Weekend Getaway


It is a cool spring morning as the sun begins to creep over the horizon. There is a mist hanging in the air that only adds to the beauty of the encroaching sunrise. All we have with us are the clothes on our back and a small overnight bag. You start the engine of your bike and I climb on behind you. I wrap my arms tight around your waist and we take off from your drive. As we head out of town I hold on tighter for warmth, wondering if you can feel through the leather of your jacket just how hard my nipples have become.

We ride for hours along the winding roads leading north to the big river bluffs. Sunlight cascades through the beautiful green leaves that are budding on the trees around us. The day is getting warmer and we stop for a rest and picnic lunch at a roadside park overlooking the river below. After eating we walk along the park’s trail holding each other close, pausing now and then for a series of soft tender kisses. I do so love the way you kiss me. As always I feel so secure with your strong arms around me. We let go of our embrace but keep our hands clamped tight together as we walk on a little farther. Shortly though we find that we are no longer alone at our scenic overlook for the beautiful day has brought others to this picturesque spot. So we decide to head back and get on the bike to ride off farther up the road.

On our way to our final destination we ride every twist and turn of every scenic byway we can find along the bluffs just enjoying the day and the closeness of each other. I begin to think of where we are headed and what the night ahead holds in store and my excitement builds. In my excitement I begin to feel a bit playful and I let go of your waste start to run my hands along your long legs. I can feel the vibration of the bike’s engine through your muscles as I run my hands slowly and ever higher along your thighs. Before long my caresses have reached as far as they can go and I can feel your cock is hard from all my teasing.

As we come to one of the few straight stretches of road you boldly let go of one handlebar and reach your hand back to do some teasing of your own. I can feel myself getting wet as I rub against your fingers. We near another bend in the road and compose ourselves from our playing and go back to concentrating on and enjoying the ride. Only a few more miles go by before our final destination comes into view. Sitting high on a bluff is the bed and breakfast where a reserved room awaits our arrival.

After we check in we head strait to our room where a bottle of champagne awaits us. The room is chilly and the bubbly is too. We drink a couple glasses while taking in the view from our balcony. We decide to head inside once the bubbly is gone and once inside you put your hands on my waist and pull me to you.

Already I can feel your cock growing hard underneath the layers of clothes between us. You begin to kiss me ever so gently, lightly flicking your tongue across my lips and the tip of my tongue. My own hands caress your broad shoulders and back, feeling the movement of your muscles under my fingers. I let my hands fall to your tight little ass and gab hold. Grinding my pelvis into you, I feel your rock hard dick rub against me.

Slowly your hands move up my back as we kiss harder and deeper. I feel your hands making their way higher. As they reach my neck I feel your fingers begin to make their way into my hair. As you take hold tightly, you pull my head back and my mouth away from yours. A moan that is almost like a whimper escapes from my lips. I want so much to be at your mouth again. The torment of not being able to reach it leaves me with only a stronger wanting need due to your teasing.

With your hands still firmly in my hair you hold me so that I cannot move. Your warm mouth moves to my ear and I feel your tongue begin to trace the edge of the lobe. Within but moments your tongue is in the center, so warm and insistent on its task. As your warm mouth is at my ear I feel warmth spreading over my body, rising from deep within my center. It is that feeling, that desire, that need of you that is spreading over me. I know there can be no turning back for me now.

As I am still within your grasp you Balıkesir Escort begin to kiss your way down my neck. Some kisses are soft and others are more like a bite with little nips from your teeth, though you are careful to not leave lasting marks. Your grasp on my hair is loosened as you bring your hands to the front of my shirt. You begin to unbutton my blouse as you kiss and nip your way down further.

When your lips reach the V of my breasts I feel your strong hands take each one in a soft grip and you begin to caress my already erect nipples with your thumbs. Your fingers begin to curl into my bra so as to pull it down and set my breasts free of its tight confines. My mind is swirling now and I must make myself concentrate on breathing or I may forget while lost in your caresses.

With my bra now down and my naked breasts in your grasp you move your mouth to one and begin to flick the nipple with your agile tongue. So expertly your tongue works its magic on me. When I think I cannot stand the teasing anymore your mouth then encircles my breast and you begin to suck as well. You move from the one to the other and begin your playing all over again. All the while your hands are roaming my body with rough caresses. I love the feel of your hands against me.

You then begin to kiss your way down my stomach. Before you are completely on your knees you tell me “Get up on the bed and lie back.” I do as you say and your hands then go to the front of my pants as you begin to undo the button and pull the zipper down. Once my pants are undone you begin to pull them slowly down my hips all the while kissing further and further down.

