Adam and his Smoking Buddy


Adam was a pothead.

At 18 he had just made the move away from home and was living alone in a small apartment attending his first semester of college.

He spent most days playing video games, blowing off his school work, smoking weed and constantly jerking off. In fact, above all things, Adam loved his cock. He was a smaller boy, 5’8” and 140 lbs, with a slim but muscular frame and he had a fantastic dick. Long and thick, veiny and straight – Adam would spend hours every day browsing porn and slowly stroking himself.

His interest, however, had started to change since he began living alone. The freedom of his new environment had emboldened his sexuality. Until now, he had watched nothing but classic porn – girl on couch, man enters, girl sucks his cock, gets fucked, he cums on her face, she smiles into the camera. Today though, Adam became bored with the cliche and started to look into new – different – things.

It started as an accident.

A lover of POV blowjobs, Adam was on a string of videos featuring women taking cocks into their mouths with the camera looking down on them, their eyes looking up at him filled with pleasure.

Adam was beginning to develop a taste for pleasing.

At first, his mind imagined the girl in front of him, on her knees looking up at him, slowly taking his cock into her soft lips. Now though, Adam was imagining himself being down there, looking up at a man. Without thinking, Adam’s free hand slid up his exposed chest and towards his face. Slowly, he continued to stroke himself while staring into the girl’s eyes as she took the cock. His mouth was watering, and he lost focus on the girl in the video all together. All he could see was the cock. It was so thick and dripping precum as she teased it. Adam bit his lip – he couldn’t understand what was happening to him. All of the sudden his lips found his wandering hand and took a finger into his mouth. Adam began to suck it deeply. His cock became harder than it ever had and he stopped.

“What the fuck am I doing”

The thought crossed his mind and almost immediately faded. Who cared? He was alone. No one would ever know, and… he liked doing it.

He paused and closed his eyes. He took his finger back into his mouth and imagined it was a cock. He sucked it slowly at first, but could not contain it and began to test himself. He pushed his chair back and dropped to his knees. He kept his finger at the level of his desk and continued to suck. His eyes opened and he looked up at the imaginary cock’s owner. He really, really liked this. His own cock was throbbing and he looked down to see it drooling. His hand was on autopilot at this point, it reached down and took all the precum there was to offer. Suddenly the cum covered finger was back at his eye-level. He didn’t even think, he took the ‘cock’ back into his mouth.

He had never tasted cum before. It wasn’t how he thought it would taste. It was bitter and salty.. but he wanted more of it. He kept sucking, wishing so badly he could secretly have a real cock. He began pumping his own cock as he tongued his finger. Within a minute he was ready to cum. He closed his eyes and continued sucking as his cock exploded into his hand. Adam came more than he had ever in his life, and he was still insanely horny. He looked at his covered hand and his mouth leaned into it. First, he lightly licked his palm, hoping to get more of an idea of his taste before he dove in.

“Mmmh” Adam moaned as he began to take his hand back into his mouth. He greedily lapped up all of his cum, groaning from the pleasure of the taste.

“That was hot” He thought.

Suddenly, his phone went off and he snapped back into the present.

“Yo, I got some new stuff in”

It was Jay – his weed dealer. Adam glanced towards his bedside table and saw the bag of weed he had gotten from Jay a few days ago – he was low.

“Cool, I’m about to be out.” He loaded the remaining weed into a bowl and sat back into his computer chair. The video was still going, and he jealously watched the girl suck as he smoked.

“How much you want?”

“Shit,” Adam thought, “God I wish I wasn’t so poor.” Being newly graduated from highschool, Adam had only ever had one job in his life and was the typical broke college kid.

“Can I just get a half a g?” Half a gram was all he could afford, but it was better than nothing and there weren’t many options.

“Lol, that’s it?”

“Yeah I guess, that’s all I got right now.”

“I got you bro.”

“What does that mean?” Adam thought. “Is he gonna spot me? I can’t really afford to be owing anybody money right now”

“I’m gonna be in class in a bit, you want me to swing by after and pick it up?”


Jay’s place wasn’t far from Adam’s apartment. He could actually walk there if he wanted, so it wasn’t out of the way to drop by on his way home from class. He pulled into Jay’s apartment complex, parked and started walking towards Jay’s door. Before he could knock, the door opened and a girl came out. She smiled at Adam and tucked a bag into her jacket pocket, holding the door open for him.

