What I Wanted You To Do


You take me by the hand to your office without a word. You lock the door behind you. Then you look at me the way you do that makes me feel so beautiful, that look that tells me you want me and can’t resist me. The exact same way I feel about you. I’m helpless and locked in your gaze.

You approach me and slowly unbutton my shirt with gentle fingers, your eyes on my face and body, silent and reverent. You peel my tissue thin shirt off of me, the one I wore because I knew that when you held me there would be so little between us. You let it drop to the floor. You run your fingertips lightly up my arms, over my collar bone, across my satin covered breasts and up my neck to hold my face in your hands.

You kiss me gently and slowly, tentatively, your tongue parting my lips, bringing me to life, allowing me to move with you, hold you. Our breath gasps in at the same time and mine is taken away as our kisses grow stronger, deeper.

You back me against your desk, lift me up and place me on it, sitting level with you. Your kisses are burning me up, your hands are on my back, unhooking my bra and removing it with a light hand.

You fondle my breasts, moaning in to my mouth, pressing firmly in to me. We’ve barely begun and we’re ready for each other. We move together through our pants, grinding in to each other, slowly, deliberately. Then you move your pelvis from mine, move your kisses from my lips and down my neck to suckle my breasts one by one. You lick and suck them hungrily, Burdur Escort sending pleasure shooting through me. My hands run through your hair. I look down at your sweet face busy at work, giving me so much pleasure.

My breath comes so quickly and I begin to squirm, arching my back, moving my hips. I can’t help it. You stop and smile at me, move your lips back up to mine, your hands continuing what you started with your lips. I love the way you make me feel. So beautiful, so drunk. You know that I’ll let you do whatever you want. That I want to bring you pleasure. Have wanted to for so long.

Forgetting myself, I pull my head back and cry out, “Oh God!” and push back in to you. You place a finger on my lips, looking me in the eye, reminding me where we are but pleased that you’ve made me feel the way you wanted to.

You pull me to my feet. Slowly you slide my jeans and panties down. I step out of them, finishing the job. You hold my hands, gently, spread them out before me and look me over. I try to pull in, block your view but you stop me. “You are beautiful. I wish you would believe it.” Not the first time you’ve told me that and your face, the way you look at me says you’re telling the truth.

I push your arms up over your head and pull your shirt off. I do not wish to be alone. I tug at your belt, my eyes locked on yours, unfastening, unbuttoning, unzipping, shoving them down with a wicked smile on my face that you return. You shrug them off and we stand Burdur Escort Bayan before each other, completely naked.

My hand can’t quite encircle your thick, rigid cock. It pulses in my grip. I give it a few tentative strokes and watch your face as you moan softly and shudder. I drop to me knees, keeping your gaze. You lick your lips in anticipation and appear to be holding your breath in. When I take you in my mouth you draw in your breath and whisper out, “Goddamn, woman!” You sound weak, shaken and it turns me on so much. I contract in anticipation, shivers running through me, but I must be patient. All in good time.

I suck as hard as I can, moving my lips back to the tip and then taking you down to the back of my throat. Sliding you in and out of my mouth, working my tongue over every inch of you with broad, firm strokes. My hands caress your inner thighs, your balls. Your rapid breaths, your hands in my hair, they tell me I am doing well. I continue, sucking and licking, slowing increasing my pace and pressure until I can taste your first sweet drops of pre-cum on my tongue. That’s when I know I must stop, because I need you inside of me.

I pull my mouth away and you groan with regret but understand what I need. You descend to join me, holding me, kissing me fervently, pulling my body into yours. We kneel before each other. My sensitive nipples graze your chest and make me whine, high and sweet in the back of my throat. It is so hard not to cry out. Escort Burdur Your fingers, they part me, stroke my clit, dance across my slick flesh. Your touch is firm but gentle. Opening me up, preparing me for you.

I toy with you as well. Mirroring your pace. Our urgency increases, your kisses becoming harder, like you’re devouring me. You rub my aching clit and plunge your fingers deep inside of me. My orgasm shatters through my body, making me shake all over as I grip your fingers from within. Your cock still throbs in my hand as I fervently stroke it. Your hands feel so good but I need more. You must know because you ask low and breathy, “How do you want it, beautiful?”

“Up against your desk,” I gasp out in return. You smile and lift me up, back me onto your desk and I recline, tilting up to the edge to catch you as you slide up inside of me, nice and slow. Your mouth is at my breast, your hands on my hips, as you thrust in and out of me. I squeeze you as tight, getting as much friction as I can.

You control the motion, rocking me, making me helpless with pleasure. I bite my lips raw, holding back the cries I want to yell out. You are having less success being quiet. You groan, deep and guttural as you pound into me harder and harder. I feel dizzy and out of breath, my hands gripping on to the sides of the desk, barely able to keep myself up.

“Come for me baby,” you say, looking me in the eyes, thrusting deeply. “Oh, God yes,” I pant and I do. Wrapping my legs around you tight, I contract around your thick cock, pulsing rhythmically from within. All my pleasure radiating out in sweet release. And once you know I have you lose it, filling me up, pushing into me one last time and falling upon me. Covering me with sweet kisses.

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