Tina#5 True Confessions


We were both off on a Saturday. Tina suggested that we go to the Huge Mall that was in the next county inland. So, I picked her up around ten in the morning and off we went. I checked the computer map ‘thingy’ and it told me to expect about seventy minutes, each way, on the road. So, we were in for a nice long and, as I expected, pleasant ride through mostly back roads.

We had been gone for about ten minutes and were still in familiar territory. Tina was looking out the windows commenting on some of the restaurants and diners that we passed. She knew people that either worked or had worked at most of them. She knew a lot of their secrets and was beginning to share with me her personal list of places to ‘never even drink from a brand-new sealed container’ in that filthy place’. Thanks, I think. This seemed like good information until she pointed out one place where I had been on a few occasions, that was her ‘absolute dirtiest’ list topper. Now I wasn’t so sure that I needed to know that.

We chatted on and I was soon on a long county road that straggled through the pine barrens. (Yes, we are in New Jersey). It was a well paved and maintained single lane road that didn’t have many curves and no noticeable hills. A change of elevation in these parts is usually a matter of inches and not feet. We cruised on with very little interesting to see. Eventually Tina started a new subject; us.

Tina: “Are you getting bored with me yet?”

Me: “Seriously? Not a chance. You are the most exciting and resourceful woman that I have ever known. Actually, I wish you would let me get a little closer.”

Tina: “How do you mean?”

Me: “We’ve been going out together how many months now? And I’ve only met your kids a couple of times and your mother only once. I barely know what the inside of your house looks like. I’m not complaining, I absolutely adore you and being with you. Don’t get me wrong, the intimacy is ‘over the top’ with me; but, I’d like to get a little closer if you know what I mean.”

Tina thought about this for a few moments before: “I need to be free of that rat-bastard so that I can get on with my life. I, too, would like to get a lot closer with you and maybe, someday, be able to make a commitment. But, as long as I’m legally tied to that ‘person’ I’m afraid to take things any further. Can you understand what I mean?”

Me: “Tina, I’m here for you and for the duration. I’ve fallen hard for you and you are all that I think about. I’ll wait until you’re ready. Really, I will be patient and just enjoy the times that we are together. I promise to always be there for you in any way that I can. Are we OK?”

Tina: “We’re a lot more than OK. And I plan to hold you to that promise of being there for me.”

Me: “Anytime and anything, I’ll be there.”

Tina: “Good. Now that we have that settled there is one thing that I’d like you to do for me.”

Me: “What’s that?”

Tina: “Well, to put it politely; I would like you to do your part in keeping me regular.”

Me: Antalya Escort “Regular, like on time for work?”

Tina: “No, I mean regular as it applies to my body. Here’s what I mean: I’m fairly regular for about five or six weeks, then I start to skip a day, then two, then I need some help- usually chemical but occasionally a suppository or disposable enema. When I have anal sex, I’m a little loose for the first day after; probably all the lube and your deposit. Then I’m good to ‘Go’ for another five or six weeks. So, if you’re willing, I’d like to do anal on a more regular basis, say every six weeks or so. Can you do that?”

I caught myself drifting into the oncoming lane. Luckily there were no cars coming and I was able to recover without killing the both of us: “Are you serious? Anal every six weeks? Of course, I’d be willing to do that with you. Just one thing. It has to be doing it ‘with’ you and not doing it ‘to’ you; is that fair?

Tina: “Of course that’s fair. I like the way you think.”

Me: “And, it absolutely has to include you getting off first. That’s not negotiable.”

Tina: “I almost always do. But, maybe just once, I’d like to be just ‘taken’. Do you think that you can do that?”

Me: “Anally? I’d have to receive some hint that you want that to happen. I will not force myself on you, ever.”

Tina: “Understood and agreed. Now, since we’re on the subject of helping me out. Do you remember that morning that we did it in the shower? When I was on my period? “

Me: “Yes I do. I fondly remember everything that happened that morning, especially the way that you woke me up.”

Tina: “Oh yes, with my hands, right?”

Me: “Yep, that’s it.” I was paying more attention to my diving now, but it was difficult to concentrate with Tina talking about sex to me. “And, as you remember, I made a deposit onto your chest.”

Tina: “Yeah” She said that with a big smile. “I remember that too. You know, that moisturizes my breasts and it makes my nipples more sensitive?”

Me: “Really?”

Tina: “I don’t know. You wanna buy some land in Florida?”

Me: “Nice one, wise guy.”

Tina: “Girl! See the tits? I’m a girl.”

Me: “I was already aware of that. I like you being a girl and I like all your girl parts.”

Tina: “Thanks for reminding me. As I was saying; When we did sex in the shower, it was the second day of my period. The cramps were still around, but the sex seemed to ease them off and the other effects seemed to be less of a problem. So, if you’re willing, I’d like to make a date for the second day again. A little stand up action in the shower seemed to do me good.”

Me: “And what about the laying down activities that preceded that? I really liked it when you ‘tribbed’ on my leg. That is something that let me feel like I was getting really close to you.”

Tina: “That was really spontaneous on my part. Dianne never suggested that. I think that it felt good because I had that ‘paper Antalya Escort Bayan plug’ (tampon) in me.”

