What a Guy Won’t Do Ch. 07


I woke up that morning already aroused. 2PM, that was what I told Mark, be here at 2PM and do whatever you want to me. ‘My body is yours to do whatever you want to it’ I can’t believe I told him that, but I trust him more than anyone I have ever trusted before. He is a good man and I want him, I want his body, his soul and his hard cock inside me!

I can’t believe I am talking like this, I have never been outgoing before, but since I began dating Mark I have changed. Some kind of animal lust has taken over me and I want him, I want him all the time. I want him naked and to be seen naked by other women so they can lust after his bare body and know that only I can have him!

My family was going away for the day to my little brother’s game. It was over an hour to drive there and the thing didn’t start until 2:30PM so there was ample time for Mark and I to . . . well, you know.

Waiting for that afternoon was the longest wait of my life, I wondered what he would do to me. I have never been in any kind of situation like this before and I was both nervous and totally hot!

I woke up and ate breakfast, but not too much because I already had a stomach full of butterflies. When I was finished eating I sat at the computer. I checked my usual sites, but I wasn’t paying attention to anything I was reading. I couldn’t get my mind off the coming event.

I checked Lisa’s photography website and saw that she had posted the nude photos of Mark. She had only posted the very best ones that fit the “story line” she was going for and I read some of the comments that were already posted. Many of the comments were about lighting, shadows, and all kinds of photography critiques, but there were also plenty of remarks on the nude male figure she had chosen—AKA “The Naked Swimmer”! I was so titillated from reading the words written about Mark’s hard body that I unconsciously began to touch myself “down there”.

Looking at the pictures again just got me more and more worked up, I didn’t want to orgasm yet, because I wasn’t sure if it would make it harder to later when he was here, so I checked my e-mail and tried to distract my urges.

Mark had sent me a short e-mail about his feelings for me, his love of my naked flesh, and all kinds of sexy things he wanted to make me feel today. I won’t share with you exactly what he said, because that is for me and me alone, but suffice it to say it was hotter than all hell.

I couldn’t take it; I couldn’t wait. I locked my bedroom door, pulled my clothes off and fingered myself like crazy right there! I came twice! That has never happened to me before.

I didn’t take a shower right after that. I wanted to be totally clean when Mark arrived so I would take my shower around 1:30PM. My parents asked me if I wanted to go to the game, but I made up an excuse and told them I wanted to stay home today. I told my Dad I was going to mow the lawn and that shut him up right there. That guy would let you do anything you wanted if you mowed the lawn for him!

I finished the lawn around 1:20ish just as my family was leaving. I was sweaty and smelling terrible, but in a kind of sexy way. I stripped off my clothes and took a shower. I cleaned every square inch of my body at least three times and I caught myself caressing more than scrubbing a few times.

When my shower was done I dried myself and walked nude from the bathroom to my bedroom. The cool air on my fresh skin felt amazing Antalya Escort and it gave me a shudder to know I would soon be this way in front of Mark. I faced my mirror and looked at my body. I smiled, pleased with my reflection. I ran to the closet and picked out a red sundress Mark had commented on before—he loved sundresses mainly because they showed so much skin. I put the dress on—and nothing else.

It was 1:53PM. He would be here soon. The waiting was killing me; the suspense was gnawing at my guts more than any suspense movie could ever have dreamed to accomplish.

I paced the room.

I put on some light music and became oblivious to the sound almost immediately. Then I remembered—the front door was locked. I ran downstairs and unlocked the door. As I did I saw Mark walking toward the house. He was carrying a paper bag. ‘What the hell is in there’, I thought, and I became even more nervous.

I was just going to stand there and let him in, but that’s not how I wanted this to go, so I ran back to my room. I heard the door open and close followed by the deadbolt clanking. I turned my back to my bedroom door and waited. Mark walked slowly up the stairs. I heard the paper bag open as he rummaged with whatever he had brought—’was he into sex toys?’ I hoped not, that is definitely not my thing.

I heard him stop outside my door. He put the paper bag down and it sounded like he was doing something. Then it hit me; he was taking his clothes off! As I instructed, I wanted him nude when he came into my room. I forgot all about that. I’m not sure why I told him that, but I did and being the great guy he is he complied.

I heard him enter the room. I kept my back to him. He hesitated, he placed something on my bed, then came close to me.

Important background information on me. I am one of those chicks that likes the modern day vampire books. Yes, I know they are stupid and more for girls than guys, yes I know they are a little on the effeminate side, but I love the idea of being ravaged by a beast. I like stories where the men are men and they “take” the woman. I have always fantasized about being “taken” by a man—or beast! And it was about to happen.

Mark came up behind me and I felt his hard warm penis press against my butt before any other part of his body. He held a flower in front of me, a daisy! I love daisies and he knows it. That’s what he had in the bag, not some perverted sex toy he knew I wouldn’t enjoy, but my favorite flower.

I love Mark! He is the very best.

I leaned forward and smelled the flower; a joyful moan escaped my lips. He put the flower in my hair and wrapped his arms around me. Mark sunk his face into my neck and kissed it. He sucked on my neck knowing he would leave a small hickey and I imagined my vampire lover sinking his teeth into me, penetrating me, making me his own. Mark’s hand slid up my front and fondled my breast, his other arm was still around my waist and he lifted my feet off the ground sucking my neck even harder. An explosion of nerves fired off throughout my entire body and I went limp in his grip. His naked penis pressed into my back and I imagined how wonderful that must have felt to him; the soft fabric of my dress and the weight of my body sliding up his hard shaft, that must feel amazing to a guy.

