Voice of the Mind Ch. 12


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Author’s notes

Well, real life took over, so I didn’t get to post this at all … but the story still continues.

In this chapter Vincent gets home after having been in the hospital after the fight and people are happy to see him discharged. So hope you guys are happy to see him, Jenny and his sister again!

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Chapter 12.1 – A warm welcome

* * * * * * * * * *

It had been two days since he was allowed to leave the hospital. The doctors said that they didn’t find anything that would require him to stay there, so he got permission to go home. They did tell him that it would be good if he would return in a few weeks for a checkup, just in case. Merely a precaution, they said. He knew better.

He had heard from his doctor that he was a special case. Came in with a deep coma, recovered without them doing anything in particular and whereas the EEG confirmed that he had at least some brain damage, he recovered from that without any evidence as well. He wasinteresting.

Vincent didn’t feel the need to be ‘interesting’. He realized that he did need – and wanted – that checkup to ensure that there wasn’t anything wrong, but he didn’t want to be the next best thing next to Jesus’ rise from the dead. He didn’t trust himself yet, so he had asked Kevin to keep him away from theguinea pig shortlist in the hospital. That should ensure him a little bit more freedom and time to figure out if there was something different from before he went in a coma.

He had talked with Talitha about it and she had told him that she didn’t have any idea what she was doing, but she had managed to raise him back to the land of the living. Kevin had added that he had played a little bit of overseer to see if there were any real problems, though Kevin hadn’t known much about how to fix him either. He did say that he requested an expert to take a look at him, which was good. He was supposed to be able to take a look at him early next year, so it shouldn’t be too long.

In the meantime he was home. The physical injuries he had gotten were far less serious than the ones Talitha had. He merely had a few bruises which had turned a nasty color, but he learned nothing was broken. So by the time he had left the hospital he was able to do pretty much anything anyone could do with a few bruises.

He had been to class for a little while, but found that he had trouble keeping all the thoughts out without Talitha or Kevin putting a damper on them. Crowded spots were, for the moment, places he wouldn’t want to be. So he cooped himself up at home, receiving the lecture through his mindlink with Jenny as a sort of televisioned lecture. And he made the notes himself.

Jenny tried to suppress her urges to send him her erotic messages as well. He wouldn’t be able to focus on the lectures that way and she wouldn’t be able to keep her urges in check during class. And it pained her.

They hadn’t had sex for a while now, since they didn’t want to overtax him after his release from the hospital. It was harder for Jenny, he realized, and he wondered why. Everyone always said that it were the boys who were craving for sex, whereas the girls were trying to limit it. And here they were, her craving for sex and keeping her from raping him by sheer willpower. He wasn’t much better, though Jenny seemed to take the harder hit. It felt like his mind-battle which landed him in the hospital did make him and Jenny want more sex. It wasn’t surprising; they had only recently started dating and in the few weeks of dating they had forcefully broken up and it had almost ended permanently with his death. He wanted to make sure that he could keep her beside him. And he wanted to have sex as soon as possible. He wanted to be with her in more ways than just comfort.

Which didn’t mean that they didn’t excert any sexual activities during the night, with her in her own house and he in his own house, exchanging sexual intercourse images through their mindlink. Yet, he had decided that tomorrow that should stop and they should be fucking each other in the normal way. They had been putting it off for over half a week now – longer even if you count him being in a coma.

But right now, there wasn’t any. Jenny was going home to prepare for her part-time job and Vincent was cooking dinner, while Nicole was sitting in the living room, reading over some papers she needed for her own study. She looked studious, serious, dressed in that long pale blue dress she sometimes wore when her jogging pants were still in the laundry. Laundry which was piling up since he hasn’t been doing it when he was in the hospital and Nicole as always putting it off.

She had been pampering him ever since he came home, next to her own studies. Because of her he really felt like things were getting back to normal. Which was why he was now making dinner.

Not like he had much choice in that; Nicole’s cooking wasn’t much to write home about – Aydın Escort if it worked out at all. Even the hospital food was better than hers. So while he let her cook every once in a while they usually ate his meals, simply because they are more edible. By the time he had dinner ready she was already sitting at the table, a smile on her face.

