Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 06


After we enjoyed a late hefty breakfast I instructed the girls, it was time to start with the pussy shaving ceremony. They were a bit embarrassed, but I told them that this was very necessary to have a smooth pussy for better feelings, especially during sucking and massaging. I would love to enjoy the ultimate and there was nothing like a smooth shaved pussy, when it comes to sucking and fucking or better love making.

The girls cleaned the kitchen table on which the ceremony was going to take place. In the meantime I went to bring the necessary equipment, from my bathroom, such as scissors, shaving foam, razor and of course some cream, to give a final smooth finish.

‘Well I think we should start with Sandra. She was the one who had spent the first night with me; therefore I think she should be the first to enjoy such a delicacy.’ I said. She giggled and pulled herself together in a way to just say ‘why me’.

‘OK Sandy, come over here?’ She came over and stood infront of me close to the table. I helped her out of her bra and also pulled down her nice cotton panties. I moved her towards the table, instructed her to sit on the edge of it and slowly helped her to lie down on her back. I had already spread a soft leather cushion, which covered the surface of the table, making it more comfortable then lying down on the hard wood itself.

At the end corners of the table stood two holes into which fittings like stirrups can be fixed. From a small cabinet I brought the two stainless steel stirrups to the surprise of the two ladies. I fixed them in place and helped Sandra’s legs brought up into the padded supports.

‘Sam, are you a gyno?’ Joan audaciously asked.

‘Never thought about it; but love to look and enjoy nature’s greatest wonder. I think it’s more comfortable, both for the female and the male, not only to experience and look at its’ beauty but also to make love.’ I answered. ‘As a matter of fact I always felt a certain jealousy for doctors and gynos.’

‘Your initiatives and imagination in love making are incredibly vast,’ remarked Joan while Sam opened the stirrups as wide as they can go.

‘I always looked forward to such gyno exams, why I don’t know. All I know was, that I start getting excited from the night before. I get very horny.’ Sandra added. ‘Last time I was due I called my ex. and spent a night of hot sex. Then I enjoyed the best exam.’

‘What did the Gyno say?’ I asked.

‘If it wasn’t for the doctor-patient relationship I would fuck you there and then. I never had such a horny patient, although I had a few who felt excited, but never like you, he told me; then I told him that I can accommodate; after hours. With the next touch, while taking out the speculum I erupted in a huge orgasm. I left the clinic very disappointed. The telephone rang just after sunset. It was the Gyno. I’m inviting you to dinner he said. I answered that I was already half way with my cooking. Just bring a good bottle of wine and come over. That was the best night of sex I enjoyed… before meeting you, Sam.’

With her legs wide open she looked incredibly beautiful. She was still young but mature, her legs from the fork down were nearly perfect, very smooth, shaved and there in the centre where her legs connect with her torso, lies the magic orifice of love and procreation. The orifice which nearly every male crave for, dreams about, yes, dreams about what it is like, it’s beauty, similarity between the open legs of one girl and another; what women think whenever they open their legs infront boyfriends, husbands etc. Every man dreams, thinks, are they the same. Men can make a lot of visual pictures in his mind, of its’ beauty, his longing, what it looks like, is it like the others, is it hotter, what. The imaginary visions are never ending.

I also pulled down my briefs as I knew that very soon I am going to have a very big problem.

For such jobs I had a special stool made to specifications so that I can sit very comfortably. I sat on it and started cutting down the too long golden hair. I cut it down as low as possible. Then I marked a diamond at the highest part close to the bikini line down towards her clitoris. That way I would leave a small design to preserve her blond mark.

Soon as I had drawn the diamond I cut shorter around it to make sure I will not ruin it with the razor. Then, I cut more hair from around the lips and around her ass hole. I must say she looked fantastic with this rather white/yellow skin around her genital area. The outer ring around the holes looked very attractive in the very light brown colour like a white coffee. As soon as I have finished with the scissors I took a good look at her pussy; by opening the lips and examine the state of her arousal. She was already very drenched. ‘Oh Sam, don’t start. It’s too early.’

‘Why sweetie?’

‘Because by the time you finish I’ll be asking for another fucking.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Definitely so; I am already getting some tickling inside there. You excite me so much; these new sexual surprises are keeping me incredibly horny.’

