Under His Spell


I got the idea for this story from a short video clip As edited, the scene made little sense. I am attempting to flesh it out and make it plausible although I doubt it ever would happen.


Elizabeth, or Liz, as everyone called her, wanted to make a good impression tonight. Her husband, Justin’s, new boss was having his supervisors over to his new house to meet everyone in a less formal environment. All the other wives would be dressed to kill. She wanted to outshine them. Attention on her, after all, was attention on Justin.

She picked out her best cocktail dress and laid it on the bed. Liz liked this dress as it showed a lot of leg and generous cleavage. Some digging in her lingerie drawer produced a pair of lacy black panties. No bra would work with the dress. Black seamed stockings and black stiletto heels followed.

She took off her work clothes, and evaluated her naked body in the mirror as the tub filled with water. She had recently turned 27 and no longer had the physique of a teenager. That was a good thing. She had filled out rather nicely. While she never considered herself gorgeous, she did have nice facial features framed by her short light brown hair. Her breasts were still firm and capped with large pink nipples. Justin liked her to be clean shaven so she kept her pubes bare. She felt as if she should lose 20 pounds or so, but that never seemed to happen.

She sank into the warm water, letting the heat caress her body. She was tempted to rub herself — it had been nearly a two weeks since she had made love to her husband. He had been working non-stop since he found out he was getting a new boss. He wanted to have everything in order at work when the new guy took over. Liz resisted the urge, as she hoped that after the party he would be relaxed enough to make love to her.

She took extra care with her make-up. She wanted a sexy look but not so much that she looked cheap. When she was satisfied, she got dressed. Her “extra 20” was evident when she slipped the dress on. It was definitely tighter than it was when she last wore it. After checking herself in the mirror again, she decided the extra tightness actually helped.

When she was satisfied, she went downstairs.

“Oh Liz, you look fantastic. You will be the prettiest wife there.”

Liz blushed. She used to get compliments from her husband all the time. But compliments, like their lovemaking, had gotten more rare over time.

“Keep talking like that and we might skip the party and ravage each other.”

“Liz, I am sorry but I have been soon busy. Mr. Maddox is reputed to be a real taskmaster who demands a lot from his employees. I had a backlog of work to do before he arrived. Everyone at work has been on edge. People who have worked for him says he hires and fires people on a whim. He supposedly promotes the same way. When I meet him tonight it will be with the prettiest wife in the company on my arm!”

“I will be the best eye candy I can be.”

“Rumor has it that he demoted a VP because wore ugly ties. I don’t believe all that, but he will be a tough cookie. But that is exactly what the company needs.”

“I’m sure he will like you. What’s not to like?”

“Well for one, I didn’t go to one of the big name business schools that most of the other guys did.”

“You will do just fine when he realizes you are just as smart as any of them.”

“You are probably right. I just need to show him I am willing to do just about anything to get ahead. When he sees the work I did on the Richardson account he will be impressed.

“We better get along to the party. Maddox doesn’t sound like he would appreciate people who are fashionably late!”


Justin and Liz arrived at the best time, in the middle of the pack. They blended in with the other couples arriving at the large home. Clint Maddox certainly noticed the hot brunette in the black dress as they walked in.

“Clint Maddox, welcome to my home. And you are?”

“Justin Blake, Southwestern Sales Supervisor, and this is my wife, Liz.”

Maddox barely glanced at Justin, keeping his attention on Liz. This made Justin uneasy. One of the rumors about the new boss was that he was not shy about taking what he wanted. He assumed that could mean spouses. He had not told Liz about that particular rumor. Seeing his boss in person reinforced his concerns: Not only was he well off financially, but he was handsome and charismatic as well. He was a formidable presence.

Liz and Justin went Artvin Escort their separate ways. He talked shop with his fellow employees while Liz chatted with the women. The subject was the same with both groups. The rugged new boss with charm that hid his take no prisoners attitude.

Liz knew about half of the wives present. She had not immersed herself in her husband’s job. So, she had not attended very many of his social functions.

The wives were fully engaged in the topic of the new boss.

“Those eyes look right into your soul,” one lady that Liz did not know was saying. Liz had certainly noticed the striking steel-blue eyes that had been sizing her up moments before.

“I’ll say. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes. I can’t say that I minded,” said another.

“I have heard that he is quite the charmer. I hear he had to leave the Central Division because of, well, indiscretions. He’s too valuable to fire, so he gets moved around.

That was the first Liz had heard that. Surely Justin knew of that aspect of the new boss.

“He supposedly has affairs with the wives, but not the female employees. Anyway we are all immune to his charm, aren’t we?”

As one, the group shifted uncomfortably and looked down. Liz had felt his charm at work in just the few seconds they had made their introductions. It was indeed powerful. She doubted that many of these dowdy housewives would turn away someone like Clint Maddox if he said the word. Which one would be the first to drop their panties? Liz didn’t much care who it would would be. She just knew that she had never cheated, and saw no reason to start now.

“I don’t know about you ladies, but I don’t run around on my husband.” Her statement sent a murmur went through the group. Was she trying to say they do?

