You’re Joking, Right?


She timed her moment to perfection. Brad was idly sifting through a bunch of magazines looking for something to read while she watched a TV program he wasn’t interested in when she matter-of-factly delivered the bombshell.

Ashley just grinned wickedly when she told him. She looked smug and superior, but she also knew things about Brad. She knew he thought she didn’t know about it, because she hadn’t mentioned it in the month that had passed since it happened. She knew that he would be shocked at first, but then come around to her idea. Most importantly, she knew what Brad had done with her sister.

“I know what you and Gemma did.”

It was the last thing he expected to hear. He looked up slowly, trying to figure out what to say. He’d had weeks of thinking about what he would say to her if she found out, and still didn’t have a good story. “Well, I guess you were bound to find out,” he sighed. “Gemma told you?”

“She did.” Ashley let the torture of the moment hang there as Brad wondered what was going to happen. “She said you were very kind, very helpful with her dare, and then you fucked her brains out. She said it was amazing.”

“It was.” Brad swallowed. “I didn’t know she was your sister.”

Ashley turned away from him in mock disgust. “Like you should have done that with any girl?”

Brad knew he shouldn’t have, and didn’t say a word. The tension in the room had come from nowhere and his heart was thumping. He loved being with Ashley but knew he was in danger of losing her. Almost a full minute passed before she spoke.

“I’ve been thinking about it.” She met his eyes intensely now. “I think you owe me for that little indiscretion. I think that as a punishment you should do whatever I want for one night. You think that might make up for fucking my sister.”

Before he agreed to the slavery Brad asked her what she had in mind, dreading the answer. When she told him, he didn’t quite know whether he’d got off lightly or she’d come up with the worst revenge idea ever. “I want you to have sex with me, do everything I command. And I want it all to be on video.”

“You’re joking… right?” Brad searched her face for a punch line but there was none.

“I’m deadly serious.” Her eyes narrowed to emphasize he thoughts. “I’ve always wanted to make a tape of me having sex, now I’ll be able to direct it and you’ll have to do everything I want you to.”

Brad looked at Ashley’s beautiful face, scanned her gorgeous body and thought of the hottest nights of sex he’d ever known. Be filmed or lose her? The choice was obvious, but still made him quake. “Okay, I’ll do it.”


Brad still didn’t know quite what to expect when he knocked on the door of Ashley’s apartment three days later. He figured being filmed having hot sex with her could be a lot of fun, but he also harbored some self-doubt. What if he got too self-conscious of the camera and couldn’t perform?

Ashley answered the door with a huge, excited, smile, kissed him and ushered him inside. It was only a mild surprise that she was dressed in a T-shirt and sweat pants. He had been expecting something a little more exotic. The real surprise came as he walked into her lounge. Standing with a soda in one hand and a video camera in the other was Ashley’s sister, Gemma. Only having time to notice the pink shirt, tight jeans and huge grin Gemma was wearing, Brad twisted around to see what Ashley’s reaction to this was. “It’s okay,” she explained. “I asked Gemma to do the filming. So much better than just having a camera on a tripod, don’t you think? Anyway, it’s not like you need to be shy in front of her, not after the encounter the two of you had.”

Brad was about to complain, but bit his tongue. He’d agreed to this penalty for his misbehavior and knew he at least had to make a good attempt at going through with it, despite the additional discomfort being piled on by the devious Ashley. There was no denying the dread he was feeling at having to take directions from Ashley while her sister filmed his every last movement.

“Anyway,” Ashley’s tone lightened, “Cora will be here in a few minutes, and then we can get started.”

“Cora?” Brad’s face expressed even more disbelief.

“Yes. I was telling her about our little arrangement for this movie and she said she’d love to be here when we were filming. So I invited her.” Ashley looked even smugger and sounded like she’d just invited a friend to coffee. “You don’t mind do you?”

Brad slumped into an armchair, resigned to his fate and wondering if there was any way he could possibly enjoy this. Cora was one of Ashley’s best friends. She was hardly in the class of the sisters when it came to looks, but she did have an amazing body that Brad had noticed on more than one occasion.

