Bewitching In Lyndhurst


Nicole and AlanNicole and Nora were close friends and members of the group of Lyndhurst Village wives who always got together when their husbands went off on fishing weekends.On this first afternoon after the men had left, Nora phoned Nicola to finalise arrangements for meeting at Ella’s house that night. The plans had been made days earlier and the two friends had talked about them only yesterday. But, right now, Nicole seemed distant, not concentrating.“Nicole, what time are we going to Ella’s? Chelsea says she’ll be there around seven so I was thinking about half past. I’ve got plenty of wine. So how does that sound?”There was a pause before Nicole answered, “Oh, Nora, I don’t know if I’ll make it.”“Why, what’s wrong?”“Nothing… I’m just not too bothered about meeting up.”“But we always meet,” said Nora. “You started it and always go on about the good times we have.”Nicole, a well-known figure as owner of the village’s hairdressing salon, sounded rather preoccupied when she muttered, “Hmm, I know… it’s just that I might be staying in this weekend.”“You’re not opening the salon tomorrow are you?”“No,” said Nicole, swapping the phone from one ear to the other. “No, I think I’ll keep it shut tomorrow.”Nora was puzzled. “Are you sure you’re okay? Look, I’m coming by.”Suddenly, Nicole was fully alert. “No, everything’s okay, I’m fine. You go to Ella’s and I’ll try to make it over. But don’t worry if you don’t see me very much this weekend. Okay?”“Well, okay, if you’re sure.” Nora sighed, leaning on her kitchen counter. “It won’t be the same without you.”There was another unusual delay before Nicole said, “Oh, err…I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Anyway, I’ll probably see you there at some point.”“Bye, then.”“Bye.”Nora stood with the phone pressed to her ear, listening to the dead tone, until the ringing of the door bell broke into her thoughts.Meanwhile, Nicole pressed the call-end button and tossed the cordless handset onto the other end of the couch. She then replaced the gold earring she’d removed when answering the call.“So, who was that?” asked a skinny pale man sitting in front of her. “Just Nora.”After fixing her earring, she put an arm behind the man and trickled fingers through his red mullet hair.“And what did Nora want?”“To see if I was going to Ella’s. We had plans, me and the girls, we always do when the husbands Malatya Escort are away.”“And why did you tell Nora you might see her later?”“So she wouldn’t come over here.”“And why did you say she might not see you over the weekend?”“Because,” Nicole said, leaning to kiss his cheek, “I think you might be able to keep me busy this weekend before George gets home.”In fourteen years of marriage, Nicole had never looked at another man. Hubby George was easily the best-looking guy in the village and when he’d proposed marriage, she’d jumped at the chance.Now, here she was with Alan. He was one of three weirdo brothers who claimed to be the descendants of the first settlers in Lyndhurst. They were even known to near-by villagers as the ‘Ugly know-it-all brothers’ and were regarded as a bit of a joke.Yet, when Nicole answered the front door to Alan, she’d felt a desire, a hunger even. Nicole had been very pleased that she’d managed to get herself ready before Alan arrived. With her slim body in a gold sequinned dress, make-up perfectly applied, and her auburn hair straightened, she thought she looked good.Allowing him into her home, they’d sat on the couch, her legs lying over his. As they faced each other, she’d phoned Nora. Now she put her arms around him, pressed her lips on his, and he responded. She felt his jutting bottom lip more than she thought was possible and sexily nipped it with her teeth.Releasing him, she leaned backward. “What am I doing?” She kissed him. “I’ve never done anything like this—“ she kissed him again — “before.”“You’re not your normal self. It’s okay.” He said short of breath.As Alan spoke, she started unbuttoning his green washed-out shirt, pulling it apart when half undone. She ran her fingertips through the small clump of red hair on his chest and looked expectantly into his eyes. “I’ve fancied you since we were kids, Nicole.”She smiled before kissing his nipple. She applied firm pressure with her tongue as she licked over the hardening bud. She busily rubbed his cock over the jeans while kissing him again as he unzipped.Gripping his small yet extremely hard cock, tongue danced with tongue as her hand movements became more deliberate, her wrist effortlessly twisting at the right moment to maximise his pleasure.Ella and BrianElla Summersville made her way around the supermarket, Malatya Escort Bayan carefully selecting the items she needed for the girls’ night. Walking the aisles, she