Velvet Heat Ch. 05


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Who was at the door? Briana wondered. Cole wouldn’t ring the bell because he had a key. Briana leapt from bed, her short flared bareback dress swishing sexily around her thighs. She rushed downstairs to check out who it was. Surprisingly she hadn’t heard from Cole. He should have been home by now. Home! It felt good to think of Cole’s house as home. She was busting with nerves. She didn’t know how her parents took the news or whether they had accepted Cole’s request. If the way her dad had spoken to her was anything to go by, they accepted. On the other hand, Cole’s silence gave all indications that all was not well. Somebody should just put her out of her misery already!

Briana checked the security slot, saw Matt and Jen and threw the door wide open.

“Hey there Beautiful.” Matt beamed drawing Briana into a bear hug.

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Don’t you want us here?” Matt asked with a mock scowl whilst Jen’s laughter rang out sweetly.

“I just want Jen to tell me she’s here because of me and not Cole. Oh and for your information, Cole is not here.”

“I AM here because of you darling.” Jen said giving Briana a kiss on each cheek. “And as for Cole, we knew he wasn’t here.” She said allowing Matt to take her coat.

“He should have been home by now. I’ve tried calling him but his phone is off.” Briana said sounding worried.

“Maybe you should call him with this.” Matt said handing Briana a nicely wrapped box.


“Just unwrap it woman. What will you drink Honey?” Matt asked Jen, his fiancée of four months.

“Any sweet wine will do Baby.” Jen replied watching Matt with so much love Briana smiled. “Ok take it out Briana. Let’s see what it is.” Jen told Briana excitedly.

But even before Briana could finish unwrapping the box, she heard a phone ringing inside it. She dug inside and took out a Blackberry Z10 with a silver-studded cover which was still ringing. Briana couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face. She loved this phone.

“Hello?” She said breathlessly into the phone.

“Hey.” Came Cole’s sexy voice. “How do you like your new phone?”

“Oh my God, Cole, I love it.” Briana couldn’t suppress the happy laughter that bubbled up. “Thanks.”

“Pleasure. I’ll be home soon okay?”


“I love you.”

“I love you.” Briana responded and quickly hanged up to check out the phone.

“Alright now what to do whiles I wait for that Asshat.” Matt said looking through Cole’s music collection. But before he could even select one, the doorbell rang again.

“I’ll get it.” Briana said rushing to the door. She couldn’t keep the smile off her face. And this time she didn’t bother checking to see who it was. She simply threw the door open to find Michael and a really lovely lady who Briana couldn’t help but notice was pregnant. She was a beauty.

“You must be Briana.” The lady said in a sweet voice.

“Yes I am. Hey Michael.” Briana blushed furiously remembering the position in which Michael had seen her the day before. That shameless Cole will be the death of her.

Michael could tell Briana’s thought by taking in how red her face had become and drew her into his arms, asking teasingly, “You guys ready to give me another style to use today? Because Mary and I had fun doing yesterday’s.”

Briana yelped with laughter and swatted him, her embarrassment forgotten. “You are an asshole Michael.”

“Good to see you too Sweetie. This here is my beautiful wife Mary.”

“Hi Mary.” Briana said giving Mary a hug. “You are so beautiful.”

“Thanks. And you are simply gorgeous. I love that dress. It’s hot.”

Briana blushed and murmured her thanks drawing Mary into the living room where Jen and Matt were kissing like nothing else existed.

“Break it up you two.” Michael bellowed at them.

There were hugs all around. Then Michael handed over another sweetly wrapped box to Briana.

“From you know who. Open it.” He said with a teasing glint in his eye.

Laughing with a surprised look on her face, Briana opened it quickly but before she could expose the gift inside, she saw a leaflet inside the box and gasped as she read it. It was a Rolex Datejust Ladies Watch which had a case made of white gold that weighed 18 karats. The case was also set with diamonds. It had a pave case and dial with an oyster karat bracelet. Briana removed the leaflet and stared dumfounded at the exquisite watch inside the box. Inside the lid was an inscription: ‘whenever I think of perfection, I think of you.’

“Breathe Briana, breathe.” Matt said softly.

“Oh my God!” Briana whispered. This obviously must have cost a fortune. What in blazes did Cole think he was doing?

Jen took the box from her and took out the watch. Then dropping the box on a side table, took Briana’s left hand and fixed the watch on her wrist.

