my way downstairs to the kitchen.

A quick search of the fridge revealed bacon, eggs, sausages, and as an afterthought I took a tin of beans from the shelf in the larder, starting to cook. The eggs were just starting to look perfect when I heard footsteps on the stairs, and I turned as Rachel came into the kitchen, still barefoot and wearing a long t-shirt that only just reached below her thighs.

“What?” she grinned. “I didn’t want to get dressed, but we don’t want to shock the neighbours if they happen to glance over the fence, do we.”

I moved the frying pan off the flame, and turned to wrap her in my arms. “You look fantastic whatever you’re wearing.”

I waved towards the table. “Everything’s ready – would you like coffee?”

Rachel shook her head. “Let’s eat first, or yours will go cold.”

I brought heaped plates over to the table, and we started to eat. “Perfect,” judged Rachel.

Finally I put my knife and fork down, and took my plate over to the sink. I spooned fresh grounds into the coffee maker, flipping the switch, and it started to make its familiar gurgling sound. “Mm,” said Rachel. “I love the smell of real coffee.”

I poured for us, making sure to use Rachel’s favourite mug, and sat down again. “So, what would you like to do today? It still looks like rain, but I’m sure we can find a way to entertain ourselves.”

She threw me a soft smile. “Definitely. But dull as it sounds, there are a few things we ought to do around the house.”

“OK,” I agreed. “What’s first?” “Well, fair’s Antalya Escort fair, you cooked, I’ll wash up. Maybe while I do that you could empty the bins and put some washing on.”

I busied myself with the tasks she’d suggested, and by the time I’d set the program on the washing machine, the breakfast things were neatly stacked to dry on the draining board. “Right,” said Rachel. “A couple of things upstairs.”

We went back up, and Rachel pulled the duvet off the bed onto the floor. “I really like it when the sheets and everything are fresh – makes me even more keen to get to bed.”

“I don’t have a problem with that,” I chuckled, starting to pull the pillowcases off and make a pile of dirty linen on the floor.

“I’ll put all that on the landing,” offered Rachel. As she bent down to pick up the pillowcase, I nudged her playfully with my hip, and she lost her balance, ending up face-down on the crumpled duvet. “Hey,” she said, sounding amused rather than angry. “Not fair.”

I knelt behind her, stroking her back. “Couldn’t resist.”

Her t-shirt had ridden up, and her bottom looked so inviting that I couldn’t resist moving my hand lower to stroke it, caressing her gently. She shifted, lifting her hips a little, and I bent to touch my lips to her bottom, rubbing my cheek against her skin. “Mm,” she murmured, “that’s nice.”

She shifted again, parting her thighs to give me access, and I took full advantage, burying my face in her. I explored with my tongue, and discovered that not only could I slide the tip a little way inside, but her hard nub was within my reach. I circled it slowly, and I was rewarded with a muffled but still unmistakeable moan of pleasure.

I began to use my tongue more insistently, feeling the wetness of her arousal increasing against my nose, my lips, my tongue. Her soft moans turned to gasps, and I felt her fingers grasping at the duvet as she cried out, pushing herself back against my mouth as my tongue flickered over the centre of her pleasure.

Finally she subsided, and I moved to lie beside her, one arm across her back. She took a deep breath, and turned to look at me, a broad grin on her face. “I like it when you help me with the housework.”

She got to her feet, her erect nipples clearly visible through her t-shirt. “Want me to return the favour?”

I shook my head, smiling. “I think I can wait a while – anyway, who’s to say I won’t surprise you again first.”

She picked up the Antalya Escort Bayan pile of laundry. “Who indeed.”

By the time we’d finished changing the bed, the washing machine had finished, and I carried the dirty linen downstairs to set it going while I hung up the first load. I grinned to myself as I draped Rachel’s sheer red panties over the washstand, remembering times when she’d worn them for me on our dates and parted her legs to give me a glimpse up her skirt as we sat opposite one another in our favourite restaurant.

