Friday night!

‘The weekend has landed. All that exists now is clubs, drugs, pubs and parties!’ Gotta love the movie Human Traffic! But it was Friday and that meant I was going to my favourite club to dance late, look at beautiful women and hang out with my friends.

I’d been a regular at Kingdom to over 20 years, was a lifetime VIP, went down into the office and talked to the owners while they counted the cash, knew just about everyone in the place…or they knew OF me. A friend called Kingdom my ‘Mothership’ and I felt completely myself when I was there.

It’d been 3 years since my divorce and I’d had a challenge on the dating scene. I am a VERY young 41 but seemed to be attractive to 19 – 22 year olds. Great if you want hot sex, not so much if you want any kind of relationship.

This night was different. Through the flashing lights, writhing bodies and dry ice fog I saw her. It was her height that caught my eye…6’+ a few for sure. She had long blonde hair and wore a short black skirt with a tight top that molded around a very nice looking pair of breasts. She was a beauty, dancing on the stage in a crowd but all alone. My mind said one word…’HOT’! Being a shy person I worked my way through the crowd, up onto the stage and danced my way over to her. “I’m Todd, I’ve never seen you here before.” I almost expected the brush off, horny guy approaches girl in club thing, but she smiled and introduced herself as Trinity.

We danced together for a while, chatted as best we could through the music, worked our way over to the bar for a drink then outside to cool down and talk where we could actually hear each other. Trinity was 35, a mother, divorced like myself and sort of single. She was seeing a guy but it didn’t seem all that serious, and besides, I enjoy a challenge! Through the rest of the night I circulated through the club, hung around and danced with my friends but also spent as much time as possible with Trinity. The only sour point in the night came as I was writing my name, phone number and email address for Trinity. A possessive ex girlfriend came over to see what I was doing, or in reality IF I was going to be doing someone that night. I gave Trinity the info, kissed her hand goodnight (knowing it would piss the ex GF off even more) and made my way home.

I got home about 4 a.m., totally awake, and hit the computer to surf porn. First thing I did was add Trinity’s address into my MSN and about a minute later there she was. She’d just gotten home and was awake like me. We got chatting about the night, why we were still awake and other mundane stuff. I jokingly told Trinity that I was naked (which I was) and playing with myself thinking about her. She responded by activating her webcam and showing me her vibrator that Antep Escort she was going to use on herself in the tub. In no time we were having cyber sex through MSN and I stroked myself to a HUGE and very satisfying orgasm. Trinity used her toy for a while and then retired to the tub so she could bring herself off relaxed and hot from the water.

We chatted on and off over the next couple of weeks, hearing about her sort of BF, me with my ex GF, teasing each other and turning each other on every time. I masturbated thinking about what it would be like touching her, kissing her, eating and fucking her. I couldn’t wait to see her again at the club.

A few weeks had gone by and Trinity let me know that she was going to be at the club that Friday. I was also going and I told her I’d see her there. That evening we met up on the stage and danced for a while, cooled down in the smoking area outside and continued our flirtation as before. A little before closing I decided to head out and Trinity told me that she was leaving too. Her car was parked a few streets away so I offered to drive her over since my truck was right there, plus I wanted a chance to spend a little more time with her. Trinity said okay and we hopped into my truck and started driving.

Trinity told me to turn on the next street but I ignored her and just kept driving. She smiled and asked me where I was going and I replied ‘I’m not about to take you to your car now that I’ve got you here! I’m kidnapping you for a while and we’re going for a drive!’. Trinity smiled and just went along with me as we drove along the quiet streets of Burlington. I drove along the lakeshore and stopped at a local park where we got out and walked for a bit, enjoying the view of the steel mills across the harbour. It was a chilly night so it didn’t take us long to head back to the warmth of the truck. As I opened the door for Trinity my hand ran down her back and made gentle contact with her shapely ass. Trinity was wearing a very short pleather skirt with a matching top that hugged her beautiful curves and accented her large, firm breasts. Trinity smiled at me as I closed her door and I knew where I was taking her next.

We left the park and continued driving along the lake, my hand reaching over to find Trinity’s hand, holding it and caressing it. We soon came to a cemetery that overlooks the harbour, the one where my father’s parents were buried. I drove past their headstone, pointing it out to Trinity, then found a dark, quiet spot and parked the truck. Leaving the radio on, my hand stroked up and down Trinity’s arm, and I moved across the seat closer to her. I started nuzzling her neck, nibbling my way up to her ear and then worked my mouth over to hers and kissed her. I was nervous Antep Escort Bayan about taking this step but knew it was what I had been dreaming about for the last few weeks.