Even back when they were kids she had always hooked on his mindwaves. Whenever he wanted something from her, she was already doing it before he needed to ask. When she was sad, he knew it before he had seen her. The other way around was the same, they were almost like twins, where they could read each other’s mind.

But things have changed since then. Now heknows he can read minds. It made him doubt the relationship with his sister for a while, wondering if it was due to his mental gift that they were so closely linked to each other. But when he had tried to read her mind on purpose he found that she had a natural guard up which he couldn’t probe. No matter how many minds he could read, he couldn’t read the one he was closest with. And that surprised him.

He wondered if that meant that their mindlink was still true, despite not being able to read her mind. That that was still a special twin-thing they shared. But while he was pondering about that, the subject itself spoke her mind.

“Are you going to set that down, or are you trying to let me starve?”

He realized he was still standing in the doorway with the two plates for them and snickered. He put them down on the table and planted himself on the chair across his sister. And once again he realized that she really was a beauty for the eye. The dark brown hair, tucked back in a ponytail, the dark brown eyes behind the glasses and the warm, though mocking smile – many other guy would envy him sitting there.

“Apologies. My mind’s wandering.”

“I can see that. You’re still wearing thatadorable apron too.”

He looked down and realized that he hadn’t taken it off yet. He pulled it over his head and threw it backwards over the counter to the kitchen.

Yet, it does look sexy on him, that apron.

“Well, thank you,” he said. “Glad to know that I’m being appreciated.”

He liked the compliment. Even despite it being his sister, it still felt good to hear that he was sexy in the eye of a woman. An attractive woman even. Only then it struck him that he hadn’t heard her actual voice. And while he was used to hearing thoughts from others, this was the first time he actually heard one from his sister. And then it wasthis one.

He looked up, shocked. And he saw a face equally shocked.

“Oh, crap. I didn’t … I never … I hadn’t wanted to read your mind, sorry,” he stammered.

“I … I’m sorry. I-I don’t know what came over me,” she stuttered.

They stayed silent for a bit. Both looking down on their dinner. Neither of them now really in the mood for eating.

“I didn’t know I could hear your thoughts,” he said. “Until now I never could.”

“I … I didn’t think you could either. I mean, you’ve been doing it for a while now, but you never managed to read mine. So I, um, I think I should apologize.”

“For what? For finding me sexy?”

She didn’t reply and that made the silence awkward. But when she spoke up, it was something different than he expected.

“Say, Vincent. Be honest with me for a bit. Do you thinkI am sexy?”

He didn’t know how to reply. It never came up in him to think that she would be insecure about her looks. She, of all people.

“You’re sexy,” he finally said. “You’re beautiful, attractive and more often than not you’re sexy as hell.”

She looked at him ludicrous. “Are you serious?”

“I doubt I’m the only one who thinks that. You should hear the guys sometimes. You’re the covergirl, you know. The one they can never reach, but whom they lust on from faraway.”

She smiled. A little hesitant at first, but then it gradually became more genuine. Then it faltered and broke away completely. She looked down at her plate and put down the silverware in her hand. When she looked up again, it was again hesitant and with a bit of anxiety.

“W-would you do something for me?”

“Sure. Whatever you want.”

She stood up, walked over and pulled him up as well. They weren’t that much different in height, so when he stood, he could look her right in the eyes, straight ahead. She bit her lip, something she did when she was considering something she wasn’t sure of. He knew her quirks. Yet he didn’t know what she wanted from him. Her thoughts didn’t travel to him anymore like they did a few minutes before.

Then she pulled over and kissed him – on the lips. And while he was taken by surprise, he realized that he kissed her back in full. Only a few seconds passed before he felt her tongue slithering across his teeth, in search of her destined partner. His tongue met hers before she could get past his teeth, meeting hers in a sensual, Aydın Escort Bayan all-consuming hug. Twirling around each other they danced and danced before she broke the kiss. It had felt minutes before she broke it, yet they both knew it couldn’t have been more than just a few seconds.

