Valentine’s Day Surprise


8:00 o’clock. They had an hour to get to the party. Alex stood in front of the full-length mirror checking her outfit one last time. She couldn’t repress the smile that curved her full lips. She had to admit, she did look awfully like Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman. The black latex body suit clung to every curve of her 5’5” frame as if it were painted on, it sure felt like it was. Her bright green eyes looked rather exotic behind the cat’s eyes mask, and her long blond ponytail pulled through the top of the hood, complete with cat’s ears. With the five inch black stiletto heels she wore to complete the look, she stood 6 foot tall.

She turned as Tyler came into the room. He looked delicious as George Clooney’s Batman. For a few moments, she debated skipping the party and just staying home and acting out a steamy love scene. But she knew he really wanted to go, and after all, it was Valentines Day. The party promised to be pretty fun, with everyone dressing up as famous couples, onscreen or off.

As they walked into the party, all eyes turned to watch. Alex could feel the stares of the men as they ogled her curves clearly defined by the skintight cat suit. It gave her an odd thrill knowing they were staring at her breasts, her legs, and the space between them. ‘This is going to be an interesting night’ she thought to herself as she and Tyler walked to join a group of friends. Some she recognized, even in costume, and some she didn’t.

Of course, the theme of the evening dictated that a lot of the music playing would be love songs. She loved dancing with Tyler and pulled him out to dance as soon as the next song started. They danced through 4 straight songs, and then Tyler stated that he needed to rest. As he walked towards the stairs, presumably to go to the bathroom, Alex drifted over to grab a beer and chat with a few friends.

About a half hour later, Tyler returned, a sexy grin curving his lips. He grabbed Alex by the hand and led her towards the stairs. “Where are we going?” she asked him, but he didn’t answer Artvin Escort her. Just kept grinning as he led her towards a closed door at the end of the hall upstairs. “Close your eyes” he told her, and after she complied, he opened the door and led her into the room.

“Okay, look now”… and she did… and gasped. The room was a lush bedroom, dimly lit with candles and echoing softly of romantic, sensual music. Spread on the bed were red rose petals. She looked to Tyler in wonder. “Happy Valentines Day darling” he whispered softly against her lips before claiming them in a long, deep kiss.

In no time at all the kiss led to them laying naked on the bed, the soft scent of roses clinging to them as they embraced. Alex lay back, eyes closed, her hands gripping the iron bars of the headboard while Tyler’s head rested between her creamy thighs, his tongue stroking her to ecstasy.

She didn’t hear the soft creak of the door opening, was too distracted to note the sounds of someone undressing as quietly as possible. In fact, she didn’t know another person was in the room until two hands began gently kneed her breasts. Her eyes flew upon in shock, for she could clearly feel Tyler’s hands on her thighs. “What the???” she exclaimed as she looked from Tyler’s raised head to the stranger standing beside the bed. Tyler was grinning again.

“Calm down baby, this is Zack, I invited him.”

“In… invited him? What the hell are you talking about Tyler?”

“I know how much you’ve wanted to have a threesome, but knew you’d never ask it of me, thinking I’d never agree to it.” He watched as Zack gently led Alex to lay back upon the bed once more… his big, tan hands smoothing over her stomach and breasts, lightly stroking. Tyler resumed stroking her thighs in the same fashion. “Zack and I have known each other for a while Alex. We’re very close friends. And tonight, he’s helping me give you a Valentines Day you’ll never forget.”

Alex looked back and forth between the men, surprise evident in her expressive Artvin Escort Bayan emerald eyes. She did have a secret fantasy about being with two men at once, but how did Tyler find out about it. She’d never mentioned it to anyone. She did have to admit, Zack was hot. His build wasn’t quite as good as Tyler’s, but oh it was close. “You are serious about this. You had this all planned out.”

“Yup, from the moment Anne invited us to the party, I knew I wanted to do this for you… for us. All you have to do, love, is just enjoy yourself.”

And with that, Tyler’s face disappeared between her thighs once more, his lips curling around her clit and suckling gently, while Zack paid the same attentions to her nipples. A groan escaped Alex, her hands once more gripping the bars of the headboard. She couldn’t have protested, even if she wanted to, which she didn’t. As Tyler began to flick his tongue deep within her pussy, Zack was biting at her nipples while squeezing her breasts with those strong hands. After Alex came all over Tyler’s mouth, he quickly moved away, straddling her chest as Zack moved down to take his turn.

Rather enjoying herself, Alex lifted her head as Tyler straddled her, quickly taking his full 8 inches into her mouth, sucking hungrily on his hardness as Zack’s long tongue slowly fucked her already wet pussy. Every time Zack found her sensitive spot, she moaned around Tyler’s cock, sending another wave of pleasure through him. They stayed like this until both Alex and Tyler were close to cumming, and then they changed positions once more.

This time they placed Alex on her hands and knees, Zack in front of her, propped against the headboard and Tyler came up from behind her. As he rammed his cock into her hot cunt, he forced her head down towards Zack and she greedily began to suck him off. The hard thrusts of Tyler jerking her mouth deeper down Zack’s thick cock, they soon had Alex writhing in pleasure. When Tyler slid one hand underneath her and began fingering her Escort Artvin clit, she couldn’t hold back any longer and her orgasm came over her harshly. She nearly swallowed Zack’s cock while Tyler kept ramming into her through the waves of pleasure.

They still weren’t done with her yet. When she finally stopped trembling, they shifted again. They laid her back on the bed, and Tyler took her once more with his tongue, slowly… licking at her swollen cunt lips, nibbling her clit. As Alex’s glazed eyes watched, Zack came up behind Tyler and reached past him, coating his fingers with Alex’s wetness, again and again. She couldn’t see what he did after each time, but she had a feeling. Soon, Zack was slowly pushing his cock into Tyler’s ass, causing his moans to vibrate against Alex’s cunt.

She was watching another man fuck her boyfriend, and she was loving it. Her fingers curled in Tyler’s hair, holding his head between her thighs as he fucked her with his tongue.. nibbled her clit with his teeth, again and again taking her to the brink of pleasure and then retreating. Zack was taking deep, slow thrusts in Tyler’s ass, and it looked so natural between them that Alex knew it wasn’t the first time. The thought should have repulsed her, but instead it just made her even hotter.

As Zack grew closer, he thrust harder, deeper, faster against Tyler. In response Tyler’s tongue worked Alex’s cunt as deeply as it could, finding that special spot that drove her wild and working it again and again. As if directed, all three came at once in one huge, shattering orgasm. They fell in a mass of bodies against the bed, limp and lifeless, panting for breath.

Moments later, as they were all dressing, Alex was looking between them, thinking over what had just happened. As Tyler came over to her, once more dressed in his Batman costume, she smiled and pulled him close for a deep kiss. And then, turning towards Zack and almost laughing seeing that he was dressed as Robin, she pulled him close for a kiss as well.

“This was the best Valentines Day I can ever remember. Thank you both very much.” A mischievous twinkle sparkled in her eyes as she added, “I sure hope I don’t have to wait till next February 14th for a repeat performance.”

Then grin passed between the men assured her that she wouldn’t.

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