‘Then I must say Artvin Escort that I’m going to give you a very rough time as there are still too many, along the rest of your holiday. Recounting some of the adventures I encountered the last few years are enough to make you wet, days and nights.’

‘Most important is whether your master will keep his promises.’

‘Up to know he lived up to his duties. I hope another nine days will not hurt. A few days after you leave I have another friend coming for a week of hard action whom she may bring some fresh blood, plus my domestic who will be back from her holidays before you’ll be due to leave. So I am sure that he will keep his his good work and don’t disappoint in any way.’

By this time my finger was already moving slowly between her wet swollen lips, examining how far the temperature had risen. The liquid oozing out of her vagina was enough indication of the heat being generated. The feeling of the slick juice flowing slowly, was sticking to my finger. As I started pushing it slowly inside, sexual energy started flowing through my finger, moving along my blood stream and ending down into my phallus was already standing to attention. Joan was eyeing what was going on between my legs so I made sure that none of the girls will touch it. The flowing energy was stronger than I could cope with, and sometimes my hard dick felt like going to explode.

The excitement of shaving this girl’s vaginal area was too great, why I do not know, maybe it was one of my fantasies when I used to be alone, masturbating before flowing into a night of a deep sleep, with dreams flowing all around me. Since I shaved the first one (you may hear a story later) always enjoyed a lot of satisfaction. The way the razor clears away the lather together with the pubic hair, leaving that beautiful bare skin behind it like a trashing machine cutting away the wheat in a huge field. I love the way it will be slowly cleared leaving me the pleasure of enjoying the view of the bare skin. And the time, when I massage the shaving foam on the genital area down to around her ass, wow.

After I pulled my finger out of her vagina, I immediately took a facecloth out of a bowl of hot water, rinsed most of the water and wetted the whole area of treatment. Then out of the shaving foam can, I shot out a generous amount straight over her pubic bone, which I very slowly massaged over the whole of her genital area, especially round her ass and on the sides of her pouty lips. I also teased her ass hole a little bit with my finger as I had stopped there a few times and pressed my finger against her rosebud. Finishing massaging the foam I immediately started shaving.

First I moved the razor over her pubic bone then down, from the diamond I had drawn towards her clit and on the sides of her pussy. Moving the razor on the smooth skin and through the foam I was already getting a very smooth finish. The lips were looking more attractive with nothing sticking out of the skin. I kept the razor moving on the left of the slit until I ended near her ass hole. I pulled the safety razor away, put it into a bowl of water I had previously prepared, rinsed the hair and the soapy foam, making it clean again ready to attack the right side of her slit. Now I started from the pubic bone heading south, again leaving a clean smooth finish on the other side. My unfortunate cock was getting harder and harder as I was sure wanted to get inside the now nearly smooth slit. I again cleaned the razor and very slowly I shaved around the diamond, leaving a nice patch of hair to show that she was a real blond. The diamond came perfect.

‘Am I going to get a diamond?’ Joan asked.

‘Well I have other shapes in my mind, but for a black haired pussy a diamond is not appropriate. I am sure I can shape something more exciting.’ I answered.

Now I had to shave the few sparse hairs growing out on the outside of the loose lips. I pulled the right lip first and slowly, slowly I started shaving. When I was through the left lip and I must sayI had made a great effort. I gave it a second shave to smooth the areas around the diamond I had sculptured, down to near her ass.

‘Now Sandra, I want you to come off the table and bend down resting your stomach on the table, turning your ass towards me and open up your legs as wide as possible.’ She done exactly that; giving me the greatest view of her ass cheeks, with her ass hole above and the smooth pussy just below.

‘Joan, please open her ass cheeks as much as possible so that I can get close to her rosebud.’ As Joan opened her ass cheeks, her plumb clean pussy looked much more intriguing with the moist lips glistening in the light. Her ass hole with the sculptured ring of little wrinkles and the few remaining golden hairs made my mouth water. I not only wanted to touch but also lick, not to mention also to penetrate. My cock was getting harder and harder by the second.

