Wedding and Opportunity


The following story is mostly fiction, but there are some elements drawn from various experiences of my past. Note that there is no violence, physical abuse, or persons, either fictional or real, who are under 18 years of age.

Some years ago before I was married I used to like to play soccer with some of my friends from the civil engineering company where I worked. It was always a good excuse to get some exercise and to be outside. We would play rain or shine, and I was one of the regulars. There was a particular Thursday afternoon when we had all changed into shorts, tee shirts, and athletic shoes and decided to play despite the light rain that had been falling all day. The high school field that we used was particularly muddy, but that didn’t faze us in the least. I remember that I had been dribbling the ball down field but was hit square by one of the guys on the other team. Down I went with my ankle twisted into shapes that nature hardly intended. I wasn’t sure if it was broken or not, but it hurt like hell.

Two of the guys piled me into the back of a teammate’s Jeep and took me to the emergency room of the local hospital. The doctor on duty, a GP, checked me out and didn’t think that anything was broken, but wanted some X-rays just to be sure. They sent me to the second floor to the Orthopedic Group for further evaluation. Dr. Hart (he probably was in the wrong specialty) sent me down the hall and that is where this story really begins. I was greeted by the technician, a cute beyond belief red head wearing a white lab coat, named Elyse. I was feeling better just being near her: sweet face, to die for smile, a sense of humor, and under that lab coat was what I surmised as a great little body.

“I need just two more pictures and then you can go back to see Dr. Hart,” she said.

“Darn, I was hoping that I could spend the evening here!” I thought to myself.

“How long have you been doing X-rays?” I asked trying to start a conversation.

“I’ve only been here about two months. I like the variety between arms, shoulders, legs, hips, feet. You name it.”

“What did you do before this?” I asked innocently enough as Elyse repositioned my leg for the next X-ray picture.

“I worked for an OB/GYN practice doing mammograms, but it was boring.”

“Boring?” I thought to myself as images of titties of all sizes came to mind, “How so?”

“There wasn’t much variation to it. It was just one pair of breasts after another all day long. At least here I get to do different body parts with different problems. You have an ankle injury, but the patient before you had a toe problem and the surgeon wanted X-rays before doing a bunion job. Before that was a woman with carpal tunnel.”

“But women’s breasts come in all sizes and shapes,” I added letting my imagination go a little wild and hoping to continue the conversation.

“They do, but for the most part those were routine examinations. Many women get one annually. It might be hard to understand at first, but smaller breasted women have a tougher time than larger breasted ones.”


“A small breasted woman needs to find enough breast to position between the glass plates. It isn’t that easy. Mine aren’t that large and I can speak from experience.”

Now that was more information than I was expecting. Still, Elyse was one of the cutest women on two feet and I’d love to get to know her better, so I just came right out and asked, “So I suppose you have a boyfriend?”

“No, Balıkesir Escort not at the moment. I did, but I learned he was a jerk and dumped him. Here’s my phone number so give me a call. You seem like a decent guy.”

“OK, thanks. I will call you.”

“Good luck with the arm. Dr. Hart should have these films by the time you get back to see him.”

As it turned out I did not have any breaks but would not be playing soccer for some time. So, a few days later I called Elyse and asked her for a date. Nothing special, but we’d go watch my friends play and then have a casual meal. Elyse was glad to hear from me and readily accepted. After the date she asked me to her place where she made some coffee and we chatted for hours. We really hit it off and decided to have a follow-up date, which was a fancier dinner followed by a concert in town.

(By this point in the story most readers are asking where the action is because so far it’s pretty tepid and tame. OK, so here goes.)

Elyse had a good friend, Rachel, who was getting married. Elyse had previously responded that she and her previous boyfriend, who we will call Monty, would go. Since Monty was no longer in the picture, Elyse asked if I wanted to accompany her. Moreover, the wedding was to be in Rochester so it would be a road trip including a hotel stay.

