Vision of You


I stayed in my seat as the subway doors opened. I watched quietly as random strangers walked out the doors only to be replaced by new faces. How ironic, I thought to myself as a sudden realization came to me. These people coming and going in and out of this subway mimicked my life in a strange sort of way. It’s been so many years now since I last saw her and while people have come in my life and gone, it is her I still long for. Just as these strangers sit inches from me, only to stand up and leave, have I seen so called ‘friends’ do the very same thing in my life. Just as I long to see her face just one more time, I sit in my seat quietly watching the crowd as if she will walk in at any minute and sit down next to me.

I could tell you how we first met or how incredible our short time together was, but I could never find the words to express just what that time meant to me. I could tell you about the countless drives we took down the turnpike with the top down listening to our favorite songs, but I couldn’t properly convey how much I miss those days. Maybe I could spend some time diving into the deepest parts of my mind and share the darkness I have felt spending these past few years without her, but that would not make for a good story.

The sound of the heavy steel wheels of each car continue to hypnotize me and let my mind wander further and further back until a smile begins to creep up on my face. I held that smile as long as I could and as the subway stopped and the doors opened yet again, there remained one face across from me that did not move. While I watched the blur of people quickly make their way out and the doors shut behind them, I slowly realized there was only two of us left inside.

I pulled my hair aside with my fingers as I strained to wake up and focus on the figure before me and as I fought the effects of the last night’s alcohol, I saw her blonde hair. My eyes dropped to the floor and stared at my feet for a few seconds before I felt brave enough to look up at her again. I slowly looked up and followed the black boots up to her knees. I enjoyed the warm tan on her thighs for a few seconds before sliding up to her white little dress I had always loved on her. The smile crept up on me again as my eyes followed the curves of her beautiful large breasts with the long strait strands of hair draped over them. My eyes stopped only when they reached her eyes. Those piercing blue eyes that had haunted my dreams for so long now stared back at me and held me there in that moment.

“How are you Kevin?”

I hesitated as I tried to find my voice, “Elizabeth? Is that really you?” I finally managed to ask. “I can’t believe it’s really you.”

“I’ve been looking for you Kevin. I’m glad I finally found you. I called all your old friends and nobody knew where you were at. I was on my way home and decided to take the subway which I hardly ever Aydın Escort do…and here you are…here we are.”

“I’ve been looking for you too Liz. I knew you didn’t want to see my anymore, but in my mind you were always smiling back at me.”

“I’m smiling back at you now Kevin.”

The train continued it’s path through the dark tunnels that surround the city. The sounds of the cars riding on their tracks continued past each stop without stopping once. I wondered how long we would be allowed this time alone together like this before once again strangers past between us and pushed us apart.

Liz stood up and made one step forward and slowly knelt down in front of me with her hands sliding over my knees. I looked at her as she moved her arms around my face and pulled me down into her lips as she reminded me why I loved her kisses so much. We continued like this for a few moments as our bodies relaxed together. It seemed as if each moment we had spent passionately together came rushing back to us all at once.

“Shhhhh,” Liz whispered as I started to say something. “No talk…not yet…”

Her hands ran down my chest as her warm breath warmed my lips. Her fingers quickly unbuttoned my shirt as she let her hands slide over my chest. My own hands helped with my pants as her smile grew in anticipation. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her face. I found myself admiring every little detail down to the curve of her eyelashes. She was simply a perfect creation from the top down and as she slowly lifted her dress up over her head, the view before me reminded me of this fact.

I stood up and pulled her up to me. My arms easily wrapped around her warm body and pulled her in tight as my lips found hers once again. It felt so good to feel her flesh against mine as began pushing her hips into me…back and forth slowly…enjoying how hard I was getting with each second that she did this.

She slid her right hand down my body until her fingers wrapped around the base of my dick and began to gently stroke me. Her left hand pushed against my chest at the same time as she pushed me back down in my seat. She kept her eyes on mine as she climbed up on top of me and with her right hand still holding my dick, guided me inside her. She let her hands relax on my chest as she slid down slowly on top of me, letting every inch of me slide deeper inside her. I could only try to breath as I held her and watched in amazement as she moved her body up and down on top of me with that sexy little smile on her face.

She lay her face against mine and whispered my name in my ear over and over again as I took in her scent. The smell of French vanilla on her skin always drove me nuts and as I inhaled the familiar aroma, she began to pick up speed. I listened as she whispered all the words I loved to hear and with each sound that left her lips, I drew closer and closer Aydın Escort Bayan to cumming inside her.

“I missed you Kevin.”

“I missed you too. You feel amazing…”

“Do you want to cum inside me?”

