Wishcraft Chapter 7

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What This Story Is About

Wishcraft is the story of an untrained and powerful young witch boy named Alonzo who fantasized about powerful, dominant men who would use him mercilessly. During a magical ritual he accidentally put a powerful curse on his handsome but undersize roommate Erik. The curse is making him bigger and more aggressive. It”s also making him demanding and cruel. Alonzo must fix this problem while somehow avoiding the most painful domination his fantasy could conjure.


Author”s Notes

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�         My darker story Elf Master has started. If you aren”t into heavier BDSM, you may want to skip that story. Other than sharing some background characters, that story does not intertwine with My Roomate the Alchemist and Wishcraft.

�         The Pack storyline has begun appearing. This storyline involved the werewolves on campus.

�         The Small Town Slave Boy story is only tangentially connected to College Magic because the narrator of the story is Kieran”s cousin Dylan Morgan. There are no supernatural elements in that story so far, it is listed only in the gay/authoritarian subcategory. It”s not in the College Magic folder.


Wishcraft Chapter 7 (Revelation and Strategy) � Wednesday



I woke up under a blanket, with Alonzo snuggled against me. He had one arm draped across my chest and one leg wrapped around my leg. His hand was resting on my hard cock, and he was lying against my shoulder with my arm under his head. This was the way a man should wake up, in bed with a beautiful twink.

I stared at Alonzo”s face. I thought he was gorgeous, even with his mouth open and a line of drool running onto my chest. I touched his swollen lips with my fingertips. Both were split. I”d done this, I thought, a sick feeling rising in my stomach. I”d done this and I had enjoyed it. How could I have hurt him? And how could I have enjoyed it? All I wanted to do was to hold him, to comfort him, to kiss him and to make him feel better. He was so much smaller than me and I was disgusted with myself for my actions.

Alonzo”s eyes fluttered open. His eyelashes were long and dark, and his eyes were light brown like amber. I couldn”t believe that he was smiling at me, after what I”d done last night. “Good morning stud,” he said, running his fingers through my chest hair.

“I”m so fucking sorry Alonzo,” I said. “I don”t know what ….”

He kissed me, cutting off my apology. “Don”t apologize to me,” he said. “It wasn”t your fault.”

He climbed on top of me and straddled my abdomen, his cute little butt pressing against my morning erection. He kissed me again; then he nibbled at my lips. He was determined not to let me speak. When he broke the kiss he said, “Quiero chupar tu pinga, papi”. Alonzo always switched to Spanish when he wanted to distract me. I”d had one year of Spanish in high school, so I knew that quiero meant “I want” but I had never heard those other words before, except papi. Papi meant “daddy”.

It was obvious to me what he meant, however, when he scrambled backwards down my torso until he was kneeling between my legs, took hold of my cock, and began to kiss it. His lips were soft and warm. He kissed all the way down the shaft, then kissed my balls. I lay back and let him take charge. Maybe he needed it after last night, I thought. I put that thought out of my head and let myself feel the sensations Alonzo”s moist lips were eliciting in me. “I wish there was more time, papi,” he said, “but you have an early class.”

He pulled the head of my cock into his mouth and swallowed it. His tongue was rubbing against my frenum, and I groaned in pleasure. Alonzo”s mouth was talented, very talented. He slid it down his throat but started gagging before he got it all the way down. He pulled back up and worked on the head some more. It wouldn”t be long now. My nuts were tightening. I wanted to grab his head and pull him all the way down on my cock, to fill his throat, but I held back. I was afraid of hurting him again. His tongue drove me over the edge. Five loads filled his mouth and he swallowed them all. Then he smiled at me. His smile made my heart ache. He ran his tongue around his bruised lips, found the tiny glob of cum that had drizzled out the corner of his mouth and licked it up.

He crawled back up to my face again and kissed me. “I love your taste, papi,” he said.

I wanted to stay in bed with him, to fuck his tight little ass. But there was time for that later. I rolled him off me and jumped out of bed. I had to get dressed in a hurry. I pulled on my new sweats and a t-shirt, then slid my feet into the sandals Alonzo had bought last night.

I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. He was a good eight inches shorter than me, so I lifted him up with one arm under his butt. His legs were dangling until he wrapped them around my waist. I kissed him and let my hands grab his cheeks.

“I can”t decide which I love more, Alonzo, your mouth or your ass.” I kissed him again and said, “They”re both perfect.”

Time was short and I had to put him down. He laughed and refused to let go of me until I smacked his butt gently. I hated to let him go unsatisfied, but there was no time this morning. Inwardly I cursed the fact that I was a morning person and had signed up for early classes every day. I kissed him over and over on both sides of his neck and began bouncing him in my arms. His laugh was musical. In a minute, he relaxed his legs and let me put him down.

“Now let”s go next door,” I said, “and see if Jason is ready for us. I”ll fuck you when we meet up in the Student Union later. Be sure to bring the lube.”



We used the bathroom to enter their room, my arm around Alonzo, hugging him tight. Jason was standing behind Kieran when we came in, holding him from behind. Kieran was shorter than Jason by about four inches and his hair was hanging in loose curls down to his collar.

“Sorry to interrupt you so early in the morning,” Erik said.

Jason replied, “It”s not a problem. Your tea and medicinals are ready.” He seemed a little disheveled and Kieran was fully erect, blushing and breathing heavily. I wondered what we had interrupted.

Erik slammed his tea and swallowed his pills in one gulp. He looked a little guilty at his haste. “Sorry to run,” he said, “and thank you for the drugs.” Then he almost ran from the room.

I shrugged and explained his rush, “He has a Linear Algebra class at 8:00 AM and he”s always running late.”

I looked over at Jason and let out a deep breath. I was barely holding back tears at that point. “Can you tell me how tall I am now, sir?” I asked. “I think I really messed up.”

I didn”t think, I knew that I”d really messed up. Kieran was staring at me with wide eyes. I think he”d noticed that I was becoming smaller. I wondered if he realized it was happening to him as well, or if his vision was still shrouded by the velamen arcanum. I didn”t want to cause him more trauma, but Jason kept him on a tight leash, and he was hardly ever outside his boyfriend”s reach unless one of them was in class.

I knew that my driver”s license said that I was 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighed 150 pounds, but when Jason measured me I was 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 125 pounds. I looked down at my penis. I was still erect from servicing Erik with no release of my own. I could see that it was more than an inch shorter and about a third of an inch thinner. It was too much for me.

“When will it stop, sir?” I cried. “I can”t afford to get much smaller or there will be nothing left of me.” My hand dropped to my penis to let Jason know what I was talking about.

He replied, “I can”t say for sure. I warned you about taking too much at once. I have no control once you”ve taken it all.”

His eyes were full of sorrow, and I knew that he spoke the truth. There was nothing he could do, and I was in shock. I `d expected that Jason could fix anything. He was like a rock. I didn”t think that he liked being helpless either. And he had a look of tortured guilt in his eyes. “Take this as well,” he said, handing me a small vial of liquid.

I took it and said, “Thank you, sir. I”ve got to go. I need to get ready for classes.” I was on the verge of tears and had to get out of that room before I broke down for both our sake.

In the room, I took my pills and drank my tea. Then I swallowed the liquid in the vial. It tasted strongly of anise. I hadn”t asked what it was for, but I trusted Jason. It wasn”t him who”d misused the magic powder; it was me. I went to the bathroom, showered, and brushed my teeth. When I glanced in the mirror, I noticed that the bruises on my face had disappeared. My swollen and split lips were back to normal. Even the dark bruises on my ass had faded. Erik”s mystery potion has cured my wounds.

I wanted to talk to Jason, but I didn”t want to say anything in front of Kieran. He was naive and Jason preferred to keep him that way. I decided to text him instead.

