What Price Passion? Ch. 03


The movie they went to see was Chasing Amy, a romantic comedy from a director that literally lived “up the road a piece” from them. He used locations they themselves spent time at. It was a fun movie but the whole concept of”Chasing Amy”, as laid out by the director in his on-camera persona, hit a little close to home for the both of them.

It was raining lightly as they got out of the theater. Billy stopped & enjoyed the feel of the mist on his face. He loved being out in the rain. It invigorated hi.

“That was a pretty interesting movie,” noted Ashley.

“The scene with them on the swing set brought back some memories, “she said smiling at Billy as they got in the car.

“And what memories would they be?”, Billy asked suspiciously.

“They’re about you, so don’t get your panties in a bunch,” Ashley laughed.

Billy was a bit perplexed. “Oh, really? Would you care to enlighten me about them?”

Ashley giggled at Billy. “Oh, just your normal every day memories.” She enjoyed teasing him.

“Actually, I was remembering the time we were sitting on the swings at Forest Park, smoking a joint.”

“You gotta narrow it down a bit, Ash,” Billy laughed. “We smoked a lot of joints at Forest Park.”

Ashley laughed,”Yeah, that we did.”

“But this time we were talking about our dream dates.”

Billy felt a little uncomfortable about where she might be taking this. “I don’t remember that.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” Ashley giggled.

“Make this right,” she told him.

“Yes’um, Miss Daisy, I’ll be makin’ that right fo’ ya.”

Ashley playfully smacked him on the arm.”Wise ass.”

“As I was saying, we were talking about our perfect dates. You were describing yours. Make the next right, the first left. You described the girl & how you would like to take her on a picnic & make love as a gentle rain fell.”

Billy definitely didn’t like where this was going. Especially since he knew who he was describing at the time.

“Pull over here,” she told him. They stopped at the beginning of a bike path heading into the woods.

Ashley jumped out of the car & ran around to Billy’s side & opened up the door.”C’mon,” she said grabbing his arm.

She led him down the Rize Escort path to a small park & ran to the swings.

“Hurry up slow poke!,” she yelled as she got onto a swing.

Billy got onto the swing next to her. He wondered where all this was leading to.

Ashley leaned over to Billy & kissed him. “It took me all these years to figure out you were describing me that night. All the clues you gave me & I never figured out how you felt ’til it was too late.”

“I was so lame back then,” Billy blushed. “I never had the balls to just come out & say anything.”

“We both ignored the signs. And we ended up paying for it in the end.” She kissed him again.”Do we want to make the same mistakes this time?”

Billy stood up and walked towards the other playground equipment. He started to recite a poem:

Every time I see her My heart skips a beat

Every time I see her It feels like it was my last day

Every time I see her I feel weak & feeble Every time I see her smile I hope it’s to me she smiles

Every time her looks I get I suddenly feel very strange

Every time I hear her voice I think I hear an angel’s voice I hope she has felt the same things about me Because she has her initials burnt into my heart

“Oh, my god, that was so beautiful! Did you write that?”, Ashley said as she got near Billy.

Billy scraped the toe of his shoe across the sand.”I wish. No, it was written by this guy in LA I met who called himself Starman. We were partying one night & I told him about you & he recited that poem. He said he had written it because he had a love like ours once.” Billy looked down & continued to dig at the ground with his shoe. “It’s funny, he’s the only other person besides Lisa I ever told about you in LA.”

“And he had that poem,” Ashley whispered. “It was fate you two met.”

Ashley kissed him again.”I have your initials burnt into my heart, too,” she said as she pressed him against the playground equipment & kissed him.

They kissed passionately as the mist turned to a light rain. Billy ran his fingers through Ashley’s hair as his other hand cupped her ass to pull her tighter to him.

The rain trickled down there bodies, wetting their Rize Escort Bayan clothes. Clothes that searching hands were desperate to get under. Their need growing by the minute.