“I don’t either, but I might be sorely tempted.”

Another wife echoed that sentiment. “I would ride him like a bronc buster.”

“I doubt he will be so brash, since he just got here.”

“Are you kidding? Guys like him are like sharks — they have to continuously eat.”

“That’s swim, but we get the point.”

By this time, Liz was growing weary of listening to their chatter. Looking for her husband, she spotted him in an engrossing conversation with none other than Mr. Maddox. She hesitated to go over, but then, maybe Justin might want to be rescued. She took a deep breath and joined the pair. Justin appeared uneasy.

“Ah, Liz, glad you left the group. No telling what spurious stories you might hear about me over there.”

He certainly was full of himself if he assume everything was about him.

“Sorry to disappoint you but we were exchanging recipes”

“I make a tasty cream dressing. I’ll have to whip some up for you!”

Liz wasn’t sure if it were the sexual innuendo, or the speed at which came up with it that bothered her more.

“Justin, will you excuse me. I have to check on somethings in the kitchen. If I could borrow Liz to give me a hand, I would appreciate it.”

“I… um…it’s up to Liz, I suppose.”

“Liz, care to join me?” His eyes cut into her like a knife.

“Well, I don’t know how much help I can be. My favorite kitchen appliance is the phone to call for take out.”

“I have a feeling you are a quick learner. Is she, Justin?

Justin kept his eyes averted and didn’t say anything. Liz followed Maddox to the kitchen. She could almost feel the stares of the other women as she walked. Justin shuffled off to sit by himself.

To be sure, there was some things to do in the kitchen. Snacks were warming in the oven and needed to be transferred to serving trays. But nothing that really required help. That fact didn’t escape Liz.

“Ok, that wasn’t too tough. Am I free to go?”

“Yes you may go. However, I did want to talk to you — alone.”

This is where Liz had here chance to tell him that might be inappropriate. She actually started to say as much. But she felt as she should hear him out. After all, he is her husband’s boss.

“Whatever in the world could you have to talk to me? I don’t even know what it is that exactly that Justin does.”

“Relax, I’m note going to quiz you about sales techniques. I simply wanted to talk to the prettiest wife here.”

Liz winced. Was he that forward, as to pull a ruse like that with her husband right there?

“Justin is probably wondering what’s keeping me. I should be getting back to him.”

“He is doing just fine.”

Liz knew she Artvin Escort Bayan should leave anyway, but standing there, with this gorgeous, self assured man facing her she found her unable, or unwilling to move. Her idea that she could resist him was beginning to fade.

“Still, I think I should go.”

“Don’t trust yourself with me? Most women feel that way at first. They get over that rather quickly. I am not dangerous.”

“That’s not what I have heard.”

“My reputation precedes me. Don’t believe what you hear.”

He had moved imperceptibly closer to her and had taken her hand.

“Let me show you the house. The only danger is getting lost. I just moved in you know.”

Liz was startled by his move. A tingle went through her body from her contact with his hand. She had to admit there was something about this man. She tried to resist following him, but her legs seemed to work on their own.

They walked through the great room to the stairs. Clint, rather than hurrying, took his time. He talked briefly to his guests. He was savoring the fact that he had someone else’s wife on his arm. As her led her up the stairs the party guests reacted.

“That didn’t take long!”

“Her poor husband!”

“I always said she looked like a slut.”

No one talked to Justin. He was still seated by himself, staring at the wall.

Clint led Liz to the top of the stairs. True to his word, he did give her a tour. There were some rooms with only mover’s boxes in them. One room was set up as an office/library. Liz was naturally drawn to the bookshelves. She wanted to see what the powerful Clint Maddox had on his reading list.

Most of what she saw was business books. Before she could move, Clint moved in close behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight to him. He nuzzled her neck.

“We can’t do this. It’s not right.” But Liz made no effort to pull away or to stop him from nibbling on her neck and ear. She even rubbed her bottom into his groin ever so slightly. Maddox took note of that and knew she would be his.

“I didn’t get where I am by saying ‘can’t.'” His hands moved up, reaching the underside of her breasts. “I always get what I go after.”

His hands now were fully on her bosom, kneading the pliant flesh. She felt one hand as it found its way into the top of her dress.

“I think there is at least one room you haven’t shown me yet.”

“That room is only for dirty little sluts. Are you a dirty little slut?”

“I didn’t think so. I am not sure any more.”

“Well, you can’t see my bedroom unless you are. Say it! Tell me you want to be my nasty slut. Tell me.”

“I… I am your dirty little slut.”


“And I want you to take me to your room.”

“That’s more like it. Shall we?”

Liz was compliant as he took her hand and led her to his room.

As the door closed, it was Liz who became the aggressor. The animal attraction that she had from the moment she met him now took over. All thoughts of her husband were drowned out by by the sexual attraction she was feeling now. It was very much unlike her.

Fumbling with buttons, zippers and clasps hardly slowed their rush to get naked. Liz was first and watched Clint taking off his last item: his boxer shorts. She was pleased to see he was larger than Justin, but not enough so as to be frightening.

