Working from Home Ch. 03

Ball Licking

“Happy Birthday” my messenger box read when I got back to my desk.

“Good morning, Xochitl. I am glad you remembered. What are you doing today? Working on a big project?”

“Sort of. You dressed in a suit and tie today?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I am working from home today, and I have a special birthday present for you this afternoon, say about, 1:00?”

“Sounds absolutely divine. Should I bring anything?”

“Nope. I got all I need here; well, except the birthday boy”

I don’t have to tell you how hard it was to get through the day, anticipating how wonderful my birthday gift from Xochitl would be. I found myself having to re-edit e-mails and such, as I would find Freudian typos or outright sexual undertones in about everything I wrote.

As the clock got closer to 12:30, I noticed that less and less work was being done. I started to my car, and had to dodge a few people as I went down the hall, as my cock was pulling hard against the fabric of my slacks. It was kind of hard to hide the excitement I was feeling.

I peeled out of the driveway, and made it out to her place a few minutes before 1. I walked to the door, and before I could knock on it, she opened the door slowly, looking up at me with soft seductive eyes. When she opened the door all the way, I saw my present in its entirety, and did all I could to make sure my jaw didn’t drop all the way open. She stood there in a pleated blue plaid skirt, a nice white blouse, and a blue tie to match her skirt. She had her hair up in pigtails, and knee high socks. She looked gorgeous dressed like that. She invited me in, and closed the door. She led me up the stairs, and I noticed that the skirt didn’t quite cover her ass, at least from that angle. I couldn’t tell if she was without panties, or just something so skimpy, I couldn’t see from this angle, but I would soon find out.

We get onto the living level, and she pulls out a chair, and told me to have a seat. I sat down, and she grabbed a tin of frosting. She stuck her finger in the frosting, and sung happy birthday to me. She got the finger close to my mouth, and then sucked all the frosting off slowly, teasing me.

After her finger was entirely clean, she put her finger to her lip, and put on a faux pouting face. “I was naughty. I ate your birthday cake. I think you are gonna have to spank me for that.” And with that, she slowly slid across my lap, looking up at me as she did. Once her breasts passed over my knee, her ass was bent over nicely, looking very appetizing.

I flipped up Bodrum Escort her skirt, and saw her bare sexy ass. I took my time enjoying it, running my hand slowly over her ass before I gave it a playful slap. She moaned lightly, as I did it again. I looked over at her face, watching her lick her lips as she looked at me, enjoying the look I had, as I continued to playfully spank her ass, adding a few sharper slaps every so often, but still playfully. I noticed she parted her legs slightly, so I pushed my fingers down between her legs, playing with her beautifully bald pussy lips. After a couple of seconds, she closed her legs and eased herself off of me.

“We had our cake, and our birthday spanking. You know what we are missing? The blowing out of the birthday candle.” Then she kneeled before me, spreading my legs wide, and unzipped my pants. She reached in, and pulled my cock out of my pants. She held it out towards me, looking at me with a delicious look on her face. “Oh, you can’t blow this candle out. Well, I guess I can take care of that for you,” as she took my cock in her mouth, giving me a deliciously wet blowjob. I leaned back, moaning and thrusting softly as she took my cock into her mouth. She continued sucking my cock into her mouth, as she used her hands to unfasten my pants, freeing more of my dick. She reached down, and pulled my balls out as well, licking and sucking on them as well.

She continued sucking and stroking my cock until I told her that I couldn’t hold off much longer. She looked up at me with a wicked grin and started stroking harder, teasing the edge of the head with the tip of her tongue, then pushing the cock back into her mouth. She squeezed tighter, until she felt me spurting my hot cum in her mouth. She then loosened the grip, but continued to milk my cock for every ounce that I had.

She let me relax for a second before she straddled me and kissed me nice and hard. She then moved back, and grabbed for the tie, leading me to the couch. She sat me down and popped on the CD player. “Now for your gift…” as the music started playing. It had a nice beat, and she started dancing to it, quite seductively. I started to get up, and she pushed me back down. “You are to watch. I will let you know when you can play.”

It took her the entirety of the first song to take off the blouse, showing her wonderfully pert breasts. Then she leaned over me, running her breasts and nipples over my face. I licked a nipple playfully, and she slapped my face with her tie, calling me a Bodrum Escort Bayan bad boy.