Me: “Dianne?”

Tina: “Yes, Dianne. I told you; she sometimes helps me think of new and exciting things to do with you.”

Me: “Yes, I do remember now.”

We came to an intersection with a major two-lane state Highway. I turned in the direction of the mall and got into the right lane. There were only a few miles to go.

Tina: “Speaking of Dianne; she could use another of your ‘treatments’ again. What do you say?”

Me: “Do Dianne again? With you there, of course.”

Tina: “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. And, speaking of that, how do you feel about Dianne being there sometime when we have sex. She said that she would like to be able to watch things happen just like I did when you were with her. Would you be up for that?”

Me: “Don’t look now but, I’m up already. This conversation has had an effect on me. And, Yes, I would be OK with sharing with Dianne. Why not find a way that we all could share together.”

Tina: “All in one bed?”

Me: “Why not? We all wound up there anyway. Discuss it with her and see if you can come up with a plan to get everyone off.”

Tina: “The turn is right here, stay to the right.”

I followed her directions and we were soon in a parking place just outside one of the mall entrances. I turned off the motor and looked over at Tina: “Give me a minute, I can’t just get out and walk around like this. I’ll get arrested.”

Tina reached over and patted my lap: “Wow, you really did like our discussion. Too bad I can’t do something about that right now. And yes, I will discuss ‘your plan’ with Dianne. We’ll see what develops.”

After a few minutes I was flaccid enough to get out of the car. Tina kept looking at my pants and giggling.

Me: “You think that it’s funny?”

Tina: “No, well, yes. Sorry. To be absolutely truthful, I’m a little ‘damp’ myself, right now. I guess that we’re about even; but mine doesn’t show.”

We went on into the mall and poked around the stores for a couple of hours. We had a quick bite to eat at the food court (Yes, I did ask Tina if it was safe to eat there) and we bought a few items.

We left just before five. On the way back Tina asked: “Can we stop at your place before you take me home?”

Me: “Sure can. I was hoping that we would be going there. When do you have to be home?”

Tina: “Is tomorrow morning OK?”

I pushed down on the gas pedal in answer to her question. We were eventually at my apartment and quickly upstairs. I did manage to grab her ass as we were climbing the stairs.

As soon as we got upstairs Tina: “I’ve got to go to the bathroom. I expect to find you naked and in bed when I come out.”

She trundled off to the bathroom as I put our purchases on the living room table and went on into the bedroom. I kicked off my shoes, dropped my pants, peeled out of my shirt and Tee shirt and hopped into Escort Antalya the bed, as instructed. Tina came into the bedroom about two minutes later, totally naked. Damn she looked good!

She climbed in next to me and snuggled up close. Damn she felt good! I rolled her onto her back and immediately started paying attention to the girls. Tina stopped me: “No, you need to release first. What would you like? A blow-job, a hand-job, missionary fuck, doggie fuck, stand-up fuck or something else?”

I was stunned: “Seriously? I just want to make love to you.”

Tina: “There’s plenty of time for that; I’m staying the night, remember? I’ve been teasing you all day and I imagine that you’re a little ‘tense’ right now. I just want to relieve that tension so that we can concentrate a little later, on some quality lovemaking. So, what will it be?”

I thought it over and came up with my own suggestion: “How about a nice sixty-nine?”

Tina: “Great idea! Good thing that I just took a few minutes to wash my stinky pussy before I came in here!”

She even anticipated that! Can you believe it; she prepared herself for my attention. ‘Whatta woman’!

I was laying flat on my back with my head on one pillow. Tina kissed me before moving down on my body to where she could take my cock into her mouth. I guided her hips so that one leg went over me until she had a knee on either side of my head. There it was, her beautiful pussy. Just as I started to nuzzle my lips between her lips Tina started licking the underside of my cock. I almost came right then. Her clit was already quite distended and I was able to give it a few teasing licks before I drew it between my lips. I started moving her clit in and out between my lips using a little suction and my tongue. Tina was essentially fucking my mouth while I was doing the same to her mouth with my cock. I encouraged her to move her hips a little and I could already hear the, now familiar, Tina purr.

We kept at it for only a very few minutes. Tina peaked first. She started thrusting against my face and I just kept a constant suction on her clit while I teased it with the tip of my tongue. My balls boiled over and I had a shattering orgasm. It felt like I was shooting a pint of cum into Tina’s mouth. She never stopped sucking on me until there was nothing left to come out. I was drained.

I backed away from her clit to give her a little break and to get a full lungful of air. Wow, this woman is exciting. Tina reached over the side of the bed and picked up a hand towel. Where did that towel come from? Apparently, she brought it with her from the bathroom and dropped it where she could retrieve it later. I never saw that. Did she somehow know that this was the likely adventure that I would select? How did she know? I was, as usual, totally impressed.

Tina lifted herself up with her arms. She was now kneeling directly over my face. I was looking straight up at her pussy and I could see her tits sticking out from her chest. This was a unique view; one that I really liked.

All good things come to an end. Tina climbed off me and the bed. She turned around, bent down and wiped my face with the towel: “That was nice, rest up, I expect a good fucking before the night is over.”

I could only reply: “Yes ma’am.”

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