I got the razor out of the bowl and gave the inside, around her ass cheeks a good smooth shave leaving her rosebud naked and exposed as the day she was born. I must Artvin Escort Bayan say that my sub conscious was already making notes when I can enter this virgin paradise. This table is very ideal for all of these ministrations like doggy style fucking and anal penetration. It was also very good for tying the victim and give her good spanking, followed by a good fucking. This is a position I have enjoyed on many occasions especially when I was not giving the lady a pussy massage. I love it more for fucking the ladies from behind, me in the standing position while the ladies’ movements are rather restricted due to being on the table and much more when I penetrate their nether holes which always gave me the most pleasure.

Preparing an ass hole for cock penetration is an art in itself. The sphincter itself is usually very tight and has to be treated very carefully, the way to play around with like massaging, pushing one finger very slowly in until the ring is relaxed and slowly start to open, looking forward to receive what is its due.

Some ideas!

One has to realize that with anal penetration we are flowing against the current. Things, usually comes out and not in, therefore we have to be careful before we start. Pussy juice or water based lubes are the best for anal lubrication, especially the lube. A generous amount is usually needed especially if one is preparing a woman’s anus. I usually start with a finger and then later two, substituting with a small anal plug. A good enema for a good cleaning should always be on the agenda. Generally an enema will also enhance sexual activity in both the receiver and the recipient. This generally help avoiding pulling out a brown coloured dick. Condoms could be the solution; sometimes a necessity. In the end no body likes to get any undesirable disease. Then the little one eyed boy can slowly be pushed against the rosebud, slowly, slowly stretching and opening the neck of the arse hole. One eyed jack will be very pleased to crawl inside these tight holes for a good look especially if they had, had a good cleaning up front.

Women either love or hate it. Those who love it, they always enjoy it; it makes them so hot that they go crazy and when they erupt, wow. They really take pleasure in doing it, but the first taste is always hard and sometimes bitter especially if it’s rushed and done wrongly, then sorry, it will be very hard to persuade them into trying it again. So I had always taken a long time preparing their anal holes by massaging the area around it. Then play with their rosebud, also taking time creasing it and tickling it. Light massages, just the hand flowing close to the skin can make the girl feel that smooth tickling that send a certain rush of pleasure. As she starts to fall into it a hand playing with her pussy can increase the excitement. A relaxed recipient is a must.

As the blood start flowing through her veins, indications of boosting pleasure becomes evident, from her movements, her moans, her breathing. This will be the ideal time when a finger can be pushed straight inside her, very slowly, pushing it as the tempo of her excitement exhilarates upwards.

The first time it may take some time to get it all in. Rushing, is not option, especially if she’s a girl that it took you a long time to convince. Keep one hand busy round her clit and pussy, the rest may become much easier especially if her first orgasm is getting close. This will be the time when to increase the pressure on her rosebud and send the finger slowly in. Do it slowly. If her excitement keeps flowing upwards, the next move will be at the start of her orgasm, just start pushing slowly in and don’t stop unless she aborts her orgasm. This is a new territory. One either looses the battle or wins.

If the battle is won, just keep the good work at both ends. Move your finger in a clockwise and anti clockwise, slowly, until she starts to relax. The quicker she does the better. You are the hero. Then work your finger in and out, turn it round until she moves back into another climax. The rest could be easy.

Interesting will be, if an anal small plug is available. This can be slowly inserted and left there for sometime, while by now it should be evident that you have a raging hard on waiting to drive in; into any available hole. Eat her pussy, get her on, again and have a good fuck. With her ass hole loaded up nicely, sure you will enjoy the best she can provide.

The pleasure of an anal fucking is a national culture in these areas so it is very natural. Women here are hot and could not miss. Men, like their spouses to be virgins until the bridal night so it is obvious that they like to take it somewhere else. Anal crevices are always tight and have to be prepared. They are always tight the same like the first time. Entering from behind is not the ideal position, but the easiest and probably the sexiest. The problem is that it is not that intimate for making love but very good for enjoying the great view, prepare the pussy, getting excited and then fuck or go to the bedroom and make great intimate love by laying Escort Artvin the partner on her side and enter her, again from behind, but can keep caressing her body with your hands. Enjoy it.

The Story continues.

