Subject: What I Saw 21.4 Another man who had been watching at the door walked in the stall. He was younger, maybe late twenties and was thin with light brown hair. He had on a white tee shirt and jeans. He had a freed his cock and the heavy erection swayed perpendicular to the floor. It had to be over eleven inches long and the sheer weight of it kept it from standing up straight. The head was round and flushed deep red and the balls were egg sized and hairless. “Ready for another fuck you pig?” he asked stepping over to Lane. Lane almost gasped seeing the size of the man’s penis. His eyes locked onto it and he moaned. Just then another huge erection came through the wall. It was thick and blunt and about ten inches long with hair creeping up the thick shaft. The thin guy bent down and gripped the waistband of Lane’s white briefs, “Get these off…” he pulled them forcibly off Lane’s thighs and down over his knees and off his ankles. He threw the cum soaked material to the floor and then practically ripped the shirt off the kid. Lane was now kneeling, his cock rising hard and shiny between his splayed knees, totally naked. His eyes flicking from one cock to the other. The lean guy pushed the boy aside and sat his jean clad ass on the floor, leaning against the wall next to the cock coming through the glory hole. His dick rose up the moist head just below the scooped neck of his tee shirt. He kicked his feet out, legs spread wide. “Ride my dick while I watch you suck this cock, Whore. ” he ordered the boy. Lane stood over the man and sank to the floor his knees on either side of the man’s lean hips. The big dick arched up and rested against his firm ass cheeks. He looked back over his shoulder and gripped the heavy shaft, he had to sit up as high as he could on his knees to guide the head to his cummy hole. He fell forward, bracing one hand on the wall, panting as the enormous glans slid inside him. The man grabbed either side of his ribcage in each hand and forced him down, his ass expanding until his lips were stretched tight around the wide base as more of the length entered the boy, his cock would pulse and jump against his stomach. “Don’t act like you can’t take a big dick…whore like you…getting fucked in a bathroom by anyone who walks in…fucking filthy cum slut…ohhh…now ride my cock and suck that dick.” He turned his head so he could watch Lane take the erection throbbing through the hole into his mouth. His lips slid over the head and crept down the hairy shaft. Lane rose up a few inches and sat Eskişehir Escort back down…hard. He groaned and pulled his mouth back twisting on the outstroke. He swirled his tight lips around the head and rocked his ass back down on the full eleven inches of the man’s cock. It didn’t take long, a few more full strokes and Lane’s cock, which was grinding wetly into the man’s t-shirt began to seep out cum. At first it just oozed out in a thick wave, but as Lane angled his body causing the huge rock hard head inside him to ram into his prostate he gasped and pulled off the dick in his mouth and almost screamed as he watched his cock fire big streaks of cum onto the sitting guy’s chest and neck. “Dirty fucker…ahhh…” The guy said and lifted his ass up off the floor jamming his dick in deeper. His balls contracted and he began to shoot, buried to the hilt in Lane’s ass. With no warning the cock bobbing at Lane’s head began to spasam and a shot of cum hit the boy in the forehead and hairline. The lean guy looked up through half slitted eyes and grabbed lane’s chin and directed his open mouth onto the shooting head. Lane sucked the cum out of the man’s cock head as groaning could be heard echoing off the tiled walls. “Fucking whore…ohhhh…” the thin guy moaned and pushed the kid off his lap. He got unsteadily to his feet and pulled the cummy t-shirt over his head. His ripped lean torso was covered in a sheen of sweat, he wiped his neck and chest off and said, “You ruined my shirt you cunt.” throwing the sopping material in Lane’s direction. Lane was still nursing on the last dribbles of semen leaking from the cock deflating through the glory hole as the man walked out of the stall. A dark shadow crossed the door to the stall and Lane looked up as the cock was pulled back through the hole, totally spent. An enormous African American man stood there, filling up the entire opening. He had to be over 6’5″ tall and was built like a brick wall. He had on a tight black t-shirt and black jeans. A HUGE hard dick was visible snaking down one thick thigh. He didn’t say a word just took one big step forward and gripped the boy by the upper arm, pulling him to his feet. He forcibly dragged Lane out into the middle of the bathroom. A group of men gathered there, erections jutting from their pants. He pushed Lane to the floor in front of him. The men cleared a circle, watching. Lane sat on the floor, his cock still erect and his chest rising and falling rapidly. The black man looked down at the teen and Eskişehir Escort Bayan slowly began to undo his belt. The room was totally quiet, amplifying the sound of the buckle and the loud scratch