Who Was The Lucky One?


My friends dragged me out to the party that Saturday night when all I really wanted to do was wallow in self-pity after a terrible week of mid-terms that had me re-thinking this education stuff.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Jesse and I’m a freshman in college. I’m about 6’1 tall and I’ve started to get some nice muscles going to the gym with the guys from my dorm. I have short reddish brown hair and dark brown eyes that seem to go well with my tanned skin. One thing I’m definitely proud of is my cock, it’s not overly long at about 6.5″ but I’ve gotten a lot of compliments at my thickness, which always makes a 19 year old guy happy to hear.

So we eventually got to the party, I had no idea where we actually were so was hoping the guys didn’t take off on me, and were starting to settle in around the pool table in the basement when I saw a cute little brunette from across the room. She was wearing this black dress that made me almost drool.

My friends saw me staring off away from the game so asked what I was looking at. I just kind of grunted and pointed in the direction of a group of girls dancing together. They started trying to push me over but I just didn’t know what to say so of course they gave me a collection of the cheesiest pick-up lines imaginable. I decided just to walk over there and say the first thing that came to my mind, the hard part would be getting her away from her friends.


Oh god, those mid-terms are finally over! I had spent the past 2 weeks studying every spare minute of my life! I felt confident that my time had paid off as I think I got an A on all my exams.

Let me tell you about myself. My name is Payton and I’m a freshman in college. I’m a shorty at 5’3 and I have soft honey brown hair. I have big beautiful blue eyes and a nice big smile framed with cute little dimples. I go jogging a lot and that’s given me a nice flat stomach and a tight little butt that all looks great combined with my 34B breasts.

I usually shave myself, but I was feeling especially horny after all my hard work and decided to go for a wax this afternoon. I decided I wanted to show off a bit, making sure to get the attention of all the guys and wore my favorite little black dress. It was pretty short and low-cut, but it had enough support built in that I didn’t need to wear a bra. I had on a skimpy little black lace thong on underneath and just wore flip-flops to show off my pedicure. I had my hair loose and curly around my shoulders and was ready to meet a guy.

The girls and I got to the party and went straight for the bar. After doing a few shots with some guys there we decided to grab some beers and find the dance floor. After we found it down in the basement we just started to let loose! I happened to notice a cute guy from my psych class playing pool with his friends and was kind of hoping to get his attention sometime in the night. When he started to walk over to the dance floor I moved away from our circle, hoping he would see me first and stop to chat.


“Hey there, umm, my name is Jesse, want to dance?” he kind of awkwardly asked her.

“Yeah I’d like that” Payton said, feeling like a champ for getting this guy. “I’m Payton by the way,” she added before giving him a perfect smile and setting her beer down off to the side.

“Oh my god what a smile,” Jesse thought to himself. He reached out and grabbed Paytons hands to give her a couple spins around before stopping her and placing his hands on her hips and starting to move along with the music.

“So what are you taking?” He asked while trying to give her his own million dollar smile.

“Right now I’m undecided what I want to major in,” Payton answered before gripping Jesse’s hand on her hip and starting to dance faster.

“But I think that we have Psychology together with Dr. Green,” she said.

“Yeah I think you’re right! Man do I ever hate that guy, he’s such an ass” Jesse says, not being able to help Mersin Escort noticing how when Payton moves faster her top waves around a bit and he can see quite a bit of her breasts every now and then. He tires not to stare but it just makes him want her more.

Jesse then grabbed her hips and turned her around before pulling her in tight, feeling her butt against his legs and groin before starting to slowly move with the music again.

Payton settled herself in against his hard body and started to push herself back against him harder getting completely turned on, thinking “Now this is more like it.” She then turned around to face Jesse, putting her hand around his neck and pulling herself in close, standing on her toes letting his hands slide down from her hips to her ass.

“Are we just dancing or is this going somewhere?” Jesse thought to himself as he started to get hard from Payton’s ass grinding into him earlier. “Shit I hope she doesn’t notice this” he thought as it wasn’t becoming any easier with her tits pushed into his chest and his dick starting to rub on her tight stomach. He started rubbing her ass before moving one hand up to the small of her back and rubbing gently there too.

“I think you’re really pretty Payton” Jesse said to her, as her leant into her, gazing into her baby blues.

Payton smiled at Jesse as he said this. “Thank you, you’re not too bad yourself,” she said as she felt his cock stiffening in his pants. “Mmmm this feels nice,” she thought grinding her hips harder into him.