Adam entered and found Jay sitting on Manisa Escort his couch in the living room, shirtless. He was older than Adam, at least 30, and much bigger than him too. He was about 6’2”, 180 and very fit. He was black, with short hair and a thick black beard. He was wearing gray sweatpants and timberland boots. Adam couldn’t help but stare. His mind went back to the girl in the video, and he imagined kneeling in front of Jay and looking up at him. Jay’s sweatpants were thin, and Adam could clearly see the outline of his cock through them. Even soft, he could tell that Jay was packing. He could feel himself getting hard and tried to distract himself from his fantasy.

“You’re busy today” Adam joked, motioning towards the door and the smiley girl.

“That’s just Amanda, she’s a cock tease, and probably smokes more than both of us combined.” Jay laughed and reached for a shirt laying on the back of the couch. Unconsciously, Adam bit his bottom lip as Jay slid the shirt over his head.

“She seemed pretty happy, you must’ve gotten some good shit.” Adam crossed the room and took a seat in the lazy boy as Jay finished dressing and sat back onto the couch.

“Yeah, it’s definitely the best I’ve had in a while. She wanted to buy it all, but I saved you some.”

“Oh yeah,” Adam laughed at himself and sarcastically continued, “Thanks sooo much for saving that half gram for me.”

“I told you I got you bro”

Jay pulled a scale from under the coffee table and began to weigh out some weed. He bagged it, and tossed it to Adam.

It was definitely more than a half a gram. It had to be at least a quarter ounce.

“What’s this?” Adam was confused, and ready to decline the extra to avoid the debt.

“I said I got you,” Jay smiled at him and leaned back into the couch, pulling a blunt from a box next to his scale. He lit it and took a deep drag, holding his breath.

“I can’t afford this man, all I have is like $10” Adam opened the bag and inhaled slowly. “Holy shit that is some strong smelling stuff.”

Jay laughed again and nodded, “Yup, I told you it was the best I’ve had.”

“Yeah well I can’t pay for all this and I can’t really go into the hole right now…”

“You’re good man, just give me the $10 and we’re even.”

Adam was still confused. Why was Jay just giving him all this?

“You just in a generous mood or what?”

“Ha, something like that I guess.” Jay took another long drag, and handed the blunt to Adam. He leaned back into the couch again, spread his legs, and readjusted his cock in his sweatpants.

Adam closed his eyes as smoked. This was very good weed. One drag and he was done. He choked and coughed and blew a plume of smoke out. His eyes were watering and his head rushed.

“Wow that is strong,” Adam’s head was so light that he had to lay back into the lazy boy.

“It’s got some crazy side effects too… at least for me.” Jay took the blunt back and took another pull.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Adam suppressed another cough and watched Jay as he finished the last bit of the blunt and pressed it into an ashtray.

“Well, it makes me horny as hell, but it might not do that for everybody. Amanda sure didn’t seem affected the same way.”

“Really?” Adam was caught off guard. He felt the blood begin to flow to his cock and he shifted in his chair to hide it.

“Yeah… I smoke it and get a hard on almost instantly every time.”

Jay readjusted himself in his sweatpants again. Adam was too high to notice he had been staring as Jay positioned his cock. He wasn’t lying. He was hard now. Adam could easily make out the silhouette as Jay gripped his erection and moved it to a more comfortable spot. He had to be at least 8” and thick. He snapped out of it and shifted his glance back to Jay’s eyes. He was looking right back at him. Still pushing his hard on around in his pants.

“You feel it at all?” Jay asked, slowly massaging himself.

Adam took a pause. He didn’t want to seem too eager, but he had loved sucking his finger earlier that day so much, and now here he was – alone with an older man who was telling – no… showing – him how hard he was.

“Feel what?” At this point he just wanted Jay to repeat himself because he could not believe what was happening.

“Horny” Jay repeated. He was still slowly rubbing himself. “Look at this shit -” He wrapped his hand around his cock through his sweatpants and displayed it for Adam.

Adam caught an involuntary moan before it escaped his mouth and looked back down at Jay’s cock. He felt his mouth begin to water again. His cock continued to swell in his pants. It wasn’t the weed.

“Jesus man, you are rock hard hah” He tried to calm down and realized he hadn’t answered Jay’s question.

“Aren’t you?” Jay’s rubbing had progressed to full on stroking at this point. His hand was fully wrapped around his cock and he moved it rhythmically and slowly up and down his shaft over the sweatpants.

“Um, I mean -“

Jay cut him off, “I can tell you’re hard too. This weed is crazy man.”

Adam knew it wasn’t the weed. At least not for him. His cock was Manisa Escort Bayan pulsing now. All he could think of was dropping to his knees like he had earlier and taking Jay’s long cock in his mouth.

“I guess it worked on me too,” he laughed and nervously placed his hand on the bulge in his jeans.