Ashley rubbed Billy’s cock through his pants as kissed & sucked on his neck. She unzipped him & pulled it out as she kissed her way down his body.

Billy quivered in anticipation as he felt Ashley’s tongue flick across the head of his cock. She slowly traced the head with her tongue. Her hand massaged his balls as she kissed her way down the shaft. Billy groaned in delight as she took his balls into her mouth.

Holding onto the jungle-gym for support, Billy couldn’t believe how wonderful her ministrations felt. It was even better than when she went down on him at the beach. And the night before was just a quick, awkward fuck in the back seat of Tony’s Monte Carlo, not much time was spent on foreplay. But tonight, tonight it was heavenly.

Ashley looked up at Billy as she took his cock into her mouth. The look of pleasure on his face was all she wanted to see. Seeing it, she took all of him into her mouth as she fondled his balls.

She slowly pulled her head up, continuing the sucking pressure until she reached his head. Then she flicked her tongue across the slit before she let his cock slip out of her mouth. Then she quickly engulfed it back into her mouth down to the base.

Billy groaned as Ashley deep-throated him. He was amazed at her oral talents. He was tempted to stop her so he could make love to her. But he didn’t want her to stop what she ws doing. It felt too good. Ashley could sense Billy was close. On the beach he stopped her before he came but this time it looked like he wouldn’t.

That was fine by her. She wanted to taste his cum. It was the point of no return. Billy couldn’t stop, even if he wanted to. He thrust his pelvis up as he felt the familiar sensation of impending orgasm hit him. His fingers wrapped themselves in Ashley’s hair, urging her to finish him off.

Feeling Billy’s hands in her hair, Ashley quickly bobbed her head up & down his cock as she caressed his ball.

Ashley started to use one finger she massaged the area between Billy’s balls & his ass. Escort Rize As she did this she stopped her bobbing motion & sucked hard on the head of his cock.

With a grunt Billy thrust his hips up as he came in Ashley’s wonderful mouth. It was an intense feeling that he didn’t want to end.

When the last of the spasms where done, Ashley licked Billy clean. She started to slowly make her way up his body but he quickly pulled her all the way up.

Billy pushed her against the jungle-gym & kissed her passionately. Kissing & pawing at each other, Billy directed her to the slide. He laid Ashley on the slide & kissed her neck, then her chest. He raised up her tank top & took one of her hard nipples into his mouth.

Billy’s hand rubbed through the crotch of her jeans. He didn’t know if they were wet from the rain or from her excitement. Quickly unbuttoning them, he slid his hand into her pants & was met with a mild surprise. No panties.

Ashley groaned at the sensation of Billy sucking her nipple& his finger tracing the folds of her moist pussy. She gasped as he slid two fingers into her as he sucked hard on breast.

Billy slid down her body, being careful to keep his fingers sliding in & out of her tight pussy. Soon his tongue found her wetness as he fingered her. He traced her lips with his tongue as he put a third finger into her.

Ashley bucked her hips upward at the wonderful intrusion of Billy’s third finger. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as she came when Billy sucked her clit into his mouth.

As soon as Ashley came Billy knew it was time. He was hard again & he wanted to be inside of her.

When Billy stopped going down on her, she knew what he wanted. She wanted it to. But she sat up & stopped him.

“Lay down on the slide,” she said as she stood up. Billy silently complied.

Ashley climbed on top of Billy & guided his cock into her. They both moaned at the wonderful feeling of a cock entering a waiting pussy. They soon got into a slow rhythm. Both wanted this to last.

Billy cupped Ashley’s breasts as she arched her back as she rode him. He gently tweaked her nipples as she ground her pelvis into him. Their tempo increased as both drew closer to orgasm.

Billy grabbed Ashley’s hips & pushed himself deep into her. She ground back into him. A few spastic thrusts later & they both came together.

Ashley rested her head on Billy’s chest as the rain softly landed on their bodies. It indeed was the perfect date.

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