Whispers in the Vineyard Ch. 02


Wine, a beautiful woman and a firefighter… What more do you want? Maybe some romance? Check. A strong woman? (I know I have some readers that will appreciate that 😉) Check. Sex, you say? Check! I think you’ll love Gregg and Ellie as much as I’ve come to love them. Emails welcome! Thanks for reading!

Whispers in the Vineyard Ch 02

Peter the head chef asked if I would like to make dinners for Gregg and his mom and dad the next evening. I was excited to get into the kitchen again and happily agreed. We made plans to go to the local farmer’s market the next morning.

I was heading to the winery office when Gregg came out.

“You’re actually bouncing!” he laughed.

“I am? I am! I’m excited.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me. “I’m so glad I have that effect on you,” He bumped me with his hardening cock. “You do that to me too.”

“Not you, silly!” I wrapped my arms around his neck. “I’m cooking for you and your mom and dad tomorrow evening!”

“Really? That’s awesome babe. I’m glad they’ll get to try some of your cooking.”

“It’ll be nice to get back in a kitchen again. I sort of miss it,” I said sheepishly.

“I’m not surprised. I mean it’s not just a job for you. Like most of the rest of us anyhow. Cooking is your life.”

I warmed inside just hearing the sincerity in his voice. “Thank you. That’s very nice of you to say. Even better of you to notice it.” He kissed me tenderly and I got that butterfly inside me feeling again.

“I was going to see if you wanted to take a nap with me,” he waggled his eyebrows, “but dad asked if I’d go into town and pick up some supplies. It’s not quite to Gainesville, but probably a half hour or more. Would you like to ride along?”

Holy crap, I thought to myself. I’d go just about anywhere with this guy. “Sure! I do need to stop back at the cottage real quick.”

I climbed up into the crew cab dually that was nicely appointed for a work truck. Gregg shut the door behind me and jumped into the driver’s seat. He comically pointed down to the middle seat and it was then I noticed it was a bench seat and I slid right on over the leather seat and buckled up.

“Maybe I should get one of these at home. I kinda like you sitting in the girlfriend seat,” he grinned. I ran my hand up his thigh and he softly moaned. “On the other hand, it could be a distraction!”

“I’ll behave myself,” I pouted.

“Maybe not too much. Don’t get carried away in the good behavior department,” he laughed.

“Is the offer for the nap still on when we get back?” I said, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

He guffawed. Loudly. “Need you to ask?”

“I just didn’t want to appear to be too forward, you know.” I giggled.

It was about a forty-five-minute drive and took time for them to load the pallet into the bed of the truck. Gregg conferred with his dad on the cell, and they added a few more things to the order.

By the time we got back to the winery and got everything unloaded, it was time for dinner. I could have easily been happy with a take-out container in the cottage, but we had made plans with more of Gregg’s family for dinner. So alas, fun time would have to wait.

We ran in the door of the cottage, dropping our clothes as we went. Gregg got the shower heated up and I set out clothes that I wanted to wear.

“Mmmm, this is wonderful,” he murmured as I stepped into the shower with him.

“We only have thirty minutes to shower, dress, and get back to the dining room!”

“Yeah yeah, I know,” he said absently while he ran his slick hands over my body.

“Gregg…” I moaned. “Baby, we need to hurry.”

He turned me to face him. “Yes, we do,” he murmured, pulling me into him.

Time was lost as my arms went around his neck. My breasts rubbed my nipples hard on his furred chest. His cock poked me, hot, hard, and throbbing. I slid my leg up his thigh. When I opened for him, he pushed in, leaning me against the wall and holding my ass while he thrust in.

“Oh my god, yeah,” I whimpered in his neck. “Fuck me harder.” I wrapped both legs around him and he supported me while he slammed into me harder.

His growls and loud moans lewdly reverberated off the bathroom walls. My mewing joined in as I reached the peak and flew off in thousands of sparks. I felt my pussy rhythmically clench his cock and milk it until the heat exploded inside me.

I slowly slipped my shaky legs down and he supported me for a moment.

“Ellie, what you do to me. I lose control when I’m with you.” I kissed him in response. He knew I felt the same.

We quickly rinsed, dressed, and hurried back to the winery only fifteen minutes late. I don’t think they even noticed our lateness because they were catching up on family news.