With my pants past my hips I feel your kissing lips reach the beginnings of my soft nether hair. You stop your kisses and tilt your head up to look at my face as I have been intently watching your decent and then you take my pants the rest of the way off. Once they are cast aside you open my legs and your head goes between them. I feel your warm breath against my sensitive skin as you bring your mouth to my already wet center. The first lick of your tongue sends waves of shivers through me. Your own tongue begins to flick across my clit in short little strokes. Your mouth on me feels so much like heaven, for heaven is the only way I know to describe the wonderful sensations flowing through me right now. My hands grab the edge of the bed as to hold myself down for I feel as though I might float away if I don’t.

The speed of your tongue quickens and then slows again in teasing succession. And then I feel the first hard little nibble of my clit by your teeth. My body jumps at your nip, but not from pain, only sheer pleasure. Between nips and licks, your tongue begins to dip lower and lower, ever closer to my center. You then begin to concentrate your attention on my center, your tongue making swirling motions around my outer lips. With slow deliberate darting motions your tongue starts to go in and out of me. My hands let loose their grip on the bed and make their way into your soft hair and rest atop your head as to draw you even closer into me.

Your mouth goes back to work on my clit and I feel your fingers begin to play at teasing my outer lips as your tongue did moments ago. A finger begins to work its way inside me in slow soft strokes. When you have worked your finger back and forth till it reaches as far in as it can go, you start the process over this time using two fingers instead of just one. I can feel that sweet pressure begin to build inside of me and know it will not be long now.

As your fingers work inside me, and your mouth works my clit, it is more than my body can take. The first contracting waves of my climax begin to take hold of my body. You can feel the spasms begin and the pace of your fingers and tongue quicken. I hold my breath for only moments and as my climax peaks I breathe out in a hoarse cry of release. Wave after wave of sensation flows though me.

As the spasms die down, and my once quickened breathing slows again, you bring your head back up to mine. Your hands find my hair again and take a hold before you kiss me ever so softly. I taste myself on your lips and it is pleasing Balıkesir Escort Bayan to me. You then pull your face away from mine and look into my eyes. A smile comes across your lips that is as wide as the one now on mine.

Suddenly you stop and spin me around so that you are behind me. Still in your grip you walk me over to the table at the side of the room. With your moth close to my ear and the heat of your breath sending shivers through me you say “Put your hands on the table.”

I stand strait next to the table and do as you say. Your hands start to caress their way over my entire body. From back to front and up and down I feel your strong fingers all over me.

With one hand you brush my hair aside and begin to nibble at the back of my neck. With the other hand you caress one of my breasts. You tweak my nipple with your thumb and forefinger and it hardens instantly. Your mouth moves to my ear and your probing tongue starts with the lobe and works its way to the center. You breath is so warm in comparison to the chilly room we are standing in. Both of your hands are at my breasts now and both of my nipples are now rock hard from your touch.

Your hands go back to their caresses and your mouth back to its assault on my neck. I writhe under your hands and try to push my way back into you without letting go. With my ass I can feel your long hard cock straining against me.

One of your hands then moves to my pussy. Your fingers start to massage my clit and I press my pelvis into your hand wanting more. I am so wet now as one finger easily slips its way into my tight opening. Slowly in and out you move your finger and with each outward motion it glides once again across my swollen clit.

Suddenly you stop and grab my hips with both hands. You tug me back until I am almost in a 90% bend with my hands still holding the edge of the table.

As I stand there bent your fingers go to my crotch and hold open the lips of my pussy. I feel the head of your cock against my opening. You work it only slightly in and out, teasing me with it. “Do you want it?” you ask. “I want it… I want all of it.” I answer.

With one quick hard thrust by you I feel a searing of delicious pain. I cry out with pleasure and you are completely in me. Slowly in and out you move. One of your hands makes its way back to my clit and once again you massaging me but now to the rhythm of the strokes of your cock.

Now with one hand on my clit, and your cock inside me, you continue your rhythmic movement and caresses. A sweet pressure is building inside me as so many wonderful sensations are happening all at once. I can feel the tension building greater and greater and you feel it as well for my inner muscles strain tighter against your huge cock. I give a cry of delight as the waves of my orgasm wash over my body. I feel you tense up and press harder against me as your own release begins and your sweet hot cum is shot deep inside me.

