Witches Brew Ch. 03

Group Sex

George reflected on the past weeks; a girlfriend dropped out of the sky, and he enjoyed the laid-back Colorado lifestyle. He was also happy that he was not putting in twelve to fourteen hour days. Other than feeling the need to get the Society’s project further along things were great.

George and Paul and Samantha did meet and prepare a plan and forwarded it to the society. They did not hear anything back, but continued to observe the compound.

One evening Samantha found herself in her favorite position; jogging up and down on George’s cock. She leaned down and kissed him. Taking his hands she brought them up to her breasts.

“Most guys I have been with gravitate to my tits, you seem ambivalent?” said Samantha.

“I dream of your breasts, ever since the first time I met you. But you have other attributes that I enjoy,” responded George.

Samantha leaned down and kissed him again. George embraced her.

“George I have some bad news. I am traveling to New York tomorrow. You could come if you want?”

“I am not ready to visit the land of Ma Ma,” said George.

“I am going to meet an artist that I want to represent and of course do some shopping, I haven’t a thing to wear,” Samantha said with a laugh.

“I think that you will need to clear your closet before you acquire any more fashion,” said George.

“You will shut your mouth, George Rogers.”

The one thing that drew George to her was that she was always well dressed. It was never just jeans and a T-shirt. She was a far cry from the women that he associated with in San Francisco. His ex-girl friend was a medical resident and lived in Scrubs. Other women that he knew followed the boys and wore anything that was clean.

Samantha rose and started to jog up and down on George’s cock again. “I will miss this, I don’t know if my friend in New York is as talented as you I will just imagine you as I bang on my friend.”

“That really helps my fragile ego; knowing that you have another man in New York. Do you have a man in every city?” asked George

“George make me cum darling.”

George moved to put her on her back and started to ram his cock in and out of Samantha’s cunt. His hands were busy massaging her nipples and his tongue was licking her ear. He felt her breathing deepen and the rhythm broke. She suddenly went stiff and He felt his cock bathed in her cum. He continued to move in and out until he also climaxed shooting a load in her cunt.

Later Samantha was off the bed and getting dressed. She leaned down and kissed George. Her hand slipped down and caressed his cock. “I will see you in a week,” said Samantha.

George felt tightness in his groin. His hand was repelled when he tried to grab his cock. “What did you do?” asked George.

“I put a celibacy spell on you darling. I got you locked up,” said Samantha with a laugh.

“Very funny Madam Samantha.”

“Call me that again and I will leave it on for the rest of the week.”

“Yes Ma’am,” said George.

George felt his groin return to normal. He finished dressing and walked over and kissed Samantha. They walked down the stairs and Samantha started to walk out to the patio.

“How are you getting to New York?” asked George.

“One of the advantages of owning an aviation company is that one of the divisions is a Jet time share. I leave early morning tomorrow,” replied Samantha.

George kissed her again and watched Samantha climb the hill to her house. He then took the elevator to the second floor and started working on his computer. It dinged indicating he had an email. He didn’t recognize the sender “[email protected]

Subject: You’re the best

“George I was being an ass and yanking your chain. I do not have a “friend” in New York. So I will not be banging on someone thinking of you; I will just be thinking of you. I am going to see if I can represent a new artist. And of course I need to shop.

The past month has been fantastic darling.

See you in a Week


He hit the reply button and simply wrote “I agree it has been good for me also; see you in a week.”

A few days later George was in his office when he heard the doorbell ring. In fact it was the first time he heard the doorbell. Samantha just popped in and he was able to see visitors coming up the drive and met them at the door. The bell rang again and George walked down the stairs to the front entrance; standing in front of him was a tall African-American woman in her mid twenties. Behind her was a mini-van with a magnetic sigh “Carol’s Cleaners.”

“Hello Mr. Rogers I’m Carol and as you can see I do house cleaning. I was wondering if I could come in and discuss my service with you?”

“I don’t think that I need a cleaning service I occupy a few rooms of the house.

The young woman boldly walked past George and stood in the entrance hall. “Shut the door Mr. Rogers we have things to discuss.”