The next morning, I met Peter early and we set off to the farmer’s market and butcher. I was excited to see what was available here because even though we were still in Florida, the crops were much different in northern Çeşme Escort Florida than central.

Peter seemed to be enthused and came up with some new ideas for the diners. I do think it’s always fun to cook with someone else. To bounce ideas off each other. We quickly bonded into a close friendship. He told me a bit more about the family and how hard they worked to get where they were.

The restaurant did indeed start out being what I expected. They had just built it all up through the years and it was now considered fine dining with many awards to back it up.

No better beef can be found than what we have in Florida. Many don’t realize there are thousands of beef producers throughout the state. But I had to admit, my biggest thrill is going south from my little town and seeing working cowboys on the cattle ranches. I guess we are never too old to love our cowboys!

I chose thick steaks that would be marinated and cooked on the woodfire grill. Risotto, beet green salad, and fresh vegetables. Peter is known for his exceptional desserts, so I asked if he would like to take that on and he was thrilled to do it.

I felt comfortable helping in the kitchen since I’d gotten to know Peter. I spent the afternoon helping him prep for dinner that night. During which time I got to know the rest of the kitchen folks. This was my world, and I was happy being here. I didn’t realize how much I missed my restaurant until now.

“You look right at home,” Gregg whispered in my ear, putting his arms around my waist.

“I’ve really missed being in the kitchen. I get like this every year when I close, but my staff needs the time off,” I sighed.

“So do you, babe. You need a getaway. Looks like you and Peter are hitting it off. I bet it’s nice to find someone to relate to?”

“It is! He has had so many years of experience; I’ve learned a lot already!”

“Do I get a hint of what we get for dinner tonight?” he asked.

“Nope. It’s all a surprise. In fact, dessert will even be a surprise for me. Peter is doing that for us.” I smiled. “You know I really should go back to the cottage and get a shower and ready for dinner.”

“Really? Hmmm,” he said amorously.

“Care to join me?”

“Okay. I’m sure I can find something to do to help,” he said lecherously, taking my hand.

I got back to the kitchen just in time to start our meals. Our afternoon delight was wonderful and all I wanted to do was spend the rest of the day in between the sheets with Gregg.

“I was hoping you didn’t forget,” Peter said laughing, then seeing my blush laughing louder. “You’re good for our boy, Gregg. I’m glad he found you and I know his parents feel the same.”

I can’t say I didn’t feel a little warmth inside hearing that. I was becoming very fond of them and this place.

Dinner went off wonderfully. I was able to cook and get to the table as they served. Peter planned a dessert to be made tableside and it was the best I had ever had. I hoped he would share his recipe to take home.

We excused ourselves and went back to the cottage. Our time there was coming to an end, and we wanted to spend some time to ourselves. We opened wine, snuggled on the sofa, and watched a movie.

“This is perfect,” I murmured.

He had his arm around me and squeezed. “It is, isn’t it. We’ve been pretty busy since we got here and it’s nice to relax. Together.”

My head rested back on his shoulder, and he put a finger on my chin and turned my head for a kiss. It quickly escalated.

I grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. I began to slowly unbutton his shirt. Caressing his chest as I revealed more. I tugged it out of his pants and pushed it off his shoulders.

“Now let me-“

“Nope, it’s my turn,” I cut in.

I brushed my thumbs over his nipples that nested in the thick fur. I heard his sharp intake of breath and smiled. I flicked the tip of my tongue over the tips of each and he moaned softly.

I trailed the tips of my fingers down his chest to his pants and hooked them in his waistband. Slipping my fingers inside I ran them back and forth across his stomach. The muscles contracted under my touch along with heavier breathing.

I unbuttoned the waist and slowly pulled the zipper apart. I shoved his pants down and he quickly kicked them off.

His hard cock was barely contained in the knit shorts. I knelt in front of him. Tucking my fingers in the elastic I worked the shorts lower. The elastic caught his cock and it bounced up heavy and full.

The head was wet, and I wrapped my hand around the shaft and licked the smooth head.

“Oh baby,” he moaned.

I twirled my tongue around the head around the wide ridge. His fingers wove through my hair and held my head. I looked up at him and licked the sensitive underside of the head and shaft. His eyes glazed with lust when he watched my lips slide down the length of his cock until the tip touched the back of my throat.