Me: Please don”t feel any guilt. The fault for my condition is only mine. You gave me clear instructions and I failed to follow them.

Jason: Thank you. I know where my fault lies, but I am pleased that you accept your share of the blame. The issue is closed as far as I am concerned.

Jason was always so aloof that this response was downright sympathetic coming from him. The only time I ever saw him emotional and affectionate was with Kieran.

I had some time before my writing class, so I decided to check with Sebastian and thank him for his help last night. I couldn”t have done what he did, and without him Erik would have died or gone insane. I owed him a debt that I could never repay.

I got dressed and looked in the mirror. My clothes were loose because I”d lost so much height and weight. I knew what they should look like, how I liked to wear them. My tia had said that all I had to do was to visualize what I wanted hard enough and I could make bring it about. I pictured my clothes as the right size, then calmed myself and focused like she had made me practice. I could feel the energy gathering around me. In my mind, I could see my clothes tight and clinging to my body. I reached out with my mind and wove the energy into my clothes. Vertigo surged over me, and I felt a snap. In an instant, my vision had become a reality. I was so weak that I almost fell to the ground in exhaustion.

I collected my thoughts and waited for the dizziness to pass. I”d done it. Sebastian and Clarissa were too cautious about magic, so I wouldn”t tell them what I”d done, but I was weak and knew that I shouldn”t try to work anymore magic for a while. Otherwise, I would have shrunk the chain Erik had locked around my neck. It was so loose that it was chafing me.

Once I could walk without leaning on the wall, I gathered my backpack and walked up the hall toward Sebastian”s room. I knocked on his door and waited; it took a few minutes before he opened it and invited me inside. I followed him and took a seat. Sebastian walked to his minifridge, opened a bottle of sweet tea, and sat down in the other chair. “I”m sorry for last night,” he said. “You were distraught, and I wasn”t very nice to you.”

“It”s okay,” I replied. “I wasn”t being rational. In fact, I came over this morning to apologize to you.”

“No need for that, Alonzo. I laid some heavy truths on you last night,” he said. “I forget that you”re so young and inexperienced. If you”d been trained at the Academy, you would have known better. I should have expected the reaction I got. But I do have some news for you. It isn”t good, but it”s progress.”

I”d come over here mostly because I didn”t want to sit naked in my room, but now I was alert. “Any news is better than no news,” I said.

Sebastian leaned back in the chair and said, “I stayed up last night and read that entire book. I think I”ve identified the plot points we must resolve. I”m assuming that Erik put that hideous chain on your neck?”

“Yes sir”, I replied. It was hideous. It looked like something a punk would wear and I was a fresa pijo who loved his nice clothes and took care of his appearance.

“That was the first plot point,” he said. “It”s the equivalent to the scene in the book where Einar put a slave collar on Pedro. The next plot point will have Erik forcing you to have sex in front of “his court”. I”m assuming that this will be represented by sex in a public place.”

I interrupted him and said, “That happened last night! Erik was rough. He hit me hard and beat my ass. And then he hit my nuts with a whip.” Sebastian winced at that, but I continued with watery eyes, “Then he rough fucked me until I was crying. The whole time he was either recording it or streaming it. He”s a computer nerd. That had to be `his court”, don”t you think?”

“Good,” Sebastian said. “That makes two plot points completed. But I don”t think you”re going to like the next two. Erik will have to brand you, mark you as his property. I tried to plant the idea in his mind to get you a tattoo with his mark instead and I hope that works. Otherwise, you”re going to have to endure it. I can ask Jason to brew up a potion to ease the pain, but the brand or tattoo cannot be removed, or we risk the pattern regrowing. I can”t tell you how sorry I am.”

“I can endure it, if I have to,” I said, hoping to convince myself of that fact. Right now, I was terrified and feeling numb.

“Let”s hope so,” he replied. “The third event is worse.”

“The rape scene,” I said.

Sebastian nodded his head. “I”ll have to find a troll to do the deed and we”ll have to find a place in the woods for it to happen.”

“An elf prince,” I said, correcting him. “In the book, the troll was really the elf prince in disguise. He”s the one who performs the oath sharing ceremony for them at the end as compensation.”

Sebastian thought about it for a moment, then said, “That might be easier to find, but he won”t do it for free. You”re the beneficiary of the favor so you”ll have to be the one to pay the price.”

“I don”t have a lot of money,” I said. “But I can probably get some.”

Sebastian shook his head. “The elf I know won”t accept money. He”ll want something else, something much more valuable, especially if he”s going to have an enraged Erik coming at him with a big sword. He may even refuse if we can”t find a substitute weapon. He doesn”t like having iron around. We need to find something to offer before we approach him to make a deal. Let”s think it over.”

“The fourth event requires Erik to give you a long sensual blowjob,” Sebastian said. “He has this fixation about only being a top, but he should do it if he”s compelled by the curse. But I think he must mean it when he pledges his love. And I think you must reciprocate the words and mean them as well. I”m pretty sure you can”t fool the curse. A love spell wouldn”t work because it”s temporary. I could see if Jason is willing to brew a couple of love potions for you. They change the actual brain so they should work, but he may not be willing. Jason is an ethical guy and love potions are about as unethical as they come.”

“I may love him,” I admitted. “I just don”t know for sure. We just met a few days ago. I think about him all the time, and I really like him, but I”m not sure if I can call it love.”

Sebastian said, “I think Erik really does loves you, Alonzo. His aura goes fuzzy whenever he looks at you. That shouldn”t be an effect of the curse because in the story Einar doesn”t realize that he”s in love until after he rescues Pedro from the troll. But you must figure your own feelings out for yourself.”

“What about the oath sharing,” I asked. “Will I need to pay two prices to this elf prince you know, since this is a second favor?”

“I think I can phrase our request so that he agrees to play out the entire part,” he said. “We just have to figure out a price you can live with.”

We had a plan, or at least the beginnings of a plan. I wasn”t looking forward to the events that had to play out, but I was looking forward to a resolution of the nightmare I was living. I thought of the number of times I”d masturbated to this story, imagining myself to be the young monk Pablo, orgasming when he was branded in the story, or when he was raped in the forest. Those scenes still excited me, so long as they were only in mind. It was living them out in real life that was the problem.



It broke my heart to see Alonzo in this state, to know that I had crushed his hopes time after time. I wished I could tell him what he wanted to hear, that we could end this curse and then make everything alright, that we could reverse all the effects, but that could never be. How Alonzo had been able escape the notice of the Conclave for so long I had no idea. Clarissa told me that his power was greater than anyone she”d ever mentored. Even before the sudden inrush of power during the ritual, she”d felt him seize control. She”d felt the power within him and then she”d felt the way he”d gathered that sudden inrush of energy and shaped it. When I looked at him now, calling forth my mage senses, I could see it, an uncontrolled and chaotic well of power. This was Alonzo”s own reservoir, and beyond it, awaiting his special talent to reach out and take it. His energy channels and reserve, his numinous body, was as beautiful as his physical body.

I”d considered putting Alonzo and Kieran together in a room at the beginning of Çeşme Escort the year. I may have avoided this current dilemma if I had, or maybe we would be in a worse dilemma then. No one as powerful as Alonzo should have been left untrained for years. Clarissa, Professor Thorne, and I all knew that she would be taking a risk training him now, but someone had to do it and she was a licensed magical educator. I chuckled at the thought that Alonzo may have turned Kieran into Einar instead.

Alonzo was the kind of boy I fancied. A pretty, little bottom boy, enthusiastic, unafraid of being who he was, yet not as submissive as Kieran. I”d masturbated to images of Kieran often enough as I scried him from afar over the summer, but submissive boys required a lot of energy and work from their doms. I wanted someone who could be his own person and still be mine at the same time.