George surprised at the woman’s forward personality; shut the door Bodrum Escort and turned around and instead of the young black woman there was a white teenager standing in front of him.

“I did not pick up a halo Ms. …”

“Just call me Carol, the less you know about me the better. Though we have some mutual friends who said that you needed some help”

The young woman changed to the original African-American. George pointed her toward the kitchen table and they took seats. The woman took a paper out of a pocket and handed it to George.

“This is Carol, one of the few poly-morphs in the society. Use her as you need to in your operation. Archibald Leaf Prefect.”

“Two questions; how much do you know about our operation and two do you really clean houses?”

The bell rang again just before Carol could speak. George went to the door. He opened the door and found the same security guard that confronted him a few weeks ago.

“Is this person bothering you Mr. Rogers?” said Billy Corcoran pointing at the van behind him.

“No we are discussing whether I will use her service. What’s the problem?” said George.

“The problem is my wife has the exclusive contract for the development,” replied Corcoran.

If I use a cleaning service I will use the contractor that I choose. Your family’s contract or not,” said George.

Corcoran was about to speak when George ended the encounter by closing the door. He walked back to where Carol was seated.

“I received a briefing at the Society Headquarters; so I know the basics. Yes I do clean houses,” said Carol with a smile.

“That security guard may have seen you. His family specifically the father are the subjects of the project. You will need to keep this shape when you are around here but it is up to you what disguises you use in other areas. He pulled a gun on me so you may have to use your powers to defend yourself,” said George

“The white teenager has already made contact with one of the wives. She was passing herself off as a disaffected teenager looking for something to believe in. I am playing hard to get but I think that I can get inside the compound,” said Carol.

“Coordinate with the three of us I want to know what you’re going to do,” said George.

Carol began to speak and George anticipated a comment.

“You may have been involved in other operations but the group needs to know what you are doing. No freelancing. We make a plan and stick to it,” said George.

Carol accepted the requirements and they agreed that she would continue as the white teenager in her encounters with the Corcoran family. They also decided that she could start cleaning next week. Carol left leaving George alone. Several hours later George was nursing a glass of scotch.

“The Grand Witch Elizabeth sends her greetings,” said a voice.

“Great first a poly-morph now voices from nowhere,” George said to himself.

“And how is my mother?” replied George.

“She is fine but really want’s to know why you do not call her more often?” said the voice.

“Samantha when are you returning?”

“I have returned,” said Samantha as she snuck up behind him.

George turned around and embraced Samantha. He felt her over several parts of her body making sure that it was not an image. Satisfied that she was real, he kissed her.

“I am so glad that you have returned. How did you meet my mother?” asked George.

I was in Bloomingdales and noticed a very distinguished woman with a halo; I had to introduce myself. She told me her name and I connected her to you. I saw her ring that indicated her rank. It was all I could do not to bow and kiss the ring. We went to lunch and she asked me how I knew you,” said Samantha.

“Did you go into detail on how we know each other?”

“I didn’t lie when she asked direct questions, but I didn’t volunteer information either. She is concerned about you. You need to let her know that you are doing OK, George.”

“I hired a house cleaner for you and me, darling,” said George.

“It is not that hideous Corcoran woman, there have been several complaints about her work,” said Samantha.

“No the woman I hired is one of us, she is the person the Society sent us to help us out. One of the covers she is using is a house cleaning service. She is a poly-morph and is interacting with the Corcoran’s as a white teenager.”

“When do I meet her?” asked Samantha.

“She will be back next week. I didn’t think that you would be home so soon,” said George.

“I took care of business so I decided to come back sooner. And I was away from your cock and …” George covered her mouth.

He took her hand and slipped it down his pants and let her massage his shaft. They found the couch and George pulled her shirt over her head and was delighted that there was not a bra in the way. George slipped his hand down her slacks and a finger explored her pussy. Their mouths were locked into an extended kiss.

“George, Bodrum Escort Bayan can we go up to your room and make love on a real bed?”