I sucked hard and lightly grazed my teeth back up the shaft and across the head. I lapped Çeşme Escort Bayan at the precum and sucked hard on the head before wrapping my lips around the pulsing shaft again. I grabbed his ass and pulled him into my mouth, encouraging him to fuck my mouth.

He thrust in and back out. A growl accompanied each thrust as he fucked my steamy wet mouth. His balls slapped my chin. My nose took in the musk of him that was all him.

I could tell he was getting close and backed off. I stood up and pushed him back on the bed. His cock stood straight up, angry and red.

I unbuttoned my sundress and let it drop to the floor. His tongue flicked across dry lips. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts drop against my forearm, the bra to the floor. He watched and willed my arm to move.

“Do you want me?” I whispered.

“Oh god yeah,” he croaked out.

I revealed my full breasts. My nipples were long and hard from my seduction of him.

I shimmied my panties down over my hips and stood in front of him. He lay back on the bed and I knelt on each side of him and dropped my nipple into his mouth.

He held them together and sucked and nipped and moaned.

“Mmm feels so good, Gregg,” I hissed.

I lowered my body and slid my pussy down until I felt the head of his cock at my entrance, then pushed harder.

We both groaned loudly as I slid myself down his shaft still wet from my mouth. I supported myself on my hands and rode his cock. My breasts hanging and swaying. Every pinch of my nipples went right to my cunt which squeezed his cock.

I sat up and ground down on his cock. Arching my back, I let my breasts bounce while I rode him.

I moaned the way his cock filled my cunt. Feeling the heat. The pulsing. Sex had never ever been like this for me. I’d never been this brazen and sexual. I thought about how much more I wanted to try with him.

I ground my clit into him which started a wave of orgasms. My ears rang and I didn’t know if it was my voice. I just kept riding the wave. Suddenly I felt his heat explode inside me at the same time as his rhythmic bark as he pumped his seed.

Only had two days remaining here so the following morning we had breakfast on the deck that overlooked the rolling green vineyards.

“Does your dad want you to take this over?” I asked looking over the beautiful vista. “I mean since you have no siblings.”

“He’d like nothing better.”

“But…” I hoped I wasn’t being too nosey, but I wondered what would happen to all this beauty if no one stepped in when his parents had to give it up.

“No but really. I’d love to take it over when the time comes.” He shrugged. “I guess I wanted to be out on my own for a while. Just to know I could make it on my own.”

I nodded. “That makes perfect sense.” I didn’t want to pressure him and changed the subject. “Peter would like me to brainstorm dishes we could use the grapes in. If you don’t have any plans for me that is.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “I always have plans for you, but for Peter, I’ll give you up.” He took a sip of his coffee. “For Peter and for the sake of the grapes that is.”

I gaped at him and laughed. But tears came to my eyes because I realized, right at that moment, just how much I loved him.

“Hey, the joke wasn’t that bad, was it?” He thumbed a tear running down my cheek.

“Nah, just thinking that tomorrow is our last day here. Melancholy.”

“We can come back again, babe. Anytime you want. My parents love you and wouldn’t mind seeing you any time, I’m sure.”

I smiled through my tears.

Once I got into the kitchen my weepiness faded away. Peter had ideas, as did I, so we started prepping the ingredients. We worked wonderfully side by side and by the end of the day, we came up with a half dozen new recipes using the grapes. We had them all made for James and Ami to test. Once they made their decisions, the new dishes would be added to the menu. It turned out they loved all six dishes and decided to put them on a revolving menu for dinners.

Ami and I sat down for a cup of coffee. “You and Peter work well together. I’m happy that you could add your expertise.”

I chuckled. “We do have the same way of cooking. I came up with three of the new creations and Peter came up with three. It’s very easy in the kitchen with him.”

Ami toyed with her mug for a moment. “I know you’re settled in your home and your restaurant is a huge success, but James and I both wanted to tell you that if you ever wanted a change, you have a job here. Any time.”

“Wow, that’s very generous of you. I appreciate it. I can’t say that I wouldn’t love to work in your kitchen,” I said thoughtfully. “I guess I wouldn’t feel right about leaving my staff high and dry. They have made me as successful as I am. They’ve all been with me since the beginning.”

“I understand, Ellie. I kind of figured that, but we still wanted you to know that we would love to have you here. One way or the other,” she smiled knowingly.

“I honestly don’t Escort Çeşme know where this is going with Gregg and me. Since I’m older I just don’t know what the future would hold for us.”

