An Unexpected Match


I was encouraged by the response to the three parts to the story I published under the name of An Unexpected Match and following a few requests have re-published it as one story. I hope you enjoy it in full. Thank you to LilyWaters for her editorial skills.


New Year’s resolutions weren’t usually Martin’s thing.

He had enough experience to know that people’s good intentions never amounted to much more than that. But he also knew that he had to do something.

The previous year had been truly awful having begun so promisingly. In February, Jenny, his wife of 26 years had been diagnosed with breast cancer. There had barely been enough time to process that news when the news that it had spread throughout her body came. The prognosis wasn’t good and despite multiple visits to the hospital for treatment, Jenny passed away in early November.

The outcome became more and more certain in Martin’s mind as the year drew toward its close. Late fall and early winter seemed like one inexorable descent into an emotional void from which he feared he would never escape.

Christmas time was spent alone. Despite encouragement, Martin couldn’t have faced being with people who he had previously enjoyed with Jenny alongside him.

Instead he sat alone in his emptiness over Christmas. But by New Year he knew he had to make some changes to try to escape the introspection and despondency which were quickly becoming too comforting a companion.

Tennis was always something which Martin had enjoyed as a teenager. Nothing too competitive – just hitting a ball with friends in the park. So, on New Year’s Day, when he saw that his local tennis center was running Cardio Tennis classes, he decided to sign up.

Almost immediately, he regretted it and almost cancelled the booking. He felt nervous about venturing into a new social setting. But he knew the booking was non-refundable and, not being one to waste money, he instead tried to put it out of his mind until the date of the Monday evening class.

When it came to it, he was glad he hadn’t backed out.

The evening was much more fun than he had imagined it would be. Dan, the tennis professional running the course, was good humoured and put everyone at ease, no matter what their skill level was. And the other seven people doing the course seemed ok too.

The hour-long class consisted of a combination of tennis drills and cardio workouts, culminating in 20 minutes of playing King of the Court against each other with the ‘punishment’ of star jumps or burpees for those losing the point.

By the time the following Monday came around Martin was surprised how much he was looking forward to going.

As the weeks passed, the Cardio Tennis classes quickly became the highlight of Martin’s week. Dan kept things moving and mixed up the drills to keep things interesting. And the rapport between the others taking the class began to grow too.

King of the Court was always the highlight of the evening and, although it never got too intense or competitive, there was an increasing level of good natured teasing and banter which took place between everyone.

Martin found himself especially enjoying points against Lori, a slim attractive woman in her mid 40’s with a sharp sense of humour and quite the competitive streak. Lori was clearly someone who had kept her fitness levels high which was some advantage in points against Martin, but he had always had good hand/eye coordination so the competition between them was fairly even.

Lori would often playfully tease Martin when they faced each other saying ‘Come on old man, let’s see what you’ve got!’ which might have offended him had others said it – especially as he was only 5 or 6 years older than she was.

But coming from Lori it just had the effect of making him all the more determined to win the points.

Each Monday Martin would look forward to the evening class, but increasingly he realized that he was looking forward to being around Lori as much as anything else.

He enjoyed her company. She made him laugh and put him at ease.

But he soon realized to his surprise that there was something else stirring in him. A physical attraction which was hardly noticeable at first, dulled by months of grief and solitude, but which was slowly awakening as Spring began to bud.

Lori was certainly an attractive woman, although she wasn’t what Martin would have previously called his type. Jenny had been a tall, fulsome woman, with a curvaceous figure and full rounded breasts which Martin used to delight in getting lost in when they made love.

But Lori was tiny, slim and her breasts were barely noticeable in her tennis shirt. Yet it wasn’t Lori’s breasts which grabbed Martin’s attention on the 5th week of class.

Dan had asked everyone to get in line to play three tennis shots – one from the baseline, followed by a volley and an overhead. Then each person was to run around the court and get in line again.

Martin found himself standing in line behind Balıkesir Escort Lori, who this week was wearing tight black yoga pants. After he had played his shots and was running around the court his eyes fixed themselves on Lori’s ass as she ran in front of him. It was surprisingly full for her slim frame and even though his heart was pounding from the cardio workout Martin felt it leap as he contemplated her figure.

