Welcome Home


As the light turned green, I started thinking to myself what we would do when we got home. I was so happy to be with you again, after six long, agonizing months apart. But that was over now, and I was determined to make this a wonderful knight.

We parked in our dirt spot, probably the last time we’d part the truck there since we were getting your new one the next day. I would miss it, but I looked forward to a new one.

We opened the door and stepped inside the cozy house that would always make me feel welcome. We walked into our room to find Meme on the computer talking to one of her many boyfriends. We all said our hellos and told a little about dinner while we kicked off our shoes. I looked over at you and smiled. God, I love you! I started walking out of the room, through you a final look over my shoulder, and headed to the bathroom.

I went inside and left the door cracked as I heard you talking to Meme some more. I pulled my low cut shirt over my head, leaving me in my jeans and a black lace bra. I took my hair down and brushed my fingers through it, leaving it slightly disheveled but making it easier to wash. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the door open a little more, and I felt your eyes on me. I smiled, letting you know I knew, but I didn’t look over. I liked the “secret” feeling of it… being watched but “not knowing.” I continued a light striptease, with my hands in my hair I let them slide down the front of my body to the button of my jeans. I unbuttoned it, and then slowly unzipped my pants. I then went again to messing with my hair, being a little silly with it, before I placed my hands at my hips and started pulling my jeans over my round ass. I stuck my butt out as I slid my jeans over it. And then, with knees, locked, pulled them all the way down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and then let my hands trace the curves of my hips and around to my back where I unclasped my bra and let it slide down my arms to the floor. I stood now only in a black g string. I walked to the shower and turned on the water so that it would be nice and hot when we finally got in. I then stepped again in front of the sink and mirror for a moment before I took off my thong the same as I had my jeans, and then walked over to the door. I opened it just a little more and glanced down to the slight bulge in your pants. Just seeing that alone got me a little tingly, for I knew I was the reason it was there. As casually as I would manage despite my growing excitement, I said, “care to join me, Babyboy?” and walked into the shower.

I stepped into the water and turned around, letting it flow through my hair and down around my body. The feeling was heavenly, even though the water was a bit hot. I ran my fingers through my hair and I felt like the world had paused just so I could enjoy this. But there was so much more to come…

I opened the shower curtain only a little bit, just in time to watch you take your shirt off. I marveled at your chiseled back and shoulders, and looked into the mirror to see your well-defined chest as well. Scrumptious! You now stood in a wife beater, boxers, and jeans, looking so delicious I almost got out of the shower to undress you myself. But my curiosity to continue watching and the water massaging my back told me to stay.

You lifted your shirt over your head, and I could see your obliques and a small portion of your stomach. You then turned around, and were slightly startled but certainly not surprised to see I was watching. You knew all to well about my fascination both with watching and being watched. You stepped forward and gave me a gentle but promising kiss: promising of the pleasure I was soon to experience. This time you looked straight into my blue eyes as you let your jeans fall to the floor, leaving an unmistakable bulge for my viewing pleasure. “Those too,” I said as you hesitated to take off your boxers. You smiled at me and let them slide Antalya Escort down too, exposing your seven inches of happiness to me. I grabbed your wrist and pulled you into the shower, letting the water fall down your back. You tilted your head back and let the hot water run from your head to your toes. I slid my arms up around your neck and pushed your head gently down to mine and kissed you… kissed you with all of the love, passion, and longing I’d been wanting to express for seemingly forever. You kissed me back slightly harder, expressing that you felt the very same way.

I stood on my tippy-toes for better leverage and kissed your lips all over, not really even giving you a chance to kiss back. I then sucked your full, soft lower lip into my mouth, sucking and licking it gently with my tongue. I felt your dick throb between us, and I couldn’t wait to please him, too. You kissed me back and sucked my lip into your mouth, causing me to whimper in pleasure. I let my tongue slide out to lick your lips, and then you sucked it into your mouth hungrily. I broke from our kiss to slow down the passion again, and started kissing you lightly once more. I let my kisses trail your cheek and jaw line to your neck, stubbly from this morning’s shave. I kissed, licked, and sucked up and down your neck, feeling you momentarily loose your balance a few times. I knew this was driving you crazy, and I could again feel your dick throb against my stomach. I kissed back up your neck to your lips and kissed you passionately, my tongue flicking in and our of your mouth. You kissed me back with just as much excitement, and then as I had done to you, you started kissing down my neck. With each jolt I felt make my pussy hotter I arched my back into you, expressing just how much control you had over my pleasure. Your kisses didn’t stop at my collarbone, as had mine. You kissed lower, until you were painfully close to kissing my awaiting nipple. I arched my back, trying to force it in your mouth, for I couldn’t much longer bear not to be kissed there. I put my hand around your neck and then pushed your head down, thrusting my nipple into your mouth. You pulled away and smiled at me victoriously, as if you didn’t know you had such control over me. I begged you with my eyes to continue, and you all to happily obliged.