Then he leaned down and picked me up the traditional way and carried me to my bed. I was surprised and overwhelmed when Antalya Escort Bayan I caught a glimpse of my bed and saw that it was covered in daisies! He sat me down on the edge of my bed and sat behind me. He rubbed my shoulders. His cool hands worked up and down my back, they felt under the straps of my sundress and then slowly unzipped it. His fingers worked up and down my bare back as the shoulder straps fell onto the sides of my arms.

Mark slipped his hands under my butt and pulled at my dress. To my astonishment, he managed to pull my dress from under me and in one fell swoop; he pulled it over my head and threw it across the room. I now sat there naked on the edge of my bed with my lover behind me massaging my body.

His fingers kneaded into my skin and caressed me. They moved down to the crack of my bare butt, then Mark cupped his hands around my torso and glided them up under my arms as his fingertips brushed the side of my boobs. My loins were on fire now; my nipples were so hard I could almost imagine them firing off my body like missiles!

Mark pulled me back across the bed so that he was sitting with his back against the pillows with me sitting between his open legs. His hard dick resting itself against the small of my back and I could feel his warm, slick, pre-cum sticking to my skin.

He stroked my entire naked body, his hands were everywhere and I loved it.

He touched my breasts, down my stomach, and stopped just above my scorching pussy. He continued lightly kissing the back of my neck and then he lay back forcing me to do the same.

The music had stopped and the room fell silent broken only by the quiet whirling of the ceiling fan and our own breath.

I was lying with my back on top of his nakedness as his fingers tickled my mound. He was gentle. So gentle it almost hurt. Oceans of tingling stimulation spread throughout my abdomen as goosebumps erupted across my bare skin. The breeze from the ceiling fan attached itself to the sweat of my body and cooled my otherwise sweltering form.

His finger entered me and I gasped. Mark had his head resting on my shoulder much like I did to him the previous day. He looked down the front of my body and saw what female masturbation looks like. He watched as his fingers sunk deep inside my body, his other hand lightly rubbing my nipples, his lips gently rubbing the surface of my neck.

I was in erotic splendor. I felt like my body might detonate in a million atoms and destroy the universe from an overexposure of physical pleasure.

Mark really knew what he was doing.

My heart was racing, my toes were curling, and I was moaning his name over and over like a cat in heat. Electrical shocks of euphoria were ravishing my naked body.

An orgasm thundered through my mid-section and my entire body tensed up. I felt every single muscle in my immortal soul for one delightful, joyous, sensual moment tighten and explode. Then as I relaxed I orgasmed again!

I was breathless, sweating; my heart was thudding in my chest. I looked down and watched as my bare breasts undulated under my heavy breathing. I don’t think I was ever so aroused by the sight of my own glistening nude body before that moment. Perhaps because I was seeing it as Mark saw it; and he loved it. I could feel his dick throbbing harder and harder as he rubbed it into my back under the weight of my bare skin.

Then he dropped Escort Antalya me off his body and rolled around to face me. This was the first time I had actually looked at him and he had a look of pure wanton desire in his eyes. He grabbed my legs and threw them over his shoulders. He planted his face into my labia as his tongue slipped in and licked my sexual fluid. He pleasured me with his mouth for a long time, licking, sucking, and rubbing his lips across me. I writhed under his lust; I have never felt such fire in my body before. I orgasmed again and again. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way.

My body was overcome with an almost unbearable passion.

Mark was fucking me raw and I loved it! I started to realize I was that girl that you hear about, the one that is so repressed that when she lets loose she really lets loose. My mind was filled with the word fuck!

I wanted to fuck. I wanted to be fucked, I wanted to fuck him, and I wanted us to fuck like fucking feral fucking beasts.


Mark came up for air and climbed up to face me. He sunk his tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own sex on him.

Then his fingers found my aching pussy again and sunk in, he began rubbing me harder and harder while his other fingers pressed on the outside of the same area. I fell back in agonizing ecstasy, my back arched, my head resting against the bed my legs were folded over with my pelvis thrusting toward him as he rubbed me, unmercifully. I screamed at the top of my lungs as I orgasmed more than ever before. My body actually spasmed after that last one and I really thought I couldn’t take anymore

Then he gave me a break. Mark snuggled up against me and spooned with my body. He very gently nuzzled me and grazed my skin with his light touch. He rubbed his fingers across my belly and said such sweet things to me. This guy really is a romance novel—and he is all mine!

I don’t know how long we laid there, but I could have stayed that way forever. Then slowly but surely Mark started rubbing my body more and more, his kisses turned from soft and gentle to passionate yet again. His dick never softened, but seemed to harder even more than before—he is insatiable.

Among the daisies on my bed Mark had placed a condom and he now opened it. I took it from him and carefully fitted it over his inflexible penis, just like I learned in sex class. His eyes found mine and we both realized this was the moment. This was the point we haven’t arrived at before now.

Mark kissed me very sensitively once more then carefully slid his hard cock into me. The feeling was amazing. My sex closed around his penis and I could feel it making its way further and further into me. We locked our lips together and played with our tongues as Mark slowly began pumping his pulsating dick into my body.

I loved it. I looked at him and saw an expression of pure ecstasy on his face.

Then, just as I thought to myself that this day could not get any better, it got a whole lot worse. To my horror I heard my Father’s car door slam, followed by two other doors slamming.

My family was home.

“HOLY FUCK!” I yelled and pushed Mark off me. I totally panicked. If my Father caught us he would murder Mark so many times he would never survive it and Mark knew it. He jumped up and tried to figure out what to do as my family entered the house. I ran to the hallway to retrieve his clothes, the paper bag and anything else that would give us away. I had a sheet wrapped around me and grabbed Mark’s stuff as I caught a glimpse of the shapes of my Mother, Father and Brother entering the house. When I turned around to give Mark his clothes I was shocked to see he already climbed out of the bedroom window!

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