“Things might be looking up,” I said to myself thinking that she and I had had a couple of dates but not wanted to be labelled a ‘jerk’ like Monty I was taking things slow and hadn’t gotten into Elyse’s pants. . . at least not yet.

I’ll fast forward to our arrival at the boutique hotel that overlooked Lake Ontario. It had a spectacular view, one of the coziest lounges that I had ever seen, and the church was just a short walk away.

“This is nice!” I exclaimed upon opening the door and looking at the room. A king size bed with a canopy, antique furnishings, but a modern bathroom with a shower with a full glass enclosure plus a bidet.

“It is darling,” said Elyse. “I’m glad that we have three nights here and decided that we’re going back on Monday. She had no sooner uttered those words when there came a knock at the door. Opening it, there stood a bellman with a bottle of champagne and two glassed.

“Compliments of Rachel and Kevin,” he said. I tipped him and shut the door.

“Nice touch!” I said. “Want some now?”

“That sounds good to me,” replied Elyse.

I popped the cork and poured two glasses. Since we were upstate New York the champagne was local and not French, but still it tasted great. Refills were certainly in order.

“So, what do we do now?” I asked.

“I saw their pool when we drove up. Want to go for a little swim before we head off downtown to dinner?” she said getting a bikini out of her suitcase and tossing it on the bed. My mind wandered off to what was going to happen next. Was Elyse going to go into the bathroom to change? Since we were about to sleep together later any modicum of modesty was probably not in order.

“The pool sounds good,” I replied digging through my own luggage for my swim trunks and purposely taking longer than required just to see what Elyse was going to do. I didn’t have long in waiting as she peeled off her tee shirt and undid her bra. Not having seen her tits before I did think that they were modest albeit let’s just say perfectly perky.

“I just bought this suit earlier this week. What do you think?” she asked as she put on the Balıkesir Escort Bayan bra and fastened it behind her.

“A pink polka dot bikini reminds me of that old song. It’s really cute on you, though.”

I had no sooner uttered those words when without the least embarrassment she took off her jeans and putting her thumbs into the waistband of her panties slid those off. I will often look at a woman and wonder if she is smooth shaven or has a bush, and that answer about Elyse was instantly answered . . . she had a nicely groomed landing strip just above a perfectly smooth shaved pussy. Nice!

Having finished ogling Elyse as she changed, it was now up to me. Everything came off and as I stood there with my manhood on display, I purposely fumbled with my swim trunks before pulling them on. Out of the corner of my eye I couldn’t help noticing that Elyse was checking me out with probably the same attention to detail that I had had with her.

Elyse instinctively got a couple of bathrobes which we donned and then headed off to the pool. We just about had it to ourselves so after a quick couple of laps we got out and relaxed on some lounges. “That was exhilarating,” I told her. “I think I might give the diving board a try.”

“I would,” said Elyse with a laugh but the last time I did that I lost my bikini bottoms when I entered the water. Nothing like putting on an X-rated show in front of a group of total strangers!”

“Maybe that’s a good reason for me to encourage you to try again. I bet it wouldn’t happen twice in a row,” I teased.

“I don’t think I’ll take that bet. Besides if you want to see what I look like down there we should just go back to the room,” she said taking my hand. Now this was an offer that I could not refuse even if I was not going to admit that I had had a quick glance at her lady parts when she was changing.

When we got back to the room, Elyse said, “There was so much chlorine in that pool that we should probably shower and rinse out our suits. Mine is brand new and that chlorine will otherwise ruin it.” At that she slipped off the bottoms and the bra, dropped them in the sink, and ran the water for the shower. To me, this seemed like a good opportunity and I did likewise. Once the shower had warmed, we both stepped in and without saying a word lathered each other well. After rinsing, Elyse kneeled in the shower, and took my already erect member in her mouth. Oh, my God, but was she good, especially with her tongue, and it seemed like in no time that I was ready to cum.