George rose without saying a word and lifted Samantha off the couch. They went to the elevator and rode it to the third floor. They each fought the urge to make love in the car. Samantha slipped her shoes off and allowed George to peal her pants down to the floor. She kicked her pants and panties to the corner and got on the bed. George dropped his pants and his underwear followed. He opened her legs and without any preliminaries he plunged his cock into her pussy.

“You cock feels so good. Just like I told Grand Witch Elizabeth,” said Samantha

“You did not tell my mother that we were having sex did you?”

“I told you that I believe in telling the truth especially when asked a direct question,” said Samantha.

George rose up and started to fuck Samantha; plunging his cock in and pulling it out. He kissed her mouth; his arms encircled her body and rolled them over putting her on top. His hands moved down and massaged her butt cheeks. Samantha’s hands were busy tweaking his nipples. George suddenly stiffened and he felt his cock shoot a load in her pussy.

“That is amazing you shot before I did, Mister George.”

“Sorry darling, I guess it was lack of practice,” said George.

George replaced his cock with his tongue and sucked on her pleasure center. He was intent on bringing her off. Her cunt started contracting at his touch and he held her as she was overcome with pleasure. George moved up and kissed her. Ten to fifteen minutes later Samantha rose and left the bed.

“You need to follow me George,” as she grabbed one of the bathrobes from the cabinet. George followed her lead. They descended to the basement. Samantha went to the East wall that was opposite of the wall that George used to transport the Society Headquarters. She touched the wall in several places and a door opened.

“This is your panic room; Patty Weldon and I used this as a hiding place when I came home from college. We experimented with girl on girl sex in this room. Her dad built this in case he needed to get away from people. The door closed by itself. There was the sound of bolts closing locking the door securely. George turned around from watching the door and found Samantha naked.

“Now you can’t get away, because I have the code to get us out,” said Samantha.

“What makes you think that I want to get away,” replied George.

Samantha opened her robe; there was a leather couch in the room and she draped herself over it. Her legs were spread open exposing her cunt to his view. George bent down and kissed her pussy allowing his tongue to lap her vulva. He found her clit and worked it over. When she was relaxed he inserted his cock and began to move it in and out. His hands began to massage her breasts. He slowly moved his cock in and out pausing with every stroke. He was trying to allow Samantha multiple climaxes. He felt her contractions on his cock; and he stopped slid his cock in and kissed Samantha. He held her and then moved out and back in.

“It’s alright let me have some of your seed,” said Samantha.

George kissed her again and began to ram his cock in as far as he could go. On one of his strokes he felt his discharge. He continued to move his cock and kiss her. They both relaxed and their breathing returned to normal. George began to kiss his way down to her pussy. He slowly applied his tongue to her by inserting the tip in her cunt. Samantha crossed her legs holding his mouth on her cunt. His hands started to massage the area under her arms and down to her breasts. He found out that she was ticklish and he continued to torture her until she opened her legs.

She dissolved leaving George alone. He then felt a weight on his back and she reappeared on top of him. Her hand found his cock and she was busy trying to reenergize it to a full erection.

“I think that I like this position,” said Samantha.

George tried to get out from under her but tugs on his cock let him know who was in control. He closed his eyes and recited the ancient incantation and nothing. He was still on the bottom with Samantha on top.

“Did you try to dissolve Mister George.”

“Yes, I thought that I would give you a little of your own medicine,” said George.

Samantha got off of him and stood beside the couch. She commanded him to stand. She demonstrated the spell and vanished. There was a sharp pain on George’s flanks as Samantha landed a good swat on his ass.

“You need to try again,” said Samantha.

He dissolved into nothingness and ran around the room getting use to the cloudy vision that you get with that spell. He walked next to Samantha but did not touch her. He recited the reappearing spell surprising her.

“I will bring my spell book and we can practice. We will need them when we really start to work on the Corcoran’s. By the way all this magic Escort Bodrum has made me hungry what do you have to eat?” said Samantha.

George found the robe that she was wearing and held it as she slipped her arms into the sleeves. He brought the front together but left her breasts exposed. “No darling this will not do,” said Samantha as she adjusted the robe covering her breasts.