A dark part of my mind wondered if it would be me to whom Alonzo would turn if worse came to worse and Erik didn”t survive. Our chances of breaking this curse were still not good. I couldn”t tell Alonzo that, not now. And I couldn”t tell him that Clarissa and I could end the spell he”d cast at any time. He hadn”t noticed the weak point in the threads of the spell, the cluster of threads that had beckoned so enticingly. Cutting that cluster of magical threads would end the spell, but that cluster was where the spell intertwined with Erik”s life force. I could end the spell in an instant by ending Erik”s life. And if I were forced to call in the custodes, that”s exactly what they would do. It was the easiest solution, and they would consider the loss of a mundane life as an acceptable cost so long as the curse were contained. Protecting the secret from mundanes was their highest charge. So long as the mundane community never learned about the existence of magic, they”d consider their job done well.

I had to leave quickly if I was going to see the head of student housing before my first class. It wasn”t a duty that I looked forward to, but it was necessary. He”d discovered my secret, the secret that I was sworn to uphold. He”d tried to turn it to his advantage, to coerce me into being his bitch on the side. I”d had no choice but to turn the tables. I”d reshaped his mind, but I had to seal the spell so that it couldn”t be easily overcome. Sometimes a strong mind can do that on its own, even a mundane mind could manage if it were strong enough or was given enough time. The binding spell I”d placed on him made him unable to resist my commands or to work against me, and the spell could not be broken unless a full lunar cycle went by without him once tasting my seed. I wasn”t attracted to him in the slightest, but I could pay the price.



I went to my writing class and sat there distracted thinking about the things I could offer an elf that they would find valuable. I knew nothing about this kind of stuff. I had to talk to my tia. She might know something. She”d been right about the magic after all.

Why hadn”t she trained me? Why had she left me to figure it out on my own?

I had 45 minutes before I had to meet Erik at the Student Union, so I went to the balcony on the 2nd floor of the Student Union and called my tia. She worked from home, so it I wasn”t surprised that she was there. We spoke in Spanish so no one would understand if they overheard me.

“Hello, Marisol Ramos speaking,” she said when she picked up the phone.

“Auntie, how are you doing? I”m just calling to check in and tell you how much fun I”m having here in college,” I said, trying to break the ice.

“Darling boy,” she said. “I was thinking about you last Sunday, and hoping you were doing well.”

“Yes Auntie, I am,” I said. “I wanted to ask you about magic.”

“Why?” she asked, “Did something happen?” She sounded excited.

“Yes Auntie,” I replied. “Something did happen. I attended that group you wanted me to check out and I … I may have cast a spell, and it may have gone a little wrong.”

“Oh no, Darling,” she said. “I hope it didn”t go too bad for you. I did a little ritual to help you gain your wish. I sent a little power your way, from the goddess herself.”

“What goddess?” I asked. “Because I felt a lot of power come into me all at once.”

“That was the goddess,” she said. “The goddess of the crossroads, the goddess of the mist, the patron of the witches in our family since ancient times. I felt her too. I think she likes you dear.”

“I have to ask,” I said, glad that my annoyed facial expression couldn”t be see over the phone, “if you knew magic was real, why didn”t you tell me when I was younger? Why didn”t you get me training? There are people here who were trained in something called The Academy. Maybe I could have been trained there too.”

“No!” she said forcefully. “We don”t train in The Academy. We train at home. We have nothing to do with the Conclave or any other order. Our family is free of their rules and their interference.”

“Then why didn”t you train me?” I asked, a little plaintively. “Why was I left to figure it out without training?”

“Your mother wouldn”t hear of it, dear,” she said. “She didn”t think that I could really do magic, but she still thought it was the devil”s work to even talk about it.”

“Did dad know about it?” I asked.

“Yes darling, he did,” she said. “He never had enough talent to train. When you came along, I told him that you were so powerful you were like your uncle Arturo come back to us. He put his foot down and said to teach you nothing. He said that magic hadn”t saved Arturo, and it wouldn”t make your life any easier. Back then he thought that Arturo was driven to suicide by his magic. It took me years to convince him of the real reason Arturo killed himself. By then, it was too late. Your mind had blocked your talent, probably to keep you sane. Without practice, magic can destroy you, eat you from within.”

“I”ve been able to do things ever since Sunday,” I said. “My friends I spoke of tell me not to do any magic until they”re sure that I”ve learned the spell to their satisfaction, but it doesn”t feel right. Magic isn”t that hard. It”s exhausting, but not difficult to learn.”

“Don”t listen to them dear,” she said. “They won”t understand you. You”re a mage, but not like them. Our family has divine blood, direct from Megale, daughter of the goddess herself. We don”t need their training. Just visualize what you want and will it to be. They fear us because we can use magic without their rules and restrictions. You need to use it so that it doesn”t build up inside you and damage your mind. Let it out. But be careful not to try anything too hard. If it feels like you can”t do it, don”t. It could kill you.”

“Thanks Auntie, you”ve been a great help,” I said. She was being less helpful than I let on. I had to use the power or go crazy, and I couldn”t use it too much or it would kill me.

“Did Uncle Arturo kill himself because of his magic, or because he was gay?” I asked.

“Oh, my dearest boy,” she replied, “my baby brother Arturo didn”t bottle his power up. He used it frequently. He killed himself because he couldn”t accept himself as a gay man. Our grandmother, your great-grandmother, may she rest in peace, tried to explain to him that many mages were attracted to both men and women, maybe even most of us, but it didn”t help. He tried to ignore that part of himself and be what others wanted him to be. But like you, darling, he wasn”t attracted to both sexes. He was gay. It was his attempt to live a lie that killed him. I want you to promise me that you will never try to hide who you are.”

“I promise you, auntie,” I said. “I will never hide who I am again.”

“I”m happy to hear you say that, Alonzo,” she said. “Now that your father has allowed me into your life, you”ve become so dear to me. I can”t bear the thought of losing you. But I do have a client at the door, and I”m going to have to go. It”s been very nice talking to you, and I”m glad things are going so well.”

Then we said goodbye and I prepared to meet Erik. I wondered whether I would get Erik, Erik-Einar or just Einar. I was dreading the last option.

I”d forgotten to ask about elves and what they might want in exchange for a favor.

A spell may have been slowly turning Erik into a sex-crazed Viking from a porn novel, but he was still an engineer at heart. He was so meticulous and so organized. The event scheduled from 11:30 to 12:00 was called 30-minute fuck break. I went to the bathroom and started to put one of Jason”s miracle lube spheres up my butt, then I decided to try it on my own. I knew what they felt like, and I knew what they did. I pictured it in my mind. It wasn”t just visual. I called forth their feel and texture, and the way they had affected me. Then I felt the magic around me. I pushed it into the shape I needed and in an instant I was all lubed up and ready to go. This was magic I could use.



I still couldn”t put what I”d done to Alonzo last night out of my mind. I hadn”t been gentle with him. I `d been angry, and I couldn”t imagine why. He”d made me late for my streaming session. But that wasn”t a good reason. I”d told the viewers that the start time was approximate, and I”d had a waiting room with a slide show of pictures of Alonzo. I”d set cameras up in the room Monday. I hadn”t told Alonzo about them and that was another reason I was feeling guilty. It was supposed to be for my benefit alone, but then I”d streamed that scene to all my online friends who”d been interested.

I was waiting for Alonzo in the lobby of the Student Union, expecting him to come through the front doors, but he came up from behind me instead. I felt his arms go around my waist. When I turned around, I saw him, and it took my breath away. I”d told him many times that he was beautiful. Today, he was wearing a tight pair of white jeans and a turquoise t-shirt that clung to his slim chest like it was painted on. He had a rainbow vest that was hanging open in the front. The only thing that marred his appearance was that ugly chain I”d put around his neck. This afternoon we were going to go out and buy him a better one, one made of gold.