Jesse is almost at the point where he can’t stand the grinding anymore so he decides to go for it. “Thanks Payton, your lips look so soft too. Would it be wrong of me to ask if I could give you a kiss?” he asked her softly.

“You shouldn’t ask” she said, putting her hand behind his head and kissing him lightly, standing up to be taller, pushing herself into him and hanging on. She’s kissing light and innocent and then moves in and kisses a little bit on his ear and whispers “Would it be wrong if I asked if you’re as turned on as I am?”

Jesse kisses her back and nibbles on her bottom lip as he feels their bodies practically melting together. He moves both his hands down to her little butt and gives it a squeeze before whispering in her ear “You shouldn’t have to ask” as he start to nibble on her ear lobe.

At this point in time neither Payton nor Jesse really care that they are in the middle of the dance floor at a party. Most people there don’t care either as it’s the usual stuff that happens, but each of their groups of friends has taken notice of the hotties they have each picked up and are secretly jealous of their friend.

Payton starts to get goose bumps all over her body and responds by kissing Jesse harder, practically begging for more. She let out a little laugh and casually grabbed Jesse’s hand, moving it up towards her breast, grazing it before letting his hand go. “Use your imagination” Payton said as she noticed a bit of a surprised look on Jesse’s face.

Jesse slid his tongue along Payton’s lips, feeling how soft they were as he started to caress the underside of her breast his other hand still rubbing her ass and pulling her harder into his hard groin.

“Feel anything you like Payton?” Jesse asked, starting to feel more bold, as his thumb found Payton’s nipple poking hard against the material of her dress.

Payton didn’t answer him, just simply grabbed his hand and led him towards a bedroom down the hallway. She closed the door once they were inside and locked it, reaching over to Jesse her hand circling the hard lump in his pants said “Yes I do feel something I like.”

Jesse leant down and kissed Payton deeply as he pulled her dress up in the back and then locking onto her bare ass cheeks. “I think this was a good idea Payton.”

“A great one,” she responded before pulling her dress up and over her head, exposing her bare breasts and tiny thong to Jesse before jumping up and wrapping her legs around Mersin Escort Bayan his waist.

Jesse lifted her up higher holding her with one hand under her ass and the other around the middle of her back, letting her fall away a bit so he could lean down and suck and lick her breasts. He found her hard nipple with his tongue and right away sucked the little guy into his hungry mouth. His hand under her ass started moving around, coming to rest between her legs and feeling her damp thong before starting to rub her mound through the thin material.

“Oh god this feels so good Jesse,” Payton said before hopping off of him and removing his shirt and kissing her way down his tight abs, unbuckling his pants and taking the head of his cock into her mouth through his boxers. She started to suck harder, feeling the boxers getting wet with her saliva, all the while tracing circles around his stomach and chest with her fingers. Eventually she couldn’t take it any more and stood, removing her thong and laid back onto the bed.

Jesse crawled onto the bed, parting Payton’s legs so he could lay between them and placed his hand on her breast before starting to make out with her, twisting and pulling her nipple. The head of his cock found its way to her wet lips and he started to move his hips around rubbing his head all over her wet lips and clit.

“So what do you think we should do now?” Jesse asked before leaning down and gently biting her neck and then kissing the same spot, moving so that he could kiss his way up her jaw line, his hand still pulling away on her nipple.

“Fuck me,” Payton said harshly, twisting underneath Jesse’s body, anticipating it and moaning.

“I don’t think I’m quite ready yet,” Jesse said, rolling over onto his back and spinning Payton’s body around. He put his head between her legs and pushed his cock towards her mouth. He leaned in closer until he could smell her sweet pussy for the first time before starting to kiss all over her inner thighs. Payton took Jesse’s hardening cock into her mouth, loving how hot she was feeling from Jesse’s teasing, feeling him getting closer and closer to where she wanted his mouth, pushing her hips closer to him, trying to get his tongue on her pussy.

Jesse pushed his own hips into Payton’s face, needing to feel her wet lips as far down his shaft as they could go. He finally go to her pussy and licked up and down her outer lips, avoiding her clit for the time being. Payton couldn’t take it any more and started to buck her hips into Jesse’s face before reaching down and grabbing the back of his head, pushing it hard into her wet cunt. Jesse loved having her shoving his face into her pussy and responded by sticking his tounge out as far as it would go and fucking her hole as fast as he could, savoring her sweet juices.

Payton let out a small scream as she could feel the stubble on Jesse’s chin rubbing her clit, his tongue opening her up and doing wonderful things. Her response to all of this instant pleasure was to take his cock further into her mouth and start to suck on it as fast and hard as she could.