Trinity responded to my kisses, her mouth opening and our tongues finding each other, gently searching and playing. My hands were also active, stroking up and down Trinity’s arms and back but slowly moving over to and stroking her breasts. My fingers found their way into her top, feeling the suppleness of her ripe breasts, teasing the nipples that became erect, confirming that they were as large and firm as they appeared to be while I watched her dance. My mouth quickly followed my hands and I sucked on the erect nipples, gently biting and tugging on them.

Trinity’s hand started at my chest and slowly moved down until it rested on the bulge in my pants. Her fingers easily unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and since I don’t wear underwear, my hard cock sprang into her hand to be gently stroked. My own hand had found its way under her skirt and between her legs, stroking her moist pussy gently over her panties. My fingers quickly found the edge of her panties and moved underneath, feeling the hot, moist lips part as I started probing into her.

Trinity reached between her legs, snapped something and then her panties were undone and my access unlimited. My fingers found her clit and gently rubbed it as she continued to stroke my cock. I started to move my head down, wanting to taste Trinity’s juices but she stopped me. ‘You don’t want to go down there,’ she said, ‘I’m all sweaty from dancing!’. ‘Even better as far as I’m concerned!’ I told her and quickly placed my mouth onto her and started eating. I’ve always had a fixation for performing orally and I slowly licked my way through her pussy, nibbling on her lips, sucking them into my mouth, finding her clit with the tip of my tongue and teasing. I sucked as much of her fluid as I could into my mouth and savoured the taste. She was sweet, a little salty from the sweat and I loved every bit of it.

Trinity finally pulled me up and then leaned over and sucked my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling around my shaft, her teeth making contact and softly scraping my sensitive skin. She sucked the head of my shaft like a lollipop and flicked her tongue over the opening, tasting the precum that was leaking out. I could feel my come start to build as her mouth stroked up and down my shaft. I think she sensed it too as she suddenly stopped.

‘Do you have a condom?’ Trinity asked. I looked at her, embarrassment written across my face. “I don’t actually, I didn’t actually think we’d go that far tonight.’ I answered. ‘My purse is in my car and I have some there.’ Trinity said but we Escort Antep both knew that by the time we drove back to moment would be lost. Without a word Trinity turned and straddled my hips in the front seat of the truck. Grasping my cock she rubbed the tip across her pussy, pressed her hips down and sank slowly onto my shaft. Her pussy spread open and surrounded me, warm and wet as she started riding my cock. She rocked her hips back and forth, up and down, taking me in fully and then pulling back until just the tip was inside her. It was a glorious feeling as she fucked me, my naked shaft consumed by her delectable pussy.

‘You can’t come in me.’ Trinity whispered as I started to respond to her motion, pressing my hips forward and my cock deeper. Suddenly there was a blinding light, a work truck was coming through the cemetery and, seeing my truck parked there, had come to investigate. Trinity stopped her movement and we hugged each other until the truck had driven past. Once they were gone she started to move on me again, only to have the same bastard come back for a second look. Again we stayed still until they were gone and then resumed as if nothing had happened.

I put my hands on Trinity’s hips and started to really fuck, pulling her tight to me, pushing my cock as deep into her as I could. I could feel my come building and knew I wasn’t far from coming. ‘I’m going to come.’ I warned Trinity and she quickly pulled herself off of my cock. I needed to release and started stroking myself, my shaft slick with our mingled juices providing plenty of lubrication. Trinity sat back and played with herself, watching me yanking on my cock, seeking that needed surge. Watching her fingers spreading the lips of her pussy wide, seeing her rub her clit, seeing her eyes on my cock as I stroked was such a turn on that it brought me over the top. I felt the surge from my balls as my come spewed up and onto my chest and stomach. Shot after shot flew from me as my hand continued to stroke, milking every little bit of come from my shaft. Some of it had even hit Trinity’s hand and I watched as she brought it to her mouth and licked it off.

I took quite a while to come down from this orgasm, the pleasure of my release was that intense, a level I’d never attained before. I looked over at Trinity, leaned over and kissed her softly, thanking her for sharing such an incredible sexual experience with me. I then realized that I had nothing to clean myself with, no Kleenex, no napkins….nothing. I quickly got out of the truck and routed through the back seat, luckily finding a roll of paper towels, down to the last 2 sheets. I quickly wiped myself down as best I could, a little sticky for the ride home, then started driving Trinity back to her car.

When I dropped her off I thanked her again for an amazing (though not planned) night and kissed her goodbye. I hoped that we might get together again, and we did twice more, but more importantly our friendship and relationship has grown and remains strong.

More to come……

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