I slid my arms down to his waist and lifted him up so we could lock lips and his legs wrapped around my waist. I wanted to do him right there in the lobby, but I couldn”t do that to him. I was getting tired of bathroom sex, but the options were limited. I wracked my mind to think of a place. It had to be nearby since we had limited time. Then I saw the parking garage.

I put Alonzo down and said, “Come on sexy boy. I know someplace we haven”t done it.”

I led him down the hall and out the back door. The garage across the street was a five-story building and there weren”t a lot of cars coming and going in the middle of the day. Most students who used the garage parked when they got there and left their cars alone until their classes were over. I led him up the stairwell to the roof level. We were higher than the Student Union so no one could see what we got up to.

I grabbed Alonzo and pulled him into an embrace. He felt small in my arms, and it made me so hard that I had to have him right then. He was the perfect little twink, my favorite kind of bottom boy. He wasn”t girly, but he was obviously gay. I undid his belt and pulled his t-shirt off. His vest came with it. Then I unzipped him and yanked his pants and underwear down. He was laughing and giggling, obviously loving it. I should fuck him in public more often, I thought.

I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder so I could pull his shoes and pants off.

“You are such a brute, sir,” he said.

He was pretending to beat on my back, but he was still laughing. I gave him a few firm swats on his beautiful round ass. While I had him in that position, I wet a finger and slid it inside his warm love tunnel. He was already lubed.

“You are such a little slut boy,” I said.



I felt like a total slut boy hanging naked over Erik”s shoulder with him fingering my well lubed asshole. This was what I wanted from a boyfriend. He was wild and adventurous, and he took charge completely. It was the other stuff, the need to control my entire life that I didn”t want. But this is what you wished for, I reminded myself.

“Ay papi,” I said. “You make me want to be a putillo for you.”

“I guess I”m doing my job then,” he growled.

Erik didn”t put me down on the ground. He was seven inches taller than me and about sixty pounds heavier. He pulled me off his shoulder and held me at waist level. His cock had grown from about five inches to seven and a half and it was poking at my butthole. His hands were cupping my butt cheeks. They felt rough and strong. He pulled them apart and poked my hole with his dick. His index fingers touched me on the pucker. He slipped both fingers inside me and worked my ass until it loosened.

Then he worked his cock inside me, lowering me slowly. Despite the lube, he was a tight fit. He”d gotten a lot bigger, and I was becoming smaller. I pushed my anus out hard, and I felt him slide inside me. This was a fantasy of mine, a big man holding me in his arms while fucking me. My hairless cock was throbbing and leaking.

“Fuck me, papi,” I moaned. “Fuck me hard. You know how I like it.”

Erik smiled at me. He”d always been handsome in a rough masculine way, but now he looked so much more mature, like a sexy man instead of an earnest boy. I saw how the women looked at him and I saw how their eyes fell when they saw it was me he was with. He never shirked his affection in public. He wanted others to see that I was his. I was done with closeted boys.

“I know just how you like it, twink boy,” he said. “I”m going to fuck you until you can”t walk to your next class. I”m going to fuck you hard. You”re going to scream so loud that everyone will hear you.”

He leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I”m going to fuck you right here in front of those security cameras. Smile for the cameras, sexy boy.”

I started looking around frantically. When I saw the cameras I nearly freaked out. I was struggling to get out of his arms no matter how much I wanted him inside me. Erik was laughing again. “Don”t worry baby,” he said. “They can”t see us so long as we stay right here. If I move us over five feet, however ….”

He started to move. I shouted out, “No papi. Please.” He was chuckling as he silenced me with his mouth. His lips were firm and strong, and I melted into him. My cock, trapped between my abdomen and his shirt, was throbbing, and leaking a steady stream of precum.

“You can”t fool me, cari�o,” he said, breaking the kiss. “I felt your little culo twitching on my dick just thinking about being on camera.”

He mispronounced cari�o and culo, but I thought it was sweet of him to try. He didn”t speak Spanish, but the google was strong in him. He wasn”t wrong about the excitement, though. Being on camera was another fantasy of mine, but I didn”t want to get in trouble with the college police. This was the Midwest. The police would probably drive me out of town on rail for getting fucked in public.

I was close and so was he. He must have been closer than I was because he reached down and ran his fingers gently down my dick. He usually touched me like this when he wanted me to cum so he could get off. I clung to his neck with both arms and tightened my legs around his waist. When I came, my culo clamped hard on Erik”s cock, and he exploded inside me. I was surprised that he hadn”t dropped me. To touch my dick, he had to support my ass with one arm. Just thinking about how strong he”d become over the last few days made me swoon. Physically, he”d become my ideal lover.

Tears were streaming from my eyes, and Erik kissed them away.

“What”s wrong, mi amor,” he asked. “Did I hurt you?”

“No papi,” I said. “That was perfect. You were so good to me, and I don”t deserve it.”

“No Alonzo,” he said. “You were perfect.”

He let one arm slide to my back and brought the other one under my legs so that he was holding me princess style. He sat down while still holding me and kissed my neck.

“You are so sexy,” he said. He sounded on the verge of tears himself. “I can”t believe I was so violent last night. I don”t know why I did it. I don”t want to hurt you, but sometimes it”s like there”s another person in my mind, someone who does want to hurt you, someone who enjoys it. I don”t know how you can ever forgive me.”

He had to remain ignorant of the curse or risk his mind again. Sebastian had claimed that he would be able to fix the problem later, but he couldn”t do it yet. First he had to gather some supplies. But it couldn”t be soon enough for me. And Erik could never know that I had done this to him. I wanted to confess after the curse was broken, but Sebastian said that it would be dangerous for him to know.

“Papi, you don”t have to apologize for anything,” I said.

Erik replied, “You are too good, Alonzo. I beat on you and fucked you without any consideration of your feelings. And … I … Oh, Alonzo, I streamed me abusing you online. I didn”t ask your permission or anything.”

I should have wanted to slap his face, but I didn”t. I was pissed, but it wasn”t really him I was pissed at. I was pissed at myself, and I couldn”t very well slap myself. This had to be one of the plot points of the curse we had to resolve before breaking the spell on him. Otherwise, I”d be repeating the experience in a different way later. I couldn”t tell Erik that, but I didn”t want him to be the one feeling guilt, especially not if the real guilt was mine.

“Papi,” I said, “I like the idea of being filmed. I would have liked to know ahead of time, but I can live with it.”

“I don”t deserve you,” Erik said.

“Fine papi,” I said. “We both fucked up and we don”t deserve each other. Now shouldn”t we get cleaned up and go to class. I might just make it if I run.”

Erik wasn”t satisfied, but he let it go. As we were getting dressed, he took off his t-shirt and wiped the cum off my chest. It joined the cum I”d already spilled there. Then he put the shirt back on.



After we left the parking garage, Alonzo took off running for class. I didn”t have a class for a while, so I jogged to gym instead. I had no idea why he was being so understanding. I wanted Çeşme Escort Bayan him to get mad at me. I deserved it. I had only one change of shirt in my gym bag, and I would need that after my work out, so I was still wearing the one that Alonzo had cum on. I wiped the patches so that the shirt appeared to be just wet.

In the gym I pushed myself a little harder than I usually do. I wanted to hurt myself, but I wasn”t succeeding. No matter how much I weight I piled on, my muscles seemed to handle it. I worked both harder and longer than I should have. For the most part people steered clear of me, except for one asshole who decided to get rude instead.

“Dude, you stink of cum,” he said, “I think you”ve got it smeared all over your shirt. Did your fag buddies cum all over you before you came here?”