“Oh fuck that feels good, but two can play at this game,” Jesse thought before moving his mouth to Payton’s clit and sucked it as far into his mouth as it would go, sliding a hand up her thing to her pussy and pushing 1 then 2 fingers deep inside of her. All this dad was get Payton hornier and want more cock inside of her. She sucked had on Jesse, taking more of him into her mouth feeling him at the entrance to her throat when she started to feel his hot salty pre-cum oozing out the tip.

“I can’t take this any more Jesse, I need you in me NOW,” Payton panted as she lay back spreading her legs wide.

“What position babe? And don’t make me wait cause then I’ll choose and I won’t make it nice,” Jesse said.

“Well maybe I don’t want it nice,” she responded, rolling over and pulling her knees up, arching her back with her ass in the air and her shoulders on the mattress.

“Hmm Escort Mersin I think you picked right girl,” Jesse said, unable to help but to stare at how hot she looked bent over like that, noticing how incredibly lewd her pussy looked all spread open waiting for his cock. He moved in behind Payton and pushed his head inside of her, hearing her moan and letting a soft one out himself from the heat he was feeling. He pushed a little further inside, feeling her tight walls gripping his cock, almost pulling him deeper into her. “So you don’t want it nice, is that what you said?” he asked her.

“I want it hard,” Payton answered, gripping the sheets in front of her.

Jesse slowly slid the entire length of his cock into her, feeling himself bumping into her cervix at the end of his thrust. “Are you sure hard? Didn’t that feel good nice and slow?” he asked her.

Payton moaned as he slid deep into her steaming pussy, “God it feels amazing” she whispered, arching hr back more and pushing back towards him.

“Fuck Payton you are sexy,” he said pulling himself out until just the head was inside of her.

“Jesse, hard, please,” was all she could say, looking back at him over her shoulders.

Jesse slid back inside of her before pulling out again. He started to thrust faster each time, trying to go deeper inside of her. Payton started to moan in rhythm with his thrusts, pushing her ass back against his cock as he slid inside. “I need more,” she said, wanting to feel full of his thick cock. Jesse really started to pick up the pace, making sure each thrust to push as deep into hr at the end, feeling her tightening up around him. He looked down at her tight little ass and started to watch himself sliding in and out, loving how hot her lips looked spreading wide around his shaft. “Fuck you’re tight Payton,” he said pulling out most of the way before slamming back in against her cervix, hitting it hard.

Payton was really starting to love the pain she got from his cock going in too deep. “Ungh you’re so, ungh, big Jesse” Payton grunted, continuing to rock her hips back against him, not wanting to feel any less full than she was now.

Hearing this Jesse really started to feel like a stud and couldn’t help but to stroke himself faster into her hot pussy, grabbing her hips hard and pulling her back onto his dick feeling his balls slapping her ass. Payton really loved the rough treatment and didn’t have to worry about moving back anymore. She reached one hand between their bodies, feeling his wet shaft sliding in and out before moving that hard to her clit and starting to rub herself as fast as she could.

“Jesse, I’m going to cum, don’t stop” Payton grunted as she felt her pussy start to contract around his big dick. “Oh fuck Jesse, harder, HARDER, oooohhh god,” payton screamed and then became incomprehensible and just pushed back against Jesse before going slightly limp. She looked back at him over her shoulder and said “God that was amazing, now fuck me till you cum.”

Jesse didn’t need any further encouragement and started to let loose, not worrying about lasting any longer. When he was about to cum he pulled out of her and started to stroke himself against her ass, shooting his cum all over her milky cheeks even having a spurt get away and land on her shoulder.

They each grabbed their drinks that they came into the room with and downed them as fast as possible, both needing something to drink from the sweaty sex they just had. After that they just layed down on the bed relaxing, before both falling asleep, half in each others arms.

When Payton woke up she looked over and saw Jesse sleeping there. She eyed his body up getting turned on again and wondering how she got lucky enough to get hi last night. She really started to get wet when she looked down at his thick cock that was starting to rise a little bit. “Must be having a nice dream” she thought, “Well can’t let this go to waste,” before leaning over and licking up the side of his shaft. Jesse started to wake and felt something soft tickling his thighs. He open d his eyes to see Payton with hr head in his lap smiling up at him, realizing that it was her hair.

“Hey good morning, what time is it?” he asked.

“I was thinking it was time for round number two, is that ok?”

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