While You Are Reading This


While you are sitting here reading this I come up behind you and without turning around you feel my hands on your shoulders. I move them down your arms and on the outer sides of your legs and up the sides of your body. I kiss your neck softly as one of my hands starts stroking the inside of your leg slowly moving higher while my other hand moves just under your breasts. I rub my hands all over you but never touching the exact spots you want me to.

You spread your legs wider trying to get me to stroke you between your legs. But I don’t and you wriggle about on the chair. You want my other hand to brush past your nipples and to play with them. I get very close to doing just that but I don’t. You start thinking about what it would be like to feel my hard cock inside your pussy filling you up, ramming you. What it would feel like if I fucked you very slowly and you could feel my very hard cock splashing about inside of you. Thinking about this makes you get a bit damp between your legs. You grab hold of my hand trying to get me to rub you between your legs over your jeans. I don’t.

But I then take off your jumper and unclasp your bra. You don’t stop me. You want me to go much further. I trace my fingers softly Beylikdüzü Escort over your back and down your sides, and over your stomach making small circles that get bigger slowly till my hands touch the bottom of your breasts. You can feel my hands move around your breasts now.

Suddenly my fingers trace over your nipples. I scratch each one lightly with my fingernails before gently pinching them with each hand. I then gently and slowly start tweaking them. This makes you squirm a bit in your seat. You really want to pull your jeans and knickers off. You want your pussy licked and played with. You want to be finger fucked while I lick your clit. But most of all you want to feel a hard cock sliding in and out of it.

But I push your hands away from the fly of your jeans but at the same time I rub your pussy hard on the outside of your pants. You want me to slip a hand inside your knickers and feel how wet your pussy is and how desperate you want to be fucked.

You reach out instead to undo my fly. You want to take out my cock and see it up close and feel how big and hard it is. But I take a step back and tell you to wait. I hold you by your waist and pull you up out of the chair. Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan I look into your eyes and our bodies are very close. We are so close that you can feel my hard cock pressing up against you between your legs. I kiss you deep and slowly. I hold you very tight and I can feel your knees are starting to give way and you fall to the floor.

I then undo your fly and pull your jeans off. I leave your knickers on you and I can see how wet you are, and I lean in to smell you. You are getting wetter every second.

Your jeans are off and with my hands I start rubbing your legs, from your feet, up your calves and thighs, till I reach the edge of your knickers. I slip a hand inside them and rub my fingers around your pussy. I can feel how wet you are. You are desperate for me to touch your pussy and to slip a finger inside it, and to rub your clit. I hear you faintly moan.

I pull your knickers down. My face is very close to your pussy. You smell so good. I have to lick you so I do, while both of my hands are playing with your nipples. You taste good too. It’s amazing to feel you push up against me. You hold the back of my head tight and push it hard into you while I Escort Beylikdüzü lick your pussy and all around it. Very soon you cum and I can feel your juices rush out all over my face and into my mouth even more. Your orgasm lasts for ages as I keep licking you till you tell me to stop because it gets too sensitive.

But when I stop you push me back so I’m lying face upwards on the floor. You quickly undo my jeans and pull them off. You take out my cock and feel it in your hands finally. It feels bigger and harder than usual. Very quickly you start licking it and sucking on it. It feels so good I know that if you don’t stop soon ill cum in your mouth. But all too soon I can’t take it any more and I need to fuck you.

You get on your hands and knees and I come up behind you and slide myself deep into your pussy. It feels so deep when I do that. That you moan really loudly. I hold you by the waist and take hold of your hair and fuck you hard and fast, deep and wide.

Then teasingly I pull out and you tell me to stick it back in really quickly. I turn you over so you are facing upwards and I push your legs back. I then slide it in and you can feel it rubbing your clit each time I move it in and out. You look so hot when you moan while I fuck you. I can feel your hands digging into my back and I know I’m going to cum soon.

You cum again and I can feel that I’m about to explode. Since I didn’t have a condom on I pull out and I cum all over your body and face and hair. We then have a shower to clean up.

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