“Just my boyfriend,” I said. “I fucked him so hard he shot all over me.” I pulled out my phone and shoved it in his face so he could see Alonzo”s picture.

“Too bad you”ve never had your puny dick in something this pretty,” I said. I was spoiling to hit someone, and I hoped he would throw the first punch. “If you were wishing it was you I was fucking,” I added with a sneer, “Keep wishing. I wouldn”t touch your ugly ass with your dad”s dick.”

“Fuck you,” he said and walked off. Like all his kind, he was all talk and no action.

I took a deep breath. I did smell like cum, and body odor. It was shower or go to my writing class, since I”d worked out so long. I had the syllabus, and I could check online for the assignment, so I decided to go back to the room to shower. I threw my stuff together in my bag and left the building. Outside the rec center, the asshole from the weight room was hanging around, and it looked like he was waiting for me. I was going to get my wish after all. He was bigger than me, but I didn”t care.

“I hate faggots,” he said, punching one fist against the palm of his other hand as he walked up to me. It felt like he was trying to intimidate me, but it wasn”t working. I felt the power and rage of my Viking ancestors flowing into me and I was ready to let it loose. He tried to sucker punch me, but I saw it coming. My perceptions had been sharper lately and my reactions faster. He was aiming for my abdomen. That was his first mistake. I tightened the muscles and let him hit me. It”s not that it didn”t hurt, it”s just that it didn”t have the effect he”d expected. I didn”t double over in pain. Instead, I gritted my teeth and smiled at him.

Other students had seen him hit me first, so I felt free to unload a little. I hit him in the abdomen in return, then I hit him again when he rose. He swung at me again and I blocked. This asshole was bigger than me, and he was fueled by his homophobia, but I”d boxed in the featherweight category in my gym back home. This guy had no idea how to fight. I gave him three quick jabs, two to the abdomen and one to the face. When he fell, I went to kick him. I wanted to break his skull, but I stopped myself. I had no idea what had come over me. I”d provoked a fight with this asshole and then I”d wanted to kill him.

I had to get a handle on these violent urges. Hurting this guy was bad enough, but at least he”d deserved it. More importantly I had to do something nice for Alonzo. I had to do something to make up for my behavior. It wouldn”t be enough, but I had to do it. I skipped the shower and drove to the jewelry store in town. I had to buy something for him, something that we would both like. It set me back a lot, more than I could really afford. I would have to watch my extra expenses this semester. I”d just spent half of my prize for winning the 1st place engineering at the state science fair. I still had my 2nd place from the national contest, but I”d hoped this money would last at least through this year.



“Alonzo!” the vocals instructor said, pausing the music. “Stop moving around. This isn”t a dance. No one around you is dancing. Why are you the only one dancing?”

My face fell a little and assumed a guilty expression. Vocals was my favorite class this year. Singing and dancing was what I liked more than anything. The only complaint I”d ever gotten from the choirmaster back in my old church was that I moved too much when singing in a group. I couldn”t help it. I loved dancing and music made me want to move. The vocals instructor was having the same problem with me. He”d already reprimanded me several times this class period.

He gave me an exasperated expression and said, “Come here, son.”

I was standing in front of the group because I was only five foot four these days, so I didn”t have far to go. The instructor for the intermediate class was a large man with a salt and pepper beard. He towered over me, and I felt like a guilty boy. He was half frowning and half smiling. He put one large hand on my shoulder and said, “Son, this class is choral. You must blend with the others, not just vocally, but visually. When working with the chorus, I expect you to remain still.”

Seeing the dismal expression on my face, he patted my shoulder and said, “You have an extraordinary voice. It”s beautiful, strong, and clear, and your vocal range is impressive. You”re a natural tenor, but you showed me in your audition that you can also sing countertenor. We have some pieces that have solo parts coming up. I think you have a very good chance of getting one or more of those parts, but not unless you can control your body.”

It was like Father Mendez all over again, only I didn”t get the impression he was trying to get me to stay after class so I could suck his dick. He seemed to be all business. He was right. The problem was that I couldn”t really sit still even if there wasn”t music playing. There was always music in my head.

“I”m sorry, sir,” I said. “I”ll try.”

Professor Gantz then pulled me into a hug, pressing my face into his chest, and patting my back. I made sure not to let my hips move any closer to him. I didn”t want him to feel my boner. Gods! I thought, he isn”t even good looking and I”m getting hard.

He looked at his watch and announced, “Time”s up class. I”ll see you Friday if you”re in the practicum.”

Then he put his arm around my shoulder and moved to my side. “You”re young, Alonzo,” he said, “younger than anyone else in this class, so I wanted to give you this information in private. Some of your classmates are already jealous of your native talent and I don”t want to fuel their resentment.

“I”m mentoring a student who is setting up a band. He still needs a vocalist. I”m reluctant to recommend a freshman for this position because the workload is often a bit too much for first year students, but I think you should tryout. The band is an independent practicum under my mentorship, so you can attend those practices for your practicum credit if you get the part.”

He went to the desk and pulled out a manilla folder with some sheet music inside. On top was Bailando by Enrique Iglesias. I flipped through and saw some other pop songs by my favorite artists.

“I thought of you as soon as you auditioned for a spot in intermediate vocals,” he said. Check in with me about fifteen minutes before practicum begins and I”ll introduce you to the band. “We”ll take care of the paperwork for admin later if you get the part. I”ll have to pull some strings to get a freshman into an independent practicum, but they”re used to me being a bit of a loose cannon where the rules are concerned. Are you interested?”

“Yes sir!” I exclaimed. “It”s more than I was expecting this year.”

He was smiling at me, then he patted my butt and said, “Go now, before you get me as excited as you are. You”re already making me feel like a dirty old man.”

I had to jog back to the room if I wanted to get home before Erik. The last thing I wanted was to make Erik mad because I wasn”t there on time. He was scary when he was angry, and his mood had been unpredictable ever since the curse. Despite staying after class, I made it back before him. I plugged speakers into my phone and turned on one of my favorite playlists and started dancing. I”d get undressed, but I”d do it my way.



I heard music before I opened the door, loud pop music. It was one of those Mexican pop groups Alonzo loved. I opened the door quietly, not that it mattered because of the volume of the music inside. I slipped in quietly. Alonzo was dancing in the middle of the room, singing along with the music. I didn”t really like pop music, but the boy was good. I could see his shoes under the desk where he must have kicked them. His shirt was on the bed, and he had the ends of his belt in his hands, and he was shaking his butt. The only ugly thing in the entire tableau was that chain I”d locked around his neck. I dropped the gift bag I was carrying on the desk and moved up behind him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

I felt him stiffen in my arms. When I turned him around to face me, there was fear in his eyes. I pulled him into an embrace and kissed his forehead. It tore me up to see him afraid of me, but I was fighting something inside me that was thrilled with the idea. I held him tight and rubbed his back until he calmed down. He was calming � and so I was I.



I was so involved in my music that I didn”t hear Erik come in. I was in the middle of “Suavecito” by Man�. I didn”t know he was there until he grabbed me from behind. I froze, unsure what was going to happen. If it was Einar who held me, I was about to get beaten for not being naked in the room. He moved his hands to my shoulders and turned me to face him. I held my breath until I saw that it was Erik, not Einar. When he pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead, I started breathing again and tears came to my eyes.

Erik pushed lightly on my shoulders until I dropped to my knees. I felt his hands turning the chain around my neck. I”d noticed that it was making my skin slightly red. He pulled out the key and opened the padlock, then he removed the chain.

“Stay right where you are,” he said. Then he ran over to the chest of drawers and brought back a gift bag. “This is for you.” He handed the bag to me. He was trying to remain stoic, but his face was beaming like a boy anticipating a cookie.

