Unexpected Outcomes


About 3 weeks ago I had a need to go to Broken Hill on business from my home in South Australia’s Mid-North Region. It’s a very boring almost 4-hour drive that I have undertaken many times across some of the most arid land Australia has to offer.

I was almost 1 hour into the drive when I came upon an older couple standing by a car that had obviously hit an animal as it had sustained a lot of damage to the front end. Stopping I asked if they required any help, and they asked if I was able to take them towards Broken Hill as it was their hometown. They explained that they had hit a big kangaroo about 25 kms back and had managed to drive this far before the motor overheated and killed the engine. They had hoped to get into the next town about 5 kms further on. I let them know that as I was going to Broken Hill I could take them home. As I extended my hand towards the man I said “I’m Sam but my friends call me Blue, He introduced himself as Rob and my wife is Sally, we are sure glad you stopped. Thanks mate.” We loaded their possessions into the tray of my Toyota Hilux Ute and left their badly damaged car where it was. As my Hilux only had a bench seat Sally slid in next to me and Rob got in and closed the passenger side door and we set off. The conversation flowed and we soon discovered we had lots of common interests including being owners of race cars. We joked that we were on our way to making small fortunes, the starting point being much bigger ones.

Conversation soon turned towards our general situations and Sally asked about my wife after spotting the ring on my left hand. I told them that my wife had a series of strokes a few years ago and was still very unwell. Rob said that he had had a bit of a health scare 12 months ago when he noticed a small lump in his scrotum. It turned out to be a cyst and not a cancer, but it was enough to have him rethink his lifestyle.

Sally asked if we could stop at the roadhouse as we entered the next town as she needed to visit the rest room and thought we could do with a drink as well. Pulling up at the fuel pumps we all got out of the ute, and I refueled it before going inside to pay and get a bottle of cola. Rob drew my attention to the doors as Sally came into the room. She had changed her clothes and looked amazing wearing a semitransparent blouse and a short wraparound skirt. Never had I seen a more attractive 60 something woman.

We climbed back in my ute and resumed our journey. Sally was again sitting next to me and as we drove along the conversation picked up from where it left off when we stopped. Rob went on to talk about some of his lifestyle changes. Firstly, he said how he began to exercise more, and this led him to take more notice of the food he ate and what he drank. This led to Sally also starting to eat better and exercise more. Sally spoke about the changes she experienced in her libido. Rob also noticed that his libido increased with a better diet and a decrease in their alcohol intake.

At this point, I made the point that it would not be much help to me as my wife had since the strokes gone completely off any sexual contact, almost frigid even. Rob said, “that must be tough at times” and I replied, “Mrs. Palmer sometimes gets a bit of a workout” Rob laughed and Sally said, “in my experience self-service is no real fun if you are on your own.”

We seemed to have crossed a line just then. The conversation had moved from the mundane into the realm of sex. Not a topic that respectable 60-somethings often share with others outside of their spouse. Never had I felt this comfortable with strangers before., but there was something different with Rob and Sally. Rob started to describe some of the changes they had made since his discovering the lump and soon he was revealing changes in –their sex life as well. Sally even chimed in with her saying “it’s like we are teenagers again, what with the skinny-dipping etcetera.” I asked, “just what does etcetera mean?” and Sally stated with a laugh “the sex is even better and more frequent.”

Suddenly Sally asked when I last had any sexual activity with another person. As Sally asked this she Artvin Escort placed her right hand on my upper thigh.

As I looked towards Rob I thought “wow, this is getting a whole lot more personal.” Rob then shocked me when he asked Sally if that was a subtle hint that she was horny. Sally replied “you know full well that these days I’m always horny. especially since we began to embrace a swinger’s lifestyle.”

“What is involved in that kind of lifestyle?” I asked and Rob explained that he & Sally both have other lovers mostly together but sometime separately. Rob went on to say just how much he enjoyed watching Sally having sex with others, be they men or women. “Remember that first time with Colin and his mate Billy?” Sally asked and continued “my first time being airtight, that was fun, but I thought I would drown you pumped so much cum down my throat darling,” “Yeah and who knew your brother had such a big cock” Rob replied.

As we crossed the border into New South Wales I was thinking about the other borders we had crossed. And what are these people. However, my dick told me some other story. I was hard. Glancing towards Sally’s hand on my thigh I was further shocked to see that her very short skirt had ridden up a lot and I could see that she was not wearing any knickers and her hand was almost touching my dick. At that exact time it pulsed and I was sure she had felt it. “You finally noticed” Sally said and smiling she moved her hand to feel my cock through my pants.