“This is simply lovely.” Jen whispered but everyone heard and nodded their agreement. Artvin Escort Briana was so much engrossed in the watch on her wrist she jumped when there was a loud knock on the door.

“That can only be Dean the idiot. Did he see the bell at all? Briana, go get it.” Matt said going to the bar for more drink.

Briana opened the door warily, wondering what was coming next. The latest Blackberry, an expensive watch, what next?

It was Dean and Kyle. Dean had in his hand a wrapped box and Kyle’s were filled with six beautiful ultra-long red roses which were up to 6ft tall, accompanied by a personalized note card which said ‘I desire nobody but you.’ They were simply exquisite. Briana burst into tears.

“I don’t think she likes roses.” Dean whispered loudly to Kyle.

“Fuck of Dean. Come here Angel.” Kyle said drawing Briana into his arms with one hand.

“You know these are very expensive Kyle, we can always go pawn it off and tell Cole she’s allergic or something. She has tears in her eyes for goodness sake. She must be allergic.”

“Shut up Dean.” Briana said though her tears, starting to shake with mirth. “I love them.”

“Damn! And here I was, thinking I could make a quick buck.” Dean groaned pulling Briana into a hug too. “You better hide them or I swear I’ll steal them.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Briana said laughing. She was overwhelmed by all the gifts. Who wouldn’t be?

“We’re crazy about you sweetie. All of us, not just the Dickhead. Be happy.” He added in a whisper.

“Thanks Dean.” Briana whispered back.

“Here…” Dean said handing over the nicely wrapped box he was holding.

She noticed that the box was also accompanied by a personalized note card. It said ‘You complete me’. She tore the wrapper with shaky fingers, her eyes widening when she uncovered a bejewelled jewellery box. But when she opened it, she gasped loudly, her hand going to her chest. Jen and Mary couldn’t contain their gasps either. Even the guys looked awed. And then Matt started singing ‘Diamonds are Forever’, the James Bond soundtrack in his deep voice which made everyone except Briana, laugh. She was speechless.

Inside the box was a jewellery set, comprising a lovely pair of pear-shaped, diamond earrings, a beautiful diamond necklace which had a number of pear-cut diamonds set in white gold with a diamond star clasp, an elegant white gold and diamond bracelet, with the diamonds interspersed beautifully along the gleaming white gold, and finally, a gorgeous white gold rolo chain anklet enhanced with tiny sparkling diamonds.

Briana sat on the couch and just stared at the box of dazzling, obviously expensive jewellery in her hands. She had to make an effort to still her trembling hands. She looked stunned. Everyone got themselves more drinks and conversation just flowed around her.

When the doorbell rang again, Briana just sat looking dazed.

“Briana?” Kyle prompted her. Her heart was fluttering so hard in her chest she started taking deep breaths, making everyone laugh. Who were left? Damon, Chris and Tyron.

“Okay here goes.”

But when she opened the door, it was to find Tyron and a screaming Kayla, pushing a serving trolley which had on it a really large box, which was obviously a cake. “We’re going shopping.” She screamed.

Briana didn’t get it. Going shopping with a cake?

Kayla wheeled the cake into the living room, and gave Briana a kiss on both cheeks. Then Tyron pulled out an envelope from his pocket and waved it in front of Briana with a grin.

“For this, I need a kiss. Actually, make that two.” He said in his deep voice. Briana laughed softly and went up on tiptoes to kiss Tyron on both cheeks. Tyron gave her the envelope with a bow.

Briana almost had a heart attack when she took out the Maxfield gift card inside the envelope. It was worth Five Hundred Thousand Dollars! And her name was boldly printed on the card.

“Shit!” She swore.

“Oh no she didn’t just say that.” Dean bellowed.

“Oh yeah she did.” Tyron answered with a serious look making everyone howl with laughter.

“I…I…re…really can’t accept this.” Briana stuttered, hot tears already spilling down her cheeks. She was overwhelmed with emotions.

“I’ll take it.” Kayla said snatching the card from Briana. But Kyle snatched it right back and handed it back to a stunned Briana.

“The man wants to spoil you. Enjoy it my dear.” Jen screamed. Everybody looked happy but solemn, seeing Briana so emotional.

“Come sit beside me Love. You look like you’re going to fall over anytime soon.” Mary said drawing Briana into the seat beside her and rubbing her on the back soothingly. Briana felt fragmented, dazed by the events that were happening too fast to allow her to catch her breath, to make sense of what was happening.