The sound of the vacuum cleaner stopped, and I heard Rachel’s voice from upstairs. “Can you take this back down for me, darling.”

I went back up, finding her busy cleaning the bathroom with her yellow rubber gloves on. She affected a manic grin, snapping the fingers of her gloves in my direction, and I pretended to gulp nervously.

She chuckled, and accepted a kiss. “I won’t be a minute – make us another drink?”

I put the kettle on for tea this time, and when Rachel came down to the kitchen, I pushed the biscuit tin across the table towards her. “What’s still left to do?”

“I was hoping we’d get away with it, but I think there are a few things we really need from the supermarket,” she said thoughtfully.

“Do you want me to go?”

Rachel shook her head. “No, it’s fine.”

She grinned. “Anyway, I bet we can make it fun.”

I feigned shock. “I know we can be a bit outrageous, but I’m not sure if I dare make love to you among the cabbages at Morrisons.”

Rachel laughed. “Me neither,” she confessed. “But I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

She drained her cup. “OK – we’d better throw some clothes on.”

We went back upstairs, and I watched as she dressed, then pulled on my jeans and t-shirt. “Right, let’s go.”

The drive to the supermarket was only five minutes, and I managed to get a spot quite near the door. “Trolley?”

Rachel nodded, and I retrieved a trolley from the end of the row. We negotiated the revolving doors, and I pushed the trolley into the section offering fresh fruit and vegetables. Rachel threw me a grin, and reached up to take a cucumber from one of the racks, laying it between her breasts for a few moments before placing it in the trolley.

Her next tease was with a loose carrot and a couple of tomatoes grasped in one hand in a distinctively suggestive shape, and despite myself, I glanced around to see if anyone was paying any attention. Escort Antalya The only other shoppers were a couple of elderly ladies making their way slowly towards the ready meals, and I rolled my eyes at Rachel. “Not too far,” I mouthed at her.

She tilted her head, her expression mildly defiant, and picked up a couple of cantaloupes, balancing one in each hand in front of her chest as she judged which one she preferred. The right hand one obviously won, and it joined the other vegetables in the trolley.

“OK, enough veg,” I said firmly, taking Rachel’s elbow and guiding her towards the next aisle. She grinned, looking along the rows of jams and spreads, and picking up a jar of chocolate spread. “I think we can find a use for this, right, darling?”

A long French stick was her selection from the bakery aisle, then a bottle of sticky cherry liqueur. She bypassed most of the other food aisles – “we can always phone for pizza” – stopping only at the freezer section and opening one of the doors, leaning close as cold mist poured out. When she turned, her nipples were clearly visible through her t-shirt and I grinned, shaking my head.

We reached the toiletries, and she searched for scented bath foam, then a bottle of massage oil. Condoms – “what on earth do we need those for?” I queried – then she nodded toward the checkouts. We queued behind another young couple, and I was sure I caught an amused look from the girl as she watched Rachel transfer items from our trolley to the belt.

The cashier pulled carrier bags from under the till. “You all right with your packing?”

“Sure,” I nodded, and started to put items in bags as she scanned them. Finally everything was bagged, and I paid with my card, handing the receipt to Rachel. She glanced down the items, and looked back at me, her eyes full of laughter. “Doesn’t take much imagination to work out what we’re supposed to be doing later on,” she chuckled.

We walked back to the car and I put our bags in the boot, then drove us the short journey back to the house. Rachel grinned again as she transferred the perishables to the fridge, then put the rest of the items in one bag. “I’ll take these up to the bedroom – we can decide which ones we need later…”

“Did we actually buy anything we can have for lunch?” I teased.

“Cucumber sandwiches?” she replied without hesitation, and I pretended to wince, sharing her mental picture of someone slicing into the green vegetable.

“Cheese on toast,” I said firmly, pulling the loaf from the bread bin and putting four slices into the toaster.

Rachel made coffee for us, and we took our lunch into the living room. “So what did you have in mind for later?” I asked, smiling, as we settled into the sofa facing one another.

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