“Fair warning. I’m about ready to cum,” I told her. If my warning had had any effect it was that she sucked harder. I couldn’t hold back anymore and let loose with a huge load. She swallowed part of it, but there was so much that she began gagging and had to spit some out.

“Well, you did warn me,” she coughed but then giggled. “When you cum, you really do cum, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

“If you have anything left at all, I think that I might have a better place for you to put it,” Elyse smiled as she stood up, got out of the shower, and began toweling herself off. I couldn’t help but watch her every move and think to myself, “What a great little body she has.”

Elyse left the bathroom as I was drying off and when I exited she was waiting for me on the bed with legs spread and a ‘come hither’ expression on her face. Actually, it was more like that expression was on her pussy as it glistened Escort Balıkesir with excitement. Wearing nothing but the bath towel wrapped around me, the tent caused by my erection was hard not to notice. “I see that somebody is not done having some action today,” she observed.

“Hardly,” I replied.

“Would that be like in hardily, hardy, hardly, or just plain hard? I hope you have more of what you shared earlier because I can barely wait.”

“Is that like in barely or just plain bare?” I countered.

“Take your pick, but just don’t keep me waiting.”

I dropped the towel and climbed on the bed, but rather than just entering her a little oral stimulation seemed like a better idea as I decided to ‘have lunch at the Y’ as my fraternity brothers used to say. Licking the juices from Elyse’s smooth pussy was easy and that little landing strip tickled the end of my nose. “That is just so plain tasty,” I told her licking her pussy juice from my lips with my tongue.

“You can keep doing that all afternoon,” she said with some moans. The more I licked the wetter her pussy got. It seemed so wet and slippery that I had some serious doubts that I’d get enough traction once I entered her, but there was only way to find out. I moved my face up across her abdomen and found one of her tittles to suckle. At the same time, I slowly introduced my manhood into her waiting pussy—and I was right because it was extremely slippery.

“Are you ready for a good lovin’?” I asked.

“You mean am I ready for a really good fucking? In that case, yes. But I should tell you that I have dreamt about this moment from the very first that you walked into the X-ray lab several weeks ago. I wasn’t sure that you were ever going to make your move.”

“I just didn’t want to scare you off. You said that you dumped your last boyfriend because he was a jerk,” I said now pumping away hoping that I’d gain enough traction to ejaculate enough cum to satisfy Elyse.

“I don’t want to talk about it. So far you’ve proved that you’re really good at giving oral and that your loads are, well, just that loads. Now fill me with another one,” Elyse pleaded as she moved her hips violently hoping to milk the cum from my penis. I finally got to where the long strokes mattered and as I felt being on the cusp of ejaculating thrust myself deep into Elyse’s vagina. That action caused my body to want to drain my balls of everything that they had. The performance was impressive, if I do say so myself especially since it was the second time in less than an hour.

“That, I’m afraid, is the best that I can do,” I said collapsing on Elyse’s chest.

“I can only hope that Rachel gets satisfied like that on her wedding night. If I were a teacher, I’d give you an A+ on all counts,” she said as I withdrew from her now unbelievably full vagina. Almost immediately cum started draining from her, so she put her hand over her pussy and ran to the bathroom. I heard water running and when I got up to investigate, I found Elyse sitting on the bidet allowing its stream of warm water to clean away the draining ejaculate.

“So that’s what those things are for,” I said.

“Yes, I’ve never used one, but I can see the benefits, especially when a woman has someone like you around.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“It was intended that way. Now if you were in my X-ray lab, I’d want to take pictures of your balls because they have to be plenty empty after all that.”

“They could be,” I said modestly, “But we still have a couple of days left in the hotel. Want to find out?”

“Why not. I’m game if you are. The only commitment we have is to be at the wedding and the reception. It wouldn’t be good form to miss those, but that still leaves a lot of time for some good experimenting.”

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