They got round the court and were soon playing their shots again before heading out on their second lap. Again Martin’s eyes were drawn to Lori’s seductive buttocks as they moved delightfully as she ran in front of him.

Her yoga pants were smooth over her thighs and ass and there was no sign that she was wearing any kind of underwear which made Martin’s heart race even more and he even felt a slight stirring lower down – something which he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

As the class went on Dan couldn’t shake the image of Lori’s ass from his mind. During the next exercise he tried to position himself behind her again but was frustrated when Judy, a silver haired lady in her 60’s, slotted in between them, obscuring his view. He cursed his luck.

Toward the end of the evening, during King of the Court, Martin again found that his mind wasn’t on his usual banter with Lori, but had strayed elsewhere.

Lori had always been pretty vocal when she had hit the tennis ball – something which wasn’t uncommon with women tennis players who grunted through the exertion of playing a point.

But Lori was more of a shrieker than a grunter, emitting a high pitched cry especially when stretching for a shot.

Martin hadn’t paid too much attention to it until this week, but now he found himself wondering whether Lori’s shrieking was just for the court or whether she was vocal during sex too.

Each vocal utterance took Martin’s mind to Lori’s bedroom as he imagined her in the throes of ecstasy with a lover.

“What the hell is going on?” Martin thought to himself. “I’m thinking like an 18 year old teenage boy!” He was painfully aware that the stirring in his groin was also reminiscent of those teenage days and he knew that he would have to master his thoughts before he found himself in a very embarrassing situation in front of the others in the class.

Fortunately, the evening was just about through and he was able to gain control of his imagination before things got out of hand. Soon the class came to a close and everyone began to filter out to their vehicles.

“Hey old man – fancy a game later in the week?”

The voice pierced Martin’s thoughts and he turned round to see Lori standing behind him, a big grin on her face.

Martin’s thoughts raced. A one on one game with Lori? If the state of his mind was anything like it had been today it would be hard for him to keep any kind of control – of the ball or anything else for that matter! But he also knew he wanted to spend more time with her which made the risk worth taking.

“Erm, sure. What day?”

“How about Thursday? I have some time during the evening if that will work for you – say around 7pm?”

“It’s a date,” Martin said. “I mean…not a date…just er…well you know what I mean,” his face reddening.

Lori flashed her smile and giggled.

“Yeah I know what you mean. I should be so lucky.”

And with that she turned toward her vehicle.

“See you on Thursday!” she called as she walked away.

Martin turned and walked to his car and sat there, the engine still turned off, hardly believing what had just happened.

In one sense nothing at all had happened. Lori had just arranged a tennis game with him.

But his mind was racing away from him.

What did she mean by “I should be so lucky?”

Was she attracted to him? Or was it another one of her jokes?

Martin turned the key in the engine and began the 10 minute drive home. His mind replayed the conversation, and then the images of Lori’s seductive ass mingled with her shrieks.

As he finally allowed himself full rein to reimagine Lori’s toned body, Martin’s cock began to stir once again. This time there was no need for him to try to control it for the sake of decorum.

Yet Martin’s growing excitement was tempered by a nagging sense of guilt. Jenny, the only lover he had ever had, had only just passed and yet here he was – his mind and body yearning for another.

Surely he shouldn’t be having these thoughts. Yet they wouldn’t disperse. Rather than reminiscing about tender times with his wife, instead he was picturing Lori pulling down her yoga pants at home right now, imagining her smooth firm white bottom emerging from the black material.

By the time he was half way home Martin’s cock was standing to full attention, his tennis shorts tented as it strained against them.

And still he played out the scene in his mind.

He imagined Lori laying down on her bed. Her feet clamped together. Her knees splayed apart forming a diamond shape.

He Balıkesir Escort Bayan pictured her hand move down to the crest of the jewel parting the lips of her pussy with her fingers.

He saw the glistening of her juices on her fingers as she began to rub her clit – slowly at first but soon picking up speed as her urgency increased.

