You Ask What I Want


We laid entwined on the couch talking and teasing. Exploring still after all these years. You asked me what I want, and my response was a mere shrug because I couldn’t put it into words, but I’ve given it thought- a lot of thought.

You want to know what would make me become liquid, malleable, incoherent, then exhausted? I want you to love all of me, make love to my whole person- my entire being, tease me, make me shudder with anticipation.

Anticipating the warm breath on the back of my neck turning into the slickness of a tonguetip- that the gentle hand on the small of my back might stroke the length of my spine, making me purr and lengthen like a cat. Make me exhale all tension away, embrace relaxation and the love you give.

I want to feel your lotion-slicked hands stroking the long muscles of my calves, your thumbs massaging the smooth sensitive, forgotten flesh at the backs of my knees. Your tongue to fill the hollow below my ankle bone. Notice the way my toes curl. Smile and see that the gentle flexing of my thighs serves almost imperceptibly to part my legs. Know that the sweetness between my thighs is beginning to yearn for its own caress- but don’t, not yet. Tease me.

Knead and spoil the strength of my thighs. Glide your fingertips over the soft smooth skin that leads to my slickening. I want to feel your Bolu Escort work-worn hands soften in love as they pass slowly over my taut ass, and the warmth of your kisses in the hollow where back meets buttocks. The small dimples there. Your tongue will flick hotly at the cleft, your breath fiery. My hands will clutch at the sheets and my breath become ragged, my relaxed muscles reveling in a new tension. The stillness of me will end. My hips will begin to roll, begging for the touch you withhold. My mound thrusting softly into our bed as your hands glide over my ribs, touching, barely touching the sides of my breasts.

I want to feel your tongue, liquid heat between my tensed fingers that work the sheets cruelly. Fists that draw the duvet towards my mouth to muffle my groans, conceal the effect that you are having. You should chuckle, knowing that you’ve got me, knowing I’ll beg.

I’ll beg for it. Beg for your quick fingers to linger as they pass over the stiff tendons in the back of my neck. Linger long enough to be caught in my mouth as they trace the pout of my wanting lips, then my jaw.

I’ll turn over in a flurry of unruly curls and grasping hands, dangerous with desire. My legs will part, also begging, my swollen pussy longing for relief, but you’ll not offer any. You’ll make my thighs clench and thrust, Bolu Escort Bayan pleading.

I want your nose smoothly tracing the curve that is the underside of my breast, followed by the slow caress of your lips. My hard pink nipples yearning, your firm pinch will make me mewl and torture your back in a frustrated grip. Make me want more.

The muscles in my belly quiver in response to your teasing. My smooth pubis arching upwards to reach the caress it needs. My thighs will be wet, embarrassingly wet, and you’ll smile as you touch only the spilled slickness but not the source.

I want you to inhale the scent of me, to see the urgent need apparent in the swollen openness of my sex. My pussy will glisten wetly in the candlelight. I want you to hear me moan and murmur… please… breathless… touch me. Make me beg and I will.

My lips, slick as sealskin, fat with need, will absorb the electric shock of your lightest touch. Are you indeed touching me or is it my need fooling me, manifesting itself on my flesh? Quivering, contracting muscles spill more wetness, filling my cleft and seeping onto our bed beneath my writhing ass. I want your touch to grow firmer. Your other hand will direct my legs still wider apart. I want to be open, vulnerable, and yours.

Your dextrous hands stroke my soft thighs and Escort Bolu move slowly to their torrid juncture. Gently you’ll stroke the slick lips, massaging the tender flesh upwards. Your thumb will slide through my hot juices as it moves closer to my throbbing yet untouched clit, and I will convulse and cry out. The slowest of strokes are the sweetest of torture. I will feel it already, deep within my body, the power and electricity of orgasm. I will feel your eyes on me as my breathing quickens and my own hands grasp desperately my breasts and erect nipples.

I need to feel two of your gentle fingers stroking the length of my clit. The tips dipping into the heat of my cunt. I hear the soft, sexy slurp of it, and your whispers of approval and beauty, urging me to wait and enjoy, as you enjoy my agony. You will taste the sweetness of my pussy with the tip of your tongue while it rhythmically circles and explores my inner lips. I want you to hear me moan through clenched teeth, see the arching of my back as you drive me closer, closer.

The penetration of your two thick fingers will be too much for me. Sliding into my hot, wanting pussy will make the explosion happen. The beautiful tension in my abdomen released, flung to the outermost reaches of my body. My toes curl, my hands grasping wickedly at your body. Make my cunt clench, crushing your fingers as they drive fiercely into my depths. I desire you to feel the gush and heat of my passion, my surrender to you. I want you to hear me scream, then whimper with your tongue tenderly fucking me.

You asked me what I wanted.

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