of the zipper. Lane kept his eyes focused on the man’s crotch the whole time, his dick straining against his wet shining stomach. A thinner black guy standing watching muttered, “Look at the little bitch…he can’t fucking wait for another dick.” The man in the black t shirt reached his hand inside his open pants and hauled out his cock. The room let out a collective groan and Lane’s mouth dropped open as his penis pulsed, oozing a thin string of clear precum. A towering, deep purple shaft rose out of the open flaps. It was twelve inches long and hugely thick. The cock head was slick with fluid and looked like the size of a fist. With a groan he dropped the pants a bit lower, letting two heavy black balls swing free. As he got down on his knees in front of the kid, his cock swayed and jerked to stand a bit straighter. He used one big paw on Lane’s chest to force the kid to lie back on the dirty floor and he moved his big thighs in between the kid’s legs. He used his knees to force Lane’s legs further apart. He placed his two big hands on either side of the kid and braced himself up in a push up position. His tricep muscles bulging. His eyes bored into the kid, “I’m gonna fuck you like you never been fucked before little man…right here on this filthy floor…in front of all these men” He said in a deep voice. He looked back down his body and directed that hugely bloated head between Lane’s thighs. Lane gasped and spread his legs wider. The head prodded and poked for a second and then found it’s mark. Lane began to pant louder as the man applied pressure with his hips. When the head finally popped in Lane screamed and his cock smacked loudly against his stomach. A jet of cum spat out up between his nipples and his hands reached up and gripped two big handfuls of the man’s black tee shirt. The man guided his hips forward more, forcing another few inches of his monster cock inside the boy. Lane’s thigh muscles turned to stone and trembled as another cum shot sprayed from his almost purple cock head, hitting him in the chin. The men in the room were in awe, “Fucking A…shit…” Someone muttered. Lane convulsed and grabbed the back of the man’s arms as he pushed forward smoothly inserting almost the entire twelve inches in the kid. “Just a little bit more to go kid…almost there..” he Escort Eskişehir said sweat beading on his forehead. He gritted his teeth and bore down and soon Lane was gasping as he felt those huge heavy balls being ground into the space between his legs. Cum was oozing out of the kid’s cock in a constant stream and as the enormous black man pulled his hips back slowly extracting his long cock, Lane writhed on the dirty floor. The man reached the point where just his cock head was still inside Lane and then he braced his arms and began to brutally fuck the teen with long, impossibly hard strokes. Lane began to cum again, thin watery jets of semen erupting from his tortured dick in spasms. The black guy looked down as he fucked the cum out of the kid and bore down harder. He lifted his sweaty face and said, “SOMEONE GET DOWN HERE AND FEED THIS SLUT A COCK!” The other black guy in the circle dropped to his knees and put a hand on the floor above Lane’s thrashing head and rocked up on his toes to angle his incredibly hard cock down and pop the head into the boy’s open mouth. Once Lane felt the hot spongy flesh at his lips he moaned and sucked on it powerfully. The guy was obviously on the edge already because he cried out and started to cum into the kid’s open mouth. Ropes of sperm pooled in the back of Lane’s throat and he swallowed as the huge man continued his vicious fuck. Lane’s cock had stopped ejaculating but was STILL hard and leaking weakly against his wet hip. This was too much for the men watching. Several dropped to their knees around the supine kid and began to jerk their cocks over his mouth. The big black guy watched as at least four men came directly into Lane’s mouth in quick succession. A fifth guy stripped off his pants entirely and straddled the boy’s face, his erection arching up against his stomach, forcing him to eat his ass with his cum soaked mouth. The man spread his knees wider, grinding his hole down onto Lane’s extended tongue and then his cock began to shoot cum high into the air. He frantically moved back and forced the head down to dump the rest of the load into Lane’s mouth. Lane was moaning around a huge mouthful of cum and his face was covered. That was it for the black guy, he groaned and dug his hands deep into the kid’s hips and began to shoot. He pumped a huge volume of semen into the kid’s overused ass with hard shuddering thrusts…screaming “Fucking gang banging a little BITCH WHORE…ahhhhhh.’ he pulled back and let his huge cock slide out of Lane and kneeled over the kid letting the bloated shiny head fire thick jets of sperm all over the naked boy’s chest and face… I fell back from the window…totally spent…I had cum three times watching the scene and my pants were a mess…shit I would miss this kid when he left…he was like nothing I had ever seen…

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