You kissed circles around my nipple and finally gave it an all to quick flick of your tongue. You then sucked it into your mouth and flicked it simultaneously, making me wetter and my pussy to throb and contract in anticipation. I moaned incoherently, and massaged the back of your head in encouragement. I slid my hands down your opposite arm down to your wrist, where I grabbed it and placed it on my other breast. With your mouth your were licking and sucking me and with the other hand rolling my nipple in your fingers, leaving me weak in the knees. I guided your hand lower, for my pussy wanted some satisfaction as well.

You took over quickly, and let your hand glide over my pussy without even sliding between my lips. You stopped your hand at my anus, leaving it there, as if in curiosity or waiting for a cue. I squatted down a little to force your arms to give my clit some of the attention is so dearly wanted, but you were wise to my trick and saw it coming. You let your finger slide from my asshole forward, gently spreading my lips without touching my hole or clit. I was almost to the point of anger, and so I reached down and forced a finger inside me. I pulled my hand away, and this time I thought I was going to hit you. You slid your hand out of my dripping, throbbing pussy and then calmed me by moving your kisses from my nipple to my stomach, and then lower. You dropped to your knees into a crouching position, and placed my foot on the wall of the bath tub. You put your finger back inside me, only an inch though, and the pulled it back out. You did the same again, only this Antalya Escort Bayan time two inches. Finally, though I though it might never come, your tongue found my clit and you flicked it quickly. I felt my pussy grip your finger as you did this, asking for more. You started fingering me faster, and let your tongue slid up and down my clit in long, soft strokes in time with your finger. “Ohhhhhh…” I moaned, becoming lost in my ecstasy. You reached your finger still deeper inside me, reaching my G-spot. The pressure you put there made my pussy feel hotter, and it seemed you connected an invisible wire from my clit to my pussy. I could feel the heat inside me becoming more intense, and the pressure was building as well. “Oh… baby, I’m getting so close…” I muttered to you. Encouraged, you pressed harder on my G-spot and faster with your tongue. “Unghhhh…” I moaned loudly, not caring whether or not Meme heard us. I put my hand to the back of your head and both massaged it and pushed it into my pussy, trying desperately to release the tension in my clit. You moaned to me in surprise, and the gentle vibration was all I needed to send me over the edge.

As if a flash of lightning, all the energy in my body raced in waves to escape through my clit. I moaned and breathed loudly, becoming lost in my release. I felt my pussy tighten with each wave, as you continued to finger me and lick my lighter and lighter. My knees were know shaking, and once I was back on earth I felt I was going to fall. you stood up quickly to embrace me, your dick growing hard again at the sounds of pleasure I had made. I let you hold me, for I didn’t yet feel I could do it on my own.

“Baby…” I spoke softly as I felt you kiss the top of my head. Your skin was warm and so damned soft, I felt like I could fall asleep right there. But I had work to do… the most fun, enjoyable work in the world. I back up half a step, able to support my own weight, and smiled at you. “Thank you,” I said simply, as if all you had done was hold open a door for me. You smiled down at me and kissed me, telling me this knight was definitely not over. I kissed you back, finally feeling control over my body. I lowered my hands from around your neck to around your waist, and watched lovingly as you tilted your head back into the hot water.

Perfect, I thought, as I quickly dropped to my knees and engulfed your half hard dick into my mouth. You gasped, both surprised and pleased. I sucked on you quickly with determination to make you hard in record speed. It wasn’t difficult.