The next song started up, and she straddled my lap, letting her pussy brush against my exposed dick, as she squeezed her breasts against my face, looking down smiling at me. She then got up and bent over, dancing and shaking her ass towards me. She pulled her skirt up so that it was like a belt, as she danced, shaking her ass for me, letting me see her pussy from the angle I like best. By then end of the song, the skirt was on the floor, and she ended the dance with her legs spread just beyond shoulder width apart. She was bent over at the waist, with the palms of her hands on the floor, giving me a good view of her breasts and her smiling face.

The next song had a nice, slow, grinding beat, to which she came over to me, and pulled me up by my tie. As I stood there, she slid my jacket off, and tossed it to the side. She then slid my pants and boxers down to below my knees, but left them on there, and pushed me back down to the couch.

She then straddled me again, with her tits in my face, as she reached down, stroking my cock, feeling it get hard again in her hands. She leaned over and kissed me again, as my cock was almost fully erect. Then she stood up and turned around, bending over a bit, as she put her fingertips between her legs, teasing her clit softly. That was all I needed for my cock to be ready for more action.

She went to the drawer near the couch and pulled out a condom, as she kneeled in front of me. She sucked my cock and licked it some more, then, as she fitted my cock into the condom, she sucked my balls, making sure to get the condom all the way down the shaft.

Xochitl then climbed on my lap, and slid her soaking wet pussy down my cock, placing her forearms on my shoulders, as she eased herself down. Then she started bucking with speed, sliding up and down the length of my shaft. I reached around and grabbed her ass, spreading the cheeks as I gripped, then spanked her ass playfully. She moaned and rode harder, moaning and biting her lip. She pulled playfully on my tie, as she rode harder and harder, until she felt ready to cum. She used both hands pushing on my shoulders to push further down, as her orgasm began. As she started cumming, I put both hands on her hips, holding her down on my cock as I thrusted up, penetrating deeper, making her scream in orgasmic pleasure.

Xochitl then climbed off my cock to turn around. As she did, I noticed how much the condom on my cock Escort Bodrum was glistening. She looked too, and smiled wickedly. Then she backed up against me, and slid down my cock yet again. I leaned back so that she can slide all the way down. Once she had me all the way inside her, I reached around and played with her clit playfully. She started moaning right off, as she reached down with one hand to play with my balls, using the other to keep her balance. I reached with my free hand and started playing with her nipples. She tossed her head back, moaning and whimpering as she took my cock, her slamming down into me, me slamming into her. She spread her legs even wider, playing with her clit, moving my hands out of her way. She leaned back against me, spreading her legs wider, as she rubbed her clit furiously. I reached up and pinched and pulled on her nipples softly, feeling them hardening in my hands, as she bucked up and down, slamming herself harder on my cock.

After a few more thrusts, she started cumming hard. She stopped playing with her clit so that she could use her hands for balance. I took one hand off her nipple and started playing with her clit, which felt rock hard, as she continued to cum. Xochitl came so hard that she slid off my cock, as her orgasm subsided. Her juices flowed down onto my legs.

As she slid off my cock, I ran my fingers through the juices, tasting them off of my fingers. Then she moved back over to the chair, and bent over the back of it. “Now, take me as you love it. I want you to fuck me from behind, nice and hard.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I stood up, and pulled my pants up enough to walk across the room without tripping over my ankles. I got behind her as she begun to wiggle her ass for me. I moved behind her, lifting her slightly so that she was on her toes, giving me access to her soaking wet pussy. I pushed the head of my dick back inside her, and she pushed back slightly. I started thrusting hard, with Xochitl using the chair for balance, pushing back against it for friction. I reached down with one hand and playfully slapped her ass, as I continued to thrust inside her. I reached up and pulled her hair back as she started yelling and moaning ‘yes’ over and over. Her pussy was getting so tight like this, with me fucking her from behind, and her getting so close to cumming that I couldn’t hold it much longer. I thrusted a few more times more before I buried myself as deep as I could, as my started cumming inside her, as she shuttered hard against me, cumming one last time.

She turned around and kissed me. “Get back to work before you are missed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” as I pulled the condom off, and pulled up my pants. I grabbed my jacket and rushed back to work.

Having co-workers like this, who would ever take sick days?

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