“We’re going to do it in here,” Ashley announced when Cora had joined them and Gemma had switched on the video light. “I think all the action should take place on the sofa, so you can sit there now Brad.” Trying not to let too much of his lack of enthusiasm show, Brad shifted from his chair to the sofa. “Okay, start filming. Bolu Escort Brad, I want you to stand up and strip off slowly. No need to make it look like a strip, just like you’re getting undressed will do.”

Brad was less nervous than he expected to be at this point, starting to unbutton his shirt, but he was also a lot less excited than he imagined he would be, undressing for the camera. By the time he had kicked off his shoes and started to pull down his jeans he was beginning to wonder what Ashley would say about his limp cock. He was sure that wasn’t what she had in mind for this little exercise.

As his briefs were discarded and he stood before his audience naked and tiny, Brad felt the camera’s burning eye examining his flaccid cock. “Get in close Gemma, plenty of close-ups. Remember that.”

“Is that the best you can do?” Ashley looked faintly amused. “I want you to get it hard for us. Play with yourself Brad.”

He did as he was told, taking his cock in his hand and massaging it. He could tell almost immediately that this wasn’t going to have the effect desired by Ashley very quickly, but he continued to stroke and massage, however small the improvement in his stiffness was. He closed his eyes and started to concentrate on how he was about to fuck a beautiful woman, on camera, when his director spoke out again.

“What’s it going to take to get it up Brad?” He saw her, not quite mocking him, but obviously enjoying this. It was revenge after all. “I thought you liked showing girls how it goes up? You want Cora to flash her tits for you? Would that work? Or maybe Gemma’s hand would work. I heard that worked pretty well before.”

It was the memory of his encounter with Gemma that made the difference. As he thought back to how she held him gently as he rose to full erection, his growth started. Feeling the swelling start, Brad gently started to stroke and encourage more elevation as he closed his eyes and started to find the situation of getting a hard on in front of three women very much a turn on. He opened his eyes to see Cora biting her lip, eyes glued to his groin, Gemma behind the camera and Ashley grinning wildly. “Make sure you get all of that Gemma,” she instructed. “Every last twitch.”

When he reached full erection Brad stopped stroking and took away his hand, revealing his full eight inches, straight up and hard as a rock, the head nicely red with the rush of blood. At the base of his cock, his balls were full and round, completing the classic image of monster hard on.

“That’s much better.” Ashley cooed now. “Turn around, let’s see it from the side. Close-up Gemma, don’t forget.” Brad turned a little and let the camera capture him from various angles. “Stroke it a little for us Brad. Not too much, I don’t want you coming too soon. Stroke for the camera while I get dressed. I’ll be with you in just a few seconds.”

Ashley rushed off to the bedroom leaving Gemma filming and Cora’s unblinking eyes not leaving his cock for a moment. As he gently stroked himself under their intense scrutiny, Brad began feeling the excitement he expected, the feeling of doing something new and sexually very different for him. He allowed himself to think about what Ashley had planned for the first time since the evening started to unfold. Did it involve Gemma and Cora?

Brad’s jaw dropped when Ashley stepped back into the room. Gone were her jeans and T-shirt, replaced by a see-through black teddy and matching thong panties. Knowing exactly the impression she had created, Ashley strode confidently towards him and into the camera’s shot. Pausing only to give Brad’s cock the lightest of brushes with her hand, she turned to face the camera.

Brad watched as she let her hand push on her breasts inside the teddy. In front of him, his cock was almost aching with the pressure his hard on was creating. Ashley was harshly pinching her own nipples in front of his eyes, making them hard and big under the see-through material. “You like these Brad?” she smiled. “Why don’t you squeeze them a little for me?”

Brad did as he was asked, kneading her breasts and pulling hard on the nipples that felt like hazelnuts between his fingers. Ashley gave a huge sigh as he worked her firm and slow. He could see in her face she was excited as he’d ever known her as she closed her eyes in pleasure at his touch. For the first time that night, Brad forgot that Gemma was there, with the camera and started to get lost in the extreme heat of the moment.

“Take this off for me,” Ashley instructed, pulling up on the teddy. “Then you can suck on these nipples a little. They need some good attention.”

Brad obediently pulled the teddy over her head and revealed her beautifully round and perfectly shaped breasts. Her nipples were always pretty big and easy to find but tonight they were positively impossible to miss as he stooped to take the first one in his mouth.