And as her whole mind and body was overwhelmed by her orgasm he envisaged her convulsing with pleasure and screaming with joy.

Martin realized that he was almost home, although he couldn’t remember any of his journey.

His left hand had strayed down to his cock and had been stroking and pulling on its head through his shorts.

Martin’s fingers felt the sticky wetness of his pleasure which had seeped through his light gray shorts and as he looked down he saw a dark patch of his pre-emission bleeding through the material.

As his hand moved slowly up and down, desperate for these exquisite sensations to continue, Martin’s foot increased the pressure on the accelerator in an attempt to make sure he made it home before his orgasm overtook him on the journey.

Martin pulled into the driveway and quickly walked toward his front door – his tennis bag held close against his body lest anyone should see his lack of decorum. He opened the door, threw the bag on the floor, ignored the eager greeting of his golden retriever and dashed upstairs.

His entire mind and body was now set on one thing only. He needed release – needed to feel the rush of pleasure coursing through his body.

He needed to come.

Martin threw himself on the bed and yanked his shorts down to his ankles, his hand eagerly grabbing his fully erect cock. Now was not the time for teasing – the journey had dealt with that.

He dragged his hand across the head of his shaft, smearing the creamy bubbly juices which had seeped out during the journey all over the top portion of his cock. Then he began milking his hand quickly up and down – imagining he was pumping it deep into Lori’s pussy. Feeling her velvet walls encase him.

He immediately felt his orgasm begin to build at the base of his cock, his balls tightening as his breathing shortened.

He needed to come.

He wanted to come.

He was going to come.

It only took a few more seconds for the sensations to deepen and spread upward. His balls and anus tightened as he reached the point of no return. Guttural sounds of pleasure began to escape his throat as his whole being was consumed with the heightening sensations.

The pleasure was so great that he almost wanted to stay there – to prolong the moment of release.

Martin’s hand slowed almost to a stop. His thumb and index finger lightly teased the tip of his cock.

But even that could not hold back the huge tidal surge which had been building and now was about to break.

He was coming.

Martin’s body convulsed and the first shot of cum flew through the air and landed on his forehead, the second quickly following and hitting his neck just under the chin. He gasped as each wave of pleasure washed over him – his body quaking with each convulsion. Chemicals raced through his brain – intense pleasure that almost verged on pain as he felt his head throb with each surge.

Finally the intensity of the sensations began to subside.

Martin lay there, completely spent, in his state of semi-undress trying to come to terms with what had overcome him.Every so often his cock twitched again as several aftershocks shook his body.

Eventually he stood, walked into his en-suite and turned on the shower.

Thursday couldn’t come quick enough.

As the evening of his game with Lori grew closer, Martin knew that it was going to take every fibre of his mental strength to stay focused on the game.

When he arrived at the tennis center he headed straight for the court and pushing back the heavy vinyl backdrop curtain he saw that Lori had already arrived and was stretching at the side of the net.

She was wearing a pure white top and a light blue silky tennis skirt which showed off her slender legs from just above the knees. As she stretched forward the skirt slowly dragged itself upwards showing off a few more inches of her tantalizing white thigh.

Lori’s long black hair was tied back in a ponytail which draped down her back topped by a white cap.

As Martin came through the curtain onto the court she turned toward him and flashed him a smile.

“Hey old man! I’m glad you made it. It wouldn’t have been as much fun playing with myself.”

Did she giggle slightly at the innuendo Martin wondered? Was it deliberate? Had she been planning her introduction? Or was he just being dirty minded?

Martin chastised himself for his thoughts. She’s probably saying it in complete innocence, he reasoned.

His musings were broken into by Lori’s perky voice…

“Come on – let’s play!”

She handed him two tennis balls and tucked the third under the pleat of her tennis skirt Escort Balıkesir into what Martin could only imagine were panties sewn into her skirt.

Martin and Lori took their positions at either side of the net and began hitting the balls to each other as they warmed up. As they did so they chatted about how their week had been going. Just normal, everyday conversation.

