A Trademan’s Fantasy Comes True


I had a call from one of my regular landlord customers who said he had a problem with a lock at his property, so I arranged to pop in and check it out in the early afternoon. I pulled up to the impressive bungalow and rang the bell, the door was answered by a lady, and I explained that I was the locksmith and had come to have a look at a lock for Bob.She said, “Best pop in there and see Bob, he’s the one that called you. I’m Mary, his carer by the way.”  “Richard,” I said, introducing myself.Bob called from another room that he was having trouble with the bathroom lock so just have a look at it.I hadn’t been at the door for more than a minute when he came rushing in and used the loo to have a wee. I couldn’t believe that he did that, but I couldn’t help but watch him go.He said, “Sorry about that, but had to go. Bladder problems along with all the other bit.”I replied, “I know what it’s like, I take medication that has me going all day long.”“Oh, feel free to use the facilities if you need to,” he said.The fault appeared to be with the hinges rather than the lock, so I decided as he was such a good customer I would try and sort it, even though it’s not something I normally deal with. I took the door off and started to re-fit the hinges properly.”Mary has made the tea, Richard, come and drink it while it’s hot,” Bob called from the kitchen.We sat around the counter chatting about some of the jobs I had done for him and life in general. Although I had done a lot of work for him this was the first time we had met in person. Teacups were refilled and we carried on chatting.”Excuse me,” I said, “I need to use the loo, is that alright, I still have the door to get back on.”I got up and went to the bathroom.I was now desperate for a wee, so, as I heard them still chatting in the kitchen, I quickly started to pee.”Wow! You certainly needed that, didn’t you?” I heard.I was so shocked I spun around, still exposed, and saw both of them in the doorway with wicked grins on their faces.“He loves to watch people peeing,” she said. “You’re such a dirty old man aren’t you, Bob?”“Well, yes, I suppose I am,” he said, grinning.Now, I’m still standing there, staring at them, still exposed, and suddenly felt myself starting to harden up.“Oh look at that, Bob. Looks like you chose the right one this time, he seems to like it,” said Mary.I quickly made myself decent again and muttered an apology.He said, “Don’t apologise I guessed from the minute he Bolu Escort watched me in the bathroom that you might be the one. Now, Richard, are you up for a bit of fun before you go?”I was taken aback, I didn’t know what was going on, here I am, a fat sixty-plus-year-old guy with these two characters, Bob, an overweight guy with obvious health issues, and the carer who was a rotund short lady in her late forties.Then amazingly I stuttered something like, “Um, I suppose I could.”“Well, while we chat, we need to drink some more because we love to pee, don’t we Mary?”“Oh yes,” she said, “we certainly like to pee.”“So what do you think of watersports, Jack?” he asked.I said, “I must admit I have tried it before at a club I used to go to. I quite liked it, to be honest.””Bob said you were watching him wee, so are you gay?” asked Mary.”No, not gay, but I would describe myself more as bi-sexual. I am happily married but we no longer have a physical relationship.”We all sat there chatting about nothing in particular, but continuously drinking down what seemed like gallons of water and soft drinks. Our bladders must have been full to the brim.“Right,” Bob said, “what we would like you to do. You need to undress and lie on the bed in that room there on your back. I promise that no harm will come to you and it will be fun for all of us. We always have a safe word we agree on, even between ourselves, as it is easy to get carried away.””Go and have a think and we will come ten minutes later. If you are lying there ready, then we can start – if not, no problem, just go on with your day.”I went into the room and saw this huge bed, did I want to do this I thought – “This could be dodgy,” said Mr Sensible inside me, “Don’t do it” – “Yes,” said my naughty side loudly, “when was the last time you had any real fun?” The naughty side wins the argument, so I strip off and lie down on my back.In comes Mary in just a bra and panties. “Looking good there, Jack,” she said with her eyes on my erect but admittedly not very big cock. “Just a few things to do. First have you thought of a safe word for us?””Yes, we went to see Phantom of the Opera last weekend, so I will choose Phantom. How does it work?””If, at any time, you get concerned about what we are doing then simply just say ‘Phantom’, and I promise you we will stop immediately. If this goes well and you come back again we also use a word that puts us all into play mode. We have always Bolu Escort Bayan used ‘Magic’ as the word.”With that, she took some bindings and quickly and expertly tied my hands to the headboard then the same with my feet.