Ashley was itching to touch Brad’s cock, it looked so strong and hard, and when he started sucking on her it was all she could do not to reach down and start stroking him. Bolu Escort Bayan She wanted to retain control though, and had to content herself with grasping his ass and pulling his head down to give her other nipple some attention.

“I hope you’re getting all this Gemma?” Ashley wasn’t breathing quite so easily all of a sudden. “God you’re good at that Brad. Bite them a little now, let the camera see your teeth pull on them.”

Brad was conscious of Gemma moving closer to get a better angle of his mouth and the breast Ashley was now pushing up into it. He heard Gemma say “God this is hot” as she bent her knees to get a lower shot of his burning hot cock as it touched the pure skin of Ashley’s thigh. “I’m getting wet just watching you two.”

Brad nibbled and sucked more on Ashley’s breasts, now in a state where he was completely aware of the camera, but any last thought of it getting in the way of his pleasure or what he was doing to Ashley was lost. As Ashley directed her nipples into his mouth he reached out and started to run his hands over her ass, something he knew was always a big turn on for her. When he traced his fingertips up and down the top of her inner thigh Ashley started to pull away from him a little.

“I need to sit down now,” she gasped, easing back to sit at the edge of the sofa and lie back. “Why don’t you come on down here and have something to eat?”

A huge smile crossed Brad’s face as he looked down at the small triangle of black silk covering Ashley’s pussy. Without a word he knelt in front of her and started to touch the skin around her thong with both hands, his gaze not moving from the mound she so eagerly wanted pleasing. Brad let the fingers of one hand press lightly onto the silk and felt Ashley urgently press back up to meet his fingers. Her face was blushed—her breathing heavy and Brad couldn’t remember her ever being quite as turned on as that moment.

He eased a fingertip under one side of her panties and ran it all the way up the side, pulling the material away from her pussy. Ashley squirmed and without opening her eyes spoke to Gemma for the first time in several minutes, “God, I hope you’re getting all of this.”

“Every second of it,” Gemma reassured from her position four feet from Ashley’s pussy.

Slowly Brad took hold of the sides of Ashley’s panties and pulled them away from her as she raised her hips to help him. The shaved pussy that awaited him raised another smile. Ashley was always neatly trimmed, but clean shaven was new for her. She knew he loved shaven and it was obviously a treat for him, and the camera. As she settled back on the sofa Ashley opened her legs wide for him, giving him an even better view of her excited sex. He could almost smell the wetness from her and it was all he could do not to plunge his fingers as deep as he could right there and then.

He pushed Ashley’s legs even further apart as he brought both hands down and placed his palms on either side of her delicious looking pussy. Brad spread his fingers upwards towards her tummy and used his thumbs to pull apart her lips so he could see her soaking pink pussy, smiling at the prospect of tasting her now. Keeping Ashley’s legs wide apart and stretched open, Brad eased his tongue down to her and began lapping at her with long, slow strokes of his tongue. By the time the tip of his tongue found the swollen bud of her clit Ashley was lifting her hips and forcing her pussy up towards her face.

Brad knew he could make her come at will now and eased the pressure of his tongue’s strokes. He let the thumb of his left hand sink slowly and deeply into her as he repositioned his right hand to take a grip of her ass and squeeze. Now as he started to push his thumb in and out of her he restarted his tongue flicking at her clit. As her hips rose again to meet his face he squeezed harder on her ass and licked on her clit, almost tasting her climax, she was so close now.

Ashley knew she was coming too. She wanted to come now more than she had ever known. The combination of being watched by her sister and best friend, the camera and Brad’s moves were blowing her mind in a way she never expected. She wanted to tell Gemma to get as close as possible for her moment, but no longer had the capacity to do anything but breathe as the heat of orgasm started to burn through her like a wildfire. She felt Brad’s thumb easing in and out of her as he teased her clit. She wondered what it would look like when she saw the film, and then she felt the unavoidable rush of electricity through her blood as the climax began.

Brad felt every muscle in her body freeze as she came. It was almost as if she stopped breathing, then had to catch up as her body allowed her some control again. He kept licking at her and pushing his thumb into her as far as it would go all through her orgasm. Through her panting Ashley managed a quiet, “oh fuck” as she started to relax from the climax.

“You like that baby?” He eased his body up to meet her eager tongue as she kissed him and tasted herself on him.

Ashley’s hand urgently Escort Bolu reached down and found his rock hard cock, pulling on it a little and making sure he was ready for action. “That was amazing. Gemma said you made her come like she’d never known. Now I know what it was like for her, doing something a little naughty and getting off. Amazing. And we’re only just starting too.” She smirked as she started to ease up from her prone position, resting herself on the edge of the sofa and offering her wet sex to Brad. “Come inside Brad, show the camera how your cock slides in.”

Back on his knees in front of her, Brad took his cock in his hand and edged towards the glistening pussy in front of him. He knew Gemma was zooming in on him but didn’t care. All he wanted was to be inside Ashley. When the head of his cock touched her open lips he rubbed himself up and down a few times, coating himself in her, then he slowly started the long plunge inside her.

She felt like a tight silk glove as he thrust as far as he could and began to withdraw. Ashley had always been into good sex and been an awesome lover but this was a whole new ballgame for them, and all good. She continued to lie back and let him move inside her at will. He felt bigger than normal and she wanted Gemma to get some good clear close-ups of his cock moving in and out of her. Looking down to see almost his whole length disappear into her and come back out glistening in her juices was a sight that was beginning to make his balls tingle.

Ashley sensed the same thing and sat up, pulling back a little so Brad’s cock popped out of her. “I don’t want you to come yet,” she insisted. “I want to get some film of you fucking me from behind.” She placed her knees on the sofa, her hands on the back and turned away from him. “Gemma, make sure you get a close up of his balls slamming into me.”

As Brad again lined up his cock to enter Ashley, he took a quick look at Gemma and Cora. Gemma was trying hard to stick to her filming but her shirt was pulled out of her jeans and Cora was unashamedly massaging herself beneath her skirt as she watched the action.

He slipped back into her as easily as the first time, up to the hilt and filling her. He paused before he withdrew for the first time, noting the pure skin of her back that led down to the perfect roundness of her ass cheeks that he was buried between. After a few long strokes of nearly pulling the head of his cock out of her before he thrust in again Brad lifted one leg onto the sofa, opening his legs and allowing Gemma to get behind him for the shot Ashley asked for. Knowing how dangerous it might be for him to thrust any faster than he was, he tried hard to slam into her without getting to the point of no return.

Ashley reached back and sampled his balls, noting how tight they were. “Don’t you dare come Brad. Much as I want you inside me, I want you to save that cream for the camera today.”

Brad closed his eyes while he thrust his hips for her, trying to calm the rising fire and savor the moment. Ashley had given him total control of their rhythm, gently easing herself back and forward as he pulled and pushed on her hips. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. “How’s this as a punishment for fucking my little sister?”

Brad smiled back, not feeling that words were required at that moment. Still, this made fucking Gemma even sweeter than it had already been.

“He sure knows what he’s doing with that cock.” Gemma’s voice came from behind him. For Brad it was hard to say which of their pussies was sweeter, but he was sure glad to know both of them. “You ready for me?” The thought of fucking both sisters was getting too much for him.

In a split second Ashley had pulled off his cock and come around to face it. She wrapped one hand around it while the other cupped his balls. Looking up at him, she took his cock between her lips until its head bumped up against the roof of her mouth. Slowly she pulled her mouth off him, running her tongue along the bottom of his shaft and swirling around the head as he came back into sight. “Feels like you’re ready Brad.” She tested his balls again. “I want you to come like you’ve never before, shoot that come all over me.”

Brad looked down at her, smiling up at him, stroking him lightly. He was incredibly close and when he looked over to see what Gemma was doing he crossed the line. Ashley licked his steel-like shaft and stroked him while her other hand started to pull gently on his retracted balls, increasing the sensations and drawing his orgasm out as long as possible. He felt like he was submerging in hot water as the feeling made its way through his nervous system, setting fire to every muscle and making his cock start to jump in Ashley’s hand long before he started to spurt.

“Come on baby, give it to me,” was the last thing he heard before his vision blurred and his balls started to pump. The first spurt cleared Ashley completely, shooting up in a white arc over her shoulder. The second spurt caught her on the cheek and the third splashed hot white come all over her breasts. She managed to coax another two spurts from his rock hard cock before the last of his come seeped from him. Ashley expertly took his cock into her mouth and vigorously rubbed his balls, getting the very best out of the biggest orgasm of his life.

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