Try a Little Tenderness Ch. 02


Kirsty possessed a carnal appetite the likes of which I never thought possible outside the covers of an erotic novel; it was quite simply, glorious! We seemed a perfect match and our steamy affair showed no sign of flagging.

My infatuation with Kirsty had turned into genuine affection and tonight, I told her that I loved her, the words that she had been longing to hear.

So, after six gruelling weeks of servicing Kirsty’s challenging sexual demands, and just when I thought our romance could reach no higher zenith, Kirsty dropped a name into our conversation that effected even more excitement in our lives.

We were enjoying a Saturday evening at home. Kirsty was being her usual teasing self and looking ravishing in a simple, grey button-through dress, that gave her the persona of a school teacher – and what a teacher!

“You know, Pete, until we met I had never known true happiness. Even the joy on my wedding day was nothing like the pleasure we have now.”

“That’s all in the past, sweetheart.” I comforted placing a hand on her thigh and sensing the gratifying thrill of a stocking fastening, a singular sensation that momentarily dispelled any doom-laden thoughts that lingered about our age difference.

I gazed longingly at her hint of cleavage and mused on the tantalising glimpse of lingerie straps, wondering what they might be attached to.

I had often asked Kirsty to wear a particular outfit for me, with of course my choice of accompanying lingerie, but tonight the selection had been hers, which led me to suspect that her lingerie was new, and bought without my knowledge. My reverie was disturbed.

“Have I ever told you about my friend Cathy?”

“No, I can’t recall the name.”

“Well, she’s the office manager, a few years older than me but still a very striking lady, you wouldn’t believe how sexy her body is. It was Cath that got me working out at the gym when I was overweight – long before we met.

Anyhow, Cath became a crutch for me, always there to lean on, always ready to listen to my woes and offer advice, and lend a helping hand. She was a real friend.”

“If we ever meet I shall have to thank her for turning you into the sex-crazed woman I’m in love with.” I nuzzled Kirsty’s neck.

“It’s funny you should say that, Pete, because I’ve asked her around this evening to meet you. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. I look forward to meeting another lady with a fabulous body.” My hands strayed to Kirsty’s full breasts.

“But, have we got time for …!

The door chimes interrupted.

“Answer your question. Hey what’s all this, you horny bugger?” Kirsty said grabbing my crotch as she rose. “Save it for later, I’ve got plans!” Kirsty went to admit her friend.

I got to my feet and adjusted my stiffened penis.

From the hallway there was the sound of whispering – presumably something that wasn’t for my ears. This was quickly followed by feminine laughter and the appearance of Kirsty and Cathy, linked arm in arm.

Kirsty hadn’t understated her friend’s glamorous image! Cathy did indeed have an eye popping figure, which was crowned by her short, blonde hair, styled and flicked to project at all angles and, like Kirsty’s, it reeked of expensive maintenance!

Side by side these two women looked stunning and sexy.

Cathy’s elfin-like form and grace was displayed to perfection by an extremely tight, short skirt coupled with a green camisole top and highlighted by dark stiletto heels. The fine silk accentuated her breasts leaving a compelling shadow on the material where her nipples jutted. I was brooding on this apparition when Kirsty’s voice broke across my silent appraisal.

“Pete, I want you to meet Cathy, my best ever friend. Cath, this is the man who has changed my whole life.”

“Hello, Peter, Kirsty’s told me all about you. In great detail, I might add.” She said winking an eye.

“Really, not everything, surely!” I joked.

I stepped forward, trying desperately not to glance at her breasts bobbling carelessly as we shook hands. Their sheer audacity and movement indicating a total lack of support; a theory that was born out when one of the flimsy straps slipped from her shoulders. She came closer and kissed my cheek.

“Oh, yes, everything,” She said looking me directly in the eyes and lifting the strap back into place. “I am so pleased you’re making my darling Kirsty happy!”

The women hugged in tacit agreement.

But the implication and directness of Cathy’s words were unsettling. I wondered, was she privy to all our sexual activities?

“Don’t look so embarrassed, Pete. Cathy loves to hear all about our salacious details.” Kirsty was really piling on the discomfort. “Don’t you, Cath?”

I looked at Kirsty.

Speculating on what specifics had been shared? What aspects of our relationship had been put under the sexual microscope? And, whether I should be feeling proud of myself?

There was further smalltalk and the women made themselves comfortable on the settee, again linking arms and Artvin Escort holding hands – an image I found not only compelling, but strangely erotic.