After the waves of pleasure subside I release my grip and spin around to put my hands to your face and pull you into a long deep kiss. I then release you from the kiss and look into your eyes wonderful eyes.

We start kissing me once again. This time the kisses are slow and sweet, not the fevered pace they were before. With my hands now “freed” for the table I finally start my own exploration of your body. I do so with great care so to memorize the feel of you. I run my fingers first through your hair and then down to caress your face. The stubble from your face is rough against my fingertips.

From your face my hands caress down the sides of your neck hands come to a temporary rest on your shoulders. From your shoulders, I bring my hands down and across the front of your chest. Your normally smooth skin is prickled with goose bumps. I wonder, is it from the chill, or from my touch? Your nipples are hard and I rub each one simultaneously with a fingertip. From there my hands caress down your stomach, through the soft hair and further down my fingertips lightly trace till I reach you huge cock. I break away from your kiss and take a small step back so as to improve my view. My hands ever so lightly brush their Escort Balıkesir way up and down your still hard shaft. I can’t help but stare at you. The power of you that now lies within my hands is amazing to me. From top to bottom my very own Greek god stands before me.

When I my eyes have had their fill, though admittedly only a temporary fill, I step close and kiss you one more time. I then trace kisses down the same path my hands just traveled until I am “eye to eye” with you cock. I take my tongue and trace the underside of your shaft. My tongue then makes a circle around the head and flicks the very tip. I then slowly draw you into my mouth. Back and forth my mouth goes, sucking, licking, and enjoying the feel of you. I release you of my mouth’s hold and trace your length with my tongue again.

My hands have reached around to you tight ass by this time. I have each hard cheek in my grasp. After working my way down slowly with my tongue, I pause at the base. One by one I take each of your balls in my mouth and softly roll them around, sucking very gently. I then trace my way back up to the tip of your cock and draw you in once again. Back and forth my warm mouth goes in a slow steady rhythm. You place your hands on my head and twine your fingers through my hair. I quicken my pace.

I can feel the pressure building in you now and I know that your release is nearing. Suddenly your body tightens and your hips grind toward me as you press me to you. I taste the first spurts of your cum and feel the pulsing release of it against my tongue. You groan with release as your orgasm takes its course.

When the waves of cum finally stop, I continue with a gentle sucking, enjoying thoroughly the taste of you. When I release you from my mouth I look up at you once again. You are trying to catch your breath, but still manage to give me the biggest smile. With your fingers still in my hair you carefully pull me up back to my feet.

You then place your hands under my arms and lift me to sit on the table. I study your eyes for a while and then lightly I brush one of my fingertips first across your dark soft lashes and then I trace my way down studying the rest of your handsome features.

Down the bridge of your nose my fingertip traces down to your wonderful lips. I trace my way around them and admire their perfectly shape. They are so very soft, but so demanding when the need takes you. Next my finger traces across your so wonderfully chiseled chin and then down your neck. I stop my track at the base of your throat and then focus my gaze on your magnificent eyes once more. I lean in, and place a soft kiss on each of the features I had just so intently studied and then just smile and sigh.

As if on cue your perfect lips close in and kiss me again. Long lingering kisses consume us and cause the fever of our rendezvous to escalate again. The chilly air we once felt is gone now as the sun has risen higher in the sky. The warmth of our bodies together begins to grow and a sheen of sweat starts to show on our skin.

You take my breasts in your hands and move your mouth down to one of my nipples. Urgently and intently you suck and nibble, moving from one to the other, though you do not linger too long as you make your way further down. Your hands spread my knees wide and you place my legs over your shoulders. I lean back on my hands so that I can watch you as you start to lick my center, still wet from our previous encounter. Your tongue works at me and your teeth nip at my clit. I feel that sweet pressure building but before it can be released you pull your mouth away.

Placing my legs back down you straighten again to your full height. You pull me back up to a sitting position and as I sit up I see how hard your cock has once again become and how as I sit my pussy is so perfectly aligned for your easy entry. You slide into me and I wrap my legs around you. We sway back and forth into each other. I lean back a bit and am able to watch your shaft sliding in and out. The excitement of watching and the building pressure I had already begun to feel are you much for me to take and an orgasm overtakes me. I hook my feet together behind you to hold on tighter. You feel the spasms of my release and thrust faster and harder. Soon after my waves have calmed I feel you tensing in preparation of your own release. With one last hard thrust you give a loud moan and cum hard inside me.

We just stay as we are for a short time holding on, locked in each other’s embrace.

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