Looking at Rob he smiled and then said, “I think Sally likes you Tony and even from here I can see that it appears to be mutual.” Then he asked Sally if she was liking what she was holding?

Sally replied “In 15 minutes you will hear just how good it feels when it’s inside me”

We were approaching the outskirts of Broken Hill now and Rob directed me towards their house on the northern edge of the city. As I turned into their street Rob said, “it’s on the Right just pull into the dirt track next to the fence and drive around the back.” It became apparent that they lived on a large block, it looked like it was once a farmhouse on the edge of the old mining town. The property was surrounded by an 8ft high corrugated iron fence that gave the yard almost total privacy. In the middle of the vast lawned area was a swimming pool that looked very inviting.

Once I came to a stop near the back door Rob jumped out saying “I’ll get the bags you 2 go in and get started with whatever you need to finish.” As Sally got out of my ute she removed the skirt she was wearing and walked towards the backdoor looking back at me she laughed and said, “for fuck’s sake my pussy ain’t going to fuck itself now get here and get naked.” She stopped and waited for me at the door and as I drew up to her the door opened and we were greeted by a naked 30 something woman.

Sally gave the woman a hug and kiss before introducing me to her niece Jackie and asking her if her father was here too. “No but Uncle Colin is here with Aunt Betty, we arrived late yesterday.” Then Jackie said, “oh shit we were not expecting company aunty and where’s your car?” followed by a loud “FUCK we’re all nude here what must your friend think of us?”

Sally replied, “by the look of the tent in Blue’s shorts I think he likes the dress code around here, and speaking of dress codes we need to address his lack of compliance” then went on to explain about them hitting a roo a few miles outside of Nackara and my kindness in giving them a lift home.

Jackie smiled broadly then reached out and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down along with my jocks saying the Sally “you get his shirt Sal”. By this stage I had a raging hard on and as Jackie pulled down it sprang up and almost hit her in the face.

Sally laughed as Jackie just leaned forward and swallowed my entire 7 inches in a single gulp and proceeded to give me the best head I have ever had. She soon had my emptying my balls down her throat and as she released my still squirting dick from her mouth the last 2 pulses hit her in the face which Sally quickly licked up.

Looking around I noticed Artvin Escort Bayan that Rob had by this stage joined us at the door and when he stepped forward to hug his niece I saw that he too had stripped off his clothes. As Jackie moved in to hug him she reached down and took hold of his cock in her right hand and started to jack him off. When Sally saw this she suggested that we move this into the house and taking my hand led me through the house and into the bedroom.

This was the biggest bedroom I had ever seen. It was furnished with two king size beds, two big 3-seater lounges and 6 lounge chairs. There were also 2 televisions, one above the bed and the other on the wall opposite as well as 4 bedside cabinets and a large dressing table. On the ceiling above both beds there were mirrors that I soon discovered gave simultaneous views of both beds as Sally pushed me down on the bed, saying, “now shove that cock in and fuck my cunt, hard”.

I was laying on my back and Sally was bouncing on my cock cowgirl when I felt the bed move and heard a male voice saying, “is that a new dick for you sis?”

Sally replied by saying, “yes and I’m not about to share it with you. Well not just yet at least Colin.” He replied “Sally I sure hope you are not just leading me on with that comment. And sis can I have one of your other holes?”

Rob’s voice was the next one I heard when he said “I’m sure that Tony doesn’t want to look at your arsehole as you fuck your sisters’ mouth so if you need to fuck something take her ass. You know how much Sal like being DP’ed. But first I think it’s only right that you ask if he’s OK with that.”

Wow, I thought ‘who are these people and am I dreaming.’ Never having been in anything like this before I decided that I would just go with what ever they wanted. Besides this was an unfulfilled fantasy, “being the gentleman that I am I’m happy to go with anything that Sally wants at this stage.”

Rob handed Colin a tube of lube and I soon felt Sally’s cunt tighten as Colin started to feed his cock into her ass. Pretty soon we got into a rhythm and in what seemed only a short space of time we all reached a simultaneous orgasm. As Colin pulled out of Sally’s ass, she noticed that I was still hard and buried in her cunt. She asked me “do you intend on just soaking that cock in me or are we going to fuck some more?’

Needing no more encouragement I rolled us over and began pounding Sally’s cunt in the missionary position when I felt the bed move next to me. Next thing I heard was “sit up a bit will ya?” followed by “I need this bitch to eat my cunt.” Sitting up a bit I was looking at a magnificent pair of mature tits. These had to belong to Betty as she was the only woman here that I had yet to meet.  Smiling at me Betty introduced herself then said “Please play with my tits and suck my nipples if you would like to help me cum on Sally’s face”. Being the gentleman, I am and never wanting to let a lady down I immediately took Betty’s left nipple into my mouth and started suckling on it like a starving infant. Soon I moved to the other breast and with my index finger and thumb began to pull on the left nipple and at the same time bit down on the distended nipple in my mouth.