I looked inside and there was box from a jewelry store. I wasn”t ashamed to admit that I was like a cat. I was curious, and I liked shiny things. Inside the box was a gold choker chain with thick Cuban links. It was marked 18k gold, and it had a small gold plaque on the front that read Erik. He took it from me and secured it around my neck. It fit close but wasn”t tight.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously. The look on his face was one of trepidation, like he was afraid of what I was going to say. I could”ve cut him then with my words and it would have hurt him as badly as he”d hurt me when he hit me, but I couldn”t.

I smiled up at him and said, “It”s beautiful, papi. I love it.”

He held out his hands and pulled me into an embrace again. He smelled of cum and BO. I noticed that he was wearing the same shirt I”d cum on earlier today. I took a deep breath and realized that Erik”s BO smelled good to me. My dick was hard in my pants.

Erik put his strong arms under my legs and lifted me into the air. He carried me over to the bed and threw me down on it. His hands went to the waistband of my pants. “I”d better get these off of you before I have to spank your sexy butt,” he said. Then he pulled them off me in one fell swoop. My briefs came next. Erik took my penis and stroked it a little. I lay back and moaned.

He flopped down next to me and let his hand slide between my legs. I opened them for him, allowing his hand to slide down my perineum and between my cheeks. His index finger tapped my pucker, and I wiggled my hips trying to get him inside me. I wanted him right now.

He pulled his hand away and stuck his index finger in his mouth. I thought he was going to put it inside me, but he used it to tap my nose instead. Do you want to eat first, or do you want me to fuck you and we”ll eat later? My stomach was grumbling a little, but my ass felt empty. I looked up at him and replied, “fuck me, papi.”

It must have been the right answer because his eyes lit up. He flipped me over and pulled my hips up. The next thing I knew, Erik had his face buried in my ass. I could feel his stubble rubbing against my hairless butt as his tongue found its way inside me. I was moaning and squealing. I knew that I wasn”t a quiet bottom, restrained and proper like my buddy Kieran. I was a loud, moaning bitch, and I didn”t care.



Alonzo”s pucker opened for me. I loved the feeling of power I had. I could make him squeal, moan, or wiggle with the slightest movement of my tongue in his beautiful brown hole. I could feel his legs flexing and I could see him clenching and unclenching his hands. When he was wet and loose enough, I moved between his legs and entered him in one thrust. He screamed a little because of the roughness, but I could tell from the way he kept pushing his shapely butt back against me that he was loving it. I”d come to realize that Alonzo liked it when I was a little rough while fucking him. He wanted me to take charge and pound him hard. He also liked it when I smacked his ass. He wanted to be abused a little bit, but not so much that he became afraid.

I pulled out and flipped him over again so I could look into his eyes while I fucked him. His dark hair spilled across the blanket. His lips were parted, and he was breathing heavily. My seven and a half inches were almost more than he could take, but I could see how much he was enjoying it stretching his butt. I moved my hands to his hairless chest so I could pinch his nipples. Alonzo wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me closer, like he was trying to make sure that I didn”t pull out of his velvety ass.

I grabbed his chin and squeezed, not enough to hurt him, but hard enough for him to feel it. Alonzo bit his bottom lip and began to grab my cock with his ass. He seemed hesitant, but then he said, “Slap me, papi. Slap me like I”ve been a naughty boy.”

I was reluctant to hit him, even in play, because I was afraid of the monster lurking in my subconscious, the monster than like hurting Alonzo. I slapped him gently. “Harder, papi,” he moaned. I slapped him harder, then even harder. I held back from hurting him. Whatever was inside me that wanted to make him cry was quiet today.

I was getting close and so was he. I could see his little dick, red and throbbing. I reached down grabbed it firmly. It was small enough that I couldn”t use my whole hand and still stroke him, so I used only two fingers and my thumb. It took only a few strokes before he came. His clenching ass brought me off too, like a hand in a velvet glove. I unloaded inside him. When I”d finished, Alonzo was lying there in a post orgasmic bliss. He used his fingers to clean his own cum off his chest, looking directly into my eyes as he licked them clean. I rolled over onto my back and he crawled between my legs and cleaned my cock with his tongue.



What the hell was I thinking? I liked it when my top was a little rough. Back home Bobby had been pure vanilla, but Father Mendez used to like to call me a naughty boy, and sometimes he”d slap my face gently while I was sucking his cock. But I knew that I”d put a violent pirate inside Erik”s head. Getting my ass pounded was a new thing for me, and it felt so good that I sometimes lost track of what I was saying and doing when I became too aroused. I”d been lucky, but Erik”s big hands felt good when they slapped my face, hard enough to sting but not to leave a bruise. I guessed that I was just a little puto maricon (gay slut boy) after all.

Erik and I jumped in the shower and got cleaned up for dinner. He surprised me by taking me off campus. There was a restaurant on the corner, across from the college gate, that Erik wanted to go to, so we walked, arm in arm. Erik stopped by the gate, picked me up in his arms, one hand under my legs and the other supporting my back. He nuzzled my neck and I squealed, “People are watching us!”

“Let them watch,” he said. Then he sucked on my neck hard enough that I knew he would leave a hickey. “Let them watch!” he shouted. “Let them see that I have the most beautiful boy on campus here in my arms!”

“Stop,” I said with a laugh. “You”re embarrassing me.” It was a little embarrassing, but I loved it, nonetheless. I let my head fall against his chest and ran my hand along his scruffy masculine jaw.

“If you want to be embarrassed, I can pull your pants down here on the corner,” he whispered, “and I can fuck your little twink butt while they”re all watching.”

“No! Don”t you dare, you brute!” I giggled. I shouldn”t have been laughing because Erik did strip me in public last Sunday, but he”d been so perfect today that I felt safe with him.

He lifted me to throw me over his shoulder, but I refused to let go of his neck, so I ended up behind him, hanging from his neck. We were both laughing. Erik reached behind himself and pulled my legs around his waist so that I was riding on his back.

“Let me down, Erik,” I laughed.

“Not down,” he said. “You”re going up.”

He lifted my thighs up over his shoulders and carried me with my erection pressed into his neck. I knew he could feel it through my jeans. He didn”t care if anyone was watching us, and I was enjoying this night. Sex with Erik was great, better than great, but we were doing something non-sexual and fun. This was what was missing from our relationship, and this is what I wanted to fight for. This was why I was going to endure anything necessary to end the curse on him.

Erik walked us across the crosswalk to the front door. He put me down just outside the door. This place was a chain restaurant, but I”d never heard of it. Erik claimed that it was all over his home state and that it was one of his favorites. The sign implied that they were famous for steaks and milkshakes, but the steaks were really burgers. Erik insisted that I try the chili, since it was his favorite. It came served on top of spaghetti with chopped onions and grated cheddar cheese. It wasn”t like Texas chili. It didn”t have enough chiles in it, and it had beans, but it wasn”t bad once I dumped a lot of hot sauce on top of it.

Erik Escort Çeşme was laughing at me. “You won”t even be able to taste it with all that hot sauce on it.”

I shrugged and said, “I like things spicy.”

Erik and I always sat on the same side of a booth, so we didn”t have to talk across the table at each other. He whispered, “I like spicy things too.” The he leaned over licked my earlobe. It was hard to concentrate on eating because Erik kept touching me. Erik insisted on getting milk shakes, even though I hadn”t finished my dinner. Then we split a milk shake. Well, Erik finished his chocolate milkshake fast and then we split my strawberry milkshake. He had a big appetite these days and the portions in this restaurant were ridiculous. I didn”t finish the chili pasta because it was too big. My leftovers would be at least one more meal for me.