“What is wrong with her?” Everyone turned to the door at Cole’s bellow.

“Well let’s just say we have one confused Beauty on our hands. What did you expect?” Dean retorted.

Cole Artvin Escort Bayan walked slowing to where Briana sat looking almost scared, and went down on one knee in front of her. A hush fell over the room. No one even noticed the presence of Damon and Chris. With Damon holding a large bottle of Armand de Brignac “Ace of Spades” Rose, which was one of the most expensive champagnes in the world, and Chris holding a wrapped object that looked like a painting. All eyes were on Cole and Briana. Cole reached up to wipe the tears from Briana’s cheeks…which kept right on flowing anyway, and then caught her hands in both of his, lifting them to his lips to kiss her knuckles.

“Briana Lisa Scott,” Cole started, ignoring the fact that Briana was bawling her eyes out. “Will you…” But he got cut off.

“Y…you said you woul…dn’t ask.” Briana stuttered through her tears.

“Oh come on, let the man ask?” Dean shouted.

“Shut up Dean.” Mary shouted through her own tears.

“Angel I have to. At least these witnesses here must be able to testify that I asked and you accepted so that I can sue that sweet arse of yours if you change your mind.” Cole joked making Briana smile through her tears. God, she was beautiful. He continued in a solemn voice:

“Briana, I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else nor do I want to. There are many ways to be happy in this life but all I really need is you. I know my life will never be complete without you beside me to share it. I promise you, no one will work harder to make you happy or cherish you more than me. And I know that no one else will ever hold my heart the way you do.” Cole had to stop for a while; his voice throbbed with so much emotion. When he started speaking again, his voice was softer, resonating with power, a heated emotion that had Briana’s heart tripling in speed.

“You deserve the very best, someone who will back you up without limits, let you grow without borders, and love you without end. Will you let me be the one?”

“Yes.” Briana whispered through her tears. She felt emotionally spent now and did not care that tears were streaming down her face.

“Then marry me Briana. Make me the happiest man alive. Please!” Cole ended in a shaky voice.

Briana got off the seat and knelt in front of Cole. Her warm hands framed Cole’s face as she stared into his eyes with eyes shining with tears and so much love. Then a determined look passed over her features and she smiled tentatively. Even with all the tears running down her face, Cole thought she looked delicious.

“Cole Adams,” She started in a shaky voice, “I want to be one with you, to possess you as you possess me, to touch you as often as I wish, to bear your children. I want to feel you inside me, to feel you quicken in my grasp. I need you…most desperately.” Then in a whisper which everyone heard anyway, she said, “God, you make me so hot.”

She paused when the guys roared with laughter, and then finished in a softer voice, “I want to be your lover, your wife, your mate for life. Yes I will marry you.”

“Dude, she obviously just wants you for your body.” Dean shouted making everyone dissolve into fits of laughter.

But Cole ignored them and crushed Briana’s lips with his, taking her mouth with searing possession, tasting her with slow, deep licks. That kiss was soul shattering, mind-blowing, the ‘hold on to something because you just may fall’ type. Everybody ceased to exist; it was just the two of them. It felt like hours before they came up for air. Briana was trembling and trying to get some air into her lungs and Cole’s breathing was slightly labored. He pressed his forehead to Briana’s and said in a husky voice.

“So…you just want me for my body.” Briana laughed low and deep at his mock scowl.

“I can’t possibly say what I just did in church on my wedding day can I? This was my only chance to let you know just how much I adore that hot body of yours.”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about girl.” Jen said hi-fiving Mary.

“The ring dude, the ring.” Damon barked which brought a smattering of laughter from the others.

Kayla wheeled the cake closer to Cole and uncovered it. Everybody started clapping. Briana covered her mouth in amazement at the classically elegant cake before her. It was a two tier cake, topped with a bouquet of gum paste lilies, with additional roses on each tier. Around the top tier was written, ‘He Asked’. And around the tier at the bottom were the words, ‘And She Said Yes’.

It was a lovely cake but Briana’s gaze was riveted on the beautiful ring lying inside one of the lilies on top of the cake. It was the most exquisite ring she had ever seen. The beautiful piece of jewellery had a big cushion-cut diamond at the center, with about twenty miniature shimmers encircling the big one at center. It was simply breath-taking and Briana gasped.

“That’s a Five carat diamond Baby!” Kayla screamed making Jen and Mary gasp. “Yeah baby!” Kayla Escort Artvin shook her waist as though she were dancing to an African beat.

