Wild Oats – The Beach


Like the other Wild Oats stories, this took place in the 1970’s. Sarasota no longer has a topless beach.


“Sally, would you like to go to the beach with me on our day off next week?”

“Why the sudden interest in beaches, Jason?”

“There is a topless beach in Sarasota, North Lido Beach, that I would like to check out.”

“Wow, we would have to be sure to take sunscreen, but sure, sounds interesting.”

On our day off we loaded the car with beach chairs, towels, cooler, sunscreen, etc. and were on the road by 10 AM.

I estimated an hour of driving time, across the Skyway Bridge and down to Sarasota. We found a beach parking area with 8-10 cars, passed the sign that said “clothing optional beyond this point,” and proceeded up the beach on the hard sand near the water.

We passed several pairs of guys sitting together nude on their towels with their total package on display and a few couples where the girl was topless and the guy had his swim suit on. We finally reached a narrow stretch of beach where there were a few scattered naked couples. We decided that this looked like a good area for us. This area of beach was narrow because the palm trees and undergrowth came down closer to the beach, but we could see that there were several paths Beylikdüzü Escort that led into the trees. Jason said he would explore later.

A steady stream of beach walkers passed us near the water and several boats were pulled up on shore or anchored close in. Most of these folks were here to look at those daring enough to disrobe or at least partially disrobe.

We settled on our beach lounge chairs and took off our shirts. My ripe DD breasts looked good in my new red bikini and I did not know if I would or would not go farther.

Jason decided to go for it and pulled off his trunks. I offered to apply sunscreen to his pale areas, but he assured me that he could do it himself. I think he was concerned about getting hard.

We lay there for awhile and it was quite peaceful. I rolled over on my stomach and untied the straps and my neck and my back so technically I was topless at that point.

Jason said he was going to check out the paths into the trees and left me for a few minutes. Almost immediately a really well hung naked guy in his 20’s came over and asked if he could sit near me. I rolled onto my side to get a good look at him and he obviously saw my hanging mammaries.

I said, “Sure.” He sat down with his bare ass on Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan the sand and started talking with me. After about 30 minutes he asked if I would like to take a dip in the Gulf with him and I raced him to the water.

We splashed around for awhile and he disappeared under water and then appeared after he grabbed my leg underwater. We each had a few “accidental” touches under water until he stood behind me and pulled me close to him. He put one of his hands on each of my breasts. He planted a kiss on my neck and I turned around in his arms. We shared a deep open mouth soul kiss. My bare breasts were smashed against his bare chest and I could feel his erection pushing against my bikini bottoms.

He put his hand underwater and began stroking my pussy through my suit.

I kissed him harder and he slipped his hand in the top of my bikini bottoms and ran a finger up and down my slit. I reached down and undid the knot on each side of my suit and pulled my suit off. Holding it in one hand and his cock in the other, I spread my legs to give him better access. He picked me up and lowered me down on his erect cock. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled us closer together as he began to move in and out of my vagina.

It Escort Beylikdüzü was exciting to be fucked in the Gulf of Mexico with water up to my neck so no one could see exactly what we are doing.

It really felt good, but neither of us was going to cum this way so we decided to go back to my towel on the beach.

I still had my red bikini bottoms in my hand so we held hands with the other hand and walked out of the water totally naked.

Jason had returned and said the closest path led to a secluded grassy clearing. We picked up the towel and followed the path to the clearing.

What Jason did not tell us was that several couples were in the clearing having sex and the reason Jason had been gone so long was that he had been watching them.

We decided that if they could do it, so could we and spread out the towel in an open space.

Gary, my new friend had a 7″, thick, semi-erect circumcised cock and I knew we needed to get it hard before we could do anything. I dropped to my knees in front of him and sucked him hard. I guess Gary got a little too excited watching the other couples making love while I blew him because almost as soon as he entered my vagina he ejaculated and melted.

I was so disappointed to be left high and dry after such a nice build-up that I just picked up my towel and walked back to the beach with cum running down my legs.

I dropped the towel beside Jason and continued into the water to clean myself up. Once cleaned up, I walked back to where Jason was sitting and said, “Jason, I need you to fuck me now or we need to go home.”

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