George put his robe on and waited for Samantha to release them from the room. There was a keypad near a wall she tapped the code and the door opened. The floor was littered with small pieces of paper.

“I think that the Society wants to talk to us,” said George.

He walked to the west wall and placed his hands on the wall. The room dissolved and he was back in the Society conference room. Samantha followed him and they were both seated looking at the Prefect.

“It was nice to see you earlier this week Madam Samantha. I was wondering if you both met the poly-morph Carol?”

“She met with me and told me that she made contact with the Corcoran’s as a disaffected teenager. I stressed that she needed to coordinate with Samantha, Paul, and me. I want to have eyes on her when she goes in to their compound.”

“She does have an independent streak that needs some control,” said the Prefect.

A door opened and a woman entered. The Prefect stood. “Welcome Grand Witch Elizabeth.”

“Yes thank you Prefect,” said the woman dismissively.

“Hello mother,” said George.

The woman did not acknowledge his greeting but moved over to where Samantha was seated and embraced her. “Keep him in line Samantha,” said the woman.

“How are you darling bearing up well in your enclave in Colorado?” Said the Grand Witch.

“Yes Ma’am I am doing well, I am even working on a new project,” said George.

George’s mother embraced him and then excused herself; after extracting a promise from George, to have her visit. The Prefect wrapped up the meeting and the room dissolved around Samantha and George leaving them back in the basement of George’s house. Samantha grabbed George’s hand and led him to the Elevator and pressed the third floor.

“There isn’t any food up there,” said George.

“I don’t know I might find something,” said Samantha.

They exited the elevator and Samantha slipped her hand down to George’s crotch and found his hard cock. George slipped out of her hold and got behind her and pulled the robe off leaving her naked. She lay on to the bed and raised her ass in the air.

“No darling I want to look at you when we make love,” said George.

She turned and opened her legs. He slipped beside her and kissed her and started to suck on her breasts. His cock eventually found the entrances to her pussy and he eased it in the entrance. He took his time to fully engage his cock in her cunt. He took her nipples and massaged her mounds. George searched her body looking for other areas that he could stimulate. He started to move his hands to her armpit but she brought her arms down to her side. “Do not think about it,” she said.

He rested with his head under her chin one hand playing with a breast. He felt her climax and started to move his cock in and out of her pussy. “I am good take care of yourself,” said Samantha.

George started to move and with in a few minutes there was a release and he relaxed. He kissed her and continued to move his cock like a plunger. He kissed her again. George felt his cock becoming flaccid and he extracted it from Samantha. She moved and repositioned her self over his cock. Her hand was busy manipulating his shaft. She went down and took the tip in her mouth. George did not understand what was going on.

“Don’t say a word George I wanted to give you as much pleasure as you give me,” said Samantha between licks on his cock head. Samantha kept painting the crown with her tongue and manipulating his shaft with her fingers. With all that action George showed signs becoming erect again. Samantha placed her pussy over his crotch and with her hands guided his cock to the entrance. She sat back driving his cock deep into her pussy as George massaged her breasts. Samantha was bouncing up and down on his cock. She leaned down and kissed him.

“After this I have got to eat,” she said.

“My cock is always available,” said George.

“I mean real food,” said Samantha as she slammed down on his pubic area. George jerked and felt his cock shoot a load in her pussy. They both settled down and relaxed. George was the first one to wake up and he slipped off of the bed and stealthily made his way down to the kitchen. There was a bowl of pancake batter in the fridge. He touched the control on the range and the flame under the griddle ignited. He spooned the batter on to the griddle and had six pools cooking. When the bubbles in the mix set he flipped them and waited two minutes to pull them off the steel.

Samantha’s arm moved through his and brought him closer to her. He handed a plate to her and followed her to the table. Samantha destroyed the pancakes after noting that she was hungry.

“We need to meet with Paul and the new woman and plot strategy,” said Samantha.

“Is there a place where no one knows us and word will not get back to the Corcoran’s?” asked George.

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