They stared at each other. Both realizing that they had just kissed their twin. Then that moment was over. He attacked her mouth and their tongues were entwined once more. His hands caressed her back, her hands clasped behind his head, trying to pull him even further in than possible. His hands darted down to her buttcheeks and grasped them firmly, elicting a giggle from his sister. She jumped. He caught her. And now her legs were firmly rounded around his middle, their crotches only inches removed from each other, merely held back by a few layers of clothing.

He walked a few steps until he had reached a wall and pushed her up to it. His hands were still firmly placed on her ass, making sure that they were there, kneading them softly. She groaned in his mouth, tongues dancing and he felt his erection growing. She bucked. Once. Twice. Then she wanted to be let down, so she could stand by herself.

Her hands grasped at his pants, unbuckling and unzipping until she had found what she was looking for. A growing member in her hands, eager to get to know her much better, pointed at where it wanted to go. Vincent didn’t stand idle either, he pulled up the dress to reach under it and found her panties. In one quick movement he pulled them down, not far enough to reach her knees, but far enough to let her feel the airflow against her crotch.

She pulled her dress up from the front and guided his stave to her warm entrance. She held it there for only a bit, letting it linger there to tease him – or herself, she didn’t know – and then shoved the head in slowly. She groaned.

“Put it in,” she begged. “Put it in, deep.”

And he did. He slowly pushed and slowly he felt the wet heat spread from the tip, further and further. He felt resistance at some point, but that didn’t seem to matter at all. Not to him. Not to her. She purred, sometimes alternated with some hissing, but always emitting an air of pleasure.

Again he felt resistance and this time he realized that he had reached her womb. He hadn’t expected to reach that far, but he didn’t have much left to push inside either. She relaxed and he felt that he could push further in, all the way in, so that she had taken all of his inside.

She climbed up again and he helped her, guiding her legs around his middle, supported by his hands under her. The touch of her asscheeks on his hands felt wonderful. And the feeling of her all around his dick was almost too much. He had to use all of his willpower not to cum right that instant.

“Oh, fuck me,” she said. “Please, fuck me.”

And he did. Slowly at first, because he was too sensitive to do more than that. And he had the feeling that she was feeling similarly. Then he sped up, until he had a regular rhythm pushing in and out of her sweet little hole, the wetness of her engulfing his dick, allowing him to slide in and out without any trouble.

She was tight though, tight enough for him to feel pressure from all sides whenever he was pushing in or out and he realized that he wouldn’t last long. Within moments he was increasing the pace, violating her pussy, pushing in deeper and building up to a climax. She laid her head on her shoulder and moved towards his ear, whispering softly.

“Unnn …fuck me, little brother. Fuck your sister like you have always wanted to do. This is your chance,” she urged him and she shuddered under his pounding. “This is your chance. Violate me, fill me up with your juices.”

That put him over the edge. He ejaculated hard – jets of cum shooting inside her, filling her up until nothing more would fit. He felt that it was coming out when he was still trying to shoot more in. And when he pushed the last time inside, he felt her tighten. Now it was her turn to cum. She came like she had never done before and she arched her back, her head against the wall. A little growl came from her lips, growing until it came from deep inside her throat, her nails digging in the back of his shoulders.

And then it was over. She laid her head back on his shoulder, panting.

“We did it,” she whispered at last. She let herself down and looked at him, face to face, eye to eye. “We did it. We had sex with our twin.”

He heard the concern, but more than that he heard relief. Relief that she finally dared to take the step – and that he went along with her.

“Do you … regret it?”

“I … don’t know. It’s … wrong … but at the same time it felt incredibly right as well. Like I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time.”

She nodded. “Yes, that’s about the same feeling I have. But I don’t know, today it sort of fell into place. And I just gave in. I’m really glad that you went Escort Aydın along, though.”

“That was a pretty daring move though. I didn’t even know if I would go along –”

She laughed shyly – and then dropped down to her knees to lick the remaining juices from the limp-growing dick that had shot itself dry in her.

“Holy …” he said. “When did you learn that?”