“Oh my God, Cole,” Briana breathed, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

“You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Baby.” Cole said with a catch in his voice. The look on Briana’s face was worth all the trouble he had gone through to make this day special for her. Of course everything that had taking place had been recorded. Briana was not aware but Matt had activated the camera when he had come in with Jen earlier. Cole couldn’t wait to see the look on Briana’s face as she received her engagement presents.

Cole reached out and took the ring off the cake. He took a deep breath, and presented it to Briana, allowing her to read the inscription on the inside of the ring which read: ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply. CA – BLS’. What made it even more wonderful was the fact that the inscription was actually in Cole’s handwriting.

“Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“What the fuck dude, she already said yes.” Dean shouted from his perch on top of the stairs. He was damned if he was going to stay down there for the guys to see the tears in his eyes. Shit! This was beautiful. Maybe one day he would feel like how Cole felt about some girl and pop the question. Till then, he was fucking going to cherish this moment forever.

“Sorry guys.” Cole said. “I’m just…” He trailed off to loud cheering and whistles from the guys. He wasn’t as controlled as he seemed after all.

He gently pushed the ring onto Briana’s finger and she saw flashes go off. Someone was obviously taking pictures. It was a perfect fit.

“I love you.” Briana whispered her eyes stinging with fresh tears. “I love you so much.”

“I love you more.” Cole choked, kissing her tenderly and oh so sweetly.

Everyone started applauding just as Damon popped the champagne. The women wiped their eyes, the guys already bringing out champagne glasses to taste the expensive bubbly. Cole helped Briana up but still kept her within the circle of his arms.

“Now, my turn.” Everyone turned to look at Chris tearing the wrapper off what he was holding to reveal a beautiful oil painting of a smiling Briana. Everyone stared at it. It was strikingly stunning. Briana remembered Cole taking that picture the second time they had made love. What caught her attention was the inscription at the bottom of the portrait:

‘Be my love Be my life, Be my happiness Be my wife, Be my sadness Be my tear, Be my sorrow Be my fear, Be my EVERYTHING…not now nor later, But from yesterday till FOREVER.’

Briana couldn’t help the tears that fell from her eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but the only sound that would come out was a sob. She was shaking so badly Cole was getting worried.

“Hey, stop crying Baby. I know they are tears of joy but it shreds me when you cry.” He said softly into her hair.

“I…I’m so…rry. I…” She couldn’t get the words out. She scrubbed furiously at one cheek and then the other.

“Shhhh.” Cole soothed and picked her up bridal style and headed for the stairs. “Have fun guys. We’ll be right back.” He threw over his shoulder getting some snickers from the guys.

“Take your time.” Damon hollered. “I would.”

They all moved to the dining area where there was a lovely spread of food, which had been delivered by a caterer whilst they had all been busy witnessing the beautiful proposal. None of them was ever going to forget this day.


Cole gently placed a still sobbing Briana on his massive bed and covered her body with his. Then he pulled out some tissues from the bedside drawer and cleaned her tears.

“There baby. Hush now.” He soothed gently, as he started dropping light kisses all over her face. Before long, he was plundering her mouth, his tongue sweeping into her mouth. Briana’s tongue met his, drawing him deeper, caressing over him, luxuriating in his intoxicating taste.

“I want to touch you.” Briana said urgently against Cole’s lips.

“You are touching me baby.”

But Briana twisted from under Cole’s body and straddled his hips. She gazed down at him, her eyes heavy lidded. He was so handsome, so goddamned sexy she still couldn’t believe that he was hers.

“Oh my God,” She breathed, captivated. “You are so fucking hot.”

“I love it when you look at me like that,” he murmured, his hands going to her hips. Cole thought her intense ‘I-want-to-fuck-you’ look was so hot.

“How am I looking at you?” She whispered.

“Like you want to eat me alive.” Cole said huskily. He was so aroused.

“You got that right.” She husked with an passionate look in her eyes. Cole groaned.

“I’m yours.”

“I know. And I’m yours too.”

Her hands went to the front of his jeans, seeking the zipper. She could see and feel the thick ridge pressing against his fly. His fingers sank into her hips as she began to unzip him slowly.

“Baby, I’m about to explode.” Cole groaned as if he was in pain.

Briana forced his jeans down over his hips. She pushed the jeans together with his boxer briefs down to his angles. Then she came back up and took his hard cock into her warm hands. He was hard, throbbing and leaking.

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