She knew those words alone were almost enough to send me over the edge. She grabbed my shoulders tight and began grinding her hips down on my dick fast and hard. I held my breath as her pussy squeezed on me tighter and tighter as she fucked me faster…harder until I couldn’t hold it back any longer. Finally I let go and felt her pussy hold me tight as I came inside her. She tightened her grip on me and moved her body up and down the length of my cock as I came more and more. A few seconds later she kissed my lips slowly and slid off of me.

She turned around and spread her legs as she eased back into my lap. With my dick still hard and wet, she slid it back between her warm wet lips and slid back down on me. She leaned back against my chest and began moving her hips slowly back and forth as my dick began to relax inside her.

My hands wrapped around her body and held her breasts in each hand. She turned her head and let her tongue slide over my lips as my fingers found her nipples hard and waiting for my touch. I gently massaged her breasts admiring how gorgeous her body was as her hips continued their magic on my dick.

“I need you Kevin,” Liz whispered as she felt my cock getting harder again inside her. “I need you to fuck me like you used to…it’s been so long…I need you right now.”

I squeezed her tits a little harder as I pushed harder inside her. I could feel her wet pussy soaking my balls as I began fucking her faster and faster. She leaned forward and spread her legs wider as I stared down at the crack of her sexy ass and watched as my thick hard dick slide faster and faster in and out…over and over again…fucking her tight little pussy until her moaning filled the room.

The train seemed to pick up speed as the flashing lights of each stop filled the room with light faster and faster. I held her tight in my hands as she pushed her pussy against my cock harder and harder. I could feel her fingers rubbing her lit and my balls at the same time as I dove deeper and deeper inside her.

“Oh fuck Kevin! That’s it…don’t stop! Harder…harder…”

The next sound I heard was familiar to me and made me want to turn her around and kiss her long and hard. She closed her legs quickly and squeezed my cock as she came….opening her legs again for a few seconds as her fingers pressed against her clit one more time, only to squeeze her legs shut again as she came. I pulled her back against my chest and wrapped my arms around her chest and held her tight against me. I held her breasts as her chest heaved with her breathing as we both began to catch our breath.

“Thank you,” Liz whispered as she lay Escort Aydın there in my arms. “You don’t know how much I needed you…your arms around me like this…your lips…your touch.”

“We’re not done yet…I still need more…we have a lot of catching up to do Liz.”

“More?” Liz asked as she stood up in front of me. “Oh…I know what you need…I remember.”

I sat there still naked and rock hard stroking my cock for a few seconds as she knelt down in front of me. She tossed her beautiful long blond hair back and moved closer to the head of my dick. She held her hair back away from her face with one hand and held my cock with the other as she spread her lips around my dick and slowly drank me in. I held still and let her lips spread around my thick cock and watched her slide down deeper on me…deeper…taking me all in and holding me deep in her throat for a few seconds before sliding back off. I knew I couldn’t last much longer, but still I tried to keep it back and enjoy her mouth sucking me like this for as long as I could. Her fingers expertly squeezed and pulled on my cock as her lips slid up and down on me faster and faster. I wanted to last longer, but my hips jerking let he know I was ready. Without hesitation she wrapped both hands around my cock and gave me a few last quick stroked as she smiled up at me. That look…those eyes…her beautiful full breasts against my thighs as she made me cum again…amazing.

I could only smile back at her as I came in her hands as she continued to fuck my dick with her hands. I closed my eyes for just a second as she slowed down and finally let go. I sat there quietly as I watched her get dressed. I enjoyed every little glance she gave me and smile she showed. We stood close together holding on to the stainless steel rails of the subway as she kissed me once more.

“Thank you Liz…for everything…for you…for what you do to me…for me.”

“I’ll always be here for you Kevin,” she whispered back to me with her voice slowly fading off. “Don’t ever forget me.”

Those last words seemed to move further away from me and as I opened my eyes to see her looking back at me, I realized I was all alone yet again in the subway. Suddenly the sound of glass breaking filled the room and the car came to a sudden stop.

“Wake up! Dude…Wake up! Get off the train!”

I reached for my bottle but found it on the floor broken. I looked around me and noticed all the faces staring back at me as I grabbed the few things in this world I still owned and stood up to leave. I could see all the different faces watching me as I moved towards the exit. I could see their disgust as they watched a drunk person stumble out of the subway and back onto the streets. Each expression and emotion on their face I knew so well, minus one. As I stood on the empty platform and watched the subway drive off, I saw her face staring back at me through the window. She showed me her beautiful smile once again as she held her hand up to the glass as if to wave goodbye for the last time. Compassion…sympathy…empathy…love…all expressed in that last look she gave me. Then she was gone.

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