“Right? Shit is wild bro. As soon as you get out of here I am gonna stroke the hell out of this” He stopped stroking to grip his cock and the bottom and shake it a few times in Adam’s direction.

“Fuck,” Adam thought. He began to rub himself to match Jay. “Why do I have to leave?”

Where did that come from? Adam had never been that much of a risk taker, but it was out before he could stop himself.

A smile crept across Jay’s face. “You wanna stay? Honestly, fuck it. I don’t care man, I’m way too turned on and I gotta take care of this. Chill here if you want, I’m putting on some porn.”

He stood up from the couch and went to grab his laptop. His dick was still rock solid and pushed hard against the thin gray sweats.

Jay settled back into the couch and placed the laptop on the coffee table.

Adam was so thrown off. What was happening? Was Jay really about to jerk off in front of him? Was he being serious or was he just fucking with him?

Jay’s laptop was already playing the sounds of a girl softly moaning as she played with herself.

“You want anything specific?” Jay leaned back and slid his large hand under the waistband of his sweatpants to grip his swollen cock.

Adam was unsure what to do. He was so hard, but he was still stoned and was struggling to handle the reality of what was happening.

He responded automatically.

“POV blowjobs”

“Hah, that was quick, ok yeah I can get into that.” Jay began typing with his free hand, all the while rubbing his cock underneath his pants.

After a few moments, he found a video. A cute, tiny blonde girl was staring up at the camera, smiling and prepping to suck. Adam felt the jealousy fire up inside himself again.

“Can you even see over there?” Jay asked, moving the screen to an angle Adam could see more clearly.

“Not really, you need a bigger screen Jay,” He lied. He could see everything perfectly fine and they both knew it.

“Just come sit over here, this angle makes it shit for both of us.”

Jay scooted over on the couch opening up a place for Adam to join him. Shyly Adam left the lazy boy and sat next to Jay on the couch. It wasn’t a huge couch, and there was barely a few inches between them as they watched the girl admiring the cock in front of her.

“God how sexy is this girl?” Jay asked. His hand slid back to his cock and he began pumping it under his pants again.

“Yeah” Adam groaned as he sunk into the couch. He was solely focused on the dick in the video. His hand gripped his bulge through his jeans.

“Not a bad cock on this guy either” Jay said.

This made Adam turn to Jay. Did he really just compliment that guy’s cock? Jay met Adam’s glance and smiled.

“You think so too?” Jay pushed Adam to answer.

“About his cock?” Adam stumbled with his words. “Uh y- yeah I guess he does. Pretty damn big for sure.”

“Not that big… I mean I am bigger.” Jay pulled his hand away from his cock, hooked the waistband of his sweats and pulled them down. His cock sprung out and rocked back and forth.

It was bigger than Adam originally thought. It was so hard. Adam could see the blood pulsing through it and he felt himself melting inside. It was so perfect. He had to stop himself from reaching out and wrapping his hand around it.

Jay grabbed his cock and began pumping while Adam looked on.

“Told you I’m bigger, hah” He looked toward Adam as he stroked and saw that he was fixated on his cock.

“You like it?” he asked.

“Um the video? Yeah she is really hot.”

“Nah man, hah, my cock.”

Adam was thrown off again. But at this point, he wanted it so bad that he didn’t care about anything anymore.

“Umm Yeah I do actually, hah”

“You wanna do this for me then?” Jay took his hand away from his cock and leaned back into the couch spreading his arms and placing them on the back rest.

“Seriously?” Adam couldn’t believe this was happening. Only hours ago he had had his first ever thoughts about sucking cock, and now one was right in front of him begging for it.

“Yeah… I mean I’m not gonna tell anybody obviously and it’s always nicer when someone else is doing it, right?

“I mean I’ve never done this before” Adam bit his lip hard and looked longingly at Jay’s freestanding cock.

“Don’t worry,” Jay reached out and took Adam’s hand in his own and guided it towards his cock. “Just act like its yours”

“Well it’s much bigger… and black,” Adam laughed as he was gaining confidence, “I don’t think I can pretend it’s mine.”

Jay wrapped his free arm around Adam’s shoulder and pulled him closer. The hand holding Adam’s was slowly moving closer until finally he wrapped it around the base of his shaft.

“Mmmm, I don’t think you want to pretend it’s yours anyway.” Jay moaned as Adam’s hand softly Escort Manisa held onto his cock.

Adam was lost. He felt like he had no control of his body anymore and he loved it. The only thing that seemed important now… was pleasing Jay.

“No I don’t… I like yours better.” His hand began to slowly move up and down Jay’s shaft. He looked up into Jay’s eyes. They were closed and his head was tilted back in pleasure.