Erik insisted on paying. It was clear that we were on a date, and I was prepared to let him be the gentleman tonight. He wrapped his arm around me and kept it there all the way to the dorm. But he still wasn”t done with the romantic gestures. He opened the door and then picked up me up in his arms and carried me over the threshold. I lay my head against his chest and let him carry me up the stairs to our room. He had to put me down to unlock the door, but he picked me up again before going in.

He tossed me onto the bed and pulled my shoes off. He gave me a smile then unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants off. I looked at him and licked my lips slowly while he stripped me naked. Then he stripped off his own clothes and jumped into the bed with me.

“I”m ready to fuck again, Alonzo,” he said, nuzzling my neck and letting his hand gently rub my belly. “Everything about you is sexy, from your eyes to your lips, your sexy body, your cute little penis and your round, sexy butt.” He touched each part as he named it.

“Talk to me in Spanish, sexy boy,” he said.

“Tu eres un de los guapisimos hombres en todo el mundo. Ahora mismo quiero que tu me folles, querido mio. Empuja tu pinga grande en mi culo y hazme gritar.”

“Damn, your hot,” he said. “I hope you said `eat my ass” because we have time to do this thing right tonight.”

He moved down and lifted my legs, exposing my culo and giving it a kiss. He had a talented tongue and soon I was squirming all over the bed. I kept up a running commentary in Spanish because it seemed to arouse him tonight. I ran my hands through his hair and my toes kept curling and uncurling.

When he was satisfied that I was ready, he lined his cock up and entered me slowly. He was taking his time tonight and I was loving the attention. He was tall enough now that he could kiss me while fucking me.

“You are the most beautiful twink I”ve ever seen, Alonzo,” he said, “When I came in the room and saw you dancing, my cock got so hard that it hurt.”

He bent down and bit my lip gently and then kissed me again, letting his tongue duel with mine. When he came up for air, he said, “I want to be more than just the guy who fucks you, Alonzo. I want to be your boyfriend. I want to meet your parents and I want to take you to meet my brothers and sisters.”

“I want all those things too, Erik,” I said. “Today has been the best day … oh my God … Erik, I”m going to cum!”

“Do it, twink boy. Cum for me,” he said, pounding me harder. I couldn”t hold it back if I wanted to. I let out a whining squeal as I blew my load all over our chests.

My orgasm sent him over the edge as well. He groaned, “Take my seed, Alonzo. Take it. Take it.” His groans were a lot more masculine than my squeals, but I didn”t care.

I cleaned us both up with my tongue because I love the taste of cum and Erik doesn”t. I had to use my finger to scrape the cum off my body and eat it. I”m agile, but not agile enough to bend in half. Erik kissed me right afterwards and said, “Cum doesn”t taste so bad if I”m tasting it in your mouth.”

We lay there on the bed naked for a while, me lying in Erik”s arms and him slowly running his hand along my arm. We talked about things other than sex. Erik told me about an upcoming project he was working on with some of his fellow computer students that could be worth something on the market if they ever got it past the planning stage. I told him about the opportunity I had to audition as a vocalist in a band and even make money on it.

Jason interrupted us much later when he came into the room with a tray containing our tea and pills. “I heard you guys were still up and I thought I”d bring this in for you. I”ve been busy and haven”t had a chance to touch base with you for a while. How are you doing?”

“We”re fine,” Erik said, handing me my pills and tea before taking his own. I leaned my head against his shoulder and nodded in agreement with my lover. We were still naked, but Jason didn”t seem perturbed by it at all.

“How”s Kieran?” I asked, my concern showing clearly on my face.

Jason sighed and said, “He”s still fragile and anxiety ridden. He”s still traumatized by the rape, but he”s getting professional help now. He”s trying hard, but he needs all of us to keep an eye on him. He”ll be okay, but it will take him a while.”

Erik went to him and pulled him into a comradely embrace and pounded his back. “We”ve got your back, man. We”ll do whatever it takes to help.”

“I know you will,” Jason replied. “I sensed that we had a lot in common when we first met. Once all the confusion of the first week or so dies down, I want us to get together more often.”

We both said we”d like that. Then Jason took our used cups, said goodbye, and went back to his room. After we finished our nightly rituals, Erik took me to bed and held me until we both fell asleep. It had been a perfect day for me. Unfortunately, it was the last one I was going to have for a while.



I used Erik and Alonzo”s cups to test their saliva for magical influences. Both were under the intermixed effects of powerful spells. I could do a detailed analysis later, but I could tell that only the Biantai elixir I”d given Alonzo was interacting with the other effects in a dangerous way. Alonzo had already taken all the elixir I”d given him, so there was nothing I could do about it after the fact. At least nothing I was doing now could make their situation worse. I breathed a sigh of relief and took up my vigil by Kieran”s sleeping form. His session would be done soon. Then I could sleep.

I liked Erik and Alonzo, and I wanted Kieran to have other gay friends, so long as I could trust them not to take advantage of Kieran. I”d come to realize that Alonzo wasn”t submissive like Kieran, but the test I”d run showed me that he was almost completely a bottom. I didn”t have to worry about him. I hoped the two of them could sort out this crisis that was happening between them. When Kieran saw had seen how bruised Alonzo was this morning, I thought he was going to panic again. I couldn”t have him around that stuff.

I heard my uncle calling to let me know that Kieran was done for the night. I listened to his report as I dismantled the wards around the bed and them crawled in next to my luantong. There”d been no ceremony, but I didn”t need one. Kieran was mine forever.


College Magic Cycle Characters (Readers” Version)

This list includes all the named characters introduced in the story so far.

Major Characters

�         Alonzo Ramos. An 18-year-old Latino American boy from El Paso, Texas. A cute power bottom and foundling mage. He”s powerful, but untrained. He begins the story with a height of 68 inches and a weight of 150 pounds. He has deep olive or very light brown skin, amber eyes, and long black hair. He”s a singer and a dancer. He”s a little flighty and very flirty. When his powers awakened, he accidentally cast a spell that cursed his roommate Erik. He loves hardcore BDSM porn but is discovering that he doesn”t like it in real life. He and Erik are suitemates with Jason and Kieran.

�         Darren Groves. A 21-year-old college junior from Montana. A heavy-set man with shoulder length brown hair, a short beard, and brown eyes. He”s powerfully built under his extra pounds. He”s of average appearance. He stands 70 inches tall and weighs 220 pounds. He”s Drew”s right hand man. In a fit of lust, he groped Kieran in the laundry room. Who knows what would have happened if Drew hadn”t broken it up? Despite this, Darren is a good guy. He”s become a kind of avuncular figure for Kieran as one of his protectors on campus.

�         Domenic Chase. A 24-year-old Elven-American from New York City. He has an alien mindset that others find hard to comprehend. He stands 66 inches tall and weighs about 130 pounds. His skin is pale, and his hair is almost white. His eyes are purple. When he”s not glamered to appear more human, you can see his pointed, lobeless ears, solid purple eyes (like he has no white in his eyes, just purple iris) and sharp feline teeth. He”s physically tough (he claims to be tougher than the werewolves), fast and has strong, claw-like fingernails. He can weave illusions and powerful charms, although the charms require some level of acceptance from the target. He”s a friend of Sebastian. He enslaved Kyle Mason as punishment after he raped Kieran and beat up Simon.

�         Drew Janowski. A 22-year-old werewolf from rural Pennsylvania. He”s 74 inches tall, with blond hair and green eyes. He wears a short, well-trimmed beard. He has a powerful build and weighs 220 pounds of solid muscle. He runs the local werewolf pack and helps Sebastian keep order on campus. He”s bisexual. His girlfriend Dawn commands the female werewolves. He also likes handsome men and pretty boys. He took Simon into his room after he was attacked by Kyle.