Cathy was having trouble keeping the hem of her skirt low enough to maintain her modesty – not an easy task – so she finally decided to sit with her feet tucked beneath her.

After I’d handed out the drinks and we’d toasted one another, I settled into an armchair to enjoy my debauched and hedonistic vision of two gorgeous women, who were so rapt and preoccupied with each other my presence was practically ignored. But that was immaterial. Just to be present at such a sybaritic exhibition of was sublime!

The conversation flowed as freely as the wine and I found myself becoming more and more enthralled at the sight and sound of animated, risque female chatter. It was staggering how Kirsty and Cathy were so at ease with each others physicality.

Was it a girl thing, or the wine feeding my fertile imagination, encouraging me to think the unthinkable about some close relationship they might have had, once!

I concluded it was too much wine and all that was happening was just two touchy-feely friends pleased to see one another. I also thought it wise to lay off the drink.

But I couldn’t rid myself of the notion.

A concept so assiduous and ridiculous yet …?

But, the seeds of supposition had been planted and were difficult to dismiss.

There was another feeling I couldn’t shake off, the sense of being intimidated by these two lovelies and their flamboyant affection for each other. Their combined sexual appeal and seductive mannerisms led me to believe the pair of them were trying to consciously subjugate me! A pleasant, yet bizarre erotic experience I found myself enjoying, thoroughly.

Logically, how I arrived at such an idea I don’t know but I determined not to fight the sensation and settled back to ogle Kirsty’s skirt riding higher and higher, and the lovely Cathy cede to her hemline struggle by allowing it to remain at whatever height it found itself, regardless of modesty!

But my blatant leering was becoming too obvious. So, excusing myself on the pretext of fetching some ice, I went to the kitchen for some much needed cold water to cool my lustful thinking.

My lengthy absence was eventually noted by Kirsty who came in search. Throwing her arms around my neck she asked.

“Well, what do you think, Pete, Cathy’s a real stunner, isn’t she?”

I clutched her backside and brought her closer.

“Since you asked, yes, she is.” I replied trying to be diplomatic. “But I wish she’d worn a bra and a longer skirt. Seeing you two sitting together is making me hot under the collar.”

Kirsty reached down and grasped the front of my trousers.

“Yes, I saw where your eyes were riveted and this is the result, eh? You’re a naughty boy, Peter, and I’ll deal with you later. But I’m pleased you’re aroused, I didn’t want you to think that I was totally ignoring you. Cath is a very demonstrative woman who can’t help letting her emotions get the better of her. We’ve been close for some time and I don’t want her to think she’s not wanted now that I’ve got you.”

“Mm, I had noticed how devoted and intimate you were.”

Kirsty went quiet, reflecting on my words.

“So, you dirty boy, it’s not just my stocking tops and Cathy’s naked breasts bobbling beneath her silk camisole that’s making you stiff, it’s the image of Cathy and myself as lesbians. Am I right?”

What could I say? Fortunately Kirsty hadn’t finished so an immediate reply wasn’t needed.

“Come on, you can tell me. Considering all our intimacy there’s no need to go all shy and embarrassed. So tell me, you think Cathy and I have been lovers, don’t you?”

Was Kirsty was teasing?

She didn’t seem angry about the implication, which made it all the more difficult to come up with an answer. My mind swam with countless scenarios. Finally, Kirsty jabbed me in the ribs.

“Come on, I’m waiting …”

“… And so am I.” It was Cathy’s voice from the doorway.

I looked over at Cathy wishing the earth would swallow me up, but Kirsty didn’t bat an eyelid.

Instead, she released her hold on me and went to join Cathy. The pair of them slipped their arms around each other and kissed briefly. When they looked back at me, their wicked smiles told me everything I wanted to know.

“… Do you know, Kirsty, Peter still can’t make his mind up about us.”

“I don’t think he can.” Kirsty replied moving behind Cathy. “So, shall we give him a hint?”

Kirsty slipped her hands beneath Cathy’s camisole and cupped her friends naked breasts, jiggling them and drawing out the impudent nipples.

My jaw dropped in disbelief at Kirsty’s outrageous and provocative behaviour.

“Ooh, baby, that is so nice, I’ve missed your touch so much.” Cathy sighed.

“Come on, Peter. Let’s put you out of your misery!” Kirsty said.

She spoke with confidence and in the knowledge that my domination had been secured. I had become Artvin Escort Bayan enslaved to them! She and Cathy had me precisely where they wanted. Hand in hand the women headed for the stairs.