“Is this alright?” He asked, knowing how good it probably felt.

“God yeah, that feels amazing.” They weren’t even watching the video anymore. Jay’s arm pulling Adam into him was driving Adam crazy. He loved this so much. He needed more.

Jay’s hand began to explore Adam’s body. He rubbed up and down his leg until he found Adam’s throbbing cock. He rubbed it through his jeans until he felt Adam’s hand on top of his own.

Adam took Jay’s hand away from his cock. He didn’t want a thing. All he wanted was to serve this man. He pulled the hand close to his face and stared deeply into Jay’s eyes as he slowly stroked him. He hesitated for just a moment and then took the plunge. He took Jay’s finger and kissed the tip of it before beginning to suck on it like he had his own earlier that day.

“God damn, son. I told you that weed’ll make you horny” Jay laid back while Adam continued to suck his finger and stroke him slowly.

“It’s not the weed Jay,” Adam pulled away from Jay’s finger and smiled, “it’s you.” He took Jay’s finger back into his lips and moaned softly.

“Fuck man, you’re gonna make me explode saying shit like that.”

“I won’t stop you,” Adam was desperate for Jay’s cum.

“Well you gotta work a little harder than that.”

That was an open invitation in Adam’s mind.

“What did you have in mind?” Adam removed Jay’s finger from his mouth and leaned to position his face over Jay’s cock. He wrapped both hand’s around it, and then let a large glob of spit seep from his lips and drip onto it. He moved his top hand to let his spit drip down Jay’s shaft and then softly wrapped it around the head to spread out the lube.

“You can do whatever you want.” Jay’s breathing became deeper and slower. He was in heaven. Adams’ small hands made his cock look massive. He moved his hand up Adam’s back and up to the back of his neck.

“Finally,” Adam Thought. He was finally going to taste a real cock. Jay’s cock.

Jay’s hand began to slightly pressure Adam’s head towards his lap. Adam didn’t need the encouragement. He obeyed Jay’s hand and leaned closer to his cock. It was inches away from his lips now. Leaking precum with spit slathered all over. He hovered just above it for just a moment and looked up at Jay. Jay was looking down at him in complete anticipation. Adam smiled, took a breath, and lightly kissed the tip of Jay’s member.

“Mmmm see that’s not so bad right?” Jay was loving his new role as teacher to this young horny teen. “I think you’re better than that though. Show me how badly you want my cock.” All the pretense was gone now. They weren’t watching porn, Jay was coaching Adam on how to please him, and Adam was a ready student.

Adam smiled at how much Jay was getting into this, “Yes sir,” was all he could manage. He leaned back towards Jay’s lap and rested his head on his leg, looking up at the cock and admiring. He lightly slapped the shaft against his lips a few times, and then couldn’t hold back any more. He sat up onto his knees, looked up to meet Jay’s gaze one final time, closed his eyes and then took the head fully into his mouth.

It was ecstasy. Jay’s cock tasted so delicious. His precum tasted just like Adam’s had earlier, and he wanted all of it. He lowered his mouth down the shaft until he felt the head shove against the back of his throat. He moaned, making Jay’s legs shake and his cock vibrate in Adam’s mouth.

Adam took a hand and wrapped it around Jay’s balls, he cupped them as he sloppily bobbed up and down on Jay’s dick.

“Fuck, son, you sure you never done this before?” Jay’s hand gripped on to the back of Adam’s hair, pulled it into his fist and pulled Adam off of his wet cock.

“Positive,” Adam giggled to himself as he answered, continuing to stroke Jay. He leaned over his new toy and took it back into his eager lips, softly massaging Jay’s balls as he worshiped his huge black cock.

“Well you’re good.” Jay relaxed back and took off his shirt exposing his sculpted chest again. Adam moaned at the sight and took one hand away from Jay’s cock to reach up to feel his muscular body.

“God, don’t stop. Keep going. I’m going to cum soon.” Jay was already close. This young boy’s tight lips wrapped around his cock for the first time was too much.

“I want you to cum for me. I want you to cum in my mouth.” Adam pleaded. He had to taste his reward. He wanted it all over him. He tightened his grip around Jay’s shaft and pushed himself down onto the cock as far as he could go. The head pushed up against his throat and he gagged. He coughed and retreated momentarily before returning to try again. He slid past the tip of the cock and began to relax his throat. The head pushed against his throat again and he suppressed his cough. Slowly he pushed past the head and swallowed the cock whole. All 8 inches of Jay’s cock was down his throat. His nose pressed up against Jay’s stomach. He stuck out his tongue to reach for his balls, then opened his eyes and looked up to meet Jay’s.

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