studied the list she held against the trolley handle.Just an inch short of six-foot with long blonde hair, she stood out in a crowd. In. In her late thirties, she’d put on a little weight and was somewhat self-conscious about it. In her younger days, she’d been a strong swimmer and competed at district level. She often looked at her old gala photos, at the slim and toned swimmer with medals hanging from her neck.She picked up a bottle of rosé wine. Ella remembered that Nora and Nicole loved that wine. They’d bought it last time and commented how they loved it. As she turned to place the bottle in the trolley, Ella flinched — startled by a man standing close at her side. She stared at him, he smiled.He was around five-foot-four, skinny, and she looked straight down onto the top of his head where his thin red hair was combed over a large bald spot.She put the bottle in the trolley, her gaze never leaving his, but quite unaware that she was returning his smile.“Hello, I’m Brian.”“I know,” Ella said, nodding. “You and your brothers have lived in the village for years.” Even as she spoke, Ella wondered why was she encouraging him with a conversation.“That’s right, we’re the direct descendants of the founders of the village.”“Nice.”She prepared to push the trolley.“Allow me,” he said, clutching the trolley handle.“That’s okay,” Ella said. “You must be very busy. I’ll let you get on with your own shopping.”“I insist… we can’t have a beautiful young lady such as yourself pushing a heavy trolley.”At the words, “I insist,” she suddenly felt less uncomfortable. In a split second, standing next to one of the village idiot brothers didn’t seem that bad. When he paid her a compliment, it suddenly felt nice that he was helping her.But Ella was aware of the massive height difference as they walked along the aisles.“Nuts?”“Excuse me?”He pointed to the list in her hand. “Nibbles.”She looked down — next item on her list was nibbles. “Oh, yes… crisps and nuts, thank you.”“No problem,” He grinned. “That’s why you asked me to help, remember?”“I asked for your help?” she asked, frowning as they continued strolling between the high-stacked shelves.“Yes, Escort Malatya you always struggle when I’m not with you. You’ve come to depend on my opinion.”“Yes, that’s true Brian.”“Oh, you can call me the special name you’ve picked for me.”“Special name?”“Didums… remember?”He stayed close as they moved on.“What type of crisps do you think I should get, Didums?”A passing young mother with two children, looked at Ella strangely; evidently surprised to hear Ella talking so affectionately to a man looking like him.“I like the thick-cut ones, Honey-pie.”She tossed the thin-cut crisps back onto the shelf, and put the ones he liked into the trolley.“Are you okay?”“Yes Didums, why?”“Well, how that woman looked at us — you used to hate it when people stared and you worried about bumping into someone we knew when we started our affair.”“Our affair?”“Yes, but when we made it to a our five-year anniversary, you decided that you wouldn’t hide it anymore… if we got caught, we got caught.”“We’ve been having an affair for five years?”“Eight years now, Honey-pie, and you still can’t keep your hands off me. Whenever we meet, we go at it hard and you cum every time.”“Yes, I do, don’t I Didums?”“And you remember how you love to mention my massive penis during and before we do it.”“Oh, Didums, I do indeed.”At the counter, Brian helped pack the shopping and Ella paid. As the teenage checkout girl handed Ella her change, she looked at Brian then back to Ella. She seemed puzzled, working out the relationship of the mismatched couple.Accepting the change, Ella noticed the girl’s prolonged stare.“Okay, Didums, let’s get going.” She handed him the keys to her BMW. “You drive so I can get your big cock hard on the way home.”Walking away from the open-mouthed girl, Brian looked over his shoulder, winked at the teen, and pushed the trolley after Ella.Chelsea and AlanChelsea sat in her car, engine running. Ready to drive to Ella’s for the girls’ night, she’d stuck the car into gear and was about to set off when someone walked across the front of her car.At first, they simply stole her attention. Then, slipping the gear back into neutral, she found herself watching him, actually studying him as he crossed the road.Unaware she was biting her lip and that her right hand was on her chest, she felt the fast beat of her heart and squirmed in the leather seat  ‘I’m checking him out,’ she thought and then looked at the dashboard clock. She was meeting the girls and still had to get organised. Debating what to do, Chelsea eventually stuck her finger in her mouth, coated it with saliva, and slid off her engagement and wedding rings.

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