�         Erik Rucker. A 19-year-old from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. At the start of the story, he stands 66 inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds. Despite his small stature he likes weight training and is extremely muscular, although thin. Once he”s affected by Alonzo”s spell, he begins to gain height and weight. He has blond hair and ice blue eyes. He is a bit of a slob, but he”s also very smart. He”s a total top and ends up fucking his roommate Alonzo on their first day in the dorms. He and Alonzo are suitemates to Jason and Kieran. He”s learning from Jason to expand his definition of what it means to be a top. Thanks to Alonzo”s spell, his mind has been invaded by the cruel fictional character Einar Ironblood. He struggles between the two personalities. He”s in love with Alonzo and wants him to his boy forever. He”s not sure that Alonzo feels the same way.

�         Ethan Lowry. An 18-year-old boy from Long Island. He stands 67 inches tall and weighs 140 pounds. He has golden blond hair, blue eyes and always has a golden tan. In this story he was working with the hunters. His story will be told later.

�         Jason Lee. A 19-year-old (about 6 months older than Kieran) Chinese American college freshman with golden brown skin, brown almond shaped eyes and collar length black hair. He is already an accomplished alchemist. He is a dominant, looking for a submissive boy. He finds what he”s looking for in Kieran Morgan. He takes charge of Kieran and begins training him as a submissive. He gives Kieran alchemical elixirs that change his body, and he uses psychology to lead him to embrace his innate submissiveness. He has allowed himself to fall into tantric entanglement with Kieran, bringing them even closer. He believes that Kieran is his complement, the other half of his soul. Jason and Kieran are the suitemates of Alonzo and Erik.

�         Kieran Morgan. An 18-year-old boy with pale skin, golden-red hair, and green eyes. At the beginning of the story, he is deeply closeted (he is unaware that said closet had glass doors everyone could see through) and stands at 72 inches and 180 pounds of muscle. He was a high school athlete who was on the diving team, the swim team, and the track team. Jason took charge of him shortly after they moved into the dorm and began training him to let his inner submissive out. Jason gives him alchemical elixirs that are changing him physically. He sometimes struggles with the idea that he”s losing himself inside Jason, but he can”t go long without his lover”s touch. Kieran is somewhat naive. During the story he loses height, mass, and penis size. Jason says that he”s not doing it, but Kieran is sure that he is. After being raped by Kyle Mason, he suffers psychological trauma and only his relationship with Jason gives stability to his life. He and Jason are suitemates with Alonzo and Erik. He has an artistic soul. Jason has decided that Kieran will change majors to Art.

�         Kyle Mason. A 19-year-old college freshman from Kentucky. Kyle begins the story as a high school athlete who”s let himself go a little. He”s 74″ tall and 250 pounds. He has a muscular build with a layer of fat and a small gut. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He”s a closeted gay man and a homophobe. He has a history of beating on gay acting guys who get him aroused. During the New Student Mixer, he raped Kieran Morgan. When he got back to his room, he beat on his smaller roommate Simon until he orgasmed in his pants. In return for these acts, Domenic Chase enslaved him and is turning him into a hot jock bitch. His life has become a prolonged slave training session. He begins to show remorse and even to accept his sexuality but tries to find a way out of his magical enslavement.

�         Sebastian Trent. A 24-year-old graduate student. He”s the RA for his floor and he helps Professor Thorne to wrangle the mage and supernatural scholars on campus. His female counterpart is Clarissa Spencer. Sebastian is 70 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little overwhelmed with the fallout from Alonzo”s spell and Kieran”s rape, so he allowed Domenic the leeway he needed to enslave Kyle. Now there”s nothing he can do about it. Sebastian is bisexual but prefers men. He has older men on campus who blow him in exchange for favors. He seems to have a lot of influence on campus for a grad student. He has no current boyfriend.

�         Simon Carter. A 19-year-old gay college freshman. He”s an African American boy (although his biological father was white) who was raised by two moms. He stands 68 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He”s of average size, but the men he likes best are muscular jock types, most of whom aren”t interested in bottoming for a skinny black boy. After getting beaten up by his roommate Kyle, he is moved to Drew”s room.

�         Xav Janowski. A 24-year-old werewolf who is spirit speaker (priest) for the werewolves. He stands 70 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. He has long blond hair he wears in a French braid and deep sapphire blue eyes. He”s Drew”s older brother, and his closest advisor in the pack. He is the spiritual leader for the pack and gives spiritual advice to mundane clients who don”t know he”s a werewolf. He”s flamboyant and campy. He is a total power bottom and fucking him can be a spiritual experience as well as a physical one.


Minor Characters

�         Benjamin “Benjy” Gold. A twink beta-werewolf who shares a class with Simon. He has dark curly hair, light olive skin and slender build. He”s very small, about 5 ft. 5 and 120 pounds.

�         Christopher Thompson. A big guy, over six feet tall and well-muscled, with blond hair who looks like a jock; he has a very small penis; Matt”s roommate (and possible submissive); a member of the Nerd Squad.

�         Clarissa Spencer. RA for the supernatural girls in the dorm. She works for Professor Sybil Thorne, the local representative of the Conclave.

�         Daniel Burns. A stocky guy with light brown hair and a goatee; one of the Nerd Squad

�         Dawn Schiller. A muscular blond woman who stands 70 inches tall. She”s the female alpha of the werewolf pack and Drew”s girlfriend. She is bisexual and usually has at least one girl on the side.

�         Jake Miller. An African American guy with dark skin and curly hair; one of the Nerd Squad.

�         Joe Peters. A freshman in Kieran”s writing class who was in the same religious program before school that Kieran was in.

�         Josh Higgins. Overweight and unhygienic guy who introduced Kyle to Nerd Squad.

�         Dr. Kamon Zhang. Jason”s maternal uncle, a mage and psychologist who is helping Kieran to come to terms with his trauma, and his true nature.

�         Larry Gordan. Kieran”s Art professor. He reminds Kieran of his Uncle Craig, and arouses him, a fact that disturbs Kieran but seemed unsurprising to Jason. He tried to put the moves on Kieran after his first class but backed off apologetically when he found out that he was Jason”s boy. He is a mentor to Kieran.

�         Matt Silver. A sturdy guy with olive skin tone and brown hair; he has a very large penis (almost 10 inches); the most sadistic of the Nerd Squad.

�         Meghan Connelly. A female werewolf who is one of Kieran”s watchers.

�         Micah Blum. An 18-year-old mage boy who rooms with Darren. He spends most of his time with his two friends Oliver and Cameron. They are in a polyamorous relationship. Micah is a little afraid of Darren because he”s afraid of werewolves.

�         Michael Shank. A skinny guy with dirty blond hair and pale skin; one of the Nerd Squad.

�         Millicent Bierce. A TA who teaches the writing class that Kieran and Darren are in. She appears to be very religious and doesn”t seem to like Kieran and Darren, probably because they are gay.

�         Peter Gantz. Alonzo”s Vocals professor. A heavyset man in his middle years.

�         Philip Mertz. A jock who shares a history class with Kyle Mason. He”s 6 feet tall and weighs 180 lbs. He becomes Kyle”s partner and trainer in the gym. He”s also a lover that Kyle cares about.

�         Sally Minh. An engineering student who is in Kieran”s art class. She ships Kieran and Jason and draws pictures of them in anime style. She”s a friend to Kieran and becomes one of the watchers keeping an eye on him for Jason.

�         Sybil Thorne. Kieran”s history professor. She”s also the overseer for the magician”s Conclave here on campus. Her two assistants are Sebastian Trent and Clarissa Spencer.

�         Vicky Garcia. A very short Latina were-wolf. She”s tougher than she seems.

�         Zeno Spencer. A grad student, brother of Dawn and supporter of Drew Janowski. Drew was sleeping with Zeno before he even met Dawn.



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