“You know that I’m five years older than James, don’t you?” She laughed when I looked incredulous at that news. “It has never been an issue in all our years together.”

“I had no idea. I admit I thought you were both awfully young to be Gregg’s parents.”

She blushed. “Well, I was pretty young when I had him. That’s not anything I’d suggest for a young girl, but it was what it was. James and I were already committed to each other, so a baby changed nothing really.”

“That’s another obstacle. I’m not too old to have a baby, but I decided a long time ago I wanted to be childfree. He should be able to be a father if he wants.”

“Have you ever discussed that with him?” Ami asked. I shook my head. “Well, as they say, don’t put the cart before the horse. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed Gregg having a strong feeling about having a family.” She shrugged. “Maybe he does, but not enough to expound on.”

That did give me a glimmer of hope for us. But until we talked about it, I couldn’t be sure.

We decided to go to a nearby restaurant. More of a diner for the locals, but that made it that much more fun. All heads turned to look at the strangers when we walked through the door.

“Sit wherever you want!” Came a voice from somewhere in the kitchen.

Menus stood on edge balanced between the mustard and ketchup, right next to the salt and pepper. And behind was a brightly lit shiny chrome jukebox- a remote control of sorts to the big flashy one that sat against the wall. Flipping between the pages the songs were a good indicator of the last time the big jukebox against the wall had been updated.

Gregg saw the amusement in my eyes and dropped a handful of quarters on the table. The quarter clunked and clanged down the shoot and I pressed B 5. Lights on the big jukebox came on, and the arm picked up the record and moved it into place.

Patsy Cline’s Crazy came on and Gregg rolled his eyes. I laughed.

“What?! That’s an old classic!” I said, still laughing.

“Okay okay, I’ll pick the next one. I’ll show you good music!” He began to flip through the pages. “Don’t look! You need to be surprised.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake,” I huffed. “It better be a good one!”

“Better than yours!” he exclaimed, and we were both laughing again.

“Do y’all know what you want?” I jumped at the voice and realized the waitress was waiting to take our order.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, we were so busy playing with the jukebox we forgot to even look at the menu,” I laughed, and she smiled indulgently.

“I’ll come back, no problem.”

Finally Patsy quit singing and the jukebox lit up again, the arm moved the next record in place. I waited, listening.

“What?! That’s the best you could do?” I giggled.

“Now just what’s wrong with My Girl?”

“Well, nothing really. I love the Temptations!”

“And it’s what you are. I hope,” he said.

I blushed like a schoolgirl. Of course, I was. I was whatever he wanted me to be. I said, “I am.”

We ended up ordering their famous hamburger, onion rings, and root beer floats.

“Phew, I’m stuffed,” I said, pushing my plate away. “I can’t believe I ate all that! It was just so good.”

He nodded and leaned back in the booth rubbing his stomach. “If I keep eating like this, I won’t fit into my uniform.”

We were going back soon, I thought sadly. The end of a vacation is always bad, but this was so much more than a vacation to me. I found my love and a place I could easily call home. But it was so much more complicated than that.

“Your mom and dad offered me a job whenever I wanted it,” I said, scrutinizing his face for any telltale signs of what he might be thinking.

“I know. They told me about it first. They wanted to know if they had any chance at all getting you to come there.”

“And you told them…?” I asked.

“I told them they’d have to talk to you. I honestly didn’t know.”

That simple reply gave me pause to think. He didn’t say anything about us. I suddenly felt alone. I knew it was my decision certainly, but would he be okay if I left him to move to his home by myself? He had not acted like he was ready to move back to take over the winery, so I have to assume what I chose to do would be on my own.

“Yes, I guess it is really my decision,” I said, excusing myself I went to the restroom.

It was a quiet ride back to the winery, and he asked, “Is everything okay, Ellie? You seem upset.”

“No, no, not at all. Just sad we’re leaving soon I guess.” He took my statement for what it was.

The next day flew by, and we were on the road back with a car full of cases of wine the following morning.

“Thanks for inviting me. I really enjoyed everything. Your parents are so warm and friendly. The restaurant is phenomenal. I’m excited about adding your wine to the menu.”

I had less than a week to get the restaurant ready to open again. I wanted to freshen up the décor a bit, and a few things needed paint from normal wear and tear. Gregg helped when he could, but they were also doing some improvements at the firehouse, so he had less time than normal.

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