Too Much Fun To Pass Up

Big Tits

I slid the card into the slot that opened the hotel door. When I glanced inside the lavish room, I became instantly amused. There, on the giant king size bed lay my husband with his pants around his knees, his ass straight up in the air, and his face planted in a pillow.

Then I heard a muffled cough. What the hell, I thought. There in the bathroom was a cute little tart. She looked scared when she saw me but I was still amused. Our eyes connected. The small smile on my lips made her feel more comfortable.

“Please explain,” I asked quietly while smoothly my shimmering evening dress.

She answered nervously, “He was winning at craps and since I work the area I asked him if he wanted company.

He paid me a grand for two hours.

He lasted two minutes,” she said pointing at Jeffery whose sexy ass was still high in the air.

We both stopped and admired the round perfectness of his firm butt for a moment. I felt my clit jump as my thoughts gravitated towards penetrating him.

The gorgeous high class call girl in front of me was too tempting a morsel to let slip away. I felt myself getting turned on just looking at her sexy face, long blond hair and tiny body.

She looked at my face for expression to find out if I was the jealous wife type or not. What she didn’t know is that my husband and I liked to enjoy the company of other couples. I was a little pissed that he did this on his own though. Usually we discussed the place and the circumstances together.

“How much time of the two hours does he have left?” I asked her.

“I have Antep Escort lots of time for you,” Monique answered seductively while grazing her nipples.

We both looked at my husband, drunk and passed out on the bed. I felt myself getting wet looking at Monique. She is so petite with such a nice set of tits. Monique’s curly, blonde hair and pretty features make her very fuckable. I smiled.

“Since we share a bank account, do you mind if I finish his request?”

“Yes, I want you too,” Monique replied coming up to me and kissing me full on the lips. Our tongues danced in our mouths and our bodies started to grind in a passionate outburst of lust.

I was suddenly very happy that the concert had been canceled and I had arrived on this delicious opportunity to fulfill one of my many fantasies.

She sat on the bed as I told her to. I made her call me Mistress. She promised to do as I asked. I sat on a chair across from her. I leaned down to kiss her softly; our passion increasing with every taste and movement of our tongues. She started sucking my tits. Her lips and mouth felt so good. My husband was still sound asleep beside us. I nibbled and sucked her big tits enjoying the way her nipples hardened. My tongue slid from breast to breast and then my face settled in-between them.

“Take off your clothes, close your eyes, and get on all fours.” I told her.

I went to the drawer and pulled out a strap-on with a big hard black cock. It was big, long and thick. I washed it off in the bathroom and put it on.

Kneeling on the bed before Antep Escort Bayan her I said, “Open your mouth bitch.” She felt my cock slide in between her lips. I pulled out of her sexy mouth.

“Are you okay,” I asked while playing with her tits.

“Yes,” she replied, visibly turned on.

I pushed my dildo into her sexy little mouth and wondered what it would be like to be a man and control a woman with lust. I started pumping harder, feeling the power. She gagged. I pulled back, then pushed in again. She gagged again. I kept fucking her mouth, and it felt wild. Such a turn on.

I pulled out, leaned down and kissed her lips sweetly saying, ” Thank you.”

Anticipation hung heavy in the air. She knew what I wanted to do and we both knew it would happen.

I put lots of lube in her hot little pussy and more into her sexy ass. I walked to bathroom and looked at my slender body in the mirror, with the enormous hard cock protruding from my mid drift area like a force; a very powerful and strong force. I pinched my nipples then slid my hand up and down the dildo, making it super wet with lube. Looking in the mirror I started stroking the dildo getting more and more turned on. I took a deep breath soaking in how powerful I felt. It was a heady feeling.

Kneeling on the bed behind her I whispered, ” Okay slut! Now it’s time you get fucked, and fucked, real good,” My stiff hard dildo entered her pussy stretching it to it’s limits. Her cries were muffled, but became louder the deeper I got. Pushing a big cock into her tight pussy Escort Antep was so wild I started playing with my tits, then hers, then alternating back and forth. Our thrusts became more aggressive. I pounded her wet little pussy forcefully. The bed was shaking now. I started to come as she moaned her release. We rode the wave where it took us, our voices straining not to get too loud, but without luck.

My husband woke up watching me fuck the little bitch he hired for the night. I locked eyes with his and started fucking her hard again. He watched, and pulled out his cock. Monique hadn’t noticed my husband waking up since he was so quiet. I watched him start stroking while watching me fuck her and we both smiled.

He came up behind me and stuck his thick, hard cock deep into my hot little ass. We started fucking me as I was fucking her. It felt amazing to feel him filling me as I was filling her. He reached around and took the dildo from Monique’s hot cunt. It was dripping with juices and lube. He inserted just the tip into her ass and mouthed for me to push. I did so gently, my heart racing as her I stretched and spread her sexy little ass wide apart forcefully.

My husband started pounding my ass hard and fast, causing me to penetrate deeper and deeper into Monique’s sexy ass. And we fucked and fucked and fucked.

“Hi Monique,” Jeffery grunted at one point.

“Hi,” she grunted back as he came deep in my ass. His orgasm was long and intense.

After it subsided he said, ” I see you’ve both gotten to know each other.”

He was smiling and didn’t look drunk anymore.

“How much time do we have left,” I asked Monique.

“An hour,” said Monique lying.

Really there was only 15 minutes left, but this attractive couple with their sexy bodies and sexy attitudes, were too much fun to pass up.

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