I watched them climb, looking back to see if I was following. It was when they paused to kiss again, this time with passion, that I began follow, each step filled in equal measures with excitement, trepidation and doubt.

My excitement was self-evident, the trepidation was the unknown and the doubt was whether I was about to become the victim of a huge joke!

Either way, I was beyond caring.

When I reached the open door of Kirsty’s bedroom, I paused and listened. From within came the urgent sound of Cathy’s wanton moaning.

Inquisitiveness overcame my reluctance to enter and I peered around the door to seek the reason for Cathy’s craving.

My gaze swept past her carelessly discarded skirt and came to rest on the two women standing before the full-length mirror.

Cathy’s entreating was apparent. I watched as Kirsty played her fingers across a pink satin triangle that barely covered Cathy’s pussy. The spectacle was absorbing and hypnotic, the eroticism breathtaking, as Cathy, in the throes of sexual pleasure, urged herself on Kirsty’s touch.

Eventually my presence was noticed and they brought a halt to their lascivious activity. Cathy, invited me to enter, making it sound more like an order!

I must have looked pathetic standing there.

In my naivety I wondered what should I do? What was expected of me? A few short weeks ago I’d met the woman of my dreams and in this very room had we had indulged in a multitude of spectacular sexual practices. And now that woman, and her lover, were inviting me to …!

The awkward silence was broken by the imperious Cathy who had perched herself on the edge of the bed.

“Peter, you look lost, yet you’ve been in this room dozens of times.”

There was no doubting her role as principal director in this tableau and my understandable nervousness escalated at the realisation!

I felt as if I should kneel in obedience, such was my feeling of enslavement to these two women.

Cathy crossed her bare legs and continued speaking.

“In fact, Kirsty has replayed for me, in precise and gratifying detail, many of your sexual escapades that took place here in this room. Oh, Peter, I did enjoy hearing about the two of you and yes, I was envious of all that sucking and fucking you performed on my sweet Kirsty. How you gave her orgasm after orgasm. And there’s me not managing to make her cum once! Peter, you’ve taken my baby from me and turned her into a cock-hungry wild thing.”

She held out a hand for Kirsty.

“But, I still love your pussy, too.” Kirsty interjected taking Cathy’s hand.

“When Kirsty described your first time together I thought it thrilling, I had her relate the episode time and again when she was toying with my clitoris”

Cathy’s words were incredulous.

I looked over at Kirsty my eyebrows raised questioningly.

“Peter, I discovered that a woman’s caress is sweeter by far and when the chance to suborn Kirsty came along. Well, I couldn’t help myself. But I’m pleased she has met you because I feel I am a part of your relationship, too. You must respect me for having honed her lust for your pleasure! I love Kirsty as much as you, Peter, something that will never change.”

Cathy kissed Kirsty’s hand.

“Wow, Cath, that was quite a speech. Not what I was expecting.” Kirsty was all happiness and smiles, “I’m sure Peter wouldn’t mind sharing me with you. What do you say, Peter. It’s a male fantasy come true, isn’t it? Think about it, one gorgeous Sappho, one bi-sexual female and a straight guy! Do you think you can handle it?”

I looked from one to the other my trousers straining from the throbbing bulge within.

“I think … ” I mumbled. “… I think, I need a drink!”

Kirsty threw her arms around me and we kissed hungrily, our tongues craving each other.

“Darling, if you’re not comfortable with all this say so.” She whispered in my ear. “Are you?”


“Then so am I.”

From her position Cathy spoke again, only this time her voice was softer.

“That’s nice, but don’t you think Kirsty is wearing too many clothes, Pete? Undress her, slowly. Show me how tender you are.”

It would be my pleasure.

With the expertise of carrying out many such procedures, my fingers lighted on the first of many buttons that fronted Kirsty’s dress. Progressing from the top I undid each one, my heart thumping in anticipation of what lay beneath.

One by one I released them, and then kneeling, I finished the job, my servile position before the women injecting a certain frisson to the task.

That thrill was intensified when Kirsty slipped her arms from the dress and, with a dramatic shrug of her shoulders, let it fall to the carpet.

I was right, Kirsty had bought new lingerie, a black satin and lace basque that shaped her compelling Escort Artvin body magnificently. Cathy couldn’t conceal her admiration either.

“Sweet Kirsty, you look amazing. Turn this way let me see you properly.”

Kirsty turned toward Cathy.

“Baby, you are adorable. Come over here and let me touch.”