I sat back and admired the seven inches of bliss in front of me, and then kissed him again. I stared working my saliva down your shaft with my hand. I then put both hands on your dick and stroked it forward and back, but I rotated my hands in opposite directions. I worked my hands over you at a medium pace. And then slowly squeezed out some delicious precum. “Mmmmm…” I moaned before I licked it into my mouth. I then put the head of your dick into my mouth so that the rim of your head was just inside my teeth. I started sucking your head as if it were a pacifier, still working my magic with my hands. You began to moan a little, a sign to me that it wouldn’t be long before you had your own release. I started working faster, until I felt you start thrusting yourself into my mouth. I dropped my left hand and went even faster, allowing more of your dick into my mouth without so much pressure on your head. I felt you quiver and then I felt hot come shoot to the back of my throat. “I’m coming!” you warned me, all to late. Already I was pumping your come into my mouth and swallowing it ravenously. I felt you quiver again and slowly let your dick out my mouth. I kissed your head lightly, and stood up. This time it was you who was weak, and so I supported you before you fell to the floor.

The water was much colder now, but we stayed in Escort Antalya anyways as we had yet to shower. I grabbed the shampoo and put a little in my hand and stepped to you. I stood on tippy toe again as you ducked down so I could wash your short brown hair.

“You know I still want to dye it red,” I told you as I massaged your scalp.

“I know,” you responded, and I heard the smile in your voice. We washed and rinsed each other’s hair and I picked up my loofa sponge and put a little body wash into it and then worked up a rich lather. You moved over to the far side of the shower as I washed you, scrubbing a little hard, just the way you like it. I put extra lather in my hand as I washed your dick, claiming it was especially dirty. You laughed at my childish antics, reminding you of why you loved me so.

I turned you around and scrubbed even harder on your back, and then your butt and the back of your legs. Putting the soap on my own arm I reached between your legs from behind to grab and play with your dick. It was soft, but still sooo much fun to play with!

“The mysterious invisible hand!” you exclaimed, laughing and looking down at the hand between your legs. I giggled before standing back up to rinse you off.

I rinsed out the sponge and then handed it to you. “Your turn!” I said, smiling. You put some soap into the sponge and worked up a lather and began to wash me as I had done to you. Once you finished, you started rinsing me off and then turned me around to rinse my backside. As you did this, I placed my hands above my head on the wall, arched my back, and stuck out my ass. You reached your hand down to quickly and teasingly finger my pussy, making my head drop and an unexpected moan escape my throat.

“You know what that does to me,” you told me as you continued to tease and finger my still sopping wet pussy.

“I know,” I responded coyly. “And I like what it does.”

Hearing enough, you slid yourself into me from behind as I stepped up on my toes again. “Ohh!” I exclaimed upon entrance, loving this angle. The oral pleasure we had given each other had been very loving and gentle, but know all I wanted was to be fucked, and hard.

You grabbed my hips and started pulling me onto your dick, and I started pushing back against you, craving every inch to be inside me. I started moaning and half screaming, my breathing very shallow and loud. “God… yes! Oh God…” I managed to say between your thrusts.

“You like that?” you asked, knowing the answer.

“God, yes, Josh! Harder!” I responded, feeling weak and powerful at the same time. You replied by thrusting yourself into me harder, your balls slapping wonderfully against my pussy. I continued to moan to you and then told you to grab my tits. You did so, and then used them to pull me onto you. I was now lost in the throes of passion, pounding myself against you. I heard you cry out and then trust yourself deep inside me, releasing yourself for the second time tonight. You pumped yourself into me two more times before you pulled out and collapsed on my back, wrapping your arms around me. I dropped my head low, struggling to catch my own breath, recovering from our passion. You stood up finally and turned me around. My chest was still heaving, but more controllably, as you kissed me gently. I kissed you back and then hugged you tight, as if to hold you forever in my arms.

“Well… are you done?” you asked me with a smirk, sort of suggesting more.

“Oh yes… for now, I’m done, Babyboy,” I replied and turned off the water that was now cold. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off , grabbed our clothes, and headed to the bedroom.

The cool air felt good on our hot skin as we shut the door and dropped our towels. I grabbed mine and thrashed it through my hair to help it dry off some. I ended up with disheveled, messy hair, that alone seemed to tell of what we had just done. I walked over to the bed and crawled under the welcoming blanket as you turned out the light to join me. I snuggled up close to your warm, naked body, and reveled in the feeling I had missed for so long. I fell into a sweet, deep sleep that I hadn’t been able to experience in a long time.

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