What About The Neighbors?


I just had to depart from my ‘normal’ series to tell you about a drunken night I had recently.

Because I am Lauralye’s main ride for work I have become a regular at Karma. Even after Lauralye was fired I still went in on a regular basis. One night I was sitting at the bar with a couple friends, Ned and Stacey (great story there too), drinking more than I should have been. Sitting next to Stacey was Amber. They were chatting so I thought they were together. Eventually, Amber was as drunk as the rest of us and had moved over and taken my seat with me standing next to her.

The more we drank, the more we groped. The more we groped, the more turned on each of us got. Taking a chance, I leaned down and scraped my teeth across a spot that drives most women crazy. Sorry, I’m not letting that secret out of the bag. You’ll have to learn it on your own. Anyway, it worked wonders. A shiver went down her spine and she shook like she was having an orgasm.

Luckily for us (and the bar, since live sex shows are illegal here), last call soon came and we were heading out. We continued groping and grabbing as we made our way to the car. Not realizing how wild and horny she was, I figured we would just continue to grope and grab until we got to my house. Boy was I proven wrong.

Within 3 blocks of the bar, she already had my pants down to my knees and her nose buried in my pubic forest. Yeah, I’m one of the few guys that don’t ‘manscape’.’ A previous girlfriend (Kelli from other stories) has told me that I am well endowed. Personally, I think ‘above average’ at best. Either way, Amber was obviously experience as she was able to take all of it easily. I leaned back and relaxed for what I thought would be some nice road head on the trip home. Damn, she surprised me again. At some point between getting in the car and now, Amber had removed her pants. I had not realized that until she swung herself up and sat down in my lap, impaling herself completely in one move. At this point we were still Rize Escort less than 6 blocks from the bar. I knew then I had a wildcat on my hands. We still had about 10 miles to go and 8 of it was on the highway. Driving with a bouncing, drunk, naked woman in your lap isn’t as easy as it sounds. I was thrilled when we hit the highway & had fewer obstacles to content with.

Because I had already had her so cranked up, she finished fairly quickly. Dropping back into the passenger seat she was still laying with one foot on the center console and one on the dashboard. Being the gentleman I am…… ok, we all know better…… being the horny pervert I am, I started to finger fuck her and thumb her clit to keep her primed for more action. She started squirming around from my ministrations. Jokingly I spanked her pussy and told her to stay still. Apparently, I hit the right spot then too. I have discovered that a number of women like to have their pussy spanked. Anyway, it only took a couple smacks, some good thumbing and a couple curled fingers across her g-spot and over the top she went again. This orgasm really wracked her body. Both her legs kicked and went stiff as the shivers ran through the rest of her. The leg into the thigh wasn’t much of a problem. The problem came with the other leg and foot that kicked the rear view mirror off the windshield.

That kind of put a damper on our activities on the road. Some more groping and grabbing was enough to hold us until we got to my house.

“Ok, we’re here” I said.

“What about the neighbors?”

“”What about them?”

“I’m not wearing any pants.”

“If they know me, it won’t be a surprise.”

With that, I pulled my pants back up. Amber proceeded to hop out of the car wearing only her shirt.

Her pants landed on the kitchen floor and her shirt hit the dining room floor before her sweet ass landed on the couch. Finally I got a chance to see the dripping pussy I had already fucked. Being myself, I Rize Escort Bayan didn’t look for long. Diving in, I ran my tongue from bottom to top. When I hit her clit, the shiver told me she was still on the verge of another big climax. Taking that as a cue, I concentrated on in it. Squeezing it firmly between my lips, I ran my tongue all over it until I was rewarded with more of her juices.

Apparently she was just as horny as I was. Even after at least 3 orgasms, she was still ready to go for more. Before I knew it, she pushed me onto my back and once again took my entire length in one shot. Then she started riding me with wild abandon. Seeing an opportunity, I had her turn around into a reverse cowgirl. I already had 2 of her holes and I was now aiming for her 3rd. as she leaned forward to fuck herself on my cock, I wetted my finger with her juices and started toying with her rosebud. Her moans and movements told me she was definitely interested in what I was doing.

Taking the lead back, I rolled her onto her back. Bending her legs as far up as they would go opened both her pussy and her ass to me. Of course, I had to have another taste. With other plans already in mind, I didn’t stay long, just long enough to get some extra juices flowing. Sliding up I easily buried my cock back into her. As I said, I had other plans so I only pumped a few times and pulled out. This caused an immediate reaction from her as she started to grab for my hips to get me back inside her. Quickly re-aiming, when she pulled some & I pushed, my helmet was firmly planted against her sphincter. Obviously, I didn’t bring enough of her juices with me as it didn’t yield to the pressure. Trying once again didn’t work either. No matter how much we both wanted it, there was no way I was going in. where’s the damn lube when you need it?

Changing course, I moved back to her dripping pussy. I made sure my first thrust was full strength and full length. She just begged me to fuck her harder. Escort Rize I obliged. I also realized what I hadn’t really done so I started to man handle her sweet B-cup tits. She still begged me to fuck her harder and twist her nipples.

I could tell she was ready to come again. I quickly moved one had from her tit down to her clit. While thrusting deep and twisting a nipple, I gave her a couple more pussy spanks and sent her over the top. This one was as strong and caused the same reaction as the one in the car but luckily there weren’t any mirrors around to break.

Barely giving her time to relax, I once again showed my dominance and rolled her on to all-fours. As before, one thrust was all it took and I was once again bruising her cervix. Not being gently, I pounded her as hard as I could. My hips were banging her ass so hard I almost caused her to do a face plant on the carpet. The alcohol was starting to catch up with me, as was the roughness of the carpet. I was only able to maintain this for a couple minutes. Rolling her back to missionary, I returned to the hard pounding and nipple twisting from before until she had another, albeit smaller, orgasm.

Alcohol always affects me in a unique way. As you may have noticed, I still haven’t finished. I also haven’t gotten soft. A lot of the time, his is good. Tonight it worked great. Even though my dick was painfully sensitive from use, when Amber went off for her last time, her spasming pussy milked me to a great finish.

I collapsed on the floor next to her. We laid there panting for a while. Realizing we had better be getting back to the bar, we slowly started getting redressed. Of course this process took Amber back into the kitchen where her pants were still lying on the floor.

I would love to say I got more road head and we knocked out another on the way back but unfortunately nothing else happened. When we got back to the bar, she sat with the barmaid (her friend she was there to see, not Ned and Stacey as I first thought. It wasn’t until then that I realized this may just be a drunken one-night stand. I have made 3rd party contact with her & we both want to get together again but making it happen will take some doing. I will definitely write more after our next meeting.

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