From my kneeling position I watched the black satin of Kirsty’s panties stretch taut across her backside, as she bent to kiss Cathy.

I couldn’t resist the temptation and shuffled the few steps separating us on my knees. I grasped her lace stocking tops and buried my face in the luxurious sensation of fine satin, forcing the material deep into the valley between her buttocks.

Kirsty squealed in surprise and wriggled.

“Yes please, more of that, Pete.”

I swivelled around and sat on the carpet. Then, putting my head between her thighs and relaxing against the bed between Cathy’s knees, I found the perfect access to Kirsty’s cunt.

I savoured the redolence of feminine perfumes and the bouquet of Kirsty’s beautiful pussy, as it assaulted my nostrils, and proceeded to pleasure her in the manner she adored.

I had no idea what was taking place between the two women, but there was no doubting Kirsty was rejoicing in the arrangement.

The kiss of satin on my tongue was exquisite and the perception of her tumescent lips exhorted my efforts to please her. Soon, the intensity of the mood manifested itself and Kirsty’s juices turned the satin sodden.

She put down a hand to draw them aside, but the panties were too snug a fit and made for an uncomfortable compromise.

Cathy’s voice broke across Kirsty’s impatient breathing.

“What is he doing to you, baby?”

There was no reply, just an aggressive demand from Kirsty for me to complete her orgasm.

Kirsty’s ability to climax at will was astounding. An act so beautiful it defied description. There had been many occasions when, greeting each other for the first time in the day or on arriving home from work, she had demanded my touch to satiate her lust. And, within minutes she would be crying out and buckling at the knees, the inside of her thighs running with moisture.

“Come on! Come on!” Kirsty urged as a reminder to me. “Come on, you bastard. Yes, Yes, nowww …”

Kirsty’s thighs locked around my head as her spasms took root. the mouthwatering tang of ladies nectar flooding my taste buds, it was the moment I relished.

“You little bitch! You dirty little cow! You’ve just cum, haven’t you?” Cathy had a charming turn of phrase. “You dirty, dirty bitch! You’ve certainly changed. Why did you never do that for me?”

Cathy reached down a hand to feel Kirsty’s wet pussy.

“That feels so nice! Get up here, now! I want to taste that juice.”

Kirsty obeyed and climbed onto the bed, shuffling alongside Cathy’s prone torso until she was in a position to sit astride friends mouth.

Kirsty again pulled aside her wet panties, inviting Cathy to lick at the moisture that glistened and beckoned from her bloated pussy.

“Baby, you taste real nice.” Cathy mumbled.”

Using both hands Kirsty supported Cathy’s head pushing hard against it, writhing and hunting for something her clit could abrade.

“OK, Cath, it’s your turn. Now you can make me cum, and Pete, you know how to tease my other love tunnel.” She looked over her shoulder beseeching me to attend her.

“In a minute, sweetheart, in a minute” I replied still on my knees.

The claws of lust had buried themselves so deeply in me, they hurt. I would do anything to please these women.

I looked along Cathy’s suntanned thighs to where the pink satin was becumming darker – Kirsty must be really turning her on – and wondered if her pussy was as swollen as the triangle of material suggested.

Should I kiss it, or even remove the flimsy covering without Cathy first conceding?

I decided to leave well alone and concentrate on Kirsty’s second cummimg instead.

My vexed gaze took in Kirsty’s body accommodated within her basque, admiring the way it forged her figure. It was taunting me, aggravating my erection to the point of pain, the black satin panties clinging to the contours of her arse incensing my wretchedness further.

I knew what Kirsty wanted me to do; to titillate and finger probe her rear!

Although, I had never had my cock in there, it was only a matter of time before her uncontrollable passion demanded my entry.

She adored my gentle use of guile and tongue insertion at the precise moment of climax.

So, aroused and throbbing, the thought of Kirsty’s red lips around my rigid length appealed greatly. I stripped off and stood on the bed, my hungry cock wavering in search of a female caress.

The wonderful Kirsty instantly recognised my need and coaxed me toward her crimson mouth with gentle fingers.

I felt the pleasure of Kirsty’s glossy red lips slipping over the tip of my cock and her tongue probing the exposed eye in search of seeping pre-cum.

But it was to be a brief interlude.

“Help me out, Pete, please.” Kirsty pleaded.

I positioning myself to aid Kirsty’s orgasm. But, on preparing to kiss her rear, I had the sudden impulse to run my fingers along Cathy’s thighs and over her satin pussy, just to test her reaction.

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