Betty started to yell out that she was cuming and ground her cunt into Sally’s mouth and tongue and just before she collapsed squirted what seemed like a litre over both Sally and myself. When Betty had recovered from her orgasm enough to speak she exclaimed “WOW I have never done that before.” Sally whilst laughing declared “Fuck Betty you near drowned me. Now get off”

As Sally said this the room was filled with applause and much laughter. Then I felt a tongue between my ass cheeks and felt Jackie starting to rim my asshole. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer but then I felt a wet finger push into my ass and I went over the top and filled Sally’s cunt with the biggest load of my life.

As I pulled out and rolled away Rob quickly had his face between her legs and busily began to clean up the cream pie I left in Sally’s cunt. Betty not to be denied, was quickly Escort Artvin onto my cock with her mouth and began my clean up. Feeling a second set of lips on my cock I looked down and was doubly shocked to see that it was firstly Colin who was sucking me and secondly it felt good. Even great. I was unexpectantly getting hard again, so soon after cuming and began to wonder for the first time in my life if I could suck a cock myself.

Jackie seeing my regained hard-on wasted little time in impaling herself on me. She was quickly getting into a very fast rhythm bouncing on me like a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. Reaching up I took hold of Jackie’s delectable little tits with both hands. Her tits were very small, maybe just an A cup at most. Certainly not even a B cup yet I felt the need to engulf them with my mouth. As I started to feast on Jackie’s inviting little nubs I felt someone push her further into my chest. At the same time her pussy suddenly got a whole lot tighter and as I peeked over her shoulder I found I was looking straight at Rob’s smiling face. It was then that I realized that Rob was gently filling Jackie’s ass with his cock.

Pretty soon we fell into a synchronise rhythm and then I felt a new sensation. Someone was gently tracing a finger around my anus. Never before had I experienced this but soon I found that I was quite enjoying this new sensation. I turned my head to see who it was and looked directly at Sally’s smiling face as she asked me if I liked what she was doing. Unsure if anyone else knew what was happening I told her that it certainly added an interesting new dimension to the current situation.

Sally’s response was to immediately stop, then she squirted some lube onto my ass and her fingers and then resumed her stroking around my ass gently moving the lube into me before she suddenly pushing her finger into me. I was very surprised at my reaction to this new experience and was even more surprised that I was enjoying it. Soon I was feeling even more pressure as Sally inserted a second finger into my ass. In what seemingly no time I felt a 3rd finger being inserted and shortly Sally proclaimed that she thought that I was ready for the next part of the fun to begin.

I felt Rob remove his dick from Jackie’s ass and Jackie suggested that we move into the traditional Missionary position which I was more than happy to do. As I started to fuck her I saw Colin move behind me then I felt hands on my hips again and fingers probing my anus, thinking it was Sally again I ignored it and just enjoyed the pleasurable feelings. Soon the pressure changed and I felt for the first time in my life a cock rubbing along my ass crack then before I could object Colin shoved his cock into my virgin ass.

To say I was conflicted would be an understatement. Never in my life had I had any kind of homosexual desire or fantasy, yet it was clear that I was enjoying the sensations I was feeling. The cock in my ass was stimulating my prostate and the tight young pussy felt fantastic. Never had I felt this good, it was like a whole new realisation for me. And when Rob presented his dick to Jackie for her mouth I began to think that I should also join her in blowing him. Much to my amazement I soon found that I was enthusiastically attacking Robs cock with Jackie.

Somewhat shocked at my actions, I discovered a hidden desire. I was Bi-sexual. Never had I had any hint that this was a secret deep within my sexual makeup. Never before had I had ever felt any urge toward other men. Yet here I was helping jackie give Rob double blow job. And at the same time taking a dick up my previously virgin ass. I felt a real sense of fulfilment. Never had sex felt so emotionally right. Never so complete.

Who would have thought that at almost 70 years old I would have made this momentous discovery about my true sexual orientation. For the next 2 days the impromptu orgy continued. We fucked in every possible combination. My favourite was when Sally was laying on Rob, getting her ass well stuffed and I was filling her pussy while Colin fucked my ass and Betty sat on face as I sucked on her tits. Needless to say I was late for my business meeting however I can unequivocally say that it was the best trip I ever made to Broken Hill.

By the way my business meeting was a success as well. I now make frequent trips to Broken Hill both for business and more so for pleasure.

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