“I didn’t,” she said. “Full-fledged virgin here. Well, until now then.”

His eyes grew. “Really? I didn’t figure you for a virgin.”

She looked up while sucking the last off his dick. Her eyes twinkled. “I saved myself for an important guy. So far you only had electronic rivals competing for that pussy. And I think I know now who has condemned them to a spot in a drawer.”

He laughed heartily. And then he stiffened. She felt it too and she raised herself to look at him.

“I have a girlfriend.”

Nicole slapped a hand over her mouth. “Oh, my God. I completely forgot about Jenny. What do we do?”

“I … don’t think we can keep it from her. Not with all this mind-linking and all.” He sighed. “I’ll have to talk to her. She’s at work right now, so I don’t want to tell it to her mentally.”

“Well, that’s not necessary, big guy,” her voice chimed in his head.”With our mind-link and all you have pretty much told me everything already. You brought me in and made me more than an audience in that … ravishing event.”

“Oh. My. God,” he stammered. “I broadcasted our sex.”

Nicole’s eyes grew wide. “Sheknows already? Oh, Jesus.”

“You can say that again. I was at work and then you broadcast that to me – and letting me feeleverythingyou felt while you were fucking her. Do you have any idea how horny that got me?! I’m gonna take off right now, I’ll make up some excuse and I’m coming right over. And then you have to fuck me long enough to get rid of all this fucking horniness.ThenI’ll see how angry am I at you for fucking behind my back, but right now I really need to be fucked till I pass out from overfuckedness. Over and out.”

“How did she take it?” Nicole asked cautiously. “How bad is it?”

Vincent looked at her and said: “She’s coming over right now.”

“Oh, God.”

“And she wants to be fucked until she passes out. Then she will decide what she will think about us fucking each other.”

“She … what?”

Nicole broke down in laughter, her butt resting against the wall, his juices still dripping from her pussy.

“Somehow, that isso Jenny,” she said. “But if she said something along these lines I feel a bit better. Well, until she arrives, that is.”

“Yeah, sometimes I can’t really understand that girl. But that’s part of why I love her.” admitted Vincent.

“Amen to that, brother.”

And they both laughed.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 12.2 – Jenny

* * * * * * * * * *

It hadn’t taken her long to arrive on the doorstep of the man she loved and her mind was swirling. She had been at work when the images had hit her of her boyfriend having intercourse with his own sister. While that fact by itself would’ve been a lot to digest for most people, she had been spectating it unwillingly. And no matter what, no matter how revolting some people incestuous relationships felt, she could do no less but feeling aroused.

Now she was there were the action was. Standing in the doorway, stepping short of ringing the doorbell and facing the two people who just had sex. She cursed the fact that despite the time she had needed to get there, her horniness hadn’t subsceded at all. She was practically a living sex-bomb, just waiting for someone to take advantage of her, to make her cum so heavily she could just as well be detonated.

So what the hell am I supposed to do? she wondered.I’m supposed to be really angry at Vinnie for screwing his sister – who is also a good friend of mine, for the record – but all I can think of is how much I want to be on the receiving end of his dick. I really want to talk this over, see if there are any wreckages to be recovered, if our relationship is still worth saving, but I know that there is no chance of that. None before I have fucked him senseless.

The door opened before she had the chance of pressing the doorbell and Vincent was there. The guy who had cheated on her with his own sister opened the door – and before she realized it, her mouth was on his. She had jumped him, her legs already around him and he reeled – stumbled backwards until he fell on the floor with her on top of him. She didn’t even notice how she instinctively had pulled her legs out of the way, so she fell with both knees on the ground, one to each side of him. Her lips were still locked to his, despite the fall. And she only vaguely noticed that someone else was shuffling past them to close the front door. Right now, the only thing that mattered was this man – and mostly the part that was hopefully growing wildly so it could be thrusted inside her.

It didn’t matter to her who was in the near vicinity or where that said vicinity was, the only thing she could think of was ravishing that man under her. Her hands worked furiously on his belt, ripped open the zipper and took off his pants as if it was her single purpose in life.

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