Clint obviously liked what he saw. “I knew that dress would look good on my bedroom floor! And you are gorgeous.”

“You aren’t too bad yourself.”

Clint moved to her, and pulled her to him for a kiss. He was a good kisser. His hands made their way down to her ass cheeks. Gripping them tightly, he pulled her tightly to him,

“Mr. Maddox, you are getting excited.”

“You would have that effect on any man.”

“I want, no, I need you -= now.”

“I thought you would never ask!”

With that, he pushed her onto the bed. She spread her legs for another man for the first time since she had been with Justin.


“Justin, I need to talk to you for a moment.”

“Certainly, Mr. Maddox. You have a nice house here.”

“Yes, I suppose it is. Justin what if I said you could be on a fast track to have a house like this?

“Really? Does this mean…”

“Yes I am considering a promotion for you. They don’t know it yet, but two VPs are leaving the company soon. Either position will put you in a better part of town. Your work here has been good, but, frankly, not good Escort Artvin enough for you to move up on that alone.”

Maddox had baited the hook.

“What can I do? I can put in more hours, I can…”

“Nothing that hard. It’s quite simple. I am going to ask your wife to help me in the kitchen. You will allow her to go. Once there, I will make a play for her. All you have to do is not interfere — not at any time during the evening.”

Justin stood there with his mouth agape. He wasn’t sure that he heard correctly. He heard rumors about his behavior, but seeing his audacity was stunning.

“I, we, uh.”

“Everything is up to her. She can say no at any time, no harm: you still get promoted. If you do anything to botch it up and no deal. It boils down to whether you trust your wife.”

“I trust her, but that’s not the point.”

“You’re wrong. If you play along, you hit the jackpot. It really is that simple. But think quickly. She is walking this way.”

“I can’t…you can’t”

Liz unknowingly walked into Clint’s web.


Liz was now on her back waiting for Clint to move into position to enter her. He smiled, but not for her benefit. He was thinking of Justin downstairs, wondering what he had done. He would get his promotion, but at a price.

“Put it in me, don’t tease me.”

“Okay you nasty slut.” He slid in partway, drawing out completely, which got a frustrated moan.

He plunged deeper and soon had a rhythm going. Liz loved the feeling and got vocal enough for the guests to hear. This set the muttered conversations going anew. Nobody approached Justin.

Eventually the sounds of lovemaking subsided. Maddox came downstairs alone and got back to schmoozing with his guests. Awhile later, Liz came down, in a walk of shame.

When Clint had finished in her, the spell she was seemingly under was broken. What had she done? She found Justin and the troubled couple left the party and had a silent ride home.

She had been practicing her apology in her head on the way home. Nothing she could come up with was sufficient. She decided to let Justin speak his mind first. Then try to beg his forgiveness. She did not have to wait too long. Justin broke the silence as they entered the house.

“Liz, can you ever forgive, I am so sorry!”

This threw her off for a moment.

“What. YOU are sorry? What part did you play in this?”

“Maddox said he would seduce you. He would promote me if I let him. I could have stopped him, but I didn’t. I am sorry.

“I don’t think you could have stopped him, and that you might have been fired if you tried.”

“You might be right, but I should have tried. I should have tried.” Justin was almost crying at that point.

“I’m not taking the promotion. In fact, I will get my resumé in order.”

“Like hell you will. You, we, earned it. You will be the best VP the company ever had. Then you look for another job at the VP level. We can deal with Maddox until then.”

“What if he wants some more, you know?”

“It will cost him cost him a huge raise.”‘

“You are kidding, aren’t you?

“Why not? I got you a promotion, didn’t I?” Besides, I am doubtlessly considered to be the company whore by now.”

“I suppose if Maddox wants to give me enough of a raise…listen to me — I sound like a pimp.”

“I may like it again. It will be fun getting raises for something I would do for free!”

“Don’t even tease about that.”

“If I were getting it at home, then I would not fall under his spell. I would suggest we work on that now.

“Liz please, this is too soon.”

Liz moved in front of Justin. She started removing her dress.

“That’s not fair.”

As the dress dropped to the floor, Liz thought that it looked as good on the living room floor as it did on Clint’s bedroom floor.

She quickly peeled off her sticky panties, tossing them at her husband.

“Dammit, Liz, another man just had sex with you. I know I allowed it, but still.”

“You know since I did it for money, that makes me a whore. Take your dirty little whore to the bedroom.”

That seemed to cause a change in Justin. He grabbed her by the arm, forcing her onto the sofa. He held her down with one hand while undressing himself with the other. When he was sufficiently exposed, he lined himself between her lovely legs and slid into her savagely. Her earlier encounter with the boss had left her very slick. The wetness only served to speed up Justin’s pounding. He took out his guilt on her lush body.

Liz enjoyed, for the first time, rough sex from her husband. She could get used to this.

She made a mental note to lose her extra weight before the company pool party this summer.

Maddox will love her in a bikini!

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