I took a good look at my handy work, again looking at the fine smooth slit for any missed hairs. Nothing left; I took a wet hot face cloth and washed away any foam that was still around. But I had missed a few hairs here around her rosebud and these, which sure needed to be attended to, and that I done. After rinsing the whole area between her wide open legs, I rubbed the area with a towel, making sure it was thoroughly dry.

I, then asked Sandra to take the previous position on the table so I do the rest of the cleaning and the drying. She looked great and I must say that now she was more excited. After I showed her the shaved pussy in a mirror I held in line with her vision, between her pussy and her sight. Putting the mirror away I took some baby oil, massaged all the newly shaved area while enjoying the pleasures of a very smooth finish.

I sat there amazed at the beauty of her plump labja magora and the small lips flowing out like closed wings of a butterfly in the morning dew. The juice was seen flowing between these golden lips. I put my hands on the inside of her thighs and with my fingers, pleasantly opened her swollen wet lips. I looked deeply inside the valley of love, the smoothness of the moist glistening skin. It looked really cute, waiting for Mr. One Eyed Jack to get inside and explore the wet walls of this beautiful abyss of love. I looked at the little clit covered with this little hood connected to the pubic bone. I kept the lips open with one hand so that I could enjoy the precious valley of love and with the other hand while I touched it, putting my finger up and down her moist valley, collecting the flowing nectar, then brought it up to my mouth and licked the thick love juice I had just smelled. The smell of the aroma made my hardness ready to erupt. My volcano was on the brink of exploding.

I moved my hand down again towards her open vagina, then my pointing finger, the one I just cleaned with my lips, moved back between per swollen lips, then slowly inside her vagina. From there I collected more nectar, covered it with thick smelling juice which again I brought towards my mouth, flowing it around , enjoying the different scales of aroma, just like a wine taster. I did not spit it out. I’m not going to get drunk; with it, but rather more excited.

I held in inside my mouth, sticking to the whole surface while this precious finger found again her vaginal opening. I pushed it slowly inside her vaginal hole, feeling the wet hot walls waiting to be penetrated, to be given the utmost pleasure of love, only a man can bestow on a beautiful, cute lady like Sandra. I pushed my finger deeper into her vagina and left it there for a minute or two without moving.

Sandra started pulsating and moaning with pleasure. I pulled it out slowly and as soon as it left the neck I started massaging the depth of the valley, going over the pee hole to the clit where I pressed it against the knob of her clit. I pressed and started feeling her heart beat building up, helping her to spring, into another orgasm. I then moved down the valley again until I came against her rosebud where I, very slowly pushed my finger inside her back door. I took my time so that I could understand better the feeling of getting within the forbidden zone. Slowly I entered up to the full length of the finger, pulled out slowly, let the lips of her pussy close and let her slowly relax. I knew she was very hot and ready for anything.

‘Ohh Sam… Do fuck me please… but not in my ass.’

‘Why not?’

‘I don’t think I can like it.’

I didn’t say anything. Just looked into her eyes and with two fingers started massaging her clit. I took the hood between my fingers and started massaging it up and down, feeling the skin moving against the hard clit embedded inside. I kept this rhythm for some time until I put the middle finger of my free hand back inside her pussy. Now she was reaching the high side of the new eruption. Her clit became harder and her vaginal muscles started contracting. I kept it for a few more seconds until I had the signal that she could not take more of this and wanted nothing but my hard cock back inside her.

Under my capable hands Sandra looked terrific and I must say that my cock wanted nothing, but to taste the handiwork. I stood up, got closer to the table, put my hands on her legs and pulled Sandra towards me. As her pussy got close to my hard dick, I pushed home. ‘Ooooh Sam, fuck me.’ I started pumping my hard rod with long trusts in and out, allowing her the joy of sexual pleasure. ‘Fuck me Sam, Fuck me.’ I continued pumping my dick inside her, enjoying the tight surrounding of her love tube, with every now and then a hard grip from her vaginal muscles. Her moanings had already started while I reduced the intensity of my trusts. At moments I went for short slow trusts, holding them close for her opening. Her sexual eruption was now was evident, her body started shaking. I increased the intensity of the trusts, but kept them short until I felt her muscles tightening and her cries of pleasure escalated. Then I pushed my rod with one long, very hard trust straight deep in her burning fire.

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