Wake-Up Call


…my mind drifts… between sleep and wakefulness…my consciousness floats… eddies, bring me closer to the shore, before washing me into the deeper water of sleep.

As my mind rises higher I can still smell the aroma of passion from the night before… sweet muskiness hangs heavily in the air…as my consciousness falls dream like memories return, of us entwined our bodies one, as we surrendered to our most base of desires.

My hand reaches out… to caress you,…but only find rumpled sheets, still holding the warmth of your recent presence…Once more the misty tendrils of sleep envelope me… and my consciousness recedes.

Half awake yet still half asleep, I think I hear you renter the bedroom. And once more fade back to sleep.

Through the mists of awareness…I begin to feel an almost burning feeling along my shaft…as your fingernails slowly draw from base to tip, though the soft material of my underwear.

Pushing against the cloth on either side of my growing man-hood, so it is just the material pressing against me, giving only the faintest hint of caress though the straining fabric. Your fingers slide down the edges of me and then softly feather across the base of my shaft. A quiet moan of pleasure escapes my lips.

You continue to lightly circle my loins, your lips gently lower onto mine and you plant a long lingering kiss upon me. Your lips mimicking with kisses, the soft patterns your fingers are making against me, further down.

I try to press my hips against your hand, and for a moment you withdraw, silently, chiding me, then your fingers return to once again glide across me. The more your gentle fingers caress me, the harder I become, straining against the fabric of my underwear…

You begin to kiss your way down my neck, blowing lightly, you hands gently part my legs and you once more send your fingers gently circling lower down my shaft. Every now and then giving a slight squeeze, your fingernails softly rake across my balls and my scrotum tightens Aydın Escort from your caress.

I moan softly, as I close my eyes and enjoys the tingles of pleasure, rippling though me. You again press your palm slightly harder against me, just to tease me, before you once more continue with you light caresses. My penis straining hard against my underwear for every touch, for every caress that your fingers are giving. Every maddening feathery brush against me, giving a lingering wave of pleasure.

All the while your lips continue to plant kisses up and down my neck, and every so often returning to my mouth, our lips connecting for long moments, before you drift away.

Once more, your fingers are caressing my balls, then circling down to the very base of my shaft, before returning to give them a gentle squeeze. As you continue this cycle, your other hand traces it way across my stomach, and with agonising slowness, pulls gently at the top of my underwear to reveal the very top of my penis. With only the tip exposed, you being to run a teasing caress across it. Fingernails lightly dancing across the head as it pushes out from the fabric.

I turn my head towards you and for a moment, I open my eyes, with you free hand you gently close them again. “No peaking” you whisper, as you fingers continue to glide across me. Every now and then pausing to pay more attention to one spot or another that has brought a more audible moan of pleasure.

“Lay still,” you command. As you once more lightly run your finger-tips down my shaft and over my balls. Lightly weighing each one, then softly rolling them with your palm, gently pressing them against my manhood.

Pulling at my underwear your reveal the tip of my penis, still cradling my jewels, you give a lingering lick on the exposed skin, wetting it, then blowing across it, teasing me with your breath instead of your touch. Wetting me again and then repeating the breathy caress. All the while, massaging me though the fabric. After several Aydın Escort Bayan maddening minutes you slide me into your mouth and holding it there for a moment, allowing the warmth of your mouth to seep into me. Then with a slow roll of your tongue, you let fall from your mouth. I let out a soft moan.

Once more, I try to move, and once again you place a free hand against my chest. “I asked you to lay still,” you chid me, and once more I relax. And once more you lower your mouth, enveloping my hardness with glorious and agonising slowness.

Millimetre by maddening millimetre, your moist lips descend upon my shaft. And again you circle my balls, then a lingering finger traces across the skin below them.

My cock twitches for a second…in an instant you stop, forefinger and thumb encompassing the base of my cock and balls… and clamping tight…my climax subsided and I groan…” Not yet, you naughty boy”

You release my cock, and I feel the bed move as you shift your weight…once more I begin to smell the scent of your aroma…I keep my eyes closed as I feel one knee descend on either side of my head.

I can feel your warmth close to my face, and your aroused scent has become stronger… I can almost imaging the sight of you hovering over me…waiting…

“Stick your tongue out.” You instruct, I pause for a moment. You give my balls a soft squeeze…”I said, stick your tongue out.” This time I obey your command.

I extend my tongue and encounter nothing but warm musky air…”Further”…I extend it as far as I can… almost straining to touch something. Right at it’s farthest reach it encounters the rough texture of your Lacey panties.

Already moist, I get the slightest taste of you, and you lift yourself away again.

“Leave it out,” you command…and after a minute I feel the sensation of the rough fabric returning… This time for a more lingering pass… as you lightly draw yourself across my outstretched tongue.

Again I get the Escort Aydın musky taste of you. The next time you descend. You linger for longer and slightly lower…not having to stretch as far… I can push back slightly… and I draw it along you… as much as my reach will allow.

Again and again your repeat this slow torture. Each time your pussy returns it is wetter and hotter that before…the smell of you sex, assails the senses and your salty taste lingers in my mouth…

“Open your eye”, you instruct…I comply. To see you slowly pulling the lacy material aside and exposing yourself to me. Hovering, mere inches above me… “Now, let’s see what you can do”, as your dripping pussy descends onto my eager and waiting mouth…

Almost, as a sign of approval, you once again begin working on my cock… and again I feel the sensation of your moist mouth engulfing my swollen cock… as your swollen pussy engulfs my mouth…

Your begin to build a slow rhyme…a stroking mouth…matched with a rolling of your hips…as you descend, your drag your cunt across my face… as you rise… your pull yourself back to your pussies starting position… and begin again…

Your pace is behind to build…I can hear you breath getting sharper as you inhale…you are pulling at my balls and once more circle your fingers around my base…I can feel my climax building behind your encircling dam.

“Fuck me…fuck me” as you continue to grind on my face… I can feel you cunt beginning to tighten on its own accord as a fresh wave of wetness greets me.

You clamp your knees around my head. And drop quivering pussy on my open mouth… “I’m cumming… and so are you”, you command… releasing your encircling grip from the base of my shaft… and drive a finger deep into my ass…hitting my own g-spot. On command, I explode into your mouth…

You turn and straddle me. The other way…to face me…legs now clamped around my waist… still dominating me.. I can see as trickle of my cum escaping the side of your mouth… you lean down and in a long lingering motion, lick your own orgasm off my lips…

“Next time, that’s the way I’m going to fuck your cock”…as you grip the back of my head and once more deeply kiss me…forcing your tongue deep into my mouth…

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