Martin began to convince himself that it was clearly only he who was reading anything more into this than a friendly game of tennis.

By the time they began to play some competitive points Martin had fully persuaded himself that Lori’s request to play him was purely for the sake of fitness and exercise. Now that they were playing seriously the conversation had petered out apart from when calling the balls out of court and keeping score.

At one point in the game when Martin was serving, Lori asked “Do you have any balls?”

Martin quickly replied “Yes, I’ve got two here in my shorts. Can’t you tell?”

He immediately felt embarrassed at his teenage humour, but Lori grinned and said, “Come on then – get them out. Don’t keep me waiting.”

Martin wondered whether she was playing along with the innuendo or simply responding to the conversation in a far more innocent way than he was.

The game turned out to be pretty even and as the hour court time was coming to a close each of them seemed to be putting in more effort to try to win the match.

Lori’s shrieking grew in its loudness and frequency which only served to distract Martin from his game, his mind once again imagining an entirely different context. Whether it was this lapse in mental strength or simply her greater stamina, Lori closed the set out just as the hour came to a close.

“Great game, and well played,” Martin congratulated Lori as they approached the bench at the side of the court where they had each left their bags.

“Thanks, I enjoyed it a lot,” Lori smiled back. “I’d love to play with you again soon.”

“I’d like that too,” Martin replied and as he spoke he felt his cock twitch as his mind immediately leapt to picturing her playing with his balls rather than tennis balls.

“Got much else planned for this evening?” Lori asked. “We could go for a drink. Beats watching TV alone.”

“Sure – I’d like that. But don’t you have a husband or partner waiting for you…or a…someone?”

Martin winced at his awkwardness. He realized that after over a quarter of a century of marriage he had no idea how to handle these sorts of situations.

Lori chuckled. “Nope. No husband. Or wife. Or any other sort of lover. Well…not the human kind anyway!”

Martin felt his face turning red but at the same time the stirring in his groin increased at Lori’s sudden candour.

Without any warning an image of Lori holding a vibrator against her pussy while spreadeagled on her bed popped up into his mind. Martin quickly tried to push back down – he wasn’t in the privacy of his car now.

Control yourself man, he thought as he felt his cock begin to engorge with blood.

“Ok, well er, let’s have a drink then. Where do you want to go?”

Martin could feel his heart beginning to race with the anticipation of spending more of the evening with Lori, coupled with the lingering image which had entered his mind.

“To be honest, I’m not really dressed for a bar. I came out like this ready for tennis,” Lori mused.

Why don’t you come back to my place? It’s just 5 minutes away. I have a nice bottle of Toscana, if you like red wine.”

“Sure…I’d love to,” Martin said, his heart beating even faster now despite the game being over some time ago.

“Great. Well just follow me. Won’t take long.”

As Martin followed Lori’s white Subaru Impreza his whole body seemed on fire with excitement.

He felt like he could hardly breathe. What was happening? He even wondered whether he was having some kind of heart attack.

He tried to convince himself that he had only been invited back for a drink. But he couldn’t shake the thought that there could be more.

It was years since he had felt like this. Life with Jenny had been wonderful and their lovemaking had been tender, yet had long ago settled into a comfortable predictability.

But this was altogether something new.

Martin’s hands were shaking on the wheel as his body shivered in anticipation.

Suddenly they turned a corner and Lori pulled her car into the driveway of a detached house.

In a semi-dazed state he pulled up beside hers, walked up to the door and followed her inside.

Martin immediately noticed that Lori’s home was immaculately presented – almost like it was staged for an impending sale. The furniture was sharp and clean. There was no clutter on any of the surfaces, only ornaments and beautifully designed wooden sculptures.

It was very much controlled. Together. Just as Lori seemed to be.

Martin wondered whether she was always like that. Was there a wilder, uncontrolled side to her? He longed to find out.

“Sit down on the couch. Make yourself at home.”

Lori pulled one of many bottles out of a wine rack built into the wall and took two long stemmed glasses from a cabinet.

Martin sat nervously, positioning himself awkwardly on the front edge of the white leather couch.

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