“You’re safe,” she said, ”this is all fun, so don’t worry, darling, You are clear about letting us know your limits aren’t you, because we are about to start?””Yes, perfectly clear.””Magic. That means we are now playing.”I nodded.By now I am bursting for a wee and a little dribble came out.Slap! Right on my cock.“Not yet, bitch,” she said, “or it may not be fun for you.” Her tone was quite frightening.I guess we had started.Bob now joined her, his flaccid cock was hanging down and he stood beside me.“I love your hard cock,” he said, “these days mine just doesn’t come up, so I have to find other ways of enjoying myself.”Mary interjected “But that little cock is still pretty pathetic isn’t it? I mean it looks like it should be on a boy, rather than on a man if that’s what he is.”“You’re right,” he replied, “ Mine is bigger soft than that is hard, but it’s all we have I’m afraid.”“Oh look, Bob, he likes us talking like that. He really may be the one you and I have been looking for, that little old cock is waving around like mad as we talk.”They were right of course, I have always been teased over my cock size by my sisters, school, the Navy, and showers generally, but I began to enjoy the taunts and wanked over them later. May sound weird but it’s true.Suddenly she went behind him and reached around and grabbed his flaccid cock, she pointed it at my chest and I felt this surprisingly hot stream of piss hit my chest, then down to my cock, and then straight into my face.“Open your mouth, bitch,” she said.I didn’t.The stream stopped and someone grabbed my balls hard.“Are you going to open now?” she said.I immediately opened up, and the stream was directed there straight into my mouth. I choked and had to swallow. Then it stopped again.I felt my feet being untied with relief thinking now it was over. But no, I was wrong. Bob, now standing on the bed raised my legs right up, and she grabbed my now soft cock between two fingers.“Now you can pee, and don’t stop until I tell you to.”I relaxed and let my stream come out in an almighty gush as I was so desperate. She directed it straight to my face, but it felt so good I didn’t care. Then Bob knelt still holding my legs up and apart and Mary spread Escort Bolu my arse cheeks wide apart.Bob leaned into me, and I could feel his cock up against my hole and then he started to pee again. I don’t know why, but it felt just so good and I felt my cock hardening again and waving around with excitement. Mary was gleefully telling Bob to look at how much I was enjoying it all.Now Mary stripped off her bra and panties. She wasn’t a young lady and her body like mine was getting a bit saggy. My legs were back down and tied again and Mary then sat on me with my cock under her being forced onto my belly.Then she too started to pee, her warm liquid soaking my balls and cock. She slid further up and peed again, this time on my chest, taking time to rub it into my nipples. Then up a bit further so she was sitting on my face.“Lick me,” she said, “lick me deeply now!”I did as I was told and could taste her pee, she was so wet, and then she pissed again but I was enjoying it so much that I just kept on licking. She lifted and turned around and then this time she sat on my face again, Bob spread her cheeks and her brown arse hole was there in front of me.“Lick it you bitch” she said, “and make sure you lick it good.”I am not normally averse to rimming but this I think was a way of breaking my will as it was not the cleanest and I think she felt my resistance. Once again my balls were squeezed.“Do it?” she said “or I WILL hurt you.”I took the lesser of the two evils and plunged my tongue into her hole. Then more piss dribbled down onto me from her pussy and also from his cock. In some ways that were a relief as it took away the taste of her arse.Then they were up and standing by the bed. “Are you enjoying it so far,” they said together.What could I say other than, “Yes.”“I hope so,” she said, “as there is still more to come.”My feet were released and then immediately tied together then one hand was released and then tied to the other which was then released from the headboard. I was told to stand up beside the bed.“Just a bit of housekeeping,” she said. She removed the sheet from the bed and then some plastic which was protecting the mattress, and she replaced both with fresh items.“Just to repeat,” she said, “you are completely safe but, if you don’t do what I want, I will hurt your balls. Do you understand? Tell me the safe word again so I know you do.””Phantom is the word,” I said”Good boy, Bob will make it up to you I promise.”She was obviously in charge so perhaps caring wasn’t her only regular duty.I couldn’t imagine what else they had in store for me, but by now I realised I liked being